DX News Letter 1193
April 10, 2000

DX-NL 1193 - April 10, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


VP8/a - ANTARCTICA Kimio, JA9BOH, made 24.000 QSOs from the Japanese station Suyowa on Ongul Island (AN-015) between Mar 21, 1998 and Jan 31, 2000. He is back home since Mar 25 and is now answering the QSLs arriving via his CBA or the JA bureau. He does NOT manage the 8J1RL QSOs since Feb 2000. These will be answered in March 2001 by the new OP Takumi. His address: JG3PLH, Takumi Kondoh, 1-23 Shinke-cho, Sakai City, Osaka 599-8232, Japan. if you send your QSLs directly do not forget to enclose return postage and a SAE.


DU - PHILIPPINES Bernhard is active as DU2/DL2GAC from Batan (OC-093) since Apr 9 and later on as DU1/DL2GAC from Cuyo (OC-120). He has only wire antennae with him and can be found mostly around 14.260 kHz and on 17/15/12m. Around Apr 24/25 Bernhard will leave the islands to return to DL via Singapore. QSL via bureau to DL2GAC.

FK0 - CHESTERFIELD ISLANDS On Apr 10 the DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) has voted unanimously to add The Chesterfield Islands of New Caledonia to the DXCC List. Contacts made on or after March 23, 2000 will be accepted for DXCC credits. Cards may be submitted after October 1, 2000.

FO0 - MARQUESAS ISLANDS Oldtimer Mako, JA1OEM, is on the air especially on 6m and 12/15/17m signing FO0TOH from Mar 29 till Apr 15. QSL via JA1OEM, direct only.

T8 - PALAU Shige, JA8CCL, was heard as T88CL and will be on air until Apr 13. He prefers to operate QRP on 28715 and 14333 kHz. QSL via JA8CCL.


7P8 - LESOTHO ZS5CDF and ZS5LF will be QRV in SSB only signing 7P8/homecalls from Apr 23-27. QSL via Box 401219, Redhill 4071, South Africa or via the SARL QSL bureau.

D2 - ANGOLA Fernando, EA4BB, arrives next week and will stay in Angola for one more year. He plans to hit the airwaves as soon as possible as D2BB again. If his QTH is suitable he intends to emphasize 40-160m this time. QSL via W3HNK.

FR - REUNION Matthieu, F5PED, is QRV in CW signing FR5DC on 10-80m since Nov. During his winter he wants to add also 160m. QSL via F5PED.

TT - CHAD Jean Luc, F5BAR, is QRV as TT8JLB until July. QSL via F5BAR.


J8 - ST VINCENT AND GRENADINES Mike Wise, J87AB, is an English missionary on Canouan (NA-025). He may go back to England by the end of this year. QSL route see DXNL 1151.


4X - ISRAEL Tom, DL1DVE, and Rico, NH7T/DF2CK, are active as 4X/homecalls from Apr 10-18. They are operating from some historical sites throughout different squares mostly on 14265, 21265 and 28465 kHz and during the Holyland Contest. QSLs (if possible) via buro or: df2ck@qsl.net

RA0 - ASIATIC RUSSIA The Primore Radio Club will activate RM0M on Popova Island (AS-066) from Apr 14-17. QSL direct ONLY: Box 20, Vladivostok, 690021, Russia


EA6 - BALEARIC ISLANDS EA5KW, EA5AKM, EA5FKT, EA5SS, EA5GOR, EB5BQC and EA5GMA will be QRV from Ibiza (EU-004) signing EA6/... in all modes from Apr 14-17. If possible QSL via buro to EA5KW or direct: Jose Maria Martinez Juan, Poeta Zorrilla 52-1-IZQ, E-03600 Elda, Spain.


