DX News Letter 1203
June 19, 2000

DX-NL 1203 - June 19, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


VU - ANTARCTICA: On Jun 21/22nd Victor, R1AND, is expected to operate from Indian Antarctic base Maitri on CW (14010, 18090, 21010, 24910 and 28010 kHz) and SSB (14160, 18140, 21250, 24950 and 28450 kHz). Webpage with log search is http://www.qsl.net/ru3uj/r1and.htm


FK - NEW CALEDONIA: 9 OPs of Japan News Network will be on as TX8JNN on 160 to 6m Jun 29th to Jul 5th CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and AO10. QSL via JA1EOD.

KH0 - MARIANA ISLANDS: JA3HD, JA3APU, JH3FFJ, JA3HD and N2ATT/JA3AER will sign KH0/ Jun 23rd through 26th.

KH5 - PALMYRA: Mike, KH6ND/KH5, mostly using CW until Jun 23rd is another station busy with preparations for the big DXpedition in October. QSL via K4TSJ.

V8 - BRUNEI: Hans, DF5UG, seems to have stopped his activity as V85QQ and is said to be back to Sabah. QSL via DF5UG, address in DXNL 1129.


7P - LESOTHO: German Team Jo, DF6VI, Dieter, DJ9ON, Mark, DL1IAN, Tom, DL1QW, Hans, DL1YFF, and Tom, DL4OCM, will be active from Maseru 6 through 160m on SSB, CW and RTTY with 3 stations as 7P8AA Jul 3rd to 22nd. The Webpage it http://www.qsl.net/7p8aa/ Log check after DXpedition will be possible at http://www.qsl.net/logs/index.html QSL via Fritz, DL7VOR.

C9 - MOZAMBIQUE: Brian Carney, C91DC, is QRV from Maputo with IC707 and dipole until late Sep. Look for him 0500 to 0530Z at 28.490-28 495 kHz and 14.245 from 1400 through 1500Z. QSL info DXNL 1197.

FR - TROMELIN: The WX-Station is working automatically since some time, there are no regular visits necessary. F5PXT, F5PYI, F6JJX and F5NOD have landing permission for Jul/Aug and are looking for sponsors and donations to Northern California DX Foundation, POBox 1328, Los Altos, CA 94023-1328, USA.

ST - SUDAN: Jeff Hambleton, G4KIB/5B4YY/KF9BI, in Khartoum is licensed as ST0P (Sugar Tango Zero Papa) on 40, 20, 15 and 10m after 1 year of waiting and is active until August with IC746 and G5RV and delta loop, SSB and PSK31 only, in his evenings after 1700 UTC. QSL via 5B4YY, Jeff Hambleton, 1 Psaron, Chloraka 8220, Paphos, Cyprus.


HC - ECUADOR: Otto, UA4WAE, will be HC4WW starting Jun 20th for 1 year.

KL - ALASKA: Don, NL7QT, will be on Wrangell Island (NOT NA041!) Jun 26th through Aug 1st especially on 40m-QRP. QSL via bureau.

PJ7 - ST MAARTEN: Andy, PJ7/WA6WXD, will be visiting NA105 Jun 17th through 24th using 10, 15, 17 and 20m SSB. QSL via WA6WXD.

VP2V - BRIT.VIRGIN: Jimmy, VP2V/WA6JKV, will be active last week in Jun and first week of July on HF and especially 6m.


HS - THAILAND: Paul Ducanson, KO6H/LY2AAI, has acquired his HS0ZAC license and hopes to obtain PTD approval for importation of a K2 QRP rig to open the door for many Thai hams with a low cost rig.

OD - LEBANON: Jean Paul, F6FYA, will change the 40m antenna at OD5/F5SQM for something for 80 and 160m CW. He and his wife will stay for another 3 months. QSL via F6FYA.


MD - MAN: Barry, MD/N0KV, was active Jun 17/18th 1200-2100Z on 10 through 20m CW and SSB wants QSL via M0CQS or N0KV, via W0- or G-bureau.

