DX News Letter 1437
June 9, 2005

DX-NL 1437 June 9, 2005
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

DX Announcements

BAHAMAS, C6, NA-080 John, WZ8D, is working as C6AIE from Abaco Island (NA-080) mainly on 50.260 MHz in WSJT from Jun 9-23. QSL via homecall.

BHUTAN, A5 The callsign A52EGV has been issued to Takkuma, JF1EGV, who is QRV until Aug 8.

CANADA, VE, NA-061 VE7JZ is QRV from Kaien Island (NA-061) until Jun 10.

COSTA RICA, TI Tom, W7YW, and Bonnie, W7BWW, are active on 10-20m (including WARC bands) for three weeks starting on Jun 5. QSL via W7YW.

CROATIA, 9A, EU-170 From Jun 10-13 Gianfranco, 9A/I6GFX, will visit several islands in the EU-170 group: Ugljan (CI-134), Sestrunj (CI-104), Rivanj (CI-102), Paranak Veli (CI-386) and Jidula (CI-273). QSL via homecall, bureau ok. Check also his website at: http://www.gianfrancogervasi.it.

DENMARK, OZ, EU-172 Palle, OZ5MJ, and Jakob, OZ7AEI, will activate several lighthouses on the island of Lyoe (EU-172) in SSB on 20m/40m on Jun 12. For further information visit his website at: http://oz7aei.qrz.dk.

ITALY, I There is some confusion about the calls II1PV or IU1PV which will be used from the lighthouse Punta Vagno (WAIL LI-006, ARLHS ITA-151) on Jun 11/12. QSL via bureau.

JAMAICA, 6Y, NA-097 John, 6Y5/KB4CRT, is QRV on 2-80m from Jun 10-16. QSL via KB4CRT.

MOZAMBIQUE, C9 Carl, SM0EPU, is staying in Maputo right now. He is signing C91EP mostly on 14200, 18120 and 21200 kHz during his spare time until Jul 2. QSL via SM0EPU.

PORTUGAL, CT, EU-145 Mel, EA7AHS, is hitting the airwaves as CS0RCL/p from the island Culatra (EU-145) on Jun 10/11/12. QSL via EA7AH.

SCOTLAND, GM, EU-new Rockall Island (no IOTA reference number yet) is the most sensational destination of this week. Dave, MM0ALM, and Seamus "Jim", MM0CWJ, will be dropped on this rock from Jun 14-21. The landing is only possible with absolute calm sea. If landing is successful they work as MS0IRC/p, underway they are signing MM0CWJ/mm. QSL via G0HXN.

ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON, FP, NA-032 Tom, FP/N6RA, and Joe, FP/K2VUI, are QRV mainly on 6m from Jun 9-21. QSLs via homecalls.

SUDAN, ST Vladimir, UA4WHX, is momentarily staying in Khartoum and activates the clubstation ST2KSS. Neither the length of his stay is known, nor the QSL route which will be announced later.

SVALBARD, JW, EU-026 Oyvind, LA2TOA, will spend his time on the island until November.

SWEDEN, SM, EU-138 Bernd, SM7/DL8AAV/p, is active in SSB from Aspo (EU-138) from Jun 11-24. QSL via bureau.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, VP5, NA-002 Bob, VP5/K7LAY, and his son Harry, VP5/K7LAZ, will be QRV mostly in CW on all bands from Caicos (NA-002) from Jun 12-24. QSLs via homecalls.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3D2RE (OC-016, HA8IB), 3D2RR (OC-060, HA8IB), 3G0YM (SA-001), 3G0YP (SA-001), 4S7KM, 4S7VK, 4Z5PT, 5T/F5VHH, 5T5AFF, 5T5CW, 5V7AS (78), 6F1IHF (NA-183), 8J1MOK, 8R1EA, 9M2/PA0RRS, 9M6/PA0RRS/8, A61A, AH7G, C31LJ, C56M, C93Q, CE6TBN (SA-061), CE8A (SA-094), CN2KM, CO2TK, CO3CJ/1 (NA-093), CO3VK/1 (NA-093), CW5R (SA-039), CX6VM, CX7OV (EA5KB), D70YT/5, DX0K, EP2FM, EP4HR, FG/F5CWU, FO/F6EPY, FO/F6GNZ, FR1HZ, FS/K9EL, FT5WJ, FT5XO (AF-048, VE3XN), GI1W (EU-115), H44VB, HB0/DJ5BX, HB9OK, HK1AR, IB0CW (EU-045), IT9RZR, J41V, JW0HS,JW0HZ,KH8SI (OC-200), KL7NO, KP2/K3CT, KP4WW, LA9VDA/p (EU-056), LX1KC, LZ4UU, OE4A, OO4UN, S01MZ, S59AA, S79QK (AF-033), SZ5Z, T88MC, TM0ANT, TYA11, TZ9A, UA0ZC, UT5UT, V31TR, V73JY, V73KJ, V8ASV, V8NOW, VK9AA, VK9WI, VK9XD, VP2V/DL4WK, VP2V/DL7DF, VP2V/DL7UFR, VP5/WX3B, VP9V, XT2JZ, XW3DT, YI1EM, YJ0AKA, YZ1E, Z2/PA3CPG, ZB2/PA3EWP, ZK1EPY, ZK1SDE, ZK1WET, ZK2VB, ZL1CT (OC-203), ZP0R

