DX News Letter 1186
February 21, 2000

DX-NL 1186 - February 21, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Michael, DJ5AV
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


H40 - TEMOTU, H44 - SOLOMON: Bernhard, DL2GAC, was in Temotu as H40MS until Feb 21st. After that he changes to OC047 and Florida OC158 as H44MS if he can arrange for transportation. QSLs via buro to DL2GAC.

T32 - EAST-KIRIBATI: Walt, W0CP, will be QRV on Christmas OC024 Feb 29th to Mar 6th as T32B on 10 through 160m.

ZK1 - COOK: Peter, HB9BMY/ZK1XXC, is announced to be on Aitutaki OC083 South-Cook and Penrhyn OC082 North-Cook on SSB and CW 27th Feb until 3rd of Mar.


VQ9 - CHAGOS: Patrick, W3PO, became licensed as VQ9PO and will be on the air nearly every day until May. QSL via W3PO.

ZD8 - ASCENSION: Jim, N6TJ, is on Ascension since Feb 15th to take part in the ARRL CW Contest as ZD8Z and will stay until 1st of Mar. QSL via VE3HO.


CE0 - EASTER ISLAND: The brothers Vladislav, G0KBO, and Victor, UA6AF, will be CE0Y/G0KBO and CE0Y/UA6AF Feb 22nd until Mar 2nd. QSLs via G0KBO through the bureau or direct to Vladislav, 16 Birchfield House, Birchfield Street, London E14 8EY, U.K.. Bureaucards also by e-mail to vic@morflot.ru.

FG - GUADELOUPE: YL Isabelle, FG/F5BOY, will be active on 10, 15, 17 and 20m on NA102 Feb 26th to Mar 11th.

FO - CLIPPERTON: Mar 1st through 8th the big DXpedition with 6 stations, - 1 of them for 6m and another for the satellites - will be active on SSB, CW and RTTY. After ICOM America further sponsors and donations are needed. Please contact John Kennon, N7CQQ, n7cqq@laughlin.net if you can help. Additional information on the DXpedition can be found at http://www.qsl.net/clipperton2000/

J6 - ST LUCIA: Koh Sasaki, JA7KAC, will be QRV Feb 26th to 29th on 10 through 160m SSB and CW as J68AC or J68KAC from NA108.

J7 - DOMINICA: After J68 Koh, JA7KAC, will be J79AC or J79KAC Mar 1st to 3rd on NA101.

V2 - ANTIGUA: Ed, N2ED, was visiting NA100 Feb 17th through 22nd to take part in the ARRL CW Contest as V26EW. QSL via N2ED.

V3 - BELIZE: Conny, DL1DA, is in Belize Feb 15th to 29th using 10 through 160m mostly on CW with some SSB and PSK-31 as V31HE. QSL via DL1DA.

V7 - MARSHALL: Bruce, V73CW, received the special call V7G for the ARRL CW Contest on 10 - 160m. Bruce will only stay for another 3 weeks from now. QSL via AC4G, Bruce Smith, POBox 1436, APO, AP 96555, USA.


4S - SRI LANKA: Mario, HB9BRM, will be active with his call 4S7BRG starting Feb 28th for about 3 months on all bands with 100 W, Yagi, Delta-Loop and dipoles. QSL via USKA-bureau to HB9BRM.

AP - PAKISTAN, 9N - NEPAL: Sergio, IZ6BRN, will be AP2WAP again on 10 to 80m, mostly on 10m SSB with a 2-El-Monobander, until Mar 5th. He hopes to go to Nepal in late Mar or early Apr as 9N7RN. All QSLs via IK4ZGY.

YI - IRAQ: Peter, OM6TY, is a member of the Slovak Embassy for another 2 years and now was licenced as YI9OM. He was heard on 10 and 15m CW already. QSL via his father, Peter, OM6TX.

VU7 - LAKSHADWEEP: An activity had been planned for Sep 1999 already. Due to certain security matters also the Mar 2000 date will not be met. It is hopefully certain it will take place but later this year due to diplomatic and other formalities being completed. Every effort is being made for the needy.


