DX News Letter 1432
April 28, 2005

DX-NL 1432 April 28, 2005
DX News Letter

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Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

DX Announcements

ALBANIA, ZA A group of Italian HAM's will become QRV from May 3-10. More information is not available. --- ZA2/IK7JWX/p will be QRV in SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on all bands from the lighthouse at Cape Durres (ALB-002) from May 1-4.

ALGERIA, 7X, AF-new Afif, 7X2RO, 7X2RF, 7X0AD and OM3CGN will sign 7V2SI on all bands from the island Sandja (AF-new) from May 1-5.

ANGOLA, D2 Janne, OH5NKD (OH3DD), can be found working as D2DX on all bands until 2007. He is working on new antennas for the lowbands at the moment.

BAHAMAS, C6 Gerd, DL7VOG, writes that he will be on the air again as C6AKA from May 1-14. He prefers to operate in CW/RTTY mainly on 80-10m with 100w and a vertical. QSL via buro or via e-mail request to: c6aka@dl7vog.de.

CHAD, TT Pierre, HB9AMO, and Mike, PA5M, are working from Abeche signing TT8AMO and TT8M mainly on 15/17/40m until August 2005. QSL via PA7FM.

CHINA, BY Fan, BA1RB, will sign BA1RB/2 form the island Ju Hua (AS-151) from May 1-4. QSL via EA7FTR.

DENMARK, OZ Siggi, DL1AZZ, Peter, DL4AMK, and Lutz, DL3ARK, are working on 160-6m from Mandoe Island (EU-125, DIA NS-003) between Apr 30 and May 7. On May 3rd they will participate in the NAC-Test on 144 MHz. QSL via homecalls, bureau ok. --- Stefan, OZ/DB3LSP, will be QRV from Sjaelland (EU-029, DIA SJ-001) from May 1-14.

DODECANESE, SV5, EU-001 Wolfgang, SV5/DL3DRN, and Joachim, SV5/DJ5AA, will spend their holidays on Rhodes (EU-001) from May 2-16. --- Tomas, SV5/LY1DF, is working on 80/30/20/17m between Apr 28 and May 4. QSL via LY1DF, bureau ok.

FRANCE, F Serge, F5FAB, and other members of the Millau ARC are active on the air in SSB/CW as TM7VM from the "Viaduc of Millau" from Apr 19 until May 1. More activities are planned throughout December. QSL via F5UJZ. --- Jean-Marc, F5SGI/p, will be QRV mainly in CW on 10-80m from the island of Batz (EU-105, DIFM MA-018) from Apr 30 until May 6. QSL via bureau. --- Members of the clubstation F6KIF will be QRV in CW/SSB/FM on HF/VHF/UHF signing TM8MAI from May 3-17. QSL via F4DRC. --- TM3OBI will be the call of Laurent, F5AEG, from Brehat Island (EU-074). Listen for him in SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 10-80m from May 4-8. QSL via F5AEG.

GERMANY, DL, EU-057 Seven HAMs from Thuringia and Franconia (DL1APR, DL1APW, DL1NUF,DL5AOJ, DL7NFK, DL9NDS and DM3BJ) will activate Ummanz Island (EU-057,DID O-06) in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on all bands from May 2-8. QSLs via homecalls. --- DL7UCX, DL1YFF, DL3APO, DL1AXL, DK7AO, DL7URH, DK4QT, DL7VBJ and DN1JC will be QRV on 80m-23cm from Volsvitz on Ruegen (EU-057) from May 4-8.

INDIA, VU Bob, W3YY, is working from Bangalore between Apr 29 and May 5.

ITALY, I The special event station IU7SCT is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the scouts in Taranto on the air from Apr 23 until the end of the year. QSL via IK7BPV, bureau ok.

MALTA, 9H, EU-023 Karl, OE3JAG, will be QRV as 9H3JAG or 9H/OE3JAG in CW/PSK/RTTY on the WARC bands with QRP and wires from May 2-6, only from 1200-1600 UTC. QSL via OE3JAG.

MONACO, 3A The special event station 3A0CE will be active commemorating Monaco's entrance into the "Council of Europe" from May 4-8. QSL via F5LGF.

MONGOLIA, JT Nicola, I0SNY, is QRV again as JT1Y from Apr 21 until May 10. He also plans to work from Gobi desert as JT1Y/4. QSLs via homecall, bureau ok.

PALAU, T8 Shigeo, JA1JQY, is spending his dive holiday from Apr 29 until May 2. He will make some QSOs on 40-15m with only 100 watts and simple antennas.

