DX News Letter 1443
July 28, 2005

DX-NL 1443 July 28, 2005
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

DX Announcements

In this bulletin the term 'contest' relates to the upcoming IOTA Contest on the weekend of July 30/31.

ALAND ISLANDS, OH0, EU-002 Juha, OH9MM, will sign OH0Z in the contest. QSL via OH5DX.

ALASKA, KL7 Hillar, N6HR, will hit the airwaves as KL7/N7YX on 20m from the Pribilof Islands (NA-028) during the contest. --- Alex, LZ4AX, is QRV as KL7/WF9A mainly in CW on 6-80m from Barrow and Atqasuk between Jul 23 and Aug 10. QSL via LZ4AX, bureau ok.

ANGUILLA, VP2E, NA-022 Ira, KD4SLM/VP2E, will show up in SSB for three weeks starting on Aug 1.

BAHAMAS, C6 Gil, NN4CW, will be QRV on 20/30/40m with QRP power from Abaco (NA-080) between Jul 30 and Aug 6. --- Pete, W2GJ, and Steve, AA4V, will be QRV as C6APR and C6ARV from Crooked Island (NA-113) during the contest. QSLs via homecalls.

BAHRAIN, A9, AS-002 A92FF, A92GR, A92GQ (9K2AI), A92GN and friends will sign A92C in the contest.

BALEARIC ISLANDS, EA6, EU-004 EA6/DK1RF will be QRV in RTTY and PSK31 from Aug 1-13. QSL via bureau.

CANADA, VE Guy, VE2QRA, will activate the lighthouse Pointe-Carleton (CAN 395) on Anticosti Island (NA-077, CISA QC-001) with 100 watts and wires mainly in SSB on 80-6m from Jul 31 until Aug 5. QSL unfortunately only direct. --- Gordon, VE3RGG, will work from the lighthouse Cabot Head (CAN-067) during the first week of August until the 7th. QSL only direct. --- John, VE1JS, will be QRV from Brier Island (NA-127, CISA NS-011) in SSB with wires during the contest. QSL via VE1JS, bureau ok. --- Vancouver Island (NA-036) will be the destination of VE7AVV, VA7LC, VE7SAG and VE7NS during the IOTA contest.

CANARY ISLANDS, EA8, AF-004 Wojtek, EA8/SP5MXZ is QRV in CW/SSB on 20/15/17m from Tenerife (AF-004) until Aug 2. QSL via SP5MXZ, bureau ok.

CHAGOS ARHIPELAGO, VQ9, AF-006 Larry, VQ9LA, returned on July 25 and will stay until May 2006. He plans to work especially on 160m and 30m during that time.

CRETE, SV9, EU-187 J49A from Imeri Gramvousa (EU-187) will be active in SSB/CW and during the contest. QSL via SV9ANK. --- George, SV1QN, is working from Gavdos (EU-187) in SSB/RTTY from Jul 26 until Aug 7.

CROATIA, 9A, EU-170 Sanyi, 9A/HA7JJS, Zsolt, 9A/HA6PS, and Laci, 9A/HA6NL, are hitting the airwaves mainly in CW from Pasman Island (EU-170, CI-085) between Jul 26 and Aug 1. QSLs via homecalls, bureau ok.

DENMARK, OZ, EU-029 Thomas, OZ/DH8SAM, will activate Falster (EU-029) in CW/SSB on 20/30/40m from Jul 30 until Aug 12.

ENGLAND, G, EU-011 G2XV/p will be QRV from the Scilly Isles (EU-011) in SSB on all bands from Jul 29-31. G3RCV/p is working from the same island from Jul 26 until Aug 1 (op's M3CVN, G0VJG, M0MYC/2E0ATY, G0FDZ, G4BUO, G7GLW).

FERNANDO DE NORONHA, PY0F, SA-003 Marq, PY0F/CT1BWW, and Juanca, PY0F/EA2RC, will be active from Aug 1-14.

FRENCH POLYNESIA, FO Jim, FO/I4FGG, working with 100 watts in CW on 40/20/15m is activating the islands of Moorea (OC-046), Huahine (OC-067) and Bora Bora (OC-067) from Jul 25 until Aug 20. QSL via homecall.

GREECE, SV, EU-158 Nick, SV3SJ, will be QRV as SY8M from Proti (EU-158) in the contest. QSL via IZ8CCW, bureau ok. Find more info at: http://www.mdxc.org/sy8m/.