CQ WW160m DX Contest SSB 25Feb2200Z - 27Feb1600Z, 160m. To be worked: all. Exchange RS + country allocation (Germany = DL, W/VE state/province).


DATE             CALL           DXNL

07Feb - 25Feb    3D2RK          1184
28Feb - late May 4S7BRG         1186 *
14Feb - 28Feb    8P6DR          1184
now   - 25Feb    8Q7KM          1185
now   - 24Feb    8Q7QQ          1185
lateMar/earlyApr 9N7RN          1186 *
10Jan - 10Apr    9U5D           1167, 1179

06Feb - 27Feb    A22EW          1183
now   - earlyMar A9 (A22BW)     1185
now   - 05Mar    AP2WAP         1186 *
15Feb - 25Feb    AC8W/C6A  etc  1185
22Feb - 02Mar    CE0Y/G0KBO etc 1186*
19Feb - ?        CE0Y/ON5AX     1185
17Feb - 29Feb    CE0ZY          1185
18Feb - 25Feb    E44DX  etc     1185
soon             EM1KY          1185
24Feb - 07Mar    ET3  (G4ZVJ)   1181
26Feb - 11Mar    FG/F5BOY       1186 *
26Feb - Aug00    FH/TU5DX       1185
now    - 2001    FK8VHY         1160, 1168
01Mar - 08Mar    FO/Clipperton  1161, 1186 *
29Jan - 21Feb    H40MS          1183, 1186 *
22Feb - ?        H44MS          1186 *
now              HC8L           1185
now              J3A ? (K2KQ)   1185
02Feb - 28Feb    J3/K4LTA etc   1183
26Feb - 29Feb    J68AC, KAV ?   1186 *
01Mar - 03Mar    J79AC          1186 *
now   - Jun2000  JD1BKR         1169
21Feb - 27Feb    JW7FD, 6WEA    1185
now   - Aug2000  JW9FJA         1181
now   - lateFeb  NZ7Q/KH4       1179
now              P29DX          1182
19Feb - 12Mar    PJ8/ND5S etc   1185
now              PY2ZDX         1185
18Feb - 16Mar    TG9/IK2NCJ     1185
17Feb - 22Feb    V26EW          1186 *
15Feb - 29Feb    V31HE          1186 *
14Feb - 24Feb    V47CA etc      1185
now   - 11Mar    V73CW etc      1158, 1184, 1186 *
now   - Dec2000  VK0MM          1170, 1176, 1178-1184 *
20Jan - 15Mar    VK4FOC         1181
16Feb - 26Feb    VK9XS, XT, XU  1183
20Jan - EndeMay  VP6BR          1180, 1183
lateNov - May    VQ9PO          1176, 1186 *
24Jan - 24Feb    XW (G4ZVJ)     1181
13Feb - 05May    XW2A           1185
now   - Dec2001  YI9OM          1186 *
15Feb - 01Mar    ZD8Z           1186 *
27Feb - 03Mar    ZK1XXC         1186 *
16Feb - 01Mar    ZL/W7TSQ       1185
31Jan - 02Mar    ZM7ZB          1182
                         "NEW": 1186 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

