DX News Letter 1182
January 24, 2000

DX-NL 1182 - January 24, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


P2 - PAPUA NEW GUINEA Elmer Ribeyro, active as 7Q7DX from Malawi until Oct/98, is now QRV as P29DX. A few years ago this call was allocated to G4JVG, Stephen Telenius-Lowe; QSL via G3LQP. QSLs for 7Q7DX and the actual P29DX via his QSL manager EA4CEN (direct or bureau) or direct ONLY to Dr. Elmer Ribeyro, Esparza Sopas Hospital, Box 112, Wabagenga Province, Papua New Guinea.

VK0/m - MACQUARIE ISLAND Alan, VK0MM (http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html), announced also 30m operation now (10103 kHz, 5 up), but still makes no EU skeds till April. VK0MM does not operate outside of the posted schedule.

ZK1, FO0, A3, FW, KH6 - PACIFIC TRIP Adriano, IK2GNW/ZK1GNW, hit the airwaves first on Jan 23 but from SOUTH Cook since his radio broke and the transport of the new radio took one extra week. He will go to North Cook in a few days. It is possible that some deferrals may occur on the next stops of his six week trip: After North Cook he planned to work as FO0PRE from French Polynesia, FO0PRE from Australes Islands, A35NW from Tonga,FW/IK2GNW from Wallis&Futuna and last not least Hawaii as KH6/IK2GNW. Plans were to operate on all bands in CW/SSB/RTTY for one week from each island. QSL via buro to I2YSB or direct to the address in DXNL 1181. More information available at: http://digilander.iol.it/i2ysb/.

ZL7 - CHATHAM ISLANDS Lothar, DJ4ZB, confirmed his operation as ZM7ZB from the Chatham Hotel on OC-038 between Jan 31 and Mar 2. He will listen especially for EU on 24935, 28395, 28495, 28595 and 28460 kHz. QSL to DJ4ZB, L. Grotehusmann, Quaekerstrasse 35, D-13403 Berlin, Germany.


5U - NIGER Franz, DJ9ZB, and Baldur, DJ6SI, are flying to Niamey today. They will be QRV in SSB (DJ9ZB) and CW (DJ6SI) operating barefoot with reasonable antennas from Jan 25-30. Their calls are 5U7X and 5U7Z. QSLs via their homecalls.

6W - SENEGAL Phil, 6W1/F5PHW, will be on the air in CW, SSB and perhaps also RTTY in Feb 2000. He will operate as FY/F5PHW (see below) by mid Feb. QSLs for both activities ONLY via F6KPQ, via bureau or direct to Club Radio-Amateur de Lanester, Chemin de Parc AR GROEZ, F-56600 Lanester, France.

EA8 - CANARY ISLANDS Martti, OH2BH, will be QRV again as EA8BH before and after the CQWW 160m CW Contest. QSL via OH2BH.

FH - MAYOTTE, S7 - SEYCHELLES Roger, FH/G3SXW, and Nigel, FH/G3TXF, from AF-027 are QRV in CW only on 10-80m from Jan 22-31. They were/are operating as S79SXW / S79TXF before and after that FH trip. QSLs via their homecalls.


8P - BARBADOS Glenn, VA3DX, announced to work as 8P9DX from NA-021 (CW/SSB/RTTY on all bands) between Jan 23 and Feb 6, including the CQWW 160m CW Test on Jan 28-30. QSL via VE3ICR or VA3DX.

FY - FRENCH GUYANA Phil, FY/F5PHW, will be QRV for four to five days around Feb 15. He will then return to Dakar (see above).

HK - COLOMBIA The CESARA is operating as 5K9AQ for the Amazonas Queen expedition until April. QSL via HJ3PXA, Rob Rey, Box 101939, Bogota, Colombia. Check their website http://www.amazonqueen2000.com.

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV (k7bv@aol.com), new head of WP2Z, will be on NA-106 to repair hurricane damages between Jan 24 and Feb 1. If he has some spare time left he operates as NP2/K7BV and as WP2Z in the CQWW 160m CW Contest. All QSLs via KU9C.

P4 - ARUBA Miika, OH2BAD, is QRV from SA-036 signing P40MH in CW/SSB on the WARC bands between Jan 30 and Feb 6. QSL via OH2BAD.