SCOTLAND, GM, EU-059 GM0GRC will be QRV from the island of St. Kilda (EU-059) from May 2-6. QSL via G0RCI, bureau ok.

SEYCHELLES, S7, AF-024 Guenter, DL2AWG, will hit the airwaves as S79GG in SSB/RTTY/BPSK on 10-40m between Apr 30 and May 14. QSL via homecall, bureau ok.

SUDAN, ST Fernando, ST2BF (ex D2BB), is now living in Sudan but works only on 10/15/20m yet. QSL via W3HNK.

THAILAND, HS Charly, K4VUD, is active on the air as HS0ZCW from Apr 28 until May 14.

TURKMENISTAN, EZ Members of the clubstation EZ7V in Turkmenabat are QRV as EZ60V until May 15. QSL via RW6HS.

VANUATU, YJ The YLs Elizabeth, VE7YL, and Gwen, VK3DYL, will activate the islands Port Vila and Aore from May 2-19. More information is not available.

QSL Info

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE         CALL        DXNL

04May-08May  3A0CE       1432 *
19Apr-10May  3B8MM       1430
24Apr-28Apr  3D2NA       1431
NOW  -Apr05  3CAK        1418/20
14Oct-Apr05  6O0JT       1407
01May-05May  7V2SI       1432 *
02May-06May  9H3JAG      1432 *
NOW  -31Dec  9N7JO       1424/26
NOW  -31Dec  9Q0AR, 9Q1D 1425

01May-04May  BA1RB/2     1432 *
12Apr-05Jun  BX3/DJ3KR   1429
01May-14May  C6AKA       1432 *
15Apr-29Apr  C6AWF       1430
NOW  -2007   D2DX        1432 *
02May-08May  DL1APR..    1432 *
04May-08May  DL7UCX..    1432 *
01Apr-30Apr  DU2/K7QN    1429
NOW  -31Dec  EI05CCC     1424
19Apr-28Apr  EX/ES1FB    1430
NOW  -15May  EZ60V       1432 *

30Apr-06May  F5SGI/p     1432 *
02May-06May  GM0GRC      1432 *
01Feb-31Dec  HA200CVM    1423
NOW  -Nov05  HF0POL      1417
03Apr-05May  HI8/IW0OAZ  1429
28Apr-14May  HS0ZCW      1432 *
NOW  -30Jun  HZ1EX       1429
23Apr-31Dec  IU7SCT      1432 *

NOW  -Apr05  J20FH       1416/17
20Apr-08May  JT1Y        1430/32 *
NOW  -Apr05  JW4SNA      1408
NOW  -Apr05  KP2/KL7JR   1415
NOW  -31Dec  LZ8IARU     1431
01May-14May  OZ/DB3LSP   1432 *
30Apr-07May  OZ/DL1AZZ.. 1432 *
NOW  -30Apr  OZ5HCA      1430
18Nov-18May  P49MR       1411
NOW  -Mar06  R1ANT       1428

30Apr-14May  S79GG       1432 *
27Apr-08May  S79QK       1431
NOW  -Apr05  S9SS        1390
01Feb-30Apr  SN7IARU     1421
NOW          ST2BF       1432 *
NOW  -Apr05  ST2T        1418
23Apr-01May  SU8IOTA     1431
02May-16May  SV5/DL3DRN..1432 *
28Apr-04May  SV5/LY1DF   1432 *
16Apr-30Apr  SV9/DL3KWR..1430

29Apr-02May  T8/JA1JQY   1432 *
24Apr-30Apr  TA4/DL1CW   1431
NOW  -Feb06  TJ3SL       1407
04May-08May  TM3OBI      1432 *
25Apr-08May  TM6IO       1431
19Apr-01May  TM7VM       1432 *
03May-17May  TM8MAI      1432 *
NOW  -Jul06  TR8FC       1425
NOW  -Aug05  TT8AMO,TT8M 1432 *
NOW  -Sep05  TT8FT       1401

01Apr-05May  UU4JO/4     1429
NOW  -30Apr  VE7JZ       1422
29Apr-05May  VU/W3YY     1432 *
NOW  -2005   XW3DT       1410
02May-19May  YJ/VE7YL..  1432 *
NOW  -28Jun  YL740C..    1430
01May-04May  ZA2/IK7JWX  1432 *
NOW  -Mar06  ZD8I        1402
23Apr-08May  ZK2QQ       1431
26Apr-28Apr  ZL/AI5P     1431
NOW  -31Dec  ZS75PTA     1419

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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