UA0FZ Russian Callsign Update

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Vlad, UA0FZ
August 10, 1999

Recently there have been a great number of new callsigns in Russia, making it difficult to determine station location. Callsigns in Russia are as follows:

Letters in prefix: RB, RC, RD, RE, RF, RH, RI, RJ, RL, RM, RP, RQ, RS, RR, RT, RY and UB, UC, UD, UF, UG, UH, UI are special callsigns. For example RM6A, R19C, RF9C, RS0F, RM0F, RL0O, RI10A, RF6FU, RY9C, RR3R, RI0TA, RF0Z, RJ9J, RO3A, UD6M. The UE prefix is used for special events and domestic contests.

The first letter following the digit defines the region from which station is working. For example: RS0F - RS0 is a special prefix for Asian part of Russia.

Veterans of Second World War use prefixes R1, R2, R3, R4, R6, R9, R0.

Island Small Vysotsky - R1MVA - R1MVZ
F. Josef Land - R1FJA - R1FJZ
Antarctica - R1ANA - R1ANL

Amateur Radio Operators may use their own callsign when operating from these three territories and transmit a slash: MVI, FJL, ANT. For example: UA1OT/MVI.

Cosmonauts use U1MIR - U9MIR codes.

Last updated: August 15, 1999