DX News Letter 1189
March 13, 2000

DX-NL 1189 - March 13, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


4W6 - EAST TIMOR East Timor is a new DXCC entity since Mar 1, 2000. 4W6 stations are either local HAMs or foreigners who stay longer than six months. 4W6/homecalls need an acknowledgement of the UN Telecommunication Authority before they get "on air". Possible countable calls for this entity may be the clubstation 4U1ET and other 4U1 calls. QSLs may be submitted to the DXCC not earlier than Oct 1, 2000.

9M6 - EASTERN MALAYSIA Members of the Blacksheep Contest and DX Group (M0BAA) are going to Hillview Gardens on Sabah (OC-088) from Mar 17-27. They plan to work as 9M6AA in CW/SSB on 160-6m and as 9M6AAC during the WPX SSB. Their homepage is: http://www.9m6baa.com/. QSL 9M6BAA via G4SHF; 9M6AC via N2OO.

FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA Mike, WA6O, is QRV mostly in CW signing FO0SHA from Tahiti (OC-046) from Mar 9-12. QSL via WA6O.

T8 - PALAU T88GM (JI1DLZ), T88HG (JA1HGY) and T88RK (JA1BRK) are operating with two stations in SSB/CW/RTTY on 6m-160m from Mar 17-19. QSLs via homecalls.

VK - AUSTRALIA Hartmut, DM5TI, is active from Queensland/VK4 operating as VK1AHS especially in the digital modes (Pactor/PSK31/SSTV/RTTY) and SSB/CW between Mar 5 and Apr 4. His homepage is: http://www.qsl.net/vk1ahs/. QSL via bureau to DM5TI.

ZK1 - SOUTH COOK From Mar 19-21 Mike, WA6O, will operate in CW and some SSB from Rarotonga (OC-013). QSL via WA6O.


ET - ETHIOPIA Claudio, IV3OWC, will be QRV as 9E1C from Mar 20-30 and in the WPX SSB Contest. QSL via IV3OWC, Claudio Fabbro, Via Casale Coloset n.3, I-33030 Moruzzo, Italy. Simultaneously Silvio, IV3TRK, will be QRV as 9E1S mostly in CW. QSL via IV3TRK, Silvio Terconi, Via Luigi de Jenner n.18, I-34148 Trieste, Italy.

TZ - MALI, TU - COTE D'IVOIRE, 5V - TOGO Michael, DF8AN (e-mail: M.Noertemann@deutschepost.de), is on tour again operating especially in CW with 100 watts and dipoles on the usual DX frequencies. He will stay in Mali between Mar 21 and Apr 1, in Cote D'Ivoire from Apr 3-6 and in Togo (as 5V7MN) from Apr 6-12. QSLs via bureau to DF8AN or direct to his CBA (1998 or newer).


CE0Y - EASTER ISLAND Mike, CE0Y/WA6O, shall be QRV from SA-001 in CW/SSB from Mar 13-16. QSL via WA6O. --- Felipe, CE3SAD, announced to be on the island from Mar 15.

CE0Z - JUAN FERNANDEZ ISLAND OH2MXS,OH2NSM and OH3JF are QRV from SA-005 working as homecall/CE0Z between Mar 17 and Apr 8. Operation takes place with three stations on all bands mostly in CW/RTTY and some SSB.

FM - MARTINIQUE, J7 - DOMINICA Daniel, FM/F5LGQ, and Frank, FM/F5JOT, will be on air from NA-107 from Mar 18-Apr 1. Look for them in SSB/CW on 10-80m (also WARC). They plan to operate from Dominica (NA-101) during the WPX SSB Test from Dominica and applied for the calls J72JOT and J79LGQ All QSLs via F5JOT.

HI - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Sigi, HI9/DL7DF, is QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY with TS50 plus 750 watts till Mar 23. QSL via DL7DF.

KG4 - GUANTANAMO BAY N5VL will be active as KG4VL from NA-015 during the WPX SSB Contest from Mar 22-29. QSL via N5VL.

TI - COSTA RICA Uwe, TI2/DL8UD is QRV in CW/SSB on 80-10m from Mar 18-28 (also WPX). QSL via DL8UD.

VP5 - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Dave, VP5/W5AO, and Jim, VP5/K5TT, will be on the air from North Caicos from Mar 20-29. Operation takes place in CW/SSB especially on 160m/WARC/6m QRV and as VP5V also during the CQ WPX SSB Contest. QSLs for VP5/K5TT via K5TT; VP5V and VP5/W5AO direct to the OKDXA, Box 88, Morris, OK 74455, USA.

