DX News Letter 1184
February 7, 2000

DX-NL 1184 - February 7, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Michael, DJ5AV
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


3D2f - FIJI: Starting Feb 7th Bob Preston, W7TSQ, and Paul Kidd, A35RK, will be active from the QTH of 3D2TC with special attention to Europe as 3D2SQ (SSB-until 16. Feb) and 3D2RK (CW and RTTY until 25. Feb) from Suva OC016. QSLs via W7TSQ.

T8 - BELAU: Hide, JM1LJS, will be QRV again Feb 11. to 14. on all HF-bands on CW and SSB signing T88LJ from Palau OC009. QSL via JH8DEH, Akira Miyata, 4-28-5, Minami Nishi 23 Jyou, Obihiro 080-2473, Japan.

V7 - MARSHALL: Bruce, V73CW/AC4G, will be leaving Marshall Islands tentatively around Mar 11th due to a family member's health. Until then he plans to be hitting the bands hard. He hopes to be able to use the inverted L antennas of the club statin for 80/160m to Europe. Remaining hams on the island are V73UX (RTTY), V73UX (6m), V73JK (PSK and SSTV) and V73A. After his departure in Mar 2000 all QSL requests can be sent to Bruce Smith, POBox 1426, APO, AP 96555, USA.

VK0 - MACQUARIE: The POBox of Sao Paulo DX Group as QSL-Manager for AX0LD was changed just now. Mail to the old POB will be forwarded for some time. QSL - direct only - to Sao Paulo CW Group, PY2GCW, POBox 1807, Sao Paulo SP 01059 - 970, Brasilia, mailto: py2yp@pobox.com Donations will be presented to the Children's Cancer Haspital in Sao Paulo. http://www.qsl.net/cwsp/indexen.htm

VK9L - HOWE: Yuji, JA3IG, will be active on HF and 6 m as VK9LY 8th until 15th Feb from OC004. QSL via JA3IG, direct or via JARL-bureau.


8P - BARBADOS: Richard, G3RWL, will be on 6 to 40 m on CW again Feb 14th to 28th as 8P6DR. After the activity logcheck will be available on g3rwl@amsat.org QSL via G3RWL.

C6 - BAHAMAS: Dick, N4RP, will be C6AKP Feb 11th to 23rd on all HF-bands mostly on CW with some SSB as C6AKP from Bimini NA048, also in ARRL DX CW contest. QSL via N4RP, direct or via bureau.

HC8 - GALAPAGOS: Claudio, HC8/LU7DW, and YL HC8/LW8EXF are on San Cristobal SA004 5. until 20. Feb on 160-6m on CW, SSB and RTTY. QSLs via home calls. //// HC8N by N5KO, K6AW, W6OTC and HC1OT will be in RTTY-contest 12/13. Feb and by George, K5TR, in ARRL SSB contest 4/5. Mar. QSL via AA5BT

J3 - GRENADA: On 2 - 10m Lance, W7GJ (ex-WA3GPL, WA1JXN, WA1JXN/C6A, ZF2OC/ZF8), will be active Feb 8th until 15th. He will do preparations for future EME-activities. QSL via W7GJ.

KG4 - GUANTANAMO: - Karl, K1KO, will be on NA015 for about 1 week starting Feb 8th mostly on CW and especially on 80 and 160m as KG4KO. QSL direct only to K1KO, Karl Oyster Jr., 1448 Lotus Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-4011, USA.

VP5 - CAICOS: Kenny, VP5/K2KW, will be active from North Caicos Island NA002 15th until 22nd Feb on all bands with 1,5 kW and Yagis from 10 to 40m on SSB and CW. He hopes to sign VP5TT in the ARRL CW DX contest. QSL VP5/K2KW and VP5TT via WA4WTG.

YS - SAN SALVADOR: After being active as P40MH (DXNL 1182) Mikka will be QRV as YS/OH2BAD or with a YS-call Feb 7th to 13th on CW and SSB on WARC. QSL via OH2BAD.


8Q - MALDIVES: 8Q7CR will be active 10th Feb on SSB, RTTY, AMTOR and Pactor with TS 690S, PTC-II and doublet antenna. QSL via DF5JR-CBA.

