DX News Letter 1205
July 10, 2000

DX-NL 1205 - July 10, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


4W - EAST TIMOR Antonio, 4W6GH (CT1EGH) was on Atauro OC-232 Jul 7th to 10th as 4W6GH/p. QSL via CT1EGH, direct only.

A3 - TONGA Andy, G4PIQ, is active in his free time as A35IQ from Tongatapu OC-049 for 2 or 3 weeks and might go to Vava'u OC-064 as well. QSL via G4PIQ.

9M6 - EAST-MALAYSIA Alan, VK8AV, will hit the airwaves as 9M6AAC Jul 8th to about 15th.

FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA Mike, KM9D (XR0ZY), is now active on Aukena/Gambier OC-063 as FO0MOT. He intends to go to Raivavae OC-114/Australes, too. QSL via OM2SA.

T8 - PALAU Nob, JA7AYE, will be active as T88AY from Koror OC-009 Jul 19th to 23rd. QSL via JA7AYE.

V7 - MARSHALL ISLANDS Al Hernandez, K3VN, is now active in his free time as V73GI from Kwajalein OC-028 for 1 to 3 weeks.

ZK1 - NORTH & SOUTH-COOK Gerard, PA3AXU/ZK1AXU, was on Rarotonga through Jul 8th and now has changed to Penrhyn/North-Cook on 10 through 20m. Jul 15th to 20th he will be on Rarotonga again. QSL via PA3AXU.


3DA - SWAZILAND Frosty, K5LBU, and his daughter Elizabeth, KA2UCA, were active from Piggs Peak Jul 5th through 7th as 3DA0CF and 3DA0EW. QSLs via K5LBU.


8P - BARBADOS Mario, K2ZD/8P9JM, and Jim, K4BI/8P9BI, have been active Jul 1st through 9th on 6 through 20m. QSLs via home calls.

CY9 - ST PAUL ISLAND During the DXpedition to NA-094 Henry, KE1AC, was using his new call KT1J/CY9 on SSB. QSL via K1WY.

KL7 - ALASKA Michael, KL7/DL1YMK, was active Jul 3rd through 11th on St. Lawrence NA-040 on 15, 17 and 20m, mostly SSB. QSL through the bureau to DL1YMK. ///// KL7/W6IXP and KL7/K6ST are on Stuart NA-214 rsp Chamisso Jul 6th through 11th. QSLs via Fred, N6AWD.

KP2 - VIRGIN ISLANDS Paul Jordan, NP2JF, is retired by now. Pete Cole, N3RNX, will visit him and use NP2/N3RNX or NP2JF on 8th through 15th Jul. QSL via N3RNX.

OX - GREENLAND Seiji, JH6RTO/M0RAA, plans to operate as OX/M0RAA/p on Jul 17th from Kulusuk NA-151. He is using QRP with batteries on 15m. QSL via JH6VLF through the JARL-Bureau.

VP2M - MONTSERRAT Bill, W4WX, and Larry, W1LR, will be VP2MHX and VP2MHS on SSB and RTTY Jul 18th through 24th. QSLs via home calls, direct or also via bureau.

VP9 - BERMUDA Christof, DL1YAF/VP9, will be active from the QTH of Tony, VP9LR, during his vacations in July.

YV - VENEZUELA Look for YW5LF to be active on 10 through 160m SSB and CW from Los Frailes SA-059 on 12th to 16th Jul. QSL via W4SO (maildrop only).


5B - CYPRUS Amateur radio operators have been granted permission to use special prefix 5B40 20 July 30-Nov to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus.

A5 - BHUTAN Sam, JA6NL (V63KU), was signing A52NL from Paro until 5th Jul on SSB. QSL via JA6NL.

E4 - PALESTINE Guenter, E4/OE1GZA, is active from Ramalla for some time. QSL to Guenter Zwickl, PO Box 1133, Ramallah, Palestine.

XV - VIETNAM Hiroo, 3W2EZD/JA2EZD, has been active with his new call 3W2B since Jul 5th. He plans to go to Danang City (3W3A?) and to Hon Tam (AS-???) as 3W2B/HAT. QSL for 2 IRCs to XW2A, Hiroo Yonezuka, PO Box 2659, Vientiane, Laos.


