DX News Letter 1183
January 31, 2000

DX-NL 1183 - January 31, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


VP8a - ANTARCTICA: Lance, VK0ERZ, is QRV from Davis Base almost daily at about 12 UTC on 14.255 MHz. QSL via VK2FUN.


V7 - MARSHALL: QSL of V73XP (DXNL 1181) is via N4XP.

VK9X - CHRISMAS, VK9C - COCOS: Richard (Ric), DJ4OI as VK9CN and VK9XS, Bernd, DJ3OS as VK9CO and VK9XT as well as Joachim (Joe), DF6IC as VK9CP and VK9XU will be active 5. to 16. Feb. on Cocos and Feb 16th to 26th from Christmas Island on 160 to 10m, 6m and WARC bands. QSLs via home calls.

VK0 - MACQUARIE: On http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html you find latest information on Alan's operating schedule. Feb 25/26th Alan did about 1000 QSOs as AX0LD to celebrate Australia Day. Only for these AX0LD QSOs QSL is - only direct - to Sao Paulo CW Group, PY2GCW, POBox 7068, Sao Paulo SP 01064 - 970, Brasilia. py2yp@pobox.com Donations will be presented to the Children's Cancer Hospital in Sao Paulo. http://www.qsl.net/cwsp/indexen.htm

VP6 - PITCAIRN: Jukka, OH2BR, is doing the VP6BR-activity to celebrate his 40 years long Amateur Radio career. He decided to operate from the shack of club station VP6PAC on OC044. Last weekend he was on 30 and 40m for Europe, on 160 m he did 195 contest QSOs. The next days an 80 m dipole will be erected very high. Logs will be sent to Finland whenever a cruise ship comes to Pitcairn this summer. QSL via OH2BR, CBA or address from DXNL 1180.

ZK1, FO0, A3, FW, KH6 - PACIFIC-TRIP: Adriano, IK2GNW, started to be active Jan 23rd as ZK1GNW on Rarotonga OC013 / SC, he continued on Aitutaki OC083 / SC Jan 25/26th, logcheck at http://digilander.iol.it/i2ysb/ He should have changed to Manihiki OC014 on North Cook Jan 27th as ZK1NCI and will stay there until Feb 3rd. Also the 2nd radio suffered some damages and Adriano is not on good health so there might be changes for the plan to operate from FO0, A3, FW, and KH6. QSL ZK1GNW via I2YSB (DXNL 1181) also via bureau. QSL ZK1NCI direct ONLY to IK2GNW's CBA.

ZK2 - NIUE: Al, K7CA, and Bill, W7TVF, are planing an activity on 160, 80 and 40m Feb 7 - 20th with good verticals and beverages. They will likely be above 1983 kHz 0600Z to 1700Z.


6W - SENEGAL: Phil, F5PHW, had to cancel the DXpedition in Dakar as 6W1/ in Feb due to health problems in his family. Maybe he will be going there in May or June.

A2 - BOTSWANA: Said, A22EW, will be active again Feb 6 to 27th on all bands. 2230-0030Z he will be calling for NA on 80 m. QSL via KB2MS.


6Y - JAMAICA: Reiner, DL2AAZ/6Y5, will be QRV on 10 to 40 m incl.WARC on SSB and CW with TS-50, wire antennas and verticals Feb 7 - 14th. QSL via DL2AAZ.

J3 - GRENADA: Ruby, J3/K4UPS, and Bill, J3/K4LTA, will be on their 15. trip to the Caribbean Feb 2nd to 28th. For the contests FOC, BERU and ARRL Bill's call will be J38A.

VP5 - TURKS&CAICOS: Tak, JA1MZL, arude@ma.neweb.ne.jp will be VP5DX Feb 4th to 7th. QSL via JA-bureau or direct to Takyuki Yoshimura, 502, 4-20 IRIFUNE ICHIKAWA, CHIBA, 272-0134, Japan.


XZ - MYANMAR: Only 6 operators with 3 stations remain on the island until Feb 6th. The 160 m log now can be checked on their web site. 15 operators are now in Yangon and were heard as XZ1DB (NA7DB), XZ1DX, XZ1YL (KM5EP), XZ1L (XE1L), XZ1ZV (K7ZV), XZ1ZZ etc and want QSL via W1XT.


