DX News Letter 1191
March 27, 2000

DX-NL 1191 - March 27, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


4W6 - EAST TIMOR Bernie McClenny, 4W/W3UR, hit the airwaves on 15m on Mar 27 - NOT as 4W6DX like announced earlier. QSL via OH2BN. Active stations were also Antonio, 4W6GH (QSL via CT1EGH), and 4W6EB (via CT1EEB).

DU - PHILIPPINES Roland, DU1KGJ/DU4, is planning an activity from Calagua (OC-202) during the first week of April.

FK0 - CHESTERFIELD ISLANDS By the end of Mar 27 TX0DX logged some 60.000 QSOs and they went "QRT for good" on Mar 29, 0040 UTC. DXCC approval is pending. QSL via OH2BN.

FK - FRENCH NEW CALEDONIA Dany, FK8VHY (CW), and FK8HA (SSB) intend to become QRV as FK8KAB/p from OC-058 on Apr 2/3. QSL via FK8KAB, A.R.A.N.C., PO Box 3956, 98846 Noumea Cedex, French New Caledonia.

FO0 - AUSTRALES ISLANDS Denise, F6HWU, is on the air as FO0HWU from Tubuai (OC-152) working in CW and some RTTY until Apr 12. --- Alain, F2HE/FO0CLA, left the Marquesas on Mar 21 and spent a few days on Tahiti. Before he hits the airwaves from the Australes he might activate some other Polynesian Islands. Check his homepage: http://www.ifrance.com/f2he/

FW - WALLIS AND FUTUNA Guy, ex FR7ZL/T/G/J, is QRV as FW5ZL on 15-20m (14190, 14015, 21240) since Jan 7. QSL via Guy Petit de la Rhodiere, BP 2, Mata-Utu, Wallis, F-98600 Uvea, France.

H44 - SOLOMON ISLANDS Bernhard, DL2GAC, could not activate OC-100, OC-101 or OC-102. But he was QRV as H44MS from OC-158 and OC-047. QSLs via buro to DL2GAC. --- Between Mar 28 and Apr 9 Peter, G8BCG, will be active as H44PT from the Solomons and perhaps also as H40PT from Temotu. His homepage is: http://www.qsl.net/h44pt/

VK0 - MACQUARIE ISLAND Alan, VK0MM, is still publishing his current operating schedule on: http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html. Starting on Apr 1 he'll work also European stations again! Due to local QRM he might limit his operation to 10-15 MHz. He requests that NO DXer works him more than two times. If you like to talk to him more frequently, ALL your QSOs will be ELIMINATED from his log. QSLs will be sent upon his return home. DO NOT request your QSL prior to that date!

VP6 - PITCAIRN ISLAND Jukka, VP6BR, received the new amplifier. He now puts the emphasis of his activity on 160-30m. QSL via OH2BR.


9G - GHANA Zdeno, OK2ZW/9G5ZW, does not stay in Accra for three years but will leave the country already in April. He finished activity with the CQ WPX SSB Contest. QSL via OM3LZ. --- Derek (F5VCR),Roger (G3SXW),Ken (G3OCA),Les (G4CWD) and Fred (G4BWP) will be on the air from Abokwa (AF-???) from Apr 1 until Apr 5 or 6. Operation will take place in SSB/CW on 10-40m but their call has not been assigned yet. QSL via bureau to G3OCA or via his CBA. Russian stations ONLY via UA4SKW.

FT5W - CROZET ISLAND Alain, FT5WI, stays there since last November (for one year) but has no experience with DX operations or pile-ups yet. Please be patient! QSLs after his return home via F6KDF.

XT - BURKINA FASO Robert, F5JRY, hopes to become active in SSB and some CW on the high bands during his stay between Mar 27 and Apr 11.

ZS - SOUTH AFRICA Barry, ZS1FJ, and more South African operators announced to operate as ZS31ER from the Elephant Rock running two stations in SSB/CW on 6-160m from Apr 1-8. QSL to ZS1FJ, Box 53319, Kenilworth, Cape 7745, Republic of South Africa.

ZS8 - MARION ISLAND Deryck, ZS6DE/ZS8D, will leave the island within the next few weeks. QSL via the CBA of ZS6EZ.


V3 - BELIZE Art, NN7A, is operating again as V31JZ from Turneffe (NA-123) from Mar 26-31. He intends to operate on all bands mostly in CW but also some SSB on 21260 and 14260 kHz. QSL via NN7A, also via bureau.


4S7 - SRI LANKA John, NZ9Z, applied for the callsign 4S7NZG for his activity in SSB/ CW/RTTY on 10-80m from Apr 1-23. QSL via W9DXA.