PJ - NETHERLAND ANTILLES Ernest, ON4CFD, will hit their airwaves from Curacao SA-006 signing PJ2I or PJ9/ON4CFD especially on 40m/80m during the UBA SSB Contest (Jan 29/30). QSL via bureau to ON4CFD or direct to Ernest Lichtert, Wolvenstraat 101, B-1070 Brussels, Belgium.

VP2E - ANGUILLA, J3 - GRENADA, P4 - ARUBA Bill, W5SJ, is on the air as VP2EJ from NA-022 between Jan 22 and Feb 2. He works CW and SSB on all bands and will participate also in the CQWW 160m CW Contest. Afterwards Bill will sign P4/W5SJ from Aruba (SA-036) till Feb 10 and J3/W5SJ from Grenada (NA-024).


8Q - MALDIVES Bert, PA0LPE, is QRV as 8Q7PA (AS-013) in CW/SSB from Jan 19 until Feb 3. QSL via PA0LPE.


CQWW 160m DX Contest CW: Jan 28, 2200 UTC till Jan 30, 1600 UTC. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RST + your country prefix.

Championat de France CW: Jan 29, 0600Z till Jan 30, 1800Z. Bands: 10-80m. Work: France and French overseas territories. Exchange: RST+serial number (F=Department)

UBA SSB Contest: Jan 29, 1300Z till Jan 30, 1300Z. Bands: 10-80m. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RST+serial number (ON=province)


DATE            CALL            DXNL

NOW   -Apr/2000 5K9AQ           1182 *
Jan 25-Jan 30   5U7X, 5U7Z ?    1182 *
Feb/2000        6W1/F5PHW       1182 *
Jan 23-Feb 6    8P9DX           1182 *
Jan 19-Feb 3    8Q7PA           1182 *
Jan 10-End Mar  9U5D            1167, 1179

Mid February    A35NW           1182 *
NOW             A45ZN           1150
Jan 18-Feb 1    DU1/DL4OCM      1181
Mar/99-2001     E4/G3WQU        1140
NOW             EA8BH           1182 *
Feb 24-Mar 7    ET3 (G4ZVJ)     1181
Feb 13-Feb 17   FG/SM0CCM       1181
Jan 22-Jan 31   FH/G3SXW etc    1182 *
NOW   -2001     FK8VHY          1160, 1168
Feb 26-Mar 15   FO/Clipperton   1161
Early Feb       FO0PRE ?        1182 *
Jan   - ??      FT5YH           1179
Mid February    FW/IK2GNW       1182 *
Feb 15-Feb 20?  FY/F5PHW        1182 *

      -Feb 10   J3/W5SJ         1182 *
Dec   -Feb/2000 HS (OH2EA)      1177
Jan 24-Feb 12   J73CCM          1181
NOW   -Jan      JD1BIC/JD1      1181
NOW   -Aug/2000 JW9FJA          1181
NOW   -Feb      KC4AAD          1180
NOW   -Feb      NZ7Q/KH4        1179
End of Feb      KH6/IK2GNW      1182 *
Jan 22-Jan 26   KH2K/AH0        1181
Jan 24-Feb 1    NP2/K7BV        1182 *
Dec 4 -Feb/2000 LZ0A            1173, 1176

NOW             OD/F5SQM        1168
NOW             P29DX           1182 *
Feb 3 - ??      P4/W5SJ         1182 *
Jan 30-Feb 6    P40MH           1182 *
End of Jan      PJ2I ?          1182 *
NOW   -Mar/2000 R1ANA, R1ANJ    1181
NOW   -Mar      R1ANP           1180
Jan 1 -Dec 31   R1FJV           1179
Jan   -Feb      S79TXF, S79SXW  1182 *
NOW             TYD11           1181

Oct 30-Apr 1    V31JP           1171
Jan 22- ??      V7  (N4XP+N6MZ) 1181
NOW   -Dec/2000 VK0MM           1170, 1176, 1178-1182 *
Jan 20-Mar 15   VK4FOC          1181
Jan 22-Feb 2    VP2EJ           1182 *
Jan 20-May      VP6BR           1180
Sep 29-Jan/2000 VQ9DX           1177