GD - MAN: Rupert, G4XRV, will be on all bands as GD4XRV on EU116 Feb 3rd to 8th.

GU - Guernsey: Bob Rylatt, G3VXJ, will be home again as GU3VXJ/p on CW mostly on 12, 17 and 30m Feb 4th to 7th. QSL via G3VXJ.

JW - SVALBARD: Vom 3. to 8. Feb will Rag, LA5HE/OZ8RO, is expected again as JW5HE Feb 3rd - 8th, emphasizing low bands and WARC. QSL via LA5HE.


YL-OM-Contest CW. 5Feb1400Z - 7Feb0200Z, all bands. To be worked: YLs: OMs; OMs: YLs. Exchange RST + serial nr + DXCC-country resp ARRL-section/VE-province

ASIA-PACIFIC-SPRINT CW. 20 and 40m 12Feb1100Z - 1300Z. Europeans work stationes in countries on the Pacific coast. Exchange RST + serial nr. CQing station has to QSY 1 kHz after each QSO.


DATE             CALL           DXNL

now - Apr2000    5K9AQ          1182
25Jan - 30Jan    5U7X, 5U7Z     1182
delayed          6W1/F5PHW      1182, 1183 *
07Feb - 14Feb    DL2AAZ/6Y5     1183 *
23Jan - 06Feb    8P9DX          1182
19Jan - 03Feb    8Q7PA          1182
10Jan - 10Apr    9U5D           1167, 1179

06Feb - 27Feb    A22EW          1183 *
Mid February     A35NW          1182
24Feb - 07Mar    ET3 (G4ZVJ)    1181
13Feb - 17Feb    FG/SM0CCM      1181
now   - 2001     FK8VHY         1160, 1168
26Feb-15Mar00    FO/Clipperton  1161
early Feb        FO0PRE ?       1182
ab Jan 2000      FT5YH          1179
mid February     FW/IK2GNW      1182
15Feb - 20Feb?   FY/F5PHW       1182

03Feb - 08Feb    GD4XRV         1183 *
04Feb - 07Feb    GU3VXJ/p       1183 *
29Jan - Mar      H40MS          1183 *
Dec   - Feb2000  HS (OH2EA)     1177
02Feb - 28Feb    J3/K4LTA etc   1183 *
until   10Feb    J3/W5SJ        1182
24Jan - 12Feb    J73CCM         1181
03Feb - 08Feb    JW5HE          1183 *
now   - Aug2000  JW9FJA         1181
now   - Feb      KC4AAD         1180
late February    KH6/IK2GNW     1182
now - late Feb   NZ7Q/KH4       1179

now              OD5/F5SQM      1168
now              P29DX          1182
03Feb - ?        P4/W5SJ        1182
30Jan - 06Feb    P40MH          10182
now - Mar 2000   R1ANA, R1ANJ   1181
now - late Mar   R1ANP          1180
01Jan - 31Dec    R1FJV          1179
early Feb        S79TXF, SXW    1182
now              TYD11          1181

22Jan - 09Feb    V73XP,N6MZ/V7  1183 *
now              VK0ERZ         1183 *
now - Dec2000    VK0MM          1170, 1176, 1178-1183*
20Jan - 15Mar    VK4FOC         1181
05Feb - 16Feb    VK9CN, CO, CP  1183 *
16Feb - 26Feb    VK9XS, XT, XU  1183 *
04Feb - 07Feb    VP5DX          1183 *
20Jan -earlyMay  VP6BR          1180, 1183 *

01Feb - 06Feb    XU7AAV         1181
24Jan - 24Feb    XW (G4ZVJ)     1181
13Jan - 06Feb    XZ0A           1179, 1181, 1183 *
27Jan - 03Feb    ZK1NCI         1183 *
07Feb - 20Feb    ZK2 (Ws)       1183 *
31Jan - 02Mar    ZM7ZB          1182
                         "NEW": 1183 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

