DX News Letter 1185
February 14, 2000

DX-NL 1185 - February 14, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Michael, DJ5AV
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


VP8a - ANTARCTIC: Paul, UT1KY, will be possibly EM1KY from Akademik Vernadsky Base on Galindez AN006. QSL via UT7UA.


ZL - NEW ZEALAND: Bob, W7TSQ, will be travelling to New Zealand Feb 16th and operate as either ZL/W7TSQ or with a ZL call (ZL2SQ ?) until 1st of March, also in the ARRL DX CW Contest. QSL via W7TSQ.


FH - MAYOTTE: Christian, 6W1QV, will be active as FH/TU5DX from AF027 from Feb 20th for 6 months. QSL via F5OGL, Didier Senmartin, DASC, BP 19, F-35998 Rennes Armees.


8P - BARBADOS: Will, AA4NC/8P9JB, and Jim, K4MA/8P9JA (RTTY), will be active Feb 15th to 22nd on all bands from NA021 and in the ARRL CW Contest as 8P9JA.

C6 - BAHAMAS: Feb 15th to 25th AC8W/C6A and K8DD/C6A will be in Treasure Cay, Abaco NA080, incl ARRL-CW-Contest. QSLs via home calls.

CE0 - JUAN FERNANDEZ: Members of the German team of T20FW, 3D2DK, ZL7DK, P29VXX and S21XX fame DL2OAP, DL3DXX, DL7UFN, DK1BT and DK7YY will be CE0ZY with 2 stations on 10 to 160 m Feb 17th to 29th on CW and RTTY with some SSB and PSK31. They have a special permission for 30m. QSL via bureau or direct to DK7YY, POBox 700343, D-10323 Berlin.

CE0 - EASTER ISLAND: Willy, CE0Y/ON5AX, will be QRV in his evenings beginning Feb 19th on 14020 and 14120 kHz. QSL via ON5AX, Willy Dellaert, Leemstraat 95, B-2910 Essen.

HC8 - GALAPAGOS: Dave, W6NL, will be in ARRL CW-DX-Contest as HC8L from San Cristobal SA004. QSL via N2AU.

HP - PANAMA: Don, W4OC, and Ken, N4UK, will come for ARRL CW Contest Feb 16th - 22nd on 10-160m as 3E1AA on Contadora NA072.

J3 - GRENADA: Don, K2KQ, will also take part in the ARRL CW DX Contest as J3A or with a J37... call.

PJ7 - St MARTEN: Ron, ND5S, Sue, KF5LG, Bill, W8EB, and Dorothy, W8DVC, will use PJ8/... on NA105 19th Feb and 12th Mar on CW, SSB and RTTY. QSLs via home calls. In the ARRL DX SSB Contest they will be active as PJ8A (QSL via W9NIP).

PY0 - FERNANDO de NORONHA: Luke, PT7WA, will be active with PT7BZ, PT7NK, and PY2VA as ..../PY0 15/16th Feb. QSLs via home calls via bureau.

PY - BRASILIA: Gerard, F2JD (ex HK3JBR, HP1XBI etc) now got his licence as PY2ZDX and soon will have his antennas ready.

TG9 - GUATEMALA: Luca, TG9/IK2NCJ, will be looking especially for Europe and Asia on CW and SSB on 80 and 160 m as well as WARC bands Feb 18th to Mar 6th. He will take part in both ARRL Contests and 160m Phone Contest from the QTH of TG9IGI. QSL via I2MQP.

V4 - St KITTS: Joe, VE3BW/V47CA, Julio, WD4JR, and W4OV will be on NA 104 Feb 14. through 24th incl ARRL DX-CW on CW and SSB. V47CA via VE3BW.


8Q - MALDIVES: Michael, DL3KMB, will be on 28440 kHz daily from about 0800Z as 8Q7KM until 25th Feb. QSL an DL3KMB, bureau. /// Pierre, HB9QQ/8Q7QQ, is listening 28885 kHz every half and full hour for 6m skeds until Feb 24th. QSL via bureau to HB9QQ.

A9 - BAHRAIN: A22BW hopes to get a licence for his 3 weeks stay. QSL via KB2MS.

