DX News Letter 1204
June 26, 2000

DX-NL 1204 - June 26, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA Walter, DJ0FX, intends to operate as FO0PT in CW and SSB on 10-80m between Jul 10 and Aug 18. There is also a possibility for an one week ZK1 operation. QSL via bureau to DJ0FX.

KH4 - MIDWAY Tom, KH4/W4JKC, shall be active from July 1-8. QSL via W4JKC.

KH5 - PALMYRA Mike, KH6ND, returned to Hawaii after a few thousand QSOs mostly on in CW on 20m. Chuck Brady, N4BQW, who stays until Jun 28 is another guy mostly preparing the major DXpedition in October. QSL via K4TSJ.


5H - TANZANIA The ROARS (Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society) including A41KG, Nasser, and eleven more OPs will be active as 5I3A and 5I3B from Yambe Island between Jul 1-10. Operation will take place in SSB/CW/digital modes on all bands. QSL via A47RS, Box 981, Muscat 113,Oman.

7P - LESOTHO The correct QSL route for the 7P8AA operation (Jul 3-22) is via Fritz, DL7VRO (not DL7VOR).


CY9 - ST PAUL ISLAND AI5P/CY9 (QSL via AI5P), KE1AC/CY9 (via K1WY DX Association), WA4RX/CY9 (via N2AU) and WV2B/CY9 (via N2AU) hope to get their licenses right in time for their activity planned Jul 6-10. QRGs are 28495/28030, 24945/24895, 21295/21030, 18145/18075, 14195/14030, 10130, 7185/7170/7030, 50115 kHz. 160/80m operation is not planned. Check: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pines/7651/DXpedition.html

J7 - DOMINICA Before and after the IARU Championship George, K5KG, will sign J79KG mostly in CW (some SSB, no RTTY/SAT/160m) on 80-10m from Jul 1-11. Art, N2AU, will be the pilot station for J79KG. More information can be obtained via e-mail to n2au@lightlink.com. QSL via Art, N2AU.

V2 - ANTIGUA David, G3TBK, is momentarily mostly active in CW signing V29TBK. He will stay there for three months and may also go to other islands. QSL via G3TBK.


S2 - BANGLADESH During the IARU Championship Craig, AH8DX, will be QRV as S21ZW or S21/AH8DX for one week starting on Jul 5. QSL via Craig Maxey, Box 2064, St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles.

UA0 - ASIATIC RUSSIA Alex, UA0QBA, is going to Kotelny (AS-028) again and will be QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK-31/SSTV until summer 2001.

XU - CAMBODIA Hirotada, JA0SC, is active mostly in SSTV on 10 and 15m signing XU7ABE between Jun 29 and Jul 2. QSL via bureau to JA0SC or direct to his CBA.


3A - MONACO The Association des Radio-Amateurs de Monaco (ARM) will be active as 3A2K between Jun 28 and Jul 10. The local (3A2AH, 3A2CR,3A2HB,3A2LF, 3A2MG, 3A2MW) and guest OPs (N4GN, OH1RY, OH2BC, OH2BH, OH2TA,OH9MM) will operate several stations in SSB, CW and as HQ during the IARU HF World Championship. From Jul 1-10 they will activate the 6m band on 50.2-51.2 MHz for the first time. QSL for 3A2K via 3A2ARM, ARM, B.P. 2, MC 98001, Monaco Cedex.

JW - SVALBARD Tom, LA4LN, will be QRV in CW on 40/30/20m signing JW4LN especially during the evening hours between Jun 28 and Jul 11. He will stay on Svalbard (EU-026) from Jun 28 till Jul 3 and again from Jul 8-11 but he will be on Bear Island (EU-027) from Jul 4-7. QSL direct to LA4LN

SV9 - CRETE Dennis, will be active from EU-015 signing SV9/K7BV in CW/SSB on 10-160m between Jun 29 and Jul 3. More information is available at: http://www.qth.com/k7bv/. QSL via KU9C.