DATE              CALL           DXNL

NOW               3W2SO          1189
Feb 28-End of May 4S7BRG         1186
Apr 1 -Apr 23     4S7NZG         1191
NOW               4W6  (several) 1190, 1191
Apr 10-Apr 18     4X/DL1DVE etc  1193 *
NOW   -Apr/2000   5K9AQ          1182
Apr 6 -Apr 12     5V7MN          1189
1999  -Apr/2000   9G5ZW          1176, 1191
Apr 23-Apr 27     7P8/ZS5CDF etc 1193 *
Feb 1 -Feb 1      8J1RL          1193 *
Apr 6 -Apr 27     9M2/PA0RRS     1192

May 1 -May 12     A5  (big team) 1192
Apr 5 -Apr 12     BQ9P           1191
2000  - 2001      BY1DX etc      1192
March -April      C21JH etc      1188
Apr 6 -Apr 13     CA8VOW         1192
Apr 17-2001       D2BB           1193 *
Apr 9 -Apr 25     DU2/DL2GAC etc 1193 *
Apr 7 -Apr 16     E29DX          1192
Apr 14-Apr 17     EA6/EA5KW etc  1193 *
SOON              EM1KY          1185

Feb 26-Aug/2000   FH/TU5AX       1185
NOW               FO0CLA         1191
Mar 29-Apr 15     FO0TOH         1193 *
Nov/99-??         FR5DC          1193 *
NOW               FR5FD          1168
Nov/99-Oct/2000   FT5WI          1191
Jan 7 - ???       FW5ZL          1191
Dec 24-2000       HV0A           1178

NOW   -2000       J87AB          1193 *
NOW   -Jun/2000   JD1BKR         1169
NOW   -Aug/2000   JW9FJA         1181
Apr 7 -Oct        JX7DFA         1192
NOW   -Aug/2000   JY9NE          1190
Apr 14-Apr 19     KG4VL          1192

NOW               OD5/F5SQM      1168
NOW               P29DX          1182
Dec   -Apr/2000   P49MR          1175
Apr 9 -Apr 22     PJ4/HB9BCK     1192
NOW   -April      PY2ZDX         1185
Apr 14-Apr 17     RM0M           1193 *
NOW   -2000       SV/OK1YM       1177
NOW   -Apr 13     T88CL          1193 *
NOW   -Jul/2000   TT8JLB         1193 *
NOW   -Dec/2000   VK0MM          1176, 1178-1184, 1191
Jan 20-End of May VP6BR          1180, 1183, 1190-91
Nov   -May        VQ9PO          1176, 1186

      -Sep/2000   XE1/NP2AQ      1142
Feb 13-May 5      XW2A           1185, 1187
Mar 2 -End of Mar YB3ASQ ?       1187
NOW   -Late 2001  YI9OM          1186
Mar 22-Mar 29     YM3LZ          1190
Oct 29-May/2000   ZF2NT          1171
Jun/99-Apr/2000   ZS8D           1191

"NEW": 1193 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   A71BM       1835  2039Z
   TI4CF       1834  0415Z via CBA or W3HNK
   VP6BR       1801  0413Z via OH2BR, bureau
   YK1AO       1829  0249Z via CBA

   3B8MM       3506  2230Z via DL6UAA, bureau
   5H3RK       3507  2140Z via SM0LRK
   9M2AX       3501  2259Z direct
   BQ9P        3505  2007Z via KU9C, bureau
   CE0Z/OH3JF  3507  0424Z via bureau
   ET3VSC      3511  2131Z via DARC bureau
   PA3GIO/HC8  3794  0420Z via bureau
   HP1XVH      3796  0329Z via N0JT, bureau
   S21YP       3504  2142Z via G3REP

   A25NR       7010  2115Z via W3HC, direct
   AP2AGJ      7051  1818Z see DXNL 1100
   EM1KY       7005  0618Z via UT7UA
   FO0HWU      7011  0517Z via F6HWU, bureau
   FR5FD       7002  2136Z via F5LBM, bureau
   HK0VGJ      7012  0433Z direct
   E29DX       7004  2249Z via HS0GBI
   PJ4/HB9BCK  7005  0102Z via bureau
   TI2KWN      7006  0625Z via bureau
   TT8JLB      7005  0441Z via F5BAR

   BQ9P       10104  1740Z via KU9C
   FO0CLA     10103  0459Z via F6CTL
   ZK2XO      10103  0458Z via DL8NBE, bureau

   DU2/DL2GAC 14260  1532Z via bureau
   T88CL      14265  1452Z via JA8CCL
   V73NN      14033  0639Z via KD6WW, bureau
   VK0MM      14003  1010Z see DXNL 1180, QRX !

