ARLP052 Propagation de KT7H: December 15, 1995

Propagation Forecast Bulletin 52 ARLP052
From Tad Cook, KT7H
Seattle, WA December 15, 1995
To all radio amateurs

ARLP052 Propagation de KT7H

This is the last propagation bulletin for 1995. After this week the author will be on vacation in the state of Bahia in Brazil until the new year. The next bulletin will be for January 5, 1996.

Solar activity last week was unchanged when compared to the previous week with an identical average solar flux of 73.4. Geomagnetic conditions were stable, with K indices of zero or one over many periods.

Don't look for much change over the next month. We are near the bottom of this solar cycle, and there just aren't any active solar regions that should cause any change. One exception is on December 24 when a recurring coronal hole should provide some geomagnetic instability, with rising A and K indices. The effect should fade over the last week of the month. Otherwise look for solar flux to continue to meander around the low seventies.

Sunspot Numbers for December 7 through 13 were 14, 11, 29, 25, 29, 15 and 15, with a mean of 19.7. 10.7 cm flux was 74.1, 74.1, 73.9, 73.5, 73.4, 72.3 and 72.6, with a mean of 73.4.