DX News Letter 1179
January 3, 2000

DX-NL 1179 - January 3, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


VP8/a - ANTARCTICA Philippe, FT5YG, will be replaced by FT5YH on Dumont D'Urville (Les Petrels, AN-017) in January.


3D2/r - ROTUMA ISLAND Ron is on the air as 3D2RW/R until Jan 9. QSL via ZL1AMO.

T8 - BELAU Hide, JM1LJS, was active as V63LJ from OC-010 until Jan 3 and is now signing T88LJ from Palau (OC-009).

KH4 - MIDWAY ISLAND Paul, NZ7Q/KH4, is QRV in CW on all bands for two more months. QSL via N6ZVA.

VK0 - MACQUARIE ISLAND Alan's activity as VK0LD ended on Dec 31. He is now signing VK0MM (Millenium Macquarie or MM = Latin 2000) until the end of this year. His homepage http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html shows also his operating schedule. Unfortunately many stations -especially EU's do not follow his instructions. If you are European and Alan calls for North America then your call could enter his blacklist or Alan goes QRT.


3B8 - MAURITIUS Giovanni, 3B8/I5JHW, is QRV until Jan 14. QSL via bureau to I5JHW.

5H - TANZANIA Since Dec 24 Chris, ZS5IR, is operating as 5H9IR from Geita, a small city on the south bank of Lake Victoria, mostly in CW/SSB on 80-10m. They first gave him the callsign 5H4IR by mistake but these QSOs are valid, too. QSLs via ZS6EZ.

5R - MADAGASCAR Michel, F5LET, is now QRV as 5R8GL from AF-013. He operates mostly in CW (SSB on request) on 10/15/20m with a beam. Antennae for WARC and the lowbands will follow later. QSL direct only to Michel Bon, BP 342, 201 Antsiranana, Madagascar (NOT to his earlier address in France!).

9U - BURUNDI Gus, SM5DIC, als is QRT as 9U5D since Dec 11 but will return for three more months on Jan 10. QSL direct only via SM0BFJ.

C5 - GAMBIA Peter, C56/G4MCK, was announced to be active in SSB only on 80-10m for 12 days starting on Dec 24. QSL via G4MCK direct or via bureau.

FH - MAYOTTE ISLAND Christian, 6W1QV (ex TR8SA), will be active as FH/TU5AX for five months starting on Jan 5. Operation takes place on 40-6m with two radios and a R70000m antenna. QSL via F5OGL.


C6 - BAHAMAS Wolf, DL2SCQ, and his XYL Ann, DL1SCQ, are QRV from North Bimini (NA-048) until Jan 4. QSL via bureau to DL6DK or to Peter X. Voits, Uhlandstr. 28, D-59192 Bergkamen, Germany.

CE0 - JUAN FERNANDEZ ISLAND Mark/CE6TBN, Fil/CE6JOE, Alex/CE6SAX, Bill/XQ3SAI, and Nob/JA7AYE, will be on the air as CE0Z from Jan 6-16. They will work in CW/SSB/ RTTY/Packet/SSTV/PSK/FM on 10-80m plus 6m/2m/70cm and via satellite. Bureau QSLs can be requested via e-mail to ce6tbn@qsl.net (your call in the subject). They also plan to make a daily update of their web- site http://www.qsl.net/ce6tbn/ce0z.htm. If you need a direct QSL send your SASE to: CE6TBN, Mark, Box 1234, Temuco, Chile.

VP9 - BERMUDA ISLAND Bob, VP9/KE0UI, will be active in CW/SSB on 80-10m from Hamilton Parish on NA-005 from Jan 8-15. If possible QSL via CBA else via the W0 bureau.


8Q - MALDIVES Ronald, PA3EWP/8Q7WP, and Rob, PA5ET/8Q7ET, will be on the air from Kuramanthi (AS-013) from Jan 12-18. They will run two stations on 10- 80m and if the phone/internet-connection is good enough the pilot station Alex, PA1AW (pa1aw@okdxc.cz), will update their homepage http://www.muurkrant.com/pi4com/Maldives/8q-2000.html with log data, photos and a diary on a daily basis. QSLs via PA5ET, Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, NL-2273 VS Voorburg, The Netherlands.