   3B9FR      18073  1628Z via CBA
   FO0HWU     18075  0618Z via F6HWU, bureau
   W6UKX/KH6  18122  0822Z via bureau
   VP6BR      18074  0744Z via OH2BR, bureau
   YN9HAU     18150  2212Z via HR1MG, direct

   4W/VK2QF   21010  0559Z via VK2QF
   FW5ZL      21014  0807Z via Box 2, 98600 Matautu, Wallis&Futuna, France
   P29VR      21225  1145Z via W7LFA, bureau
   ZK1HCU     21025  0720Z via DL9HCU
   ZK2XO      21083  1249Z via DL8NBE, bureau

   3B8MM      24893  1503Z via DL6UAA, bureau
   3W7CW      24908  1045Z via SP5AUC, direct
   4W6EB      24945  1010Z via CT1EEB, bureau
   9G5MD      24935  1441Z via G3OCA, bureau
   9V1WW      24899  1737Z direct
   FO0TOH     24930  1002Z via JA1OEM, direct
   PA3GIO/HC8 24394  1757Z via bureau
   KH6LEM     24952  1729Z via bureau
   PJ2AM      24900  1829Z via bureau
   V63VL      24892  1554Z via KD6WW, bureau
   ZF2NT      24904  1305Z via G3SWH, bureau

   3D2QB      28010  1324Z via SM3CER, bureau
   BQ9P       28031  0834Z via KU9C, also bureau
   E29DX      28485  0606Z via HS0GBI
   H44PT      28430  0930Z via G8BCG
   V73UX      28737  1117Z via V73AX, bureau


TX0DX went QRT on March 29 (not March 25) shortly after 0000 UTC. Furthermore I got corrections for following statements (DXNL 1188, 1192): HI1HI 7002 0448Z via K2WG - NOT via K3WG! In the packet radio DX cluster the QSL route was spotted as K3WG (3x), K3HG, K2AW (2x), K2EW, W2WF and NOT K2AW. Perhaps this was a PIRATE, too?


QSL Routes

Rod Elliott, VE3IRF, collected all DX spots of the OH2AQ Web Cluster since Jan 97 and published them with an appropriate DOS program at: http://www.425dxn.org/dxspots/. More information via Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171, e-mail: i121171@425dxn.org

PATHFINDER: AA6YQ's JavaScript "Pathfinder" helps to find QSL routes from different online sources via only one interface: Check: http://www.qsl.net/pathfinder/WebClient/ or http://www.qsl.net/pathfinder/ respectively.

RADIO PORTAL (http://www.radio-portal.org) is another useful tool if you are looking for radio related topics (by Willi, DJ6JZ, dx@passmann.e.ruhr.de).

All Italian callsigns are now online checkable at: http://go.to/hamlinks/ (or http://space.tin.it/associazioni/qjber/ik2xde/hlinks/cbook.htm)

QSLs arrived bureau: 3A/N9NC (OM2SA), HC5AI, KH0/JJ2NYT,KH0/JN3AHZ,W4WX/WP2, KH0AS (WB4UBD),RF1P (UA1RJ),S21J (K1WY),S79GI (PA3GIO), SU9ZZ (OM3TZZ), T22TK (JA3MCA), T30CT (DL2MDZ), ZP2BKA, TA2DS (WA3HUP), UA0FAU (AS018), V47KD (K2SB), YM0S (DJ2JH), YN6HM (N5TGZ)

QSLs arrived direct: OJ0/SM0NJO, T31T (SM6CAS), VP8CMT

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, ARRL DX News, DE1JSH, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DK3FB,DL1GEH,DL1SBF,DL7PR, DL2BQV, DL2GAC, DL5NDH, DL6NCY, EA4BB, F6AJA, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, ON6DP, HB9EAA, IK7JTF, Les Nouvelles DX, MAYER QSL CARDS, OPDX, PA3ARM, PR7AR, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX and others.