VP9 - BERMUDA Last weekend Brian, VP9/ND3F, hit the airwaves on 2-40m till Mar 14. QSL via ND3F.


8Q7 - MALDIVES HA2SX is QRV during his holidays signing 8Q7KK in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/ HELL/MT63/SSTV on 80-10m running a FT100, DX88 and G5RV antennae from Mar 12-25. His daily schedule: on 12/10m from 0300Z; then 15m until about 0900Z; starting 17/20m around 1000Z, 30/40m and perhaps also 80m CW during his evening hours. QSL direct or via bureau to HA2SX. (The call has been issued several times until now!)

S2 - BANGLADESH Dan, W0CN, is working as S21YQ during his spare time in Dhaka until Mar 18. He is running 100 watts into a R7 vertical based 30m high. QSL via W0CN.

XV - VIETNAM Scott, AC3A, received the callsign 3W2SO. He intends to operate on 15m and 20m with QRP.


JW - SVALBARD Jan, LA5QFA, is QRV as JW5QFA mostly on 80m/160m SSB from Mar 17-20. QSL via LA5QFA. --- LA2RY, LA9IY and LA9GY will be on the air as JW2RY, JW9IY and JW9GY from Mar 21-27 and as JW8G during the WPX SSB Contest. Outside of the contest they work also CW, PSK31, SSTV and HELL.


DATE              CALL           DXNL

NOW               3W2SO          1189 *
Mar 4 -Mar 19     3W50K          1187
Feb 28-End of May 4S7BRG         1186
NOW   -Apr/2000   5K9AQ          1182
Apr 6 -Apr 12     5V7MN          1189 *
Mar 9 -Mar 16     5Z4WI          1188
Mar 12-Mar 25     8Q7KK          1189 *
Mar 20-Mar 30     9E1C, 9E1S     1189 *
Mar 7 -Mar 20     9G5VJ          1181
Mar 17-Mar 27     9M6AA etc      1189 *
End Mar/Early Apr 9N7RN          1186
Jan 10-Apr 10     9U5D           1167, 1179

NOW   -Mar        A9  (A22BW)    1185
March -April      C21JH etc      1188
Mar 1 -Mar 31     C34-C37...     1187
Mar 15-Mar ??     CE0Y/CE3SAD    1189 *
Mar 13-Mar 16     CE0Y/WA6O      1189 *
Mar 17-Apr 8      OH2MXS/CE0Z    1189 *
SOON              EM1KY          1185

Feb 26-Aug/2000   FH/TU5AX       1185
NOW   -2001       FK8VHY         1160, 1168
Mar 18-Apr 1      FM/F5LGQ etc   1189 *
NOW   -Mar 20     FO0CLA         1187
Mar 9 -Mar 18     FO0SHA         1189 *
NOW   -Mar 23     HI9/DL7DF      1189 *
Mar 11-Mar ??     HK3JJH/p       1188

Mar 23-Mar 25     J7/F5LGQ etc   1189 *
NOW   -Jun/2000   JD1BKR         1169
Mar 21-Mar 27     JW2RY          1189 *
Mar 17-Mar 20     JW5QFA         1189 *
NOW   -Aug/2000   JW9FJA         1181
Mar 22-Mar 29     KG4VL          1189 *
NOW   -2002       KH2/K4ANA      1162

NOW               P29DX          1182
Mar 1 -Mar 29     P29VMS         1188
NOW   -Mar 18     S21YQ          1189 *
Mar 6 -Apr 1      S79MX          1187
Mar 17-Mar 19     T88GM,HG,RK    1189 *
Feb 18-Mar 16     TG9/IK2NCJ     1185
Mar 18-Mar 28     TI2/DL8DU      1189 *
Apr 3 -Apr 6      TU  (DF8AN)    1189 *
Mar 15-Apr 1      TX8CI, TX0DX   1188
Mar 21-Apr 1      TZ  (DF8AN)    1189 *
NOW   -End 2000   UN7/DL4BBU     1155

NOW   -Dec/2000   VK0MM          1170, 1176, 1178-1184
Mar 5 -Apr 4      VK1AHS         1189 *
Jan 20-Mar 15     VK4FOC         1181
Mar 20-Mar 29     VP5/W5AO etc   1189 *
Jan 20-End of May VP6BR          1180, 1183
Mar 12-Mar 14     VP9/ND3F       1189 *
Nov   -May        VQ9PO          1176, 1186
Mar 3 -Mar 8      XF4LWY         1187
Mar 1 -End of Mar XV2GAX         1188
Feb 13-May 5      XW2A           1185, 1187
Mar 2 -End of Mar YB3ASQ ? etc   1187
NOW   -Late 2001  YI9OM          1186
Oct 29-May/2000   ZF2NT          1171
Mar 19-Mar 21     ZK1 (W6AO)     1189 *