Feb 1 -Feb 6    XU7AAV          1181
Jan   -Feb 4    XU7AKM ?        1175
Dec   -Mar/2000 XV (VK6LC)      1177
Jan 24-Feb 24   XW (G4ZVJ)      1181
Jan 13-Feb 6    XZ0A            1179, 1181
Oct 29-May/2000 ZF2NT           1171
Jan 23-Jan ??   ZK1GNW          1182 *
Jan 31-Mar 2    ZM7ZB           1182 *

"NEW": 1182 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   9V1PC       1821  2221Z
   OD5/OK1MU   1818  2219Z via OK1TN, bureau
   S21YP       1824  2033Z via G3REP
   TG9NX       1838  0618Z via N4FKZ, direct
   VK6HD       1821  2122Z via bureau
   DL2GG/YV5   1826  0537Z via DJ7AO, bureau
   XZ0A        1826  2012Z via W1XT, bureau

   8P6GE       3800  0709Z
   LZ0A        3795  0654Z via LZ1KDP, direct
   S79SXW      3504  1744Z via G3SXW, bureau
   SU9ZZ       3505  0321Z via OM3TZZ, bureau
   TE8CH       3795  0555Z via TI5KD
   VP2EJ       3505  0246Z via W5SJ, bureau
   YS1RR       3795  0645Z via DJ9ZB, bureau

   3B8CF       7006  0255Z via CBA
   OX3FV       7003  2014Z via bureau
   TG9EDG      7010  0605Z
   TR8XX       7008  0631Z via CBA
   V29TU       7000  2236Z via HB9TU, bureau
   XZ0A        7070  2000Z via W1XT, bureau
   YK1AO       7008  0459Z via CBA

   8Q7ET      10106  2212Z via PA5ET, bureau
   5H3RK      10103  0323Z via SM0LRK
   9U5D       10109  1945Z via SM0BFJ, direct
   C56JHF     10104  2346Z via SM0JHF, bureau
   FH/G3TXF   10104  2023Z via bureau
   FY/DJ0PJ   10117  2258Z via bureau
   KC0GPO/KH0 10106  1716Z via JE1RXJ
   S79TXF     10109  0140Z via G3TXF, bureau
   VR2GY      10107  1611Z via bureau

   5W0EE      14195  0703Z via DL1DX
   C21HC      14003  0721Z via DL9HCU
   CE8/R3CA   14260  2130Z via UA9OBA, also bureau
   FO5QB      14270  0932Z bureau or via Box 527, Papeete, French Polynesia
   FW5ZL      14195  0636Z
   NZ7Q/KH4   14012  0704Z via N6ZVA
   R1ANP      14017  1750Z via NT2X, direct only
   T32DA      14260  1058Z via W4ZYV
   ZK1BJA     14205  0617Z SC, via LA5VK, bureau

   R1ANZ      18071  1643Z via RU1ZC, bureau

   3D2AG/R    21297  0811Z via CBA
   VP5/K4ISV  21290  1323Z via N2AU, also bureau
   VQ9CV      21260  1313Z via ND1V, bureau
   XX9AU      21265  1233Z via CBA
   ZK1GNW     21295  0851Z via I2YSB, bureau

   3W7TK      24956  0828Z via OK1HWB, bureau
   A61AN/m    24960  1226Z via CBA
   C56JHF     24893  1018Z via SM0JHF, bureau
   P43E       24940  1203Z via bureau
   S79TXF     24893  0819Z via G3TXF, bureau
   V73CW      24902  0848Z via AC4G, bureau
   XZ0A       24940  0731Z via W1XT, bureau

   EK1700LF   28526  1212Z via KZ5RO
   FH/G3SXW   28026  1147Z via bureau
   FR5FD      28021  0923Z see DXNL 1168
   KG4AU      28461  1730Z via W4WX, bureau


QSL Routes

ON6DP published another update of his QSL Manager software. This freeware can be found at: http://www.dd3kf.de/on6dp.htm.

QSLs arrived buro: C56/G0SAH, EZ0AB (UA4FAO), FT5XN (F6PEN), FY5FY (F6EZV), EP2SMH, HR6XX (CX3CE), JW/DL3NRV

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