E4 - PALESTINE: Charles, N2IM, will be active as 4X/N2IM in Israel during his oriental journey 18th to 25th Feb. He also hopes to use E44DX at the Gaza-College-Club. Sked times are 1600 and 2200Z as well as 400 and 600Z on 14175, 14250, 28350 and 28400 kHz.

S2 - BANGLADESH: Andy, G4ZVJ, currently is S21VJ on CW from Dhaka Feb 12th to 21st. QSL via G4ZVJ.

XW - LAOS: Hiroo, JA2EZD, got a XW2A licence again, valid until May 5th. He has antennas for 6 through 40m and will especially try 10 m. QSL to POBox 2659, Vientiane, Laos with 2 IRCs. Email: JA2EZD@wwdx.net Homepage URL: http://qth.com/dxshack/


GD - MAN: DL3OI, DL4LQM, DL5AXX, DL5LYM and DL7URH will be active on all bands mostly on CW or RTTY Feb 15th to 21st and in ARRL CW DX Contest using MD/...... QSLs via home calls.

JW - SVALBARD: LA7FD and LA6WEA will make an extra effort on 80 and 160m Feb 21st to 27th as JW7FD and JW6WEA. QSLs via home calls.


ARRL International DX Contest CW 19Feb0000Z - 20Feb2400Z, 10 - 160m. To be worked: W-VE- stations (not KH6,KL7). Exchange RST + Output, W/VE State/Province.


DATE             Call          DXNL 

07Feb - 25Feb    3D2RK         1184
16Feb - 22Feb    3E1AA         1185 *
12/13,19/20Feb   3W2LC         1184
14Feb - 28Feb    8P6DR         1184
15Feb - 22Feb    8P9JA, 8P9JB  1185 *
now   - 25Feb    8Q7KM         1185 *
10Jan - 10Apr    9U5D          1167, 1179

06Feb - 27Feb    A22EW         1183
Mitte Feb        A35NW         1182
now - earlyMar   A9 (A22BW)    1185 *
15Feb - 25Feb    AC8W/C6A etc  1185 *
11Feb - 23Feb    C6AKP         1184
19Feb - ?        CE0Y/ON5AX    1185 *
17Feb - 29Feb    CE0ZY         1185 *
18Feb - 25Feb    E44DX etc     1185 *
soon             EM1KY         1185 *
24Feb - 07Mar    ET3  (G4ZVJ)  1181
26Feb - Aug 00   FH/TU5DX      1185 *
now   - 2001     FK8VHY        1160, 1168
26Feb - 15Mar00  FO/Clipperton 1161
Jan 2000 - ?     FT5YH         1179
mid Feb          FW/IK2GNW     1182
15Feb - 20Feb?   FY/F5PHW      1182
29Jan - Mar      H40MS         1183
05Feb - 20Feb    HC8/LU7DW etc 1184
now              HC8L          1185 *
now              J3A ? (K2KQ)  1185 *
02Feb - 28Feb    J3/K4LTA etc  1183
21Feb - 27Feb    JW7FD, 6WEA   1185 *
12Feb - 21Feb    JW5UF etc     1184
now   - Aug2000  JW9FJA        1181
late Feb         KH6/IK2GNW    1182
15Feb - 21Feb    MD/DL3OI etc  1185 *
now   - late Feb NZ7Q/KH4      1179

now              P29DX         1182
19Feb, 12Mar     PJ8/ND5S etc  1185 *
now              PY2ZDX        1185 *
12Feb - 21Feb    S21VJ         1185 *
early Feb        S79TXF, SXW   1182
18Feb - 16Mar    TG9/IK2NCJ    1185 *
14Feb - 24Feb    V47CA etc     1185 *
now   - 11Mar    V73CW         1158, 1184
now   - Dec2000  VK0MM         1170, 1176, 1178-1184*
20Jan - 15Mar    VK4FOC        1181
16Feb - 26Feb    VK9XS, XT, XU 1183
15Feb - 22Feb    VP5/K2KW etc  1184
20Jan - earlyMay VP6BR         1180, 1183
24Jan - 24Feb    XW (G4ZVJ)    1181
13Feb - 05Mai    XW2A          1185 *
07Feb - 20Feb    ZK2CA, ZK2VF  1183
16Feb - 01Mar    ZL/W7TSQ      1185 *
31Jan - 02Mar    ZM7ZB         1182
                        "NEW": 1185 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