GREENLAND, OX Hector, OX/EA3EKS, plans to work on 10/15/20m from Aug 2-5. QSL via EA3EKS, unfortunately only direct.

GUAM, KH2, OC-026 Philip, KH2X, will take part in the contest as well. QSL via KH2X.

ICELAND, TF, EU-071 Martin, G3ZAY, Dominic, M0BLF, Tim, M0TDG, and Tom, M0TJH, will activate the island of Westman (EU-071) during the contest.

INDIA, VU, AS-169 Basappa, VU2NXM, and Micky, VU2IZO, are working from Elephanta (AS-169) from Jul 27-31.

INDONESIA, YB, OC-021 YE1ZAT will be QRV from Java (OC-021) during the contest.

IRELAND, EI, EU-006 Dave, EI3IO, will sign EJ0GI and EJ3IO from Inisheer Island (EU-006) in the contest.

JAPAN, JA, AS-079 Tack, JE1RXJ/6, will be QRV from Miyako Island (AS-079) in CW/SSB on 40-6m from Aug 3-7. QSL via bureau.

MALY-VYSOTSKIY-ISLAND, R1M, EU-117 OH5NE, OH5WR, OH5WS, OH0RJ, RV1AC, RU1AS, RA2FW, RN2FA, RV2FW and UA2FM are signing R1MVC and R1MVW on all bands from Jul 28 until Aug 1. QSLs via DK4VW.

NORTHERN IRELAND, GI, EU-122 GM3OZB, GM3YEH, GM4OSS, MM0BIM and MM0BRG will sign GN0ADX/p from Rathlin Island (EU-122) between Jul 29 and Aug 1. QSL via GM0ADX.

SABLE ISLAND, CY0, NA-063 Joe, W8GEX, Wayne, K8LEE, and Phil, W9IXX, are QRV as CY0AA in all modes on all bands from Jul 27 until Aug 3. QSL via K8LEE.

SCOTLAND, GM, EU-012 Peter, MM5PSL, Lars, DF1LON/MM0LON, Georg, DL1ECG/MM0ECG and Roger, MM1FJM, will sign MM0ECG from the lighthouse Eshaness (IOSA SH1, ARLHS-075) on Shetland Maynland (EU-012) during the contest. QSL via DL1ECG, buro ok.

SOUTH KOREA, HL 6K2BPT, 6K2BUV, DS1AXW, DS2PSI, DS2QDY and HL2DDZ will be QRV as D70IS from Taeijak (AS-090) in SSB/CW on 40/20/15m during the contest. QSL via HL1OYF, bureau ok. --- D70YT is QRV from Ch'angson (AS-081) from Jul 29 until Aug 1. QSL via HL5BDD. --- Taebu (AS-105) is the destination of DT0HF/2 for the IOTA contest. QSL via HL2FDW.

SPAIN, EA Toni, EA9CP, and Fernando, EA1BT, will be active as EA9CP/EA1 or EA1BT/p from the lighthouse Punta del Caballo (ARLHS SPA-196) on Arosa Island (EU-080, DIE O-007) in the contest.

ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON, FP, NA-032 Paul, FP/K9OT and Peg, FP/KB9LIE, are QRV with 100 watts and verticals working in CW/SSB from Jul 29 until Aug 7. Find more information on their website: http://www.mhtc.net/~k9ot/.

THAILAND, HS Cha, HS8KAY plans to work in CW from Phuket (AS-053) during the contest. --- E20HHK, E21IZC, HS0GBI,HS1CKC and HS6NDK will be on the air as E20HHK/p from Si Chang (AS-107) from Jul 30 until Aug 1. QSL via E21EIC.

UGANDA, 5X Hisa, JA1DOT, will show up as 5X1W with 100w on 160-10m from Aug 3-13. QSL via homecall, bureau ok.

UKRAINE, UR UR0GK, UR3GO, UR5GHK, UT7GX, US0ZZ, UT4ZG, UT5ZC, ER1DA, ER3DW, ER3GS, ER3DX, ER3ZZ and ER5DX are hitting the airwaves on 80-6m from Kalanchakskiye (EU-179) from Jul 27-31. Listen for UW0G in the contest. QSL via US0ZZ.