UA - RUSSIA: UA1NDX, RN1NP, RK4HM, UA4HUR, UA6LP and UR3IFD will visit several islands in Onega Sea Jun 23rd through 30th: as UE1NIB on Bolshoy Klimetskiy, UE1NIB/p or UE1NIB/a on Kizhi, Sujsar, Ivanovskie and P. Guby. QSLs via UA4HUR. /// UE1WPI on Kamenca in Pskov Sea Jun 24/25th is via RA1WZ, direct or via bureau. All these islands don't count for IOTA but for Russian Robinson diplome, only.


DATE              CALL           DXNL

Oct 8 -Oct 24     3B6RF          1195
Jun 3 -Jun 23     3D2RW          1201
May   -Nov/2000   3W2LC          1198
now   -2001       4O8/9X0A       1201
now               4W6 (several)  1190-1192, 1196
Jun 8 -Jun 29     4X/DL8ABO/p    1202
Jun 18-Jun 24     5H3/PA3GIO     1202
Jun 25-Jul        5H1/PA3GIO     1202
Jul 3 - Jul 22    7P8AA          1203 *

Apr 19-July       A45ZN          1194
Jun 15-Nov 2      AX...          1202 
Jun 4 -Aug 15     BT0QGL         1200
now - late Sep    C91DC          1203 *
now               EM1KY          1185
Feb 26-Aug/2000   FH/TU5AX       1185
Nov/99-??         FR5DC          1193
now               FR5FD          1168
Jul- Aug          FR/T(F5PXT etc)1203 *
Nov/99-Oct/2000   FT5WI          1191
Jan 7 - ???       FW5ZL          1191
now   -2001       FK8VHY         1160, 1168
Jun 20 - Jun 2001 HC4WW          1203 *
now               HS0ZAC         1203 *
Jun 10-           J28EW          1202
now   -2000       J87AB          1193
Apr 7 -Oct        JX7DFA         1192
now   -Aug/2000   JY9NE          1190
Jun 23 - Jun 26   KH0 (JA3HD etc)1203 *
Jun 18-Jun 20     KH0/AF4IN etc  1202
now   -2002       KH2/K4ANA      1162
now   -2002 ?     NH6D/KH4       1200
May 8 -Oct/2000   KH5, KH5K      1197-99, 1203 *
Jun 17 - Jun 18   MD/N0KV        1203 *
Jun 26 - Aug 1    NL7QT          1203 *
now - Sep 2000    OD5/F5SQM      1168, 1203 *
Jun 12-           OX  (VA3MER)   1202
Jun 17 - Jun 24   PJ7/WA6WXD     1203 *
Apr 15-July/2000  S511E - S588S  1194
now  - Aug 2000   ST0P           1203 *
Jun 14-Jun 21     SV8/G3SWH      1201
Jun 6 -           SV9/DL8YRM     1202
now   -Jul/2000   TT8JLB         1193
Jun 29 - Jul 5    TX8JNN         1203 *
Jun 23 - Jun 30   UE1NIB         1203 *
Jun 24 - Jun 25   UE1WPI         1203 *
Jun 28-Jul 12     V63KR, KP, KQ  1202
Jun 10-Jun 12     V85QQ          1201-1203 *
now   -Dec/2000   VK0MM          1176-1191, 1197-1198
Jul 1 -Jul 12     VP2EREM        1202
late Jun-earlyJul VP2V/W6JKV     1203 *
Jun 21 - Jun 22   VU (Antarctica)1203 *
now   -late 2001  YI9OM          1186

"NEW": 1203 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

SV8/DJ2GM/p 1832 1943Z via bureau

5H3RK   3509 2115Z PB9274, Dar es Salam
PU7XAF  3799 0417Z

HP1XVH  7068 0327Z via N0JT, bureau
J28EW   7001 2044Z via F5LDY

9J2BO   10105 1839Z via W6ORD, direct
9M2TO   10104 2256Z via JA0DMV, bureau
BV3/DJ3KR 10104 1934Z via DH3MG, bureau
HF0POL  10106 2048Z via SP3WVL, also bureau
HK0VGJ  10113 0408Z direct
W3WKP/VP9 10105 0255Z via W3WKP
YS1AG   10105 0321Z via N4EPJ ?

