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Command: SHOW/DX   This command is used to view previously logged DX calls on
                   a particular band.  Band may be specified in either wave-
                   length or frequency.  If the band is omitted, all bands 
                   are shown.  You may also specify the number of previous 
                   entries you wish to see, e.g. SHOW/DX/15 14 will show the 
                   last 15 entries on 20m.  Omitting this number will cause 
                   the default of 5 entries to be displayed.  In Conference
                   or Talk Mode, use *SHOW/DX.
                   If a call or partial call is specified, PacketCluster will
                   search for it along with whatever other parameters you
                   specify (number of entries and/or band).  Only the start
                   of the call will be matched; if you want to locate the
                   text anywhere in the call, append an asterisk on the 
         Syntax:   SHow/Dx
        Example:   SHow/Dx/nn 14    where nn is the number of entries to
                                    be displayed.
                   SHow/Dx 80 OH    find OH stations on  80m
                   SHow/Dx OH*      find any station with OH in call
                   SHow/Dx 'qsl     find any spots with text "qsl" in 
                                    comments field
                   SHow/Dx 28025-28050  find stations between 2 frequencies