BV9 - PRATAS ISLAND The Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League (CTARL) members BV5AF,BV2EW, BV4DP, BV2KI, BV2VA, BV4AS, BV4FH, BV4ME, BV5CR, BV8BC, JA1JKG, WT8S and K8PYD will be on the air as BQ9P from Tung-Sha Dao (AS-110) from Apr 5-12. They plan to activate six or seven stations simultaneously in CW/SSB/SSTV on 10-160m from two different locations on the island QSL via KU9C, Steve Wheatley, Box 5953, Parsippany,NJ 07054-6953,USA Donations are welcome in advance or enclosed with your QSLs. Online logchecking is planned after the activity is over.

TA - TURKEY Hans, TA4/DL7CM, is active in RTTY and CW until Apr 4. QSL via bureau to DL7CM.


GM - SCOTLAND GM3POI, GM4DZX, GM0HTH and GM0HTT will be QRV as GB5RO from Copinsay Island offshore the Orkney Islands (EU-009) on Apr 1/2. If they have rough weather the activity is postponed for at least one week. QSL via GM4DZX.


DATE              CALL           DXNL

NOW               3W2SO          1189
Apr 1 -Apr 23     4S7NZG         1191 *
Mar 18-Mar 31     4X/DL8ABO/p    1190
NOW               4W6  (several) 1190, 1191 *
Apr 6 -Apr 12     5V7MN          1189
Mar 20-Mar 30     9E1C, 9E1S     1189
1999  -Apr/2000   9G5ZW          1176, 1191 *
Apr 1 -Apr 6      9G   (Gs)      1191 *
End Mar/Early Apr 9N7RN          1186
Jan 10-Apr 10     9U5D           1167, 1179

Apr 5 -Apr 12     BQ9P           1191 *
March -April      C21JH etc      1188
Mar 1 -Mar 31     C34-C37...     1187
Mar 17-Apr 8      OH2MXS/CE0Z    1189
Feb 27-Apr 3      CU2/DF5WA etc  1190
Apr 1 -Apr 7      DU1KGJ/DU4     1191 *
SOON              EM1KY          1185

Feb 26-Aug/2000   FH/TU5AX       1185
Apr 2 -Apr 3      FK8KAB/p       1191 *
Mar 18-Apr 1      FM/F5LGQ etc   1189
NOW               FO0CLA         1191 *
NOW   -Apr 12     FO0HWU         1191 *
Nov/99-Oct/2000   FT5WI          1191 *
Jan 7 - ???       FW5ZL          1191 *
Apr 1 -Apr 2 ??   GB5RO          1191 *
NOW               H44MS          1191 *
Mar 28-Apr 9      H44PT          1191 *
Apr 1 -Apr 12 ?   PA3GIO/HC8     1190

Mar 23-Apr 1      J79KS          1190
NOW   -Jun/2000   JD1BKR         1169
NOW   -Aug/2000   JW9FJA         1181
NOW   -Aug/2000   JY9NE          1190
Mar 22-Mar 29     KG4VL          1189

NOW               P29DX          1182
Mar 6 -Apr 1      S79MX          1187
Mar 25-Mar 30     TA4/DL7CM      1190, 1191 *
Apr 3 -Apr 6      TU  (DF8AN)    1189
Mar 15-Apr 1      TX0DX          1188, 1191 *
Mar 21-Apr 1      TZ  (DF8AN)    1189
Mar 19-Mar 29     V31GI          1190
Mar 26-Mar 31     V31JZ          1191 *
NOW   -Dec/2000   VK0MM          1176, 1178-1184, 1191 *
Mar 5 -Apr 4      VK1AHS         1189
Mar 25-Apr 1      VP2V/AA7X      1190
Jan 20-End of May VP6BR          1180, 1183, 1190-91 *
Nov   -May        VQ9PO          1176, 1186

Mar 25-Mar 31     WP4U           1190
Mar 27-Apr 11     XT   (F5JRY)   1191 *
Feb 13-May 5      XW2A           1185, 1187
Mar 2 -End of Mar YB3ASQ ?       1187
NOW   -Late 2001  YI9OM          1186
Mar 22-Mar 29     YM3LZ          1190
Apr 1 -Apr 8      ZS31ER         1191 *
Jun/99-Apr/2000   ZS8D           1191 *

"NEW": 1191 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   NP4A       1828  0345Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   YS1RR      1827  0422Z via DJ9ZB, bureau

   CE0Z/OH3JF 3507  0505Z via bureau
   DL7DF/HI9  3506  0527Z via bureau
   NL7Z       3506  0531Z via bureau
   OX3FV      3504  0110Z via bureau
   PY0FM      3780  0345Z via JA1VOK, bureau
   SU9ZZ      3791  2037Z via OM3TZZ, bureau
   TI2/DL8DU  3505  0445Z via bureau
   V31GI      3795  0439Z via PA3GIO, bureau

