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Command: SET/NEED     These commands set or clear country needs in the needs
         SET/NONEED   database.  You may specify any/all of the following
                      mode qualifiers:
                            /CW   /SSB   /RTTY
                      If you don't specify a mode qualifier, /CW and /SSB
                      are assumed.  You may also specify bands for your
                      where band is one of 2,6,10,12,15,17,20,30,40,80,160.
                      Up to five distinct needs databases can be used.  The
                      qualifier /db-number is used to select which one to
                      A station's need list may be displayed using the 
                      SHOW/NEED call command.
            Syntax:   SET/NEED/qualifiers prefix,prefix,prefix,...
                      SET/NONEED/qualifiers prefix,prefix,prefix,...
           Example:   SET/NEED/CW/BAND=(80,160) 3Y,YA,ZA
                      SET/NEED/3 ZA
              Note:   Valid prefixes may be found using the SHOW/PREFIX