"NEW": 1189 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   A45XR       1830  2043Z via Box 2038, Oman 111
   FG5FC       1845  0441Z via F6DZU, bureau
   FO0AAA      1828  0539Z via N7CQQ, bureau
   NP4A        1834  0105Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   TA3D        1832  0057Z also bureau
   TI4CF       1832  0529Z via N6TR, also bureau
   YK1AO       1829  0333Z via CBA

   3W50K       3516  1946Z via OKDXF, bureau
   8P6GE       3797  0511Z see DXNL 1186
   9Y4SF       3790  0244Z via WA4JTK, direct
   CM6YD       3789  0527Z via bureau
   HZ1AB       3796  1636Z via K8PYD, bureau
   J79WW       3796  0348Z via KK4WW, direct
   P43P        3793  0559Z via I2MQP, bureau
   V31JP       3799  0413Z via KA9WON, bureau
   VP9IV       3799  0107Z
   XW2A        3507  2106Z via G4ZVJ, bureau

   FO0CLA      7004  0709Z via F6CTL
   P49V        7007  0446Z via AI6V, bureau
   PJ4/K2NG    7002  0255Z via WA2NHA
   PJ8/ND5S    7003  0258Z via bureau
   S79MX       7003  0234Z via HB9MX, bureau
   TG9GJG      7007  0611Z via Box 24, Guatemala City, Guatemala
   TI2PZ       7003  0604Z via CBA
   TT8FC       7044  1955Z via EA4AHK, bureau
   ND3F/VP9    7004  0433Z via CBA

   8Q7KK      10107  0010Z via HA2SX
   FO0AAA     10110  0312Z via N7CQQ, bureau
   HF0POL     10105  0141Z via SP3WVL, also bureau
   NZ7Q/KH4   10124  1533Z via N6ZVA
   OD5/OK1MU  10103  1903Z via OKDXF, bureau
   T32B       10104  0641Z via K1ER
   VP6BR      10104  0721Z via OH2BH, bureau

   FO0SHA     14020  0611Z via WA6O
   ZK1XXC     14040  0854Z South Cook, via HB9BMY, bureau

   3D2QB      18072  1439Z via SM3CER, bureau
   YN9HAU     18156  2053Z via HR1RMG, direct

   XF4LWY     21260  0647Z via XE1LWY
   ZF2JC/ZF8  21242  2143Z via NC8V, direct

   5Z4WI      24945  1506Z via G3SWH, bureau
   J3/VE3EBN  24900  1309Z via bureau
   J79WWW     24970  1855Z via KK4WW, CBA
   OD5/F5SQM  24893  1022Z via F6FYA, bureau
   P29VMS     24960  1142Z via DL2GAC, bureau
   VQ9GB      24898  1127Z via K7GB

   CV1Z       28495  1332Z via CX1CCC
   E41/OK1DTP 28419  1735Z via OK1TD, bureau
   EP3HR      28510  1549Z via I2MQP, bureau
   FG/F5BOY   28460  1435Z via bureau
   FO0AAA     28475  1845Z via N7CQQ, bureau
   J79KAC     28470  1131Z via JA7KAC
   KH2/K4ANA  28009  1157Z via bureau
   KL9A       28007  0938Z via NU4N
   OD5IU      28558  1357Z via LX1NO, bureau
   P29VR      28457  1131Z via W7LFA, bureau
   ZF2NT      28014  1145Z via G3SWH, bureau


QSL Routes

Andy McLellan, VE9DX (e-mail: ve9dx@brunnet.net), published a collection of more than 500 online logs at http://ve9dx.weblink.nbtel.net/logs.html. He also has a page with hyperlinks to the most important DX clusters on the web at: http://ve9dx.weblink.nbtel.net/telnet/sites.html.

QSLs arrived buro: 9V1ZW, 9V8RH, D99ARDF (HL0HQ), EX8MBA, HP1XPI (F6AJA), EX8MDA, IL3/IK2PZG (EU-131), IS0GQX (EU-024), R1FJL (UA3AGS), TG9/IK2NCJ (I2MQP)

QSLs arrived direct: 9J2SZ (SP8DIP), EL2WW (ON5NT), J68WB (N2WB), JD1AMA, K2L (WB2YQH), P29VR (W7LFA - 8 days).

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, ARRL DXNews, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DF8AN, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV,OPDX, DL7PR, DL8FBH, DL8LAS, DM5TI, F6AJA, GOList, HA0HW, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles DX, LZ2CJ, MAYER QSL CARDS, ON6DP, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX and others.