   8P2K       7030  0039Z via KU9C, bureau
   8Q7KK      7012  2028Z via HA2SX, bureau
   3V8BT      7063  2347Z via I5JHW, bureau
   FM5BH      7046  0210Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   TG9GJG     7002  0648Z via Box 24, Guatemala City, Guatemala
   TX0DX      7085  1719Z via OH2BN
   V31JP      7002  0224Z via KA9WON, bureau
   V47KP      7044  0053Z via K2SB, bureau
   VP6BR      7089  0854Z via OH2BR, bureau

   9Y4NW     10112  0606Z via DL4MDO, bureau
   FM/F5IPA  10108  2254Z via F5JOT, bureau
   HK0VGJ    10115  0458Z direct
   J79LGQ    10104  0523Z via F5JOT, bureau
   JW9GY     10105  2029Z via LA9GY, direct
   OD5/OK1MU 10102  1746Z via OKDXF, bureau
   S79MX     10102  0301Z via HB9MX, bureau
   XE1/NP2AQ 10105  0719Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   ZF2RA     10103  0238Z via K7AR, bureau

   FO0HWU    14005  0524Z via F6HWU, bureau
   XU7ABA    14015  2106Z via JA6HJP

   3D2QB     18073  1320Z via SM3CER, bureau
   H44MS     18145  1007Z via DL2GAC, bureau

   4W6GH     21306  1657Z via CT1EGH, direct
   H44MY     21273  1243Z via JA0IXW
   P29VR     21296  1150Z via W7LFA, bureau
   PT0F      21176  2239Z via JA1VOK, bureau
   ZK1HCU    21019  0633Z via DL9HCU

   C6A/WI9WI 24892  1458Z via bureau
   E4/DL7FER 24890  1612Z via bureau
   FK8GJ     24908  1444Z via F6CXJ, bureau
   FM/F5LGQ  24900  1712Z via F5JOT, bureau
   XU7ABB    24892  1537Z via JA6VQA

   3B8MM     28496  0859Z via DL6UAA, bureau
   3E1AA     28750  1329Z via N0JT, bureau
   3W2GAX/p  28013  1435Z via JA7GAX
   9M6BAA    28047  1109Z via G4SHF
   AH8A      28549  0741Z via AC7DX, bureau
   HD8Z      28333  2052Z via NE8Z, bureau
   HK0OEP    28495  1423Z via N0JT, bureau
   KL7RA     28376  1728Z via bureau
   R1ANZ     28027  1108Z via RU1ZC, bureau
   TA4/DL7CM 28084  1144Z via bureau
   TX0DX     28745  1252Z via OH2BN
   VP5V      28672  1701Z see DXNL 1189
   XW2A      28628  1115Z via G4ZVJ, bureau
   YI9OM     28569  1601Z via OM6TX

These stations were also active during the WPX SSB Contest

AN5GMA  via bureau
SP9X    via SP9XWD, via bureau or to Marcel Krzan, os. Dywizjonu 303 10/52,
        31-871 Krakow, Poland
UZ5M + EN7M via UX2MM, via bureau or Vlad Grushewskiy, Box 59, Lisichansk,
        93100, Ukraine
UR2E    via UR5EAW, Shevchenko Alex, Pelina str. 29, Dnepropetrovsk, 49107,
UZ4E    via UR4EN, via bureau or Nick Golub, Box 48, Ordzhonikidze, 53300,


QSL Routes

The QSL Database of the German DX cluster DB0SDX can be checked online at: http://www.qslinfo.de

QSLs arrived buro: 5U7DG (K4SE),8P9HAT (K4BAI),8Q7DF (IK5MDF),9G5ZM (G3ZEM), 9J2AM (JA0JHA), 9N7SZ (JA9LSZ), AP2WAP (IK4ZGY), AT3HKQ, CN8WW (DL6FBL), CO8LY (EA7ADH), CQ6C (DJ0MW, EU-145), DS5USH, DX2B (VE7DP)

QSLs arrived direct: BA4EG, FK8HC, HK0ER, J8OK (OK1RD), KG6SL (JH1AJT), KH4/W4ZYV (W4ZYV - 15 weeks), PJ2/N6HR

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, ARRL DX News, DE1JSH, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH,DL1SBF,DL2BQV,OPDX, DL7PR, EA5GMA, F6AJA, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, IK7JTF, RTTY DX NOTES, Les Nouvelles DX, MAYER QSL CARDS, ON5MT, ON6DP, PA3ARM, SP9XWD, UR4EYN, The DAILY DX and others.