XV - VIETNAM: During his recent business trip Mal, VK6LC, operated as 3W6LC from Ho Chi Mihn City. He has now received his permanent licence as 3W2LC and plans to be active again 12/13. and 19/20. Feb mainly during his mornings and evenings near 14270 or 21270 kHz. QSL via VK6LC, Mal Johnson, 9 Abinger Rd., Lynwood, WA 6155, Australia.

XZ - MYANMAR: Activities of XZ0A ended 6th Feb 24.00Z. Already Feb 4th they were reported to have reached 75000 QSOs. QSL via W1XT.


JW - SVALBARD: LA5UF, LA6YEA, Trond, LA9VDA, and LA9IAA will be active as JW5UF, JW6YEA, JW9VDA and JW9IAA Feb 12th to 21st on all bands with 2 stations on CW, SSB and some RTTY. QSLs for all via LA9VDA.


YL-OM-contest SSB 12Feb1400Z - 14Feb0200Z, all bands. To be worked: YLs: OMs; OMs: YLs. Exchange RS + serial Nr + DXCC country resp ARRL- Section/VE-province

ASIA-PACIFIC-SPRINT CW 20 and 40m 12Feb1100Z - 1300Z. Europeans work stations in countries on the Pacific coast. Exchange RST + serial nr. CQing station has to QSY 1 kHz after each QSO.


DATE             CALL           DXNL

07Feb - 16Feb    3D2SQ          1184 *
07Feb - 25Feb    3D2RK          1184 *
12/13, 19/20Feb  3W2LC          1184 *
now   - Apr2000  5K9AQ          1182
07Feb - 14Feb    DL2AAZ/6Y5     1183
14Feb - 28Feb    8P6DR          1184 *
10Feb - ?        8Q7CR          1184 *
10Jan - 10Apr    9U5D           1167, 1179

06Feb - 27Feb    A22EW          1183
mid Feb          A35NW          1182
11Feb - 23Feb    C6AKP          1184 *
24Feb - 07Mar    ET3 (G4ZVJ)    1181
13Feb - 17Feb    FG/SM0CCM      1181
jetzt  - 2001    FK8VHY         1160, 1168
26Feb-15Mar00    FO/Clipperton  1161
early   Feb      FO0PRE ?       1182
Jan 2000 -       FT5YH          1179
mid Feb          FW/IK2GNW      1182
15Feb - 20Feb?   FY/F5PHW       1182

29Jan - Mar      H40MS          1183
05Feb - 20Feb    HC8/LU7DW etc  1184 *
02Feb - 28Feb    J3/K4LTA etc   1183
until   10Feb    J3/W5SJ        1182
08Feb - 15Feb    J3/W7GJ        1184 *
24Jan - 12Feb    J73CCM         1181
12Feb - 21Feb    JW5UF etc      1184 *
now   - Aug2000  JW9FJA         1181
now   - Feb      KC4AAD         1180
08Feb - 15Feb    KG4KO          1184 *
late Feb         KH6/IK2GNW     1182
now  - late Feb  NZ7Q/KH4       1179

now              OD5/F5SQM      1168
now              P29DX          1182
03Feb - ?        P4/W5SJ        1182
now   - Mar2000  R1ANA, R1ANJ   1181
now   - lateMar  R1ANP          1180
early Feb        S79TXF, SXW    1182
11Feb - 14Feb    T88LJ          1184 *
now   - 11Mar    V73CW          1158, 1184 *
22Jan - 09Feb    V73XP,N6MZ/V7  1183
now              VK0ERZ         1183
now   - Dec2000  VK0MM          1170, 1176, 1178-1184*
20Jan - 15Mar    VK4FOC         1181
05Feb - 16Feb    VK9CN, CO, CP  1183
08Feb - 15Feb    VK9LY          1184 *
16Feb - 26Feb    VK9XS, XT, XU  1183
15Feb - 22Feb    VP5/K2KW etc   1184 *
20Jan - earlyMay VP6BR          1180, 1183

24Jan - 24Feb    XW (G4ZVJ)     1181
07Feb - 13Feb    YS/OH2BAD ?    1184 *
07Feb - 20Feb    ZK2CA etc      1183
31Jan - 02Mar    ZM7ZB          1182
                         "NEW": 1184 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

