ARRL Propagation Forecast Bulletin 31: July 21, 1995

ARLP031 Propagation de KT7H

Propagation Forecast Bulletin 31 ARLP031
Seattle, WA July 21, 1995
To all radio amateurs

ARLP031 Propagation de KT7H

Solar flux was down an average of six points last week compared to the previous week. Conditions have been unstable, with the worst days July 16 and 17, when the A index was 22 and 23. Conditions should quiet down after a few days, and A indices should drop below ten around the end of the month and stay stable until August 11. Look for the next disturbed period around August 13. Solar flux will rise gradually, peaking around 90 from August 4 through 6.

For the rest of the solar cycle, the latest projection shows the solar flux reaching bottom around late Summer or Fall of 1996, with an average value of 68. The low point for the Sunspot Number is an average of six from April through June of 1996.

Sunspot Numbers for July 13 through July 19 were 23, 20, 29, 24, 22, 19 and 33, with a mean of 24.3. 10.7 cm flux was 72.5, 74.4, 74.4, 73.5, 72.3, 72 and 70.5, with a mean of 72.8.

Path predictions for this week are from Norfolk, Virginia and Little Rock, Arkansas to Svalbard (JW).

From Norfolk, the path looks good on 40 meters from 0030 to 0630z, and on 30 meters from 2200 to 0700, and possibly as late as 1100. 20 meters should be open from 2200 to 0300 and again around 0930 to 1200.

From Little Rock 40 meters should be open from 0300 to 0530z, and 30 meters from 0000 to 0830. Check 20 meters from 1530 to 0100, although on some days it may open as early as 1400 and close as late as 0530.