IARU HF World Championship SSB and CW: Jul 8, 1200 UTC until Jul 9, 1200 UTC Bands: 10-160m. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RS(T)+ITU-Zone, HQ-stations: RST+ abbreviation of their club, members of the IARU Administrative Council and the three IARU regional Executive committees send: RST+AC, R1, R2 and R3. Please work also the German HQ station DA0HQ who was champion in 1998/1999!

World Radiosport Team Championship WRTC 2000: Jul 8, 1200Z till Jul 9, 1200Z Modes: CW and SSB. Bands: 10-80m. Work: WRTC stations S500A-S599Z. Exchange: RST+ITU zone. See also DXNL 1194 and http://wrtc2000.bit.si.


DATE              CALL           DXNL

Jun 27-Jul 10     3A2K           1204 *
Oct 8 -Oct 24     3B6RF          1195
May   -Nov/2000   3W2LC          1198
NOW   -2001       4O8/9X0A       1201
NOW               4W6 (several)  1190-1192, 1196
Jun 8 -Jun 29     4X/DL8ABO/p    1202
Jun 25-Jul        5H1/PA3GIO     1202
Jul 1 -Jul 10     5I3A, 5I3B     1204 *
Jul 3 - Jul 22    7P8AA          1203, 1204 *

Apr 19-July       A45ZN          1194
Jun 15-Nov 2      AX...          1202
Jun 4 -Aug 15     BT0QGL         1200
NOW   -late Sep   C91DC          1203
Jul 06-Jul 10     AI5P/CY9 etc   1204 *
NOW               EM1KY          1185
Feb 26-Aug/2000   FH/TU5AX       1185
Jul 10-Aug 18     FO0PT          1204 *
Nov/99-??         FR5DC          1193
NOW               FR5FD          1168
Jul- Aug          FR/T(F5PXT etc)1203
Nov/99-Oct/2000   FT5WI          1191
Jan 7 - ???       FW5ZL          1191
NOW   -2001       FK8VHY         1160, 1168
Jun 20-Jun/2001   HC4WW          1203

Jun 10-           J28EW          1202
Jul 1 -Jul 11     J79KG (K5KG)   1204 *
NOW   -2000       J87AB          1193
Jun 28-Jul 11     JW4LN          1204 *
Apr 7 -Oct        JX7DFA         1192
NOW   -Aug/2000   JY9NE          1190
NOW   -2002       KH2/K4ANA      1162
NOW   -2002 ?     NH6D/KH4       1200
Jul 1 -Jul 8      KH4/W4JKC      1204 *
NOW   -Jun 28     N4BQW/KH5      1204 *
May 8 -Oct/2000   KH5, KH5K      1197-99, 1203
Jun 26-Aug 1      NL7QT          1203
NOW   -Sep/2000   OD5/F5SQM      1168, 1203
Jun 12-           OX  (VA3MER)   1202

Jul 5 -Jul 12     S21ZW ?        1204 *
Apr 15-July/2000  S511E-S588S    1194
NOW   -Aug/2000   ST0P           1203
Jun 29-Jul 3      SV9/K7BV       1204 *
NOW   -Jul/2000   TT8JLB         1193
Jun 29- Jul 5     TX8JNN         1203
Jun 23- Jun 30    UE1NIB         1203
NOW   -Sep/2000   V29TBK         1204 *
Jun 28-Jul 12     V63KR, KP, KQ  1202
NOW   -Dec/2000   VK0MM          1176-1191, 1197-1198
Jul 1 -Jul 12     VP2EREM        1202
Jun   -Jul        VP2V/W6JKV     1203
Jun 29-Jul 2      XU7ABE         1204 *
NOW   -Late 2001  YI9OM          1186

"NEW": 1204 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days


   5H3RK        3511  2001Z via Box 9274, Dar es Salam, Tanzania
   ZL1IU        3799  1916Z

   CP6IB        7006  0104Z via bureau

   E4/G3WQU    10108  1732Z via bureau
   HF0POL      10104  2037Z via SP3WVL, also bureau
   KP3X        10105  0539Z via KP4XX
   OY2H        10107  2117Z via I2MQP, bureau