1A - SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER of MALTA Look for I0CUT, I0HCJ, I0JBL, IK0FTA, IK0FVC and IK0PRG to be active as 1A0KM on all modes 80m to 70cm Jul 14th to 23rd. QSL via IK0FVC, Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 21,I-00136 Roma - RM. Logs will be available at http://www.sixitalia.org/1a0km/

GM - SCOTLAND From Jul 3rd through 10th Rafal, MM/SP6TPM/m was announced to be on EU-009 (Orkney), EU-010 (Outer Hebrides) and EU-008 (Inner Hebrides) but he was heard from EU-029 only.

JW - SVALBARD LA7IL, LA3OHA, IK2XDE, IK2JYT, KF6XA, KG0VL, OE3GEA, S57FYL, S57AC, SM3EQY, SM3JGG and SP5DRH will become active as JW/ on all bands SSB, CW and RTTY from EU026 Jul 6th through 13th. Jul 11/12th some of them planned to go to Kong Karls Land EU-063 as JW7M. QSL JW7M via LA7M, CBA or bureau. There is a webside at http://www.dxpedition.org

SV - GREECE Look for SV8/ON5CT on 10 through 160m SSB from Samos EU-049 from Jul 12th through 25th. QSL via bureau to ON5CT.

TF - ICELAND Seiji, JH6RTO/M0RAA, plans to operate as TF/M0RAA/p from Videy EU-168 on 16th Jul and from EU-021 from Jul 14th to 18th (except 17. Jul - see OX above) with QRP-TRX and dipole on 15m. QSL via JH6VLF through JARL bureau.

TK - CORSICA Serge, TK/F6AUS, is active again until Jul 31st. In IOTA contest perhaps from EU-100 or EU-164. QSL via bureau.

YL - LATVIA Eric, YL/SM1TDE, will be using 2 through 160m CW and SSB 17th through 22nd Jul, especially 6m. QSL via SM1TDE.


DATE              CALL           DXNL

Jul14 - Jul 23    1A0KM          1205 *
Oct 8 - Oct 24    3B6RF          1195
since Jul5 - ?    3W2B etc       1205 *
May   - Nov/2000  3W2LC          1198
Now   - 2001      4O8/9X0A       1201
01Jul - 30Nov     5B40           1205 *
Jul 3 - Jul 22    7P8AA          1203, 12o4 
Jul 8 - Jul15     9M6AAC         1205 *

Now               A35IQ          1205 *
Apr19 - July      A45ZN          1194
Jun 4 - Aug 15    BT0QGL         1200
Now   -late Sep   C91DC          1203
Jul 6 - Jul 10    AI5P/CY9 etc   1204 
Now               E4/OE1GZTA     1205 *
Now               EM1KY          1185
Feb26 - Aug 20    FH/TU5AX       1185
Now               FO0MOT         1205 *
Jul10 - Aug 18    FO0PT          1204 
Nov/99-??         FR5DC          1193
Jul - Aug         FR/T(F5PXT etc)1203
Nov/99-Oct/2000   FT5WI          1191
Jan 7 - ???       FW5ZL          1191
Jun20 -Jun/2001   HC4WW          1203

Jun10 -           J28EW          1202
Now   - 2000      J87AB          1193
Jul 6 - Jul 13    JW7M           1205 *
Now   - Aug/2000  JY9NE          1190
Now   - 2002      KH2/K4ANA      1162
Now   - 2002 ?    NH6D/KH4       1200
May 8 - Oct/2000  KH5, KH5K      1197-99, 1203
Now   - Jul 11    KL7 (DLs + Ws) 1205 *
Jun26 - Aug 1     NL7QT          1203
Jul 8 - Jul 15    NP2/N3RNX      1205 *
Now   -Sep/2000   OD5/F5SQM      1168, 1203
17Jul             OX/M0RAA/p     1205 *
Jun 12-           OX  (VA3MER)   1202

Now   -Aug/2000   ST0P           1203
Jul12 - Jul 25    SV8/ON5CT      1205 *
Jul19 - Jul 23    T88AY          1205 *
Jul14 - Jul 18    TF/M0RAA/p     1205 *
Jul 1 - Jul  31   TK/F6AUS       1205 *
Now   -Jul/2000   TT8JLB         1193
Now   -Sep/2000   V29TBK         1204 
Jun28-Jul 12      V63KR, KP, KQ  1202
Now               V73GI          1205 *
Now   -Dec/2000   VK0MM          1176-1191, 1197-1198
Jul 1 - Jul 12    VP2EREM        1202
Jul18 - Jul 24    VP2MHX etc     1205 *
Jun   - Jul       VP2V/W6JKV     1203
Jun29 - Jul 2     XU7ABE         12o4 
Jul 1 - Jul 31    DL1YAF/VP9     1205 *
Now   -late 2001  YI9OM          1186
Jul17 - Jul 22    YL/SM1TDE      1205 *
Jul12 - Jul 16    YW5LF/p        1205 *
Now   - Jul 20    ZK1AXU         1205 *
                          "NEW": 1205 * 

