DX News Letter 1181
January 17, 2000

DX-NL 1181 - January 17, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


VP8/a - ANTARCTICA Vladimir is now QRV as R1ANJ (QSL via RU1ZC) from the Russian base "Druzhnaya-4" while Sergej operates as R1ANA (QSL via RU1ZC) from "Molodezhnaya". It is very likely that both will stay until March. --- Evgenij, R1ANB, is on the air from the Russian base "Vostok" until Jan 20 (see DXNL 1175). he will then return to Russia.


DU - PHILIPPINES DU1/DL4OCM from OC-042 is active in CW/RTTY/SSB/SAT (RS13 only) on 10-160m between Jan 18 and Feb 1. He is listening especially for Europe on 3505 kHz (QSX up) during his sunrise around 2200 UTC. On Jan 22/23 he and 4F1RWW will operate from Cebu Island (OC-129) mostly in 20m QRP CW. After the operation you can check their log online at: http://www.qsl.net/dl4ocm/. QSLs can be requested with an e-mail to: dl4ocm@qsl.net, via bureau to DL4OCM or direct to: Thomas Steinmann, Box 1117, D-37162 Uslar, Germany.

JD1 - MINAMI TORISHIMA Shiro, JD1BIC/JD1, is right now on Minami Torishima mostly active in CW on 10-40m and stays until the end of January. QSL via JD1BIC or direct to: Shiro Hazama, 3-7 Taura, Yokosuka, 237-0075 Japan.

KH0 - MARIANA ISLANDS Kazu, JA1RJU/KH2K, has been announced to be active again as KH2K/AH0 from Saipan (OC-086) between Jan 22-26. He'll listen especially for Europe and North America on 1823.5 kHz (QSX 10 up).QSL via JA1RJU.

V7 - MARSHALL ISLANDS Tom, N4XP, and Mike, N6MZ, want to activate the Marshall Islands on 10/12/80/160m starting on Jan 22.

VK - AUSTRALIA Josep, EA6ACC, will be on the air as VK4FOC (also portable from VK2, VK3, VK5 and VK8) between Jan 20 and Mar 15.

VK0/m - MACQUARIE ISLAND Alan is still on the air as VK0MM. His homepage writes his actual operating schedule (http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html). If he decides to work also in RTTY mode, he'll announce this several days prior to his activity. The call VK0MM was abused in RTTY by a PIRATE on Jan 11.

ZK1 - NORTHERN COOK ISLANDS Adriano, IK2GNW/ZK1GNW, intended to hit the airwaves for one week starting on Jan 13. Frequencies announced were: SSB: 50115, 28475, 24945, 21295, 18145, 14195, 7065, 3795, 1845 kHz; QRS CW: 50115, 28030, 24905, 21030,18080,14030,10120,7020,3530,1830 kHz; RTTY: 21080, 14080 kHz. Unfortunately he has electrical power only within these time windows: 1630-2230 UTC and 0430-0830 UTC. QSL via I2YSB, Silvano Borsa, Viale Capettini 1, I-27036 Mortara-PV, Italy. Homepage: http://digilander.iol.it/i2ysb/


TY - BENIN After logging more than 600 QSOs as TY/FK8VHU Philippe now received the callsign TYD11 (Tango Yankee Delta One One). QSL via Philippe Honore, 361 Avenue de l'Hautil, F-78955 Carrieres sous Poissy,France


FM - MARTINIQUE, J7 - DOMINICA, FG - GUADELOUPE Lars Berg, SM0CCM, is hibernating in the Caribbean together with his XYL and IC706MkII. He intends to operate mostly in CW on 10-80m (and perhaps 6m) daily for two to five hours: as FM/SM0CCM between Jan 19 and Jan 23, as J73CCM between Jan 24 and Feb 12 and as FG/SM0CCM between Feb 13 and Feb 17. QSL via SM0CCM, if possible via bureau.


XZ - MYANMAR Dick Wolf, N6FF (n6ff@tco.net), and Richard Briggs, WA7MTF/8 (e-mail wa7mtf@intrepid.net), who are the pilot stations for XZ0A on Thahtay Kyun (AS-144) are looking forward to any comments about regional propagations. Up-to-date information from the XZ0A team can be found at: http://www.getnet.com/~k7wx/flash.htm but they do NOT want to upload an online log while or shortly after the DXpedition. If you are in doubt whether you are in the log or not they suggest to make a safety QSO on the same band/mode.