QSL bureau: 5B/HA7TM, 5J0X, 6W/ON5TN, 6Y9A (WA4WTG), 7W0AD (EA4URE), 8P9AL (VE3DZ), 8Q7GA (AS-013,DL3GA),8Q7JF (AS-013,DL7JAN),9H1VW, 9G5OO (DL4WK), 9K2ID, 9U5M (PA7FM), A35DJ (OC-049,DJ2HD), 9Y4/DL1MGB, A7/G0MKT (NM7H), CE0Y/SP9EVP, CQ14HZE (DL8HCZ), CT3/DL1ELY (AF-014), CU34EJ (EU-175, CU3EJ), DL1YFF/p (EU-127), EA6AFE (EU-004), EX9A, FO/JR2KDN, FO5RJ (OC-046,F8IJV), HC8/LU8ADX (SA-004), HF55KAB (SP5KAB), HF650D (SP1AEN), HR1RBM, HI9NY (NA-096,DL4NYL), J20DA (DJ6SI), J4200ZFG (EU-015,DL6ZFG), J79WG (NA-101, DL2AWG), JA4PXE/6 (AS-067), KH2/JE0FPH (OC-026), J39A, KH6/N0CO (OC-019), OH0/DL2VB/p (EU-002), OH0/SM0JHF, OY/DL1RTL (EU-018), PT7ZXU (CT1AHU), RI0IMA (AS-170,UA3DX), RL1T, S79RJ (AF-024,DJ7RJ), SV1QN/8 (EU-113), SV5/DL4SCZ, SV5/DL5DRN, SV9/ON6MX, SY2004CYR (EU-049), SY2004MNL (SV1BUU), T33S (OC-018,YZ7AA), T42R (NA-015,EA4URE),T88JY (OC-009,JA1JQY), T88MC, T88VC, TC80KNK, TC80KOC, TC80IST, TC80TKR,TJ3SP (DL7UFR), TJ3FR (DL7UFR), TO4WW (F5OGL), TO8MZ (AF-027, F6BLK), TR8JD, UA3DX/0, V31AD (N5DD), V51/DL5XL, V63KQ, VK9CD, VK9NB (DL7AFS), VP8DID (SA-002,DJ2VO), XF1IK (NA-166,N6AWD), XF1/F6BFH/XF3, YA7X (DL2JRM), YE1P (OC-237, YB1TC), YE2R (OC-186,EA7FTR), ZC4TS, ZD7F (DL4HN), ZK1BJA, ZK1KAT (WA4WTG), ZK1NCP, ZK1TTT (OC-013,WA4WTG),ZK1ZOO (OC-013,WA4WTG), ZL/DH3WO (OC-036), ZL/DJ2HD (OC-036)

QSL mnagers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE         CALL        DXNL

07Jun-14Jun  5W/AI5P     1436
10Jun-16Jun  6Y5/KB4CRT  1437 *
13May-10Jun  7Q7WW       1434
01May-31Jul  8N5SAIT     1433
10Jun-13Jun  9A/I6GFX    1437 *
NOW  -31Dec  9N7JO       1424/26
NOW  -31Dec  9Q0AR, 9Q1D 1425/34

NOW  -08Aug  A52EGV      1437 *
09Jun-23Jun  C6AIE       1437 *
NOW  -02Jul  C91EP       1437 *
10Jun-12Jun  CS0RCL      1437 *
07Jun-07Jul  CY9SS       1436
NOW          D2AA        1435
NOW  -2007   D2DX        1432
16May-Jun05  DF5OL/mm    1434
NOW  -31Dec  EI05CCC     1424

09Jun-21Jun  FP/N6RA..   1437 *
01Feb-31Dec  HA200CVM    1423
NOW  -Nov05  HF0POL      1417
NOW  -30Jun  HZ1EX       1429
11Jun-12Jun  II1PV/IU1PV 1437 *
23Apr-31Dec  IU7SCT      1432
NOW  -Nov05  JW2TOA      1437 *
NOW  -31Dec  LZ8IARU     1431

11Jun-14Jun  MM0CWJ/mm   1437 *
14Jun-21Jun  MS0IRC/p    1437 *
12Jun        OZ5MJ/OZ7AEI1437 *
NOW  -Mar06  R1ANT       1428
11Jun-24Jun  SM7/DL8AAV  1437 *
NOW          ST2KSS      1437 *
10May-Oct05  SV0XAN/5    1434
03Jun-10Jun  SV9/ON4AAC..1436

05Jun-26Jun  TI/W7YW     1437 *
NOW  -Feb06  TJ3SL       1407
NOW  -28Jun  TK/F1PNR    1436
27May-11Jun  TM5KD       1435
05Jun-19Jun  TM6ACO      1436
NOW  -Jul06  TR8FC       1425
NOW  -Aug05  TT8AMO,TT8M 1432
NOW  -Sep05  TT8FT       1401
20May-20Jul  TT8PK       1435/36

15May-15Jun  VC6X        1435
NOW  -10Jun  VE7JZ       1437 *
12Jun-24Jun  VP5/K7LAY.. 1437 *
NOW  -2005   XW3DT       1410
NOW  -Nov05  YI9LZ       1435
NOW  -28Jun  YL740C..    1430
NOW  -Mar06  ZD8I        1402
NOW  -31Dec  ZS75PTA     1419

 * = new
.. = and other calls

DXCC approval

Andaman Islands: VU4RBI/VU4NRO (Nov 30-Dec 31, 2004)
Chesterfield Islands: TX9 (Oct 2004)
Chad: TT8M, TT8AMO
Somalia: 6O0X
MV Island: R1MVI (Sep 2004)

TNX: DJ5AV, DK8JB, DL1ECG, DL1SBF, DL7VOA, F5NQL, PA0KHS, VK4AAR, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, La Gazette du DX, KB8NW und OPDX Bulletin, Scottish DX News, The Daily DX and others.