4W6GN   14010 0642Z via K8CW, also bureau
CE0X/LU7BQ 14005 0620Z via LU7BQ
FM5WD   14011 2209Z via W3HNK, also bureau
J68AM   14156 2153Z via W8ILC
ST0P    14192 1710Z via 5B4YY
VK0MM   14003 0730Z DXNL 1180, QRX !
ZK1JD   14243 0719Z Jim, PB491, Rarotonga
3B9FR   18070 1558Z via CBA
4W6GH   18160 1725Z via CT1EGH, direct
FO5NL   18135 0810Z via CBA
JW5RIA  18120 1441Z via LA5RIA
KH0N    18074 1954Z via JA6CNL, bureau
WH6ASW/KH2 18125 1915Z via bureau
KH6LEM  18138 1643Z via bureau
UO8I    18146 0846Z via RK3BY, bureau
V29TBK  18070 1900Z via G3TBK
VQ9VK   18080 1541Z via N1TO
YJ8UU   18165 0800Z via ZL2HE, direct

3D2RW   21026 0805Z via ZL1AMO, also bureau
4W6UN   21300 1406Z via VK3OT, direct
9Y4/DL2RVS 21277 2010Z via DL2YY
E4/G3WQU   21024 1022Z via bureau
KH6ND/KH5  21017 0616Z via K4TSJ
HP1XVH  21255 0434Z via N0JT, bureau
TI3TLS  21013 0714Z via bureau
V85QQ   21265 1927Z via DF5UG, DXNL 1129
XV9SW   21020 1523Z via SM3CXS, bureau

5N3CPR  24901 1044Z via SP5CPR, bureau
9J2BO   24895 1815Z via W6ORD, direct
FR5FD   24900 1053Z via F5LBM, bureau
FY5FY   24894 2118Z via F6EZV, bureau
R1ANZ   24945 0755Z via RU1ZC, bureau
W3WPK/VP9 24904 2005Z via W3WPK

3B8GD   28457 1519Z via CBA
3W2KYU  28035 0854Z via JH8KYU
5H3/PA3GIO 28495 0925Z via bureau
5N9CEN  28505 1017Z via IV3VBM
5X1P    28018 1510Z via G3MRC, bureau
D3SAF   28480 2247Z via I3LLH, direct
FH/TU5AX 28495 1524Z via F5OGL, bureau
FR5ZQ/G 28020 1440Z via CBA FR5ZQ
FW5ZL   28430 0918Z DXNL 1191
OY3QN   28025 1945Z via OZ1ACB, direct
TT8JLB  28029 1500Z via F5BAR, bureau


QSL Routes

You may get your TX0X QSLs at the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen at booth 923 in Halle 9, but ONLY for you PERSONALLY.

LOG-Checks: BQ9P 2000 logs are now available via e-mail: Send an e-mail to bq9p-log@n4gn.com with ONLY the callsign you wish to search in the Subject line. You will receive an e-mail shortly with response for your query. If the e-mail you receive does not correspond to your log, feel free to e-mail Steve, KU9C at ku9c@arrl.net, or follow the instructions in the email response, which will be forwarded to him. PY0F/PY2ZDX logs are available for searching via e-mail to log.f6kpo@eudil.fr with your call in the Subject line and PY2ZDX-0F in the body of the message.

QSLs received via buro: 2S3JIJ, 3V8DJ (I5JHW), 3W6DX (DL4DBR), FO0CLA (F6LQJ), H40AA (OH2BU), HK0/AA3KX (W4DC), HK3JBR (F6AJA), HK3OSA/0 (DF4UW), LU3XPS, P40HQ (I2MQP), PT7BZ/PY0F, P43P, PJ2/PA0VDV, PJ2/N6HR (W8KKF), PT7BZ/PY0F, T30CW + T30Y (DL7UFR), T32BI (KH6DFW).

QSLs received direct: CE0Y/G0KBO, XR0ZY (OM2SA).

TNX for information 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/ IK1GPG, ARRL-DX-News, CQDL, DE1JSH, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL1YFF, DL3IAC, DL7PR, F6AJA, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, IK7JTF, Les Nouvelles-DX, MAYER QSL CARDS, ON6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, QRZ DX, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.