XW - LAOS, XU - CAMBODIA, ET - ETHIOPIA, 9G - GHANA Andy, G4ZVJ, will travel in Indo-China and Africa for eight weeks starting on Jan 24. He will be accompanied by Alan, G3XAQ while travelling through Laos and Cambodia between Jan 24 and Feb 24. They want to visit Vientiane and hope to obtain a licence there. During the first week of February they are QRV as XU7AAV with an emphasis put on 80m to EU/NA. Between Feb 24 and Mar Andy will go to Ethiopia but he still doesn't know the call or a probable guest operation. He will operate afterwards as 9G5VJ from Ghana from Mar 7-20. Andy does operate only in CW! QSL via G4ZVJ, A Chadwick, 5 Thorpe Chase, Ripon HG4 1UA,Great Britain. While travelling his e-mail is: 9g5vj@usa.net and Andy's website remains at: http://www.g4zvj.demon.co.uk.


JW - SVALBARD LA9FJA will be on the air again as JW9FJA for the next eight months. QSL via LA9FJA.


DARC Millenium QSO Party: Jan 22, 0000 UTC until Jan 23, 2400 UTC. Modes: CW and SSB, Bands: 10-160m, 2m, 70cm. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RS(T)+ITU zone, Millenium special event stations: RS(T)+2000


DATE            CALL            DX-NL

NOW             3W6AP           1179
NOW             4U0G            1179
Jan 7 - ?       4U1UN (DL4TT)   1179, 1180
NOW             5H9IR etc       1179
Mar 7 -Mar 20   9G5VJ           1181 *
Jan 10-End Mar  9U5D            1167, 1179

NOW             A45ZN           1150
Jan 18-Feb 1    DU1/DL4OCM      1181 *
Mar/99-2001     E4/G3WQU        1140
Feb 24-Mar 7    ET3 (G4ZVJ)     1181 *
Feb 13-Feb 17   FG/SM0CCM       1181 *
Jan 5 -End May  FH/TU5AX        1179
NOW   -2001     FK8VHY          1160, 1168
Jan 19-Jan 23   FM/SM0CCM       1181 *
Feb 26-Mar 15   FO/Clipperton   1161
Jan   - ??      FT5YH           1179

Dec   -Feb/2000 HS (OH2EA)      1177
Jan 24-Feb 12   J73CCM          1181 *
NOW   -Jan      JD1BIC/JD1      1181 *
NOW   -Jun/2000 JD1BKR          1169
NOW   -Aug/2000 JW9FJA          1181 *
NOW   -Feb      KC4AAD          1180
NOW   -Feb      NZ7Q/KH4        1179
Jan 22-Jan 26   KH2K/AH0        1181 *
Dec 4 -Feb/2000 LZ0A            1173, 1176

NOW             OD/F5SQM        1168
Dec   -Apr/2000 P49MR           1175
NOW   -Mar/2000 R1ANA, R1ANJ    1181 *
NOW   -Jan 20   R1ANB etc       1175, 1181 *
NOW   -Mar      R1ANP           1180
Jan 1 -Dec 31   R1FJV           1179
Jan 19-Jan 23   TE8CH           1180
Jan 11-Jan 25   T32DA           1180
NOW             TYD11           1181 *
NOW             TZ6YV           1174

Oct 30-Apr 1    V31JP           1171
Jan 22- ??      V7  (N4XP+N6MZ) 1181 *
NOW   -Dec/2000 VK0MM           1170, 1176, 1178-1181
Jan 20-Mar 15   VK4FOC          1181 *
Jan 20-May      VP6BR           1180
NOW   -Feb/2000 VP8NJS          1174
Nov   -May/2000 VQ9PO           1176
Sep 29-Jan/2000 VQ9DX           1177
      -Dec/2000 VR2FD           1122

NOW   -Jan 24   XT2DR           1180
Feb 1 -Feb 6    XU7AAV          1181 *
Jan   -Feb 4    XU7AKM ?        1175
Dec   -Mar/2000 XV (VK6LC)      1177
Jan 24-Feb 24   XW (G4ZVJ)      1181 *
Jan 13-Feb 6    XZ0A            1179, 1181 *
Oct 29-May/2000 ZF2NT           1171
Jan 13-Jan 20   ZK1GNW          1181 *