8P9JA    1829 0357Z via K4MA, bureau 
J3/K4LTA 1833 0425Z via bureau 
VP5/K2KW 1834 0518Z via WA4WTG, bureau 
YK1AO    1829 0403Z via CBA
ZD8Z     1831 0241Z via VE3HO, bureau 
ZF2NT    1828 0619Z via G3SWH, bureau 
C6AKQ    3527 0622Z via N4BP, direct
JW5UF    3507 0652Z via LA9VDA, bureau 
OD5/OK1MU 3504 0134Z via OK1TN, bureau 
P49V     3502 0325Z via AI6V, bureau 
TI4CF    3791 0551Z via N6TR, also bureau 
V47X     3528 0715Z via WT9U
VP6BR    3505 0504Z via OH2BR, bureau 
ZK2CA    3502 0615Z via K7CA
3W2LC    7080 1900Z via VK6LC, direct
CE0ZY    7006 0733Z via DK7YY, bureau 
HC8L     7012 0321Z via N2AU, also bureau 
PT7BZ/PY0F 7052 0633Z via bureau 
S21VJ    7003 2141Z via G4ZVJ, bureau 
V31TH    7014 0608Z via N0SS
XW2A     7009 2049Z DXNL 1185
ZM7ZB    7082 0700Z via DJ4ZB, bureau 
3B9FR    10109 1915Z via CBA
3D2RK    10106 0628Z via W7TSQ, bureau 
AC8W/C6A 10118 0144Z via AC8W, bureau 
HF0POL   10110 0202Z v.SP3WVL, also bureau 
HK0VGJ   10116 0337Z PB 852, San Andres
JW6YEA   10105 0507Z via LA9VDA, bureau 
V47KP    10107 0142Z via K2SB, bureau 
V73CW    10106 1920Z DXNL 1185
ZK2VF    10111 0835Z via W7TVF
3XY1B0   14002 0706Z via F5XX, bureau 
FO5QG    14124 0846Z via XE1L, direct
VP8CKB   14245 2116Z nicht mehr via K1IED
S21VJ    18077 1449Z via G4ZVJ, bureau 
VP6BR    18143 1055Z via OH2BH, bureau 
FY5FU    21226 1904Z via F5PAC, bureau 
H44MY    21253 0705Z via JA0IXW
NZ7Q/KH4 21025 0638Z via N6ZVA
P29VR    21302 1112Z via W7LFA, bureau 
C6AKQ    24893 1208Z via N4BP, direct
CE0ZY    24890 1530Z via DK7YY, bureau 
H40MS    24945 1049Z via DL2GAC, bureau 
J3/K4LTA 248981221Z via bureau 
PT7BZ/PY0Z 24933 1026Z via bureau 
S21VJ    24897 1327Z via G4ZVJ, bureau 
V73CW    24940 0920Z DXNL 1185
VK9XS    24940 1439Z via DJ4OI, bureau 
3B8/G4FKH 28020 0645Z via bureau 
8P9NX    28020 1624Z via W0SA, bureau 
8Q7QQ    28015 0751Z via HB9QQ, bureau 
EP3HR    28012 1214Z via I2MQP, bureau 
HC5AI    28026 1346Z via CBA
HC8L     28028 1533Z via N2AU, also bureau 
KH6LEM   28600 1831Z via bureau 
VK9XT    28470 1146Z via DJ3OS, bureau 


QSL Routes

The MOST-Wanted in Portugal are now on the homepage http://www.qsl.net/ct1end/ Rarest 10 are P5 Northkorea, A5 Bhutan, BS7 Scarborough, KH5K Kingman, VK0 Macquarie, 3Y Bouvet, KH1 Baker & Howland, VU7 Lakshadweep, 3Y Peter I, 7O Yemen.

DXCC Field Checking for DXCC on messes and meetings changes with effect Apr 1st 2000. With exception of 160m re-certified fieldcheckers in the future will check all DXCC countries.

New or updated logs are to be checked on http://dx.qsl.net/logs/ for 5T5WW (through 17. Sep 1999), 8P9JO (through 13. Dec 1999), 9X/ON4WW (through 23. Nov 1995), 9X1A (through 28. May 1995), 9X4WW (through 19. Aug 1997), AH6OY (through 25. Dec 1999), EL2WW (through 7. Nov 1999), PY2KPY (through 31. Okt 1999), RW3GU (through 12. Dec 1999), S07WW (through 17. Sep 1999) and XV7TH (through 9. Jan 1999).

QSLs received via bureau: CN8RM, EX7MT, ID9/OM2DX (EU017), P40TT (WF1B), S79XB (LA7XB), VE3FU/NP2, P40TT (WF1B), UN7PCZ (DL8KAC), V63YP (KQ1F), XR40TC (CE6ABC).

QSLs received direct: 4L8A (OZ1HPS), 5Z4FM, 5Z4RL, 6V6U (K3IPK), 7Q7BO (ZS5BBO), CO8ZZ (AD4Z), H44MX (KQ1F).

TNX for informations to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/ IK1GPG, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7PR, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9BRM, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles-DX, MAYER QSL CARDS, N7CQQ, NW7O, ON6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, RU4SS, The-DAILY-DX and others.