   A35RK       14200  1010Z via W7TSQ, bureau
   C6AFV       14199  1021Z via bureau
   FG/DL9YBY/p 14280  0503Z via DL9YBY, bureau
   KH6ND/KH5   14030  1113Z via K4TSJ
   P29DX       14195  1457Z see DXNL 1182, 1184
   PJ7/WA6WYXD 14268  2235Z via WA6WXD
   ST0P        14255  0330Z via 5B4YY
   VK0MM       14195  0610Z see DXNL 1180, QRX !
   ZK1JD       14243  0637Z Jim, Box 491, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

   3B9FR       18070  1634Z via CBA
   4W6MM       18091  1145Z see DXNL 1194
   5X1Z        18145  2045Z via SM6CAS
   HK0VGJ      18075  2103Z direct
   J28EW       18080  1607Z via F5LDY
   PZ5RA       18152  2029Z via CBA
   S21YI       18136  1839Z via 7M4PTD
   V29TBK      18115  2234Z via G3TBK

   3D2RW       21022  1147Z via ZL1AMO, also bureau
   9M8HI       21232  1625Z via DL9EYE
   D3SAF       21330  2021Z via I3LLH, direct
   FO0AKI      21299  0800Z via JH0SPE
   HP1XVH      21287  0457Z via N0JT, bureau
   J28FF       21251  1409Z via F6ITD, bureau
   J69AZ       21230  1950Z direct ONLY
   KH6ND/KH5   21009  1127Z via K4TSJ
   KH6S        21297  0630Z via KH6E
   S21YJ       21293  1543Z via SM4AIO, bureau
   TI3TLS      21017  0734Z via bureau
   VP8DBN      21275  1744Z via G7BSP
   YI9OM       21031  2052Z via OM6TX

   4W6GH       24945  1350Z via CT1EGH, direct
   5H1/PA3GIO  24945  0742Z via bureau
   5N9CEN      24948  1531Z via IV3VBM
   8R1Z        24950  1748Z via bureau
   9J2BO       24894  1023Z via W6ORD, direct
   9M2TO       24901  1153Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   9V1RH       24932  1628Z via bureau
   J28NH       24958  1409Z via F5IPW, bureau
   KH0/JA3APU  24903  1029Z via JA3APU
   R1ANZ       24900  1059Z via RU1ZC, bureau
   TL8CK       24958  0951Z via F6EWM
   VQ9VK       24905  1337Z via N1TO

   5X1P        28018  1526Z via G3MRC, bureau
   FH/TU5AX    28460  1345Z via F5OGL, bureau
   FK8HC       28495  1124Z via VK4FW, also bureau
   FR5ZQ/G     28020  0619Z via FR5ZQ CBA
   FW5ZL       28490  1024Z see DXNL 1191
   PT7BZ/PR8   28460  1633Z via PT7BZ, bureau
   TT8JLB      28023  0757Z via F5BAR, bureau


QSL Routes

Following stations announced their activities during the IARU Championship: 3A2K (DXNL 1204), DA0HQ (via DARC bureau), EM0HQ (via UX2MM), ER7HQ (via ER1FF), GB3RS, GB5HQ, J79KG (via N2AU), V63X, ZS5T (via ZS5BBO)

The new IOTA Directory 2000 lists 58 additional island groups. Some of them were already activated by several goups and some stations/islands got some new numbers. Please check also http://www.cdxc.org.uk


QSLs arrived direct: 4W6MM (TF1MM), 4X0A (4X5DW), CE0Y/UA6AF, OA4DJW, FO0HWU (F6HWU), ZK3CW (SM6CAS)

QSLs received at HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen: 9G5XO, A52A (DL1XX), C6AKA+V47GU+VP2MGU (DL7VOG), CE0ZY (DL7UFN), DL3NM/TI2, DL3NM/TI6, TX0DX (OH2BAD)

I will be on holidays next week. So the next DX Newsletter DXNL 1205 will be published not earlier than July 10!

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ0FX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL3IAC, DL7PR, ER1BF, F6AJA, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, HB9JNU, HP1AC, IK7JTF, PA3ARM, Les Nouvelles DX, MAYER QSL CARDS, ON6DP, OPDX, QRZ DX, RTTY DX NOTES,UA0SJ, The DAILY DX and others.