4L0G       1842 2311Z via RF6FM ?
5U7X       1825 0344Z via DJ6SI, bureau
8P9DX      1835 0632Z DXNL 1182
E41/OK1DTP 1838 0419Z via bureau
EL2RF      1832 2230Z DXNL 1171 direct
JY9QJ      1820 0421Z via DL5MBY, bureau
OD5/OK1MU  1860 0350Z via OK1TN, bureau
TD9IGI     1838 0224Z PB1690, Guatemala City, Guatemala
VK6HD      1824 2100Z via bureau
VP2EJ      1846 0424Z via W5SJ, bureau
VQ9QM      1830 2145Z via W4QM, bureau
XZ0A       1826 1922Z via W1XT, bureau
5U7X       3508 0030Z via DJ6SI, bureau
FG5FR      3505 0137Z via F6FNU, direct
FH/G3SXW   3509 2102Z via bureau
V47KP      3793 0002Z via K2SB, bureau
ZD7MY      3799 0558Z via CBA
ZK1NCI     3795 0542Z via IK2GNW, direct
5U7Z       7044 2210Z via DJ9ZB, bureau
9Y4VU      7004 0430Z
FH/G3SXW   7007 2035Z via bureau
FM5CD      7014 0712Z via F5VU, bureau
FY5FU      7008 0032Z via F5PAC, bureau
PJ2/DL1CW  7008 0600Z via bureau
V44KJ      7005 0505Z via WB2TSL
V73XP      7010 0923Z via N4XP, bureau
VK9NS      7007 1905Z via CBA
XE1UN      7070 0522Z via EA5XX, bureau
YK1AH      7010 0428Z PB9597, Damascus, Syria
5U7X      10102 2241Z via DJ6SI, bureau
C56JHF    10104 0017Z via SM0JHF, bureau
FH/G3TXF  10104 1901Z via bureau
OY3QN     10118 1747Z via OZ1ACB, bureau
VP6BR     10104 0728Z via OH2BR, bureau
XZ0A      10106 1847Z via W1XT, bureau
AX0LD     14195 1111Z DXNL 1183
H40MS     14260 0632Z via DL2GAC, bureau
V29TU     14017 1848Z via HB9TU, bureau
9U5D      18140 0713Z via SM0BFJ, direct
5U7X      18082 1709Z via DJ6SI, bureau
D2BF      18071 0726Z via EA8EE
KP2F      18070 1732Z via W0KG
V51HK     18140 0804Z via DL6OBS, bureau
HK3OSA/0  21260 1929Z via DF4UW, bureau
VP6BR     21024 1738Z via OH2BR, bureau
XZ1L      21295 1306Z via W1XT, bureau
5U7Z      24945 0823Z via DJ9ZB, bureau
FH/G3TXF  24893 1008Z via bureau
NP2/K7BV  24900 1630Z via KU9C, bureau
3B9FR     28495 1328Z via CBA
8P9DX     28505 1303Z DXNL 1182
C56JHF    28603 1349Z via SM0JHF, bureau
FH/G3SXW  28023 1001Z via bureau
P20OOP    28006 0826Z via P29-bureau
XZ0A      28480 1020Z via W1XT, bureau
ZM7ZM     28495 0859Z via DJ4ZB, bureau


QSL Routes

QSLs received via bureau: KP4BJB, KP4VP (KD8IW), OY/DF6VU/p, R9/DL6XK, RA9LI/9 (DL6ZFG), T33VU (DL2MDZ); TZ6DX (K4DX), V31VI (K3DMG), VK6EWI (VK6NE), VP2V/W7YAQ, VP2MHJ (DL2MDZ), DL2GG/YV5 (DJ7AO), ZG2FX (G3RFX).

QSLs received direct: 3C0R, 9J2AM via JA0JHA, CE0ZIS (CE2RKD), TN7OT (AL7OT), V31DE.

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, Antartic Bulletin/ IK1GPG, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DF6IC, DJ2SX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2AAZ, DL2BQV, DL7PR, GOList, HB9AGH, IK7AFM, JA1MZL, Les Nouvelles-DX, LU1DK, OK1FWA, ON6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, SV2AEL, The-DAILY-DX and others.