DX News Letter 1211
August 21, 2000

DX-NL 1211 - August 21, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


5W - WESTERN SAMOA Franz, OE2SNL, received the call 5W0SF and was already heard on 20m CW from Apia on OC-097 from where he is active until Aug 27. QSL via OE2SNL, via CBA ONLY!

KH5 - PALMYRA Mike, KH6ND/KH5, still stays on Palmyra, perhaps until October. He tries to operate on 160m almost every evening. PLEASE DO NOT call him twice on the same band since this minimizes the chance for a new one for somebody else. QSL via K4TSJ. The guys still ask for more donations to cover the tremendous costs of the KH5K DXpedition scheduled for October. See also DXNL 1207.

VK9 - COCOS KEELING ISLAND Bert, PA3GIO, starts his operation as VK9CQ from OC-003 on Aug 26 (not on Aug 16). QSL via PA3GIO, best via bureau. Check his website at: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/VK9CQ/.

ZK1 - SOUTH COOK Peter, DK6NP, is momentarily on the air as ZK1NNP from OC-159. QSL via DK6NP.


3DA0 - SWAZILAND ZS6ANL shall be active as 3DA0NL from Aug 21-25. QSL via ZS6ANL, Box 6282, Homestead 1412, Republic South Africa

5A - LIBYA Abubaker, 5A1A, and Toly, UT3UY, state that UY0MF/5A (QSL via UX5MZ) has NO permission to build up an own amateur radio station in Libya.

5R - MADAGASCAR Ken Pendarvis, AD6KA, will be QRV as 5R8GQ from Ivandry/Antananarivo between Aug 29 and Sep 26. Operation will take place in SSB/PSK31/ RTTY and little CW mostly on 10/15/20/40m (but also on 80/160m) with a TS940, AL80A amp, R7000 and a windom antenna for the lowbands. QSL via AD6KA (with 1 US-$ return postage). His homepage is http://www.qsl.net/ad6ka/.

E3 - ERITREA W7LN signing E30LA and E30MA from Asmara was QRV from Eritrea and NOT from Ethiopia (DXNL 1210). QSLs via W7LN.


PY0F - ST.PETER & ST.PAUL ROCKS The next DXpedition to the St.Peter & St.Paul Rocks (SA-014) was announced for Aug 25-30. The two participants Karl, PS7KM/ZX0SK, and Tino, PT7AA/ZW0SP, had to be replaced by Al Archangelo, PY2ZX, and Ademir Moreira, PY2SP, who will be QRV as PS0S in CW/SSB/RTTY on 80-6m (NOT 160m). Ademir works in CW, Al SSB and RTTY (he is still new to that mode!). They have two radios with them but it may be diffi- cult for them to put them both on the air simultaneously. QSL via PY2SP, Ademir Moreira, Rua Abaitara 108, Sao Paulo-SP, 03714 TH-060, Brasil. Check also their website: http://www.qsl.net/spsp/

V2 - ANTIGUA Ronald, V26WP; Peter, V26EA; Rob, V26ET; and Dennis, V26FM, are on the air with good signals until Aug 23. Online logs are available on http://www.qsl.net/lldxt/. QSL via bureau to PA5ET (ex PA3ERC).

YV - VENEZUELA YW5LF shall hit the airwaves in SSB/CW on 6-10m from Los Frailes (SA-059, see also DXNL 1205/1207) from Aug 23-27. QSL via W4SO who acts as an maildrop ONLY. Web: http://www.kilohertz.de afterwards.


BV - TAIWAN Yuki, JI6KVR, reports that P'engchia Island (AS-new) shall be on the air as BV9W from Aug 25-27.

BY - CHINA Martti, OH2BH, travelled to Beijing to join Alan, BA1DU, operating again as BY1DX in SSB and during the SARTG RTTY Contest (Aug 19/20). QSL via OH2BH, Box 73, SF-02380 Espoo, Finland.


9H - MALTA Steve, SO5ASL, intends to operate in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK/HELL on 10-80m (no WARC) from EU-023 from Aug 22-29 but only receives his call upon arrival on Malta. QSL via bureau to G4ASL.

GJ - JERSEY The call of the ISWL clubstation was GH4BJC/p (not GX4BJC/p). QSL via bureau.

GU - GUERNSEY Bob, G3VXJ, is now active as GU3VXJ mostly in CW on the WARC bands (sometimes also on 160m during the nights) for the next two weeks. QSL via G3VXJ.

SV - GREECE Michael, SV8/DF3IS, and Emil, SV8/DJ4PI, are now on the air from Thassos (EU-174) operating in SSB/CW on all bands between Aug 23 and Sep 5. QSLs via bureau to their homecalls.

TK - CORSICA Gil, IZ1DLV, stays on Cavallo (EU-164) from Aug 22-27. QSL via buro to IZ1DLV or direct to Gilberto G. Bonasegale, Box 7039, I-16148 Genova - GE, Italy.


Since January 1997 I am the editor of the DX Newsletter and from Jan 2001 I like to spend my spare time with something else. We are looking for a new DXNL editor starting with January 2001 and I am willing to help you during the first time. You are an active DXer, interested in keeping the DXNL and you always want to have the latest DX information? Then don't hesitate too long and contact now Lothar, DL3TD (dxhf@darc.de