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Command: DIRECTORY   This command is used to display a list of the current
                     mail messages on the PacketCluster node to which you
                     are connected.  A hyphen (-) next to a particular mail
                     message number indicates that the message has been read
                     by the station to which it was addressed, a plus sign
                     (+) indicates message set to noauto_delete, an asterisk
                     (*) indicates both read and noauto_delete, and a "p"
                     indicates a private message.
                     If you specify a call on the command, you will see 
                     messages only sent by or to that station.
           Syntax:   DIRectory/qualifier
                     DIRectory  callsign
Command: DIRECTORY/ALL   Display all active mail messages.  By default, only
                         the five most-recent messages, or all since your
                         last use of the DIRECTORY command (whichever is 
                         greater) will be displayed.
                         Display mail messages addressed to ALL.
Command: DIRECTORY/NEW   Display all mail messages which have been sent since
                         your last use of the DIRECTORY command.
Command: DIRECTORY/OWN   Display mail messages which are addressed to you or
                         were sent by you.
Command: DIRECTORY/SUBJ  Display mail messages which have the specified 
                         text in the subject, e.g. DIR/SUBJ DX.
Command: DIRECTORY/nn    Display the nn most-recent mail messages.