Bandspots of the last 10 days

7P8AA    1827 2232Z via DL7VRO, bureau

J75KG    3505 0222Z via N2AU
PY0FF    3779 0221Z via W9VA, bureau

5X1Z     7001 2130Z via SM6CAS
7P8AA    7003 1750Z via DL7VRO, bureau
9M6AAC   7008 1727Z via N2OO, bureau
HK1RRL   7006 0452Z
J28EW    7003 2124Z via F5LDY
J39HQ    7022 0512Z via W8UE
TI3TLS   7010 0453Z via bureau

5N3CPR   10109 0224Z via SP5CPR, bureau
9J2BO    10103 1940Z via W6ORD, direct
9M2TO    10106 1823Z via JA0DMV, bureau
WV2B/CY9 10110 1508Z via N2AU
DU3NXE   10106 2001Z via W3HNK, also bureau
FO0MOT   10105 0409Z via OM2SA, bureau
HF0POL   10105 2033Z via SP3WVL, also bureau
HK0VGJ   10105 0347Z direct
J75KG    10115 0500Z via N2AU
TT8JLB   10107 2137Z via F5BAR, bureau
TX8JNN   10104 1831Z via JA1EOD

VK0MM    14003 0511Z DXNL 1180, QRX !

5I3A     18073 1652Z via A47RS, bureau
A35IQ    18072 1128Z via G4PIQ
AI5P/CY9 18075 1048Z via AI5P, bureau
JW7M     18069 1141Z via LA7M, bureau
KL7/DL1YMK 18128 0636Z via bureau
DL1YAF/VP9 18127 2039Z via bureau
ZK1AXU   18128 0916Z NC, via PA3AXU, bureau

3W2B     21279 1645Z via XW2A
4W6GH/p  21258 1300Z via CT1EGH, direct
A35RK    21355 1832Z via W7TSQ, bureau
AH8A     21287 1949Z via AC7DX, bureau
E4/OE1GZA 21282 1042Z DXNL 1205
HP1XVH    21266 0451Z via N0JT, bureau
W4JKC/KH4 21022 1038Z via CBA
VP5/RA9CO/p 21234 1152Z via UA1DD

7P8AA    24897 1511Z via DL7VRO, bureau
WA4RX/CY9 24950 1612Z via N2AU
FR5GQ    24960 1625Z YL Conchita
J26FF    24936 1538Z via F6ITD, bureau
KP4FKN   24950 1210Z via bureau
PZ5RA    24900 1754Z via CBA
R1ANZ    24945 0955Z via RU1ZC, bureau
V63KP    24901 0732Z via K8AA, bureau
VP2MDC   24893 1638Z via G3TBK, bureau
VQ9VK    24905 1422Z via N1TO

3B8CF    28490 1336Z via CBA
3DA0CF   28480 0904Z via K5LBU, bureau
4W6MM    28507 0733Z DXNL 1194
5I3A     28550 0913Z via A47RS, bureau
A52NL    28490 0949Z via JA6NL, direct
J75KG    28029 1642Z via N2AU
TT8JLB   28012 1430Z via F5BAR, bureau
VP2EREM  28400 1600Z via WB2REM
YI9OM    28031 1102Z via OM6TX


QSL Routes

A52A and XW2A are now accepted for DXCC.

G5RV, R Louis Varney, the inventor of the G5RV antenna died 28. Jun at the age of 89.

QSLs arrived via buro: 2S4CHX (GM4CHX), 3A/HA5JI, 3D2MA (OH1MA), 5B4/G3LNS, 5R8PR, 5U7Z (DJ9ZB), 8P6AZ (KU9C).

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/ IK1GPG, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL3IAC, DL7PR, F6AJA, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, IK7JTF, Les Nouvelles-DX, MAYER QSL CARDS, ON6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, QRZ DX, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.