HC8/LU7DW 1841 0430Z via LU7DW
J3/K4LTA  1830 0514Z via bureau
JY9QJ     1822 2026Z via DL5MBY, bureau
NP4A      1840 0111Z via W3HNK, also bureau
VQ9QM     1832 1932Z via W4QM, bureau
YK1AO     1829 2034Z via CBA
DL2GG/YV5 1827 0519Z via DJ7AO, bureau
8P6GE     3799 0647Z
FG5FR     3505 0337Z via F6FNU, direct 
HC8/LU7DW 3794 0605Z via LU7DW
J3/K4LTA  3506 0205Z via bureau
KG4KO     3515 0151Z via K1KO, direct 
P43P      3798 0516Z via P43ARC, bureau
V31JP     3507 0412Z via KA9WON, bureau
VP5/WQ7X  3504 0432Z via SP5INQ, direct 
VP6BR     3506 0630Z via OH2BR, bureau
ZD7MY     3799 0522Z via CBA
ZK2CA     3502 0645Z via K7CA
3B8CF     7003 0227Z via CBA
9N7RN     7045 2131Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
HC5AI     7007 0547Z via CBA
J73CCM    7009 0335Z via SM0CCM, bureau
KL7XX     7003 0537Z via bureau
PJ2/DL1CW 7005 0451Z via bureau
JW9VDA    10106 2343Z via LA9VDA, bureau
V73CW     10120 0714Z DXNL 1185
VP6BR     10116 0457Z via OH2BH, bureau
YS1/OH2BAD 10111 0826Z via OH2BAD, bureau
R1/HF0POL 14215 0022Z via SP3WVL
KG4KO     18070 2049Z via K1KO
R1ANP     18071 1705Z via NT2X, direct 
VK9CP     18120 1428Z via DF6IC
VP6BR     18138 1729Z via OH2BH, bureau
XW2A      18070 1452Z via JA2EZD
ZK2VF     18103 0459Z via W7TVF
3D2SQ     21277 0859Z via W7TSQ, bureau
3XY1B0    21005 1703Z via F5XX, bureau
FW5ZL     21245 0759Z DXNL 1182
P29VR     21229 1121Z via W7LFA, bureau
H40MS     24963 0852Z via DL2GAC, bureau
J3/K4LTA  24895 1418Z via bureau
JW9VDA    24962 1353Z via LA5NM, bureau
S21VJ     24897 1347Z via G4ZVJ, bureau
VK9CO     24930 1052Z via DJ3OS, bureau
YS1/OH2BAD 24942 1437Z via OH2BAD, bureau
ZF2NT     24905 1843Z via G3SWH, bureau
ZM7ZB     24935 0731Z via DJ4ZB, bureau
3B8/G4FKH 28026 1046Z via bureau
8Q7QQ     28010 0718Z via HB9QQ, bureau
9N7RN     28440 1051Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
FK8VHY    28006 0743Z via F8CMT
HC8/LU7DW 28513 1549Z via LU7DW
HF0POL    28330 1710Z via SP3WVL, also bureau
JW6YEA    28515 1121Z via LA9VDA, bureau
P40K      28502 1214Z via I2EOW, bureau
VK9CN     28500 0836Z via DJ4OI, bureau


QSL Routes

T9 Callbook updated 31. Jan 2000 is available at http://www.qsl.net/t93y/

THE DAILY DX is distributed 5 x a week on internet. DXNL gets actual and reliable informations out of it. All issues from 1997 through 1999 can now be searched at http://www.dailydx.com/search.html

QSL received via bureau: 2A/DJ6AU, C6AKP (N4RP); CP4BE, EW4MM, HF0POL (1998 SP3BGD), HL0C/4, HL0Y/4, SVA.

Returned via bureau: 3W7CW via SP5AUC and UA0FCD/p (AS025) via SP7LZD: "(S)he doesn't want PZK QSL service".

QSL received direct: PY0FZM (DL3XM), T30Y + T30CW + T33CW (DL7DF), VP5/IK2SEZ, VP9/KE0UI, XF4MX (XE1MX).

TNX for informations to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/ IK1GPG, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL3KMB, DL4OCM, DL7PR, DL8FBH, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, K7BV, Les Nouvelles-DX, ON6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.