ARRL Propagation Forecast Bulletin 30: July 14, 1995

ARLP030 Propagation de KT7H

Propagation Forecast Bulletin 30 ARLP030
Seattle, WA July 14, 1995
To all radio amateurs

ARLP030 Propagation de KT7H

Average solar flux was unchanged from last week. We just experienced a very low rise in the flux that peaked just above 80 and are now on the downside of that small peak and dropping into the seventies.

Solar flux has been very low, but at the same time we have been blessed with very little geomagnetic activity. On July 10 both the K and A index were zero over the whole day. Since the first of the month the A index has been in the low single digits, and for the past few days the K index has almost always been zero or one. This means stable conditions with low absorption. Watch for a change around July 22 through 25 when a recurring coronal hole pushes geomagnetic conditions back to the active level.

Sunspot Numbers for July 6 through July 12 were 52, 51, 32, 42, 33, 29 and 36, with a mean of 39.3. 10.7 cm flux was 80.9, 80.6, 81.5, 80.2, 77.3, 76.1 and 74.3, with a mean of 78.7.

The path projection for this week is from San Francisco, California to Vietnam.

80 meters should be open briefly around 1200 to 1230z and 40 meters from 1130 to 1330. Check 30 meters from 1030 to 1430, and 20 meters from 0800 to 1730. The best period on 20 meters should be from 1330 to 1530. 17 meters should be good from 2300 to 0800, with the best time centered around 0530. 15 meters does not look promising, but check around 0530. 12 and 10 meters have an even slimmer chance of yielding a path, but check around 0530 to 0600 for a possible opening.