DX News Letter 1423
February 17, 2005

DX-NL 1423 February 17, 2005
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

DX Announcements

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, V2, NA-100 Larry, W1LR, and Bill, W4WX, will be working from Antigua signing V25LR and V25WX from Feb 21-24. They will work mainly in PSK31 and RTTY on 20/17/15/12/10m. QSL unfortunately only direct via their homecalls.

ARUBA, P4, SA-036 John, W2GD, will sign P40W between Feb 23 and Mar 8. He intends to take part in the WWDX 160m SSB Contest and the ARRL DX SSB Contest. The rest of the time he will work mostly in CW on the WARC bands. QSL via N2MM.

BARBADOS, 8P, NA-021 Tom, W2SC, will be QRV as 8P5A in the ARRL DX CW Contest on Feb 19/20. QSL via NN1N.

BERMUDA, VP9, NA-005 Kurt, W6PH, will sign VP9/W6PH in the ARRL DX CW Contest next weekend. QSL via W6PH.

BONAIRE AND CURACAO, PJ, SA-006 PJ2T, the station of the Caribbean Contest Consortium, will participate in the ARRL CW DX Contest. The operators will be Dan, N1ZZ, Jeff, K8ND, Tom, W8TK, Geoff, W0CG, and Jim, W0NB. QSL via N9AG. --- Joeke, PA0VDV, is QRV as PJ6/PA0VDV from Saba (NA-146) from Feb 17-23 and as PJ2/PA0VDV from Curacao (SA-006) between Feb 26 and Mar 23. QSLs via homecall.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, VP2V, NA-032 VP2V/DL7DF, VP2V/DL7UFR and VP2V/DL4WK will hit the airwaves with three stations between Feb 23 and Mar 9. Emphasis will be put in CW/SSB/RTTY/ PSK31/SSTV on the lowbands.

CANADA, VE The special event station VE3TMG will work on the frequencies 7268 kHz and 14268 kHz during the 40th anniversary of the Canadian flag on Feb 19/20. QSL via VE3TMG.

CAYMAN ISLANDS, ZF, NA-016 Jim, N6TJ, will be QRV as ZF2TJ in the ARRL DX CW Contest (Feb 19/20). QSL via VE3HO.

CHAD, TT Luc, ON4IA, is momentarily staying in N'Djamena and hopes to become active as soon as possible working as TT8KLJ with 100 watts and a G5RV until Mar 20. QSL via ON6NL.

CROZET ISLAND, FT/W, AF-008 Nicolas, F4EGX, and Jean-Paul, F5BU, intend to visit the remote island Possession (AF-008) and hit the airwaves as FT1WK and FT5WJ. The well known expedition vessel Marion Dufresne seems to be damaged and will leave again after its repair a little later than planned. Their arrival on the island is now scheduled for Feb 20 but the rumours are contradictory. Their main operation frequency will be 14278 kHz. Listen up! QSL for FT1WK via F6APU, FT5WJ via F5BU.

FERNANDO DE NORONHA, PY0/F, SA-003 Bill, W9VA, will sign PY0FF during the ARRL DX CW Contest (Feb 19/20). He is already active as PY0ZFO on 6m and the WARC bands from Feb 16-22. QSL via W9VA.

HAITI, HH, NA-096 Jan, HH4/K4QD, and Koh, HH4/K2AC (JA7KAC), plan to become active in SSB/CW/RTTY on 10-160m from a missionary station in St. Louis du Nord from Feb 21 until Mar 4. QSLs via homecalls.

HUNGARY, HA HA200CVM is a special event station active during the 200th anniversary of the death of the poet Csokonai Vitez Mihaly until Dec 31.

MOROCCO, CN Jim, K7EJ, will hit the airwaves as CN2J starting on Feb 22. Before and after the contests he will work on the WARC bands. QSL via W7EJ.

SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE, S9, AF-023 CT1APE, CT1FFU and CT2GLO will be QRV as S92RI in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK31 on 160-6m from Ilheu das Rolas (AF-023) from Feb 20-26.

SINT MAARTEN, PJ7, NA-105 Bill, W8EB, and Dorothy, W8DVC, are working in all modes on 10-160m between Feb 14 and Mar 20. QSL via W8EB.

SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS, VP8/SS, AN-010 LZ0A is the call of Danny, LZ2UU, while he is staying at the scientific station St. Kliment Ohridski. QSL via LZ1KDP. --- Yuri, CA8WCI/9, is momentarily based at the Chilean station "Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva" on King George Island (AN-010). Due to his novice licence he is working only on 10/40/80m during his spare time. QSL via CA8WCI. Check also his website at: http://www.qsl.net/ca8wci/

SPRATLY ISLANDS, 1S, AS-051 Gil, 4F2KWT, is staying on the island Pag-Asa right now. He signs DX0K, running 200 watts into antennas attached to a lighthouse (for 40-160m and the WARC bands he is using wires). Preferred frequencies are in CW: 7014, 14014, 21014, 28014 kHz and in SSB: 7047, 7057, 7067, 14214, 21214 and 28414 kHz. Usually he is operating during his local night hours (1200-2100 UTC) because the generator is running overnight, during daylight hours he has only batteries as power supply.

ST KITTS AND NEVIS, V4, NA-104 Mark, V44/K0EJ, will be active on 15m only during the ARRL DX CW Contest on Feb 19/20.

ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, J8, NA-109 G3TBK plans to operate again from St. Vincent (NA-109) signing J88DR until Mar 14. Operation is planned mainly in CW/RTTY but also some SSB on 10-160m. QSL via G3TBK.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, 9Y, SA-009 Girt, 9Y4/YL2KL, Arvia, 9Y4/YL2LY, and Juris, 9Y4/YL2GM, are working in CW/SSB/RTTY on all bands from Tobago (SA-009) from Feb 10-24. You can find more information on their homepage: http://www.lral.lv/9Y4/ --- DD8ZX, DG3FK, DH6ICE, DJ3FK, DJ9RB, DK7LX, DK7PE, DK7TF, DL1FDS and DL4FP of the Lufthansa Amateur Radio Club (LARC) intend to visit the island of Tobago (SA-009) from Feb 23 until Mar 2. They will work with two stations in CW/SSB and digital modes on 160-10m. QSL via DJ3FK. More information is available via their website: http://www.dj3fk.com.

USA, W, NA-112 Dennis, WA2USA, will activate Emerald Island (NA-112) as WA2USA/4 between Feb 20 and Mar 5. QSL via WA2USA.

US VIRGIN ISLANDS, KP2, NA-106 Tony, N2TK, will be QRV again from the Windwood Contest Station WP2Z from Feb 22 until Mar 8.

QSL Info

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE         CALL        DXNL

NOW  -Apr05  3CAK        1418/20
27Jan-22Feb  3D2/HA8IB.. 1420
11Feb-??Feb  3Y0X        1418/20/22
14Oct-Apr05  6O0JT       1407
01Dec-05Mar  8N0SON      1412
19Feb-20Feb  8P5A        1422
NOW  -25Feb  9H3CT       1419
NOW  -Feb05  9U6PM       1400
23Feb-02Mar  9Y4/DL4FP.. 1423 *
10Feb-24Feb  9Y4/YL2KL.. 1423 *

06Feb-26Feb  C6AMM/C6AWW 1421
NOW          CA8WCI/9    1423 *
22Feb-???    CN2J        1423 *
02Feb.07Mar  DH8WR/HC2   1421
NOW  -May05  DX0K        1422/23 *
NOW  -Mar05  EY/F5NHJ..  1410
02Feb-21Feb  FR/F5TNI    1422
16Feb-26Feb  FS/K9EL     1422
NOW          FT1WK,FT5WJ 1423 *

01Feb-31Dec  HA200CVM    1423 *
NOW  -Nov05  HF0POL      1417
25Jan-25Apr  HF4IARU     1419
25Jan-06Mar  HF8IARU     1419
21Feb-04Mar  HH4/K2AC..  1423 *
NOW  -Feb05  IA0PS       1413
NOW  -Apr05  J20FH       1416/17
15Feb-22Feb  J6/K3LP     1422
NOW  -14Mar  J88DR       1423 *
10Feb-18Feb  JT1FCZ/JT1FCY 1422
NOW  -Apr05  JW4SNA      1408
NOW  -05Mar  KC4/N3SIG   1410
NOW  -Apr05  KP2/KL7JR   1415
NOW          LZ0A        1423 *

05Feb-19Feb  OA/DL3ALF.. 1421
01Feb-26Feb  P40LE       1420
09Feb-18Feb  P40MH       1421
23Feb-08Mar  P40W        1423 *
18Nov-18May  P49MR       1411
26Feb-23Mar  PJ2/PA0VDV  1423 *
16Feb-22Feb  P49Y        1422
19Feb-20Feb  PJ2T        1423 *
15Feb-22Feb  PJ4R        1422
17Feb-23Feb  PJ6/PA0VDV  1422/23 *
06Feb-26Feb  PJ7/ND5S..  1421
14Feb-20Mar  PJ7/W8EB..  1423 *
19Feb-20Feb  PY0FF       1423 *
16Feb-22Feb  PY0ZFO      1423 *

20Feb-26Feb  S92RI       1423 *
NOW  -Apr05  S9SS        1390
01Feb-30Apr  SN7IARU     1421
15Feb-15Mar  SQ75FMU     1417
NOW  -Apr05  ST2T        1418
NOW  -Mar05  T98AQL      1410
NOW  -Feb06  TJ3SL       1407
14Feb-27Feb  TM8ANT      1422
NOW  -Sep05  TT8FT       1401
NOW  -20Mar  TT8KLJ      1423 *

21Feb-24Feb  V25LR,V25WX 1423 *
19Feb-20Feb  V44/K0EJ    1423 *
19Feb-20Feb  VE3TMG      1423 *
NOW  -30Apr  VE7JZ       1422
NOW  -Mar05  VK0MT       1418
23Feb-09Mar  VP2V/DL7UFR.1423 *
15Feb-22Feb  VP5/W3YC..  1422
19Feb-20Feb  VP5/W6PH    1423 *
18Jan-Feb05  VP8DIF      1418

20Feb-05Mar  WA2USA/4    1423 *
22Feb-08Mar  WP2Z        1423 *
20Nov-Feb05  XU7POS..    1411
NOW  -2005   XW3DT       1410
NOW   Feb05  YI9KT/YI9GT 1408
NOW  -Mar06  ZD8I        1402
19Feb-20Feb  ZF2TJ       1423 *
31Jan-17Feb  ZK1WET..    1420/22
NOW  -31Dec  ZS75PTA     1419

 * = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: DD6VSF, DJ5AV, DK8JB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7VOA, HA0HW, I0MWI, LU7EE, LZ1ZF, SM5DJZ, SP6KYU, VK4FW, 425DXNews, ARRL DX Bulletin, La Gazette du DX, KB8NW OPDX Bulletin, Scottish DX News, The Daily DX and others.