XV - VIETNAM Park, HL1ACP, has now the callsign 3W6AP. QSL via HL2AQN.

XZ - MYANMAR 24 members of the Arizona DX Association will be QRV as XZ0A from Thahtay Kyun between Jan 13 and Feb 6. They will work in SSB/CW/RTTY with 8 radios/amplifiers and good antennae and perhaps also on 160m and 6m. Direct QSLs via XZ0A, QSL Request, c/o Bob Myers, W1XT, 37875 North 10th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85086, USA. Bureau QSLs should be marked clearly with 'XZ0A via W1XT'. More information online at: http://getnet.com/~k7wx/myanmar.htm


4U/ITU - ITU HEADQUARTERS GENEVA Fritz, DL4TT, will start his CW operation on Jan 7. QSL via bureau to 4U1ITU.

HB9 - SWITZERLAND The call 4U0G was issued in preparation of radio connections for UN humanitarian operations. QSL via bureau ONLY via IK2BHX. --- This year Swiss stations may use the prefix HB2 instead of HB9.

R1F - FRANZ JOSEF LAND Nick, R1FJV, is QRV daily on 14/21/24/28 MHz between Jan 1, 2000 and Dec 31, 2001. QSL via the new address printed in DXNL 1157: Box 196, Pepperell, MA, 01463, USA.


DATE            CALL            DXNL

NOW   -Jan 14   3B8/I5JHW       1179 *
Dec 20-Jan 9    3D2RW/R         1179 *
NOW             3W6AP           1179 *
NOW             4U0G            1179 *
Jan 7 - ?       4U1ITU(DL4TT)   1179 *
Dec 10-Jan 15   5H3MG           1177
NOW             5H9IR etc       1179 *
NOW             5R8GL           1179 *
Jan 12-Jan 18   8Q7WP, 8Q7ET    1179 *
Jan 10-End Mar  9U5D            1167, 1179 *

Dec 24-Jan 5    C56/G4MCK       1179 *
Jan 6 -Jan 16   CE0Z            1179 *
NOW   -Jan 4    DL2SCQ/C6A etc  1179 *
Dec 20-         CE8/R3CA...     1178
Jan 5 -End May  FH/TU5AX        1179 *
Jan   -         FT5YH           1179 *
Jan   -Dec/2000 HB2...          1179 *
NOW   -2000     HK3JBR          1128, 1144
Dec   -Feb/2000 HS (OH2EA)      1177
Dec 24-2000     HV0A            1178
NOW   -Jun/2000 JD1BKR          1169
NOW   -Feb      NZ7Q/KH4        1179 *
Sep 22-Jan 10   KH4/W4ZYV       1174
Dec 4 -Feb/2000 LZ0A            1173, 1176

NOW             OD/F5SQM        1168
Dec   -Apr/2000 P49MR           1175
Jan 5 -End Apr  PY (F2JD)       1178
NOW   -Jan/2000 PZ5DX           1160
Nov 18-?        R1ANB etc       1175
Jan 1 -Dec 31   R1FJV           1179 *
NOW   -Dec/2000 SV/OK1YM        1177
Jan 4 -Jan 5 ?  T88LJ           1178, 1179 *
NOW             TZ6YV           1174
Oct 30-Apr 1    V31JP           1171
NOW   -Dec/2000 VK0MM           1170, 76, 78, 79 *
NOW   -Feb/2000 VP8NJS          1174
Jan 8 -Jan 15   VP9/KE0UI       1179 *
Nov   -May/2000 VQ9PO           1176
Sep 29-Jan/2000 VQ9DX           1177
Dec 13-Jan 17   VU2BMS          1175
Dec 22-Jan 10   XE1/G0JHC..     1177
Jan/00-Feb 4    XU7AKM ?        1175
Dec   -Mar/2000 XV (VK6LC)      1177
NOW (1 week)    XW4UD           1176
Jan 13-Feb 6    XZ0A            1179 *
Dec 6 -Jan 12   YS1/HB9KNA      1176

"NEW": 1179 *

Bandspots of the last 10 days

   5H3RK       1831  0216Z via SM0LRK
   5X1Z        1827  2129Z via SM6CAS
   6W6JX       1832  0452Z also via bureau
   JT1CO       1822  2229Z via CBA
   KH2/K4SXT   1824  2050Z via K4SXT
   OD5/OK1MU   1836  2255Z via OKDXF
   TF8SM       1822  2212Z via N5FTR
   VK6VZ       1830  2107Z via bureau

