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Command: CONFERENCE  This command places you into Conference Mode.  You will
                     see all input from any other station that is also in
                     Conference Mode.  Note that by default, you are put into
                     the local conference on your PacketCluster node.  A 
                     ctrl/Z or the text /EXIT will cause you to leave 
                     Conference Mode and return to the PacketCluster command 
                     level.  When in the local conference, your call will have
                     a plus sign (+) next to it in the SHOW/USERS display. 
            Syntax:  CONFERence 
                                ***  Note  ***
                While in Conference Mode, you are able to do the following
                PacketCluster commands:
                        ANNOUNCE   - make a general announcement to all stations
                        DX         - DX spotting functions
                        TALK msg   - send a one-line message to another station
                        SHOW/CONFIGURATION - display cluster configuration
                        SHOW/DX    - show DX log
                        SHOW/USERS - show what stations are connected
                        SHOW/WWV   - show WWV propagation information
                        WWV        - announce WWV information
                This is done by prefacing the command with an asterisk (*):
                        *DX, *T, *ANNOUNCE  for example.
Command:  CONFERENCE/FULL   This command is identical to CONFERENCE except
                            that the conference is global throughout the
                            cluster.  Users in global conference mode are 
                            designated with an asterisk (*) next to their 
                            call in the SHOW/USERS display.
                  Syntax:   CONFERence/Full