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Command: TALK   The TALK command is used to talk to various stations
                which are connected to the PacketCluster.  There are two 
                types of TALK: Talk Mode to another station, and a one-line 
                Talk function.
      Syntax:   Talk call      Talk to the specified station.  This provides 
                               one-way talk capability to that station.  If
                               that station wants to communicate back, they
                               must also do a T command.  A ctrl/Z will only
                               terminate your side of the talk.
                Talk call msg  This allows you to send a one-line message to
                               the specified station.  It does NOT put you 
                               into talk mode and hence, no ctrl/Z is needed
                               to terminate it.
                         Note: This type of Talk is also available from
                               within Conference mode by prefacing the T 
                               with an asterisk (*T).
                                   *** Note ***
                The following commands are available from within Talk
                Mode: DX, SHOW/DX, ANNOUNCE, TALK (one line talk to another 
                station), SHOW/USERS, and SHOW/WWV by prefacing them with an 
                asterisk (*).
Command: TALK/TIMESTAMP   This command instructs PacketCluster to timestamp 
                          the one-line message you are sending to the 
                          specified station.
                Syntax:   Talk/Timestamp call message