"NEW": 1181 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   NP4A       1828  0422Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   VK6HD      1824  2110Z via bureau
   VQ9NL      1829  0032Z via W4NML
   XZ0A       1827  2315Z via W1XT, bureau

   5H3RK      3504  0017Z via SM0LRK
   BV2RS      3794  2048Z via bureau
   CE0Z       3795  0621Z via CE6TBN, bureau
   JT1DA      3505  2249Z via CBA
   KL7XX      3799  0736Z via bureau
   OD5/OK1MU  3794  2249Z via OK1TN, bureau
   P43P       3795  0441Z via P43ARC, bureau
   VP9/KE0UI  3510  0322Z via KE0UI, also bureau
   XZ0A       3785  1917Z via W1XT, bureau

   3E2K       7005  0530Z via HP1AC, bureau
   8Q7ET      7008  2231Z via PA5ET, bureau
   E4/G3WQU   7013  2257Z via bureau
   HC6CR      7057  0701Z via Box 614, Ambato, Ecuador
   HK1RRL     7002  0640Z
   HI9/K4JT   7001  0235Z via K4JT
   PZ1DV      7004  0459Z via W9GW, bureau
   V31JP      7008  0414Z via KA9WON, bureau
   V51AS      7010  2048Z via CBA
   VR2BG      7007  2319Z CBA also via bureau

   8Q7WP     10107  2236Z via PA5ET, bureau
   FG/W8MV   10108  2059Z via bureau
   R1ANP     10105  1943Z via NT2X, direct
   XZ0A      10108  1634Z via W1XT, bureau

   3D2AG/R   14197  0634Z via CBA
   3D2LT     14205  0746Z via LA5VK, bureau
   C21HC     14021  0645Z
   FO5QS     14199  0716Z see DXNL 1161
   FW5ZL     14195  0821Z
   R3RRC     14260  0645Z via RW3GW, bureau
   T30ED     14280  0752Z via 3D2SJ, see DXNL 1157
   VK0MM     14003  0832Z see DXNL 1180, QRX !

   3B8/I5JHW 18150  1512Z via bureau
   7X2DG     18137  1017Z via CBA
   JD1AMA    18135  0850Z via CBA
   VQ9PO     18090  1241Z via W3PO

   3D2AG/R   21295  0751Z via CBA
   JD1BKR    21190  0912Z via JA bureau
   XT2DR     21275  0728Z via F6BZH
   XV7TH     21230  1038Z via SK7AX, bureau

   8Q7DV     24898  1039Z via UA9CI, bureau
   9U5D      24935  1227Z via SM0BFJ, direct
   P49MR     24943  1353Z via VE3MR, bureau
   VP9/KE0UI 24958  1323Z via CBA

   3DA0WPX   28496  1458Z via ZS6WPX, direct
   4F4IX     28489  1106Z via bureau
   CE0Z      28482  1547Z via CE6TBN, bureau
   EY9/RA3OO 28022  0750Z via DJ1SKO
   FK8VHY    28005  0731Z via F8CMT
   JT1KAA    28450  0956Z also bureau
   KG4AS     28450  1430Z via N4SIA, CBA 2000
   VP9BO     28536  1756Z via N1AFC
   XZ0A      28492  1153Z via W1XT, bureau


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived buro: R200AP (RA1WZ), S59KAB, S79FAG + S79YL + S79ZG (DL7AFS), S92SS, SU1CS (9K2CS), SV5/VE3EXY/p, TT8FC (EA4AHK)?, T88JJ (JA3ART), VP2V/K1DW (K1CPJ), YB0AZ (W7TSQ), YZ94DX (YU1DX-1994), V5/DK6AO

QSLs arrived direct: 3D2RW (ZL1AMO), A71EZ, VK6ISL + VK6THI (VK9LC), VK9NS, VR98BG (VS6BG)

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, DF1ZN, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL1SDH, DL2BQV, DL4OCM, DL7VOA, HB9AGH, DF6EX, DL7PR, ARRL DX News, G4ZVJ, GOList, IK7AFM, Les Nouvelles DX, PA3ARM, HL0C, LU9AY, OPDX, RTTY DX NOTES, SM0CCM, The DAILY DX, The DX Magazine etc.