   3F1XVH      3799  0239Z via N0JT, bureau
   3W5FM       3503  2322Z via UA0FM, bureau
   8Q7JL       3799  1639Z via JL6MSN, bureau
   BV2RS       3796  1633Z via bureau
   HR5/F2JD    3505  0437Z via F6AJA, bureau
   OX3FV       3503  0612Z via bureau
   R1ANZ       3799  1900Z via RU1ZC, bureau
   VQ9QM       3507  1604Z via W4QM, bureau
   XU7AAZ      3508  2300Z via IN3ZNR

   3D2RW/R     7013  1120Z via ZL1AMO
   BT20OO      7007  1434Z via BA4EG
   HR5/F2JD    7007  0131Z via F6AJA, bureau
   JW5NM       7005  1510Z via LA5NM, bureau
   KL7Y        7088  0135Z via bureau
   V63LJ       7003  1333Z via JH8DEH
   VP9/W2FXA   7005  0445Z via bureau
   YK1AH       7004  1747Z via Box 9597, Damaskus, Syria
   ZL6A        7009  1819Z via ZL2AOH

   9M2TO      10101  1615Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   FK8GJ      10102  0705Z via F6CXJ, bureau
   FO0EEN     10104  1055Z vias LA1EE, direct
   NP3A       10106  2229Z direct or via KP3L
   TZ6YV      10108  1648Z via WA1ECA, bureau

   3D2AG/p    14195  0721Z via CBA
   CE0ZIS     14260  0658Z via Box 1, Juan Fernandez Island, Chile
   CE9/R3CA   14195  0149Z via UA9OBA
   T32O       14189  1717Z via WC5P, bureau
   VK0LD      14155  0700Z

   8P9EM      18092  1116Z via G3VBL, bureau
   J282000    18132  1313Z via F6ITD, bureau
   JD1BKR     18127  0741Z via JA bureau
   VQ9VK      18081  1104Z via N1TO
   ZM4IR      18130  1059Z via W8WC, direct

   HK0VGJ     21029  1721Z via CBA
   P29VR      21232  0921Z via W7LFA, bureau
   ZF2NT      21023  1400Z via G3SWH, bureau

   A41KJ      24975  1249Z via N5FTR, bureau
   A61AS      24960  1109Z via YO3FRI, bureau
   JD1BIA/JD1 24965  0758Z via CBA
   K8WK/HI8   24935  1622Z
   V63LJ      24903  0802Z via JH8DEH
   YS1/HB9KNA 24968  1600Z via bureau

   3B8/I5JHW  28495  1048Z via bureau
   A41LZ      28400  1259Z via bureau
   NP3WS      28009  1259Z via bureau
   PY0FT      28084  0955Z via JA1ELY, bureau
   TO2OOO     28526  1605Z via ON4LCE, bureau
   XU7AAY     28495  0950Z via IN3ZNR


QSL Routes

If you are looking for the exact QTH of an Antarctic station check: http://www.avana.net/~polar/ddxclub/waba_ref.htm

After 43 years Johan, PA3FDO, finished publishing one of my weekly sources of DX information, the bulletin DXPRESS. We will miss this publication as it had always good information easy to read.

QSLs arrived buro: AP2AP (JA1EZM), AZ4F (LU3FP), C31CA,C37URA,C56NY (DJ3NY), C91LCK/p (I4LCK), C6A/KI6T,C91LCK (I4LCK),CE0AA (CE3WDH), CN/DJ9RR, CY9RF (K8RF), E44/OZ6ACD (OZ1ACB), FM/IK2OHG, FO0PT (DJ0FX), FO0XUU (DL5XU), FR/G3SWH, FR5DX (reply to a direct QSL with 2 IRCs)

TNX for information to 425 DX NEWS, 599 DX Report,Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL1SDH, DL2BQV, DL5RFF, DL6UAA, DL7PR, DXPRESS, ARRL DX News, F6AJA, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles DX, OPDX, RA0BU, RTTY DX NOTES, SP3CW, The DAILY DX and others.