4X1RZ     1840 2236Z via bureau
HK6KKK    1820 0301Z via bureau
J3/K4LTA  1833 0311Z via bureau
JW5NM     1829 0431Z via LA5NM, bureau
JY9QJ     1823 0424Z via DL5MBY, bureau
NP4A      1824 0546Z via W3HNK, also bureau
OD5/OK1MU 1823 0417Z via OK1TN, bureau
VQ9DX     1829 2236Z via AA5DX, also bureau
XZ0A      1826 1935Z via W1XT, bureau
ZF2NT     1820 0307Z via N2AU, also bureau
HC8N      3800 0550Z via AA5BT, bureau
V31JP     3507 0142Z via KA9WON, bureau
VP5/WQ7X  3505 0458Z via SP5INQ, direct
VP6BR     3505 0600Z via OH2BR, bureau
ZK1NCI    3795 0608Z via IK2GNW, direct
XU7AAV    3503 2344Z via G4ZVJ, bureau
YK1AO     3799 0444Z via CBA
5N3BHF    7047 0514Z via OE6LAG, bureau
9N7RN     7049 2007Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
H40MS     7048 19:30Z via DL2GAC, bureau
HC8/LU7DW 7076 0730Z via LU7DW
DL4NCF/HI9 7049 0542Z via bureau
R1ANP     7002 1916Z via NT2X, direct
S79SXW    7003 2240Z via G3SXW, bureau
V73CW     7013 2000Z via AC4G, bureau
VP6BR     7004 0724Z via OH2BH, bureau
YN9HAU    7055 0034Z via HR1RMG, direct
ZM7ZB     7050 0701Z via DJ4ZB, bureau
9M2TO    10102 1713Z via JA0DMV, bureau
J73CCM   10110 2214Z via SM0CCM, bureau
JW5HE    10106 1700Z via LA5HE
S79XF    10104 1701Z via G3TXF, bureau
TI2PZ    10102 2334Z via CBA
FW5ZL    14195 0742Z DXNL 1182
V73XP    14033 0818Z via N4XP, bureau
5N0ZKD   18070 0927Z via OK1KN
FP5BZ    18145 1803Z via F5TJP, bureau
JT1CO    18070 0707Z via CBA
HK0VGJ   21029 1732Z PB 852, San Andres
VK9CN    21274 1700Z via DJ4OI, bureau
3B8CF    24902 1622Z via CBA
H40MS    24980 1049Z via DL2GAC, bureau
P40MH    28470 1431Z via OH2BAD, bureau
S79TXF   24891 1015Z via G3TXF, bureau
VK9CP    24946 1514Z via DF6IC
VP5/WQ7X 24902 1252Z via WQ7X, only direct
VP6BR    24894 2010Z via OH2BR, bureau
3W7CW    28007 0728Z PB 11, Warsaw 00800, Poland
D3SAF    28440 1655Z via I3LLH, direct
HZ1AB    28455 1240Z via K8PYD, bureau
PJ2/DL1CW 28014 1442Z via bureau
S793SXW  28023 1001Z via G3SXW, bureau
VK9CO    28470 0950Z via DJ3OS, bureau
XZ1VS    28480 0730Z via W1XT, bureau
ZF2NT    28029 1732Z via N2AU, also bureau
ZM7ZB    28395 0803Z via DJ4ZB, bureau


QSL Routes

QSLs received via bureau: 5N99MSV (OK1JR), 6O1Z (DJ9ZB), 6Y2A (WA4WTG), C91RF (DL6DQW), FK/F6BUM (F6EXV), H44OO (JK7TKE), HF0POL (SP3BGD), HL0BAC, J3/N9NS(1996), PJ2AM, TZ6DX (K4DX), V26K (AA3B), VP5/N4TO, XE1CI, XZ1N (W1XT).

QSLs received direct: 3D2AG/p (Rotuma), ZK1LPN + ZK1LGO (JI1NJC).

TNX for iformations to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/ IK1GPG, ARRL-DX-News, DE1JSH, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7PR, G3RWL GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles-DX, ON6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.