DATE         CALL        DXNL

27Jul-03Aug  3D2YH/R     1442
26Jul-29Jul  3V8SM       1442
03Aug-13Aug  5X1W        1443 *
NOW  -Sep05  7Q7HB       1441
01May-31Jul  8N5SAIT     1433
26Jul-01Aug  9A/HA7JJS.. 1443 *
27Jul-03Aug  9K2F        1442
NOW  -31Dec  9N7JO       1424/26
NOW  -31Dec  9Q0AR, 9Q1D 1425/34

NOW  -08Aug  A52EGV      1437
30Jul-06Aug  C6/NN4CW    1443 *
23Jul-10Aug  C9/UT5UY    1442
28Jul-01Aug  C93DX       1442
01Jul-31Jul  CS9SRA      1440
25Jul-04Aug  CU4M        1442
27Jul-03Aug  CY0AA       1443 *
NOW  -2007   D2DX        1432
29Jul-01Aug  D70YT       1443 *
01Aug-13Aug  EA6/DK1RF   1443 *
NOW  -31Dec  EI05CCC     1424
30Jul-31Jul  EM5F        1442
27Jul-31Jul  ES2U        1442

25Jul-20Aug  FO/I4FGG    1443 *
24Jul-03Aug  FO/WB2REM   1442
29Jul-07Aug  FP/K9OT..   1443 *
15Jul-15Aug  FW5ZL       1442
29Jul-31Jul  G2XV/p      1443 *
26Jul-01Aug  G3RCV/p     1443 *
29Jul-01Aug  GN0ADX/p    1443 *
01Feb-31Dec  HA200CVM    1423
NOW  -Nov05  HF0POL      1417
23Jul-31Jul  IF9/IT9ECQ  1442
24Jul-09Aug  IM0/IK2MKE  1442
23Apr-31Dec  IU7SCT      1432

30Jul-31Jul  J48KW       1442
11Jul-03Aug  J79PAK      1442
03Aug-07Aug  JE1RXJ/6    1443 *
NOW  -Nov05  JW2TOA      1437
28Jul-30Jul  K5M         1442
01Aug-20Aug  KD4SLM/VP2E 1443 *
23Jul-10Aug  KL7/WF9A    1443 *
28Jul-31Jul  LR4D        1442
23Jul-30Jul  LY90E       1442
NOW  -31Dec  LZ8IARU     1431
25Jul-01Aug  M3CVN..     1442
30Jul-31Jul  M8C         1442
16Jul-31Jul  MM0MMK      1442

01Jul-31Dec  OL200BA     1441
02Aug-05Aug  OX/EA3EKS   1443 *
30Jul-12Aug  OZ/DH8SAM   1443 *
28Jul-04Aug  OZ8MW/p     1442
27Jul-03Aug  PC6IOTA     1442
01Aug-14Aug  PY0F/CT1BWW.1443 *
NOW  -Mar06  R1ANT       1428
28Jul-01Aug  R1MVC..     1443 *
21Jul-02Aug  RZ4HZW      1442

22Jul-07Aug  S79JAG      1442
26Jul-02Aug  SP1/IK1PMR..1442
22Jul-02Aug  SP3BJK/1    1442
01Jul-31Dec  SU8BHI      1440
10May-Oct05  SV0XAN/5    1434
24Jul-01Aug  SV8/HA8KW/p 1442
NOW  -31Jul  SV9/F8UFT/p 1442
25Jul-14Aug  SV9/S59W    1442
26Jul-07Aug  SV9/SV1QN   1443 *
NOW  -Mar06  T68G        1439/40
NOW  -31Jul  T6KBLRM     1440
NOW  -Feb06  TJ3SL       1407
23Jul-06Aug  TK/IK5XCT   1442
NOW  -Jul06  TR8FC       1425
NOW  -Aug05  TT8AMO,TT8M 1432
NOW  -Sep05  TT8FT       1401

28Jul-01Aug  UX0FF..     1442
01Jul-31Jul  VA7C        1440
28Jul-02Aug  VC9W        1442
31Jul-05Aug  VE2QRA      1443 *
25Jul-???    VQ9LA       1443 *
28Jul-30Jul  VR2/WB8FSV  1442
27Jul-31Jul  VU2NXM..    1443 *
24Jul-31Jul  WB8YJF/4    1442
NOW  -10Aug  XU7TZG      1442
NOW  -2005   XW3DT       1410
NOW  -Nov05  YI9LZ       1435
NOW  -Mar06  ZD8I        1402
27Jul-03Aug  ZK1ARN      1442
NOW  -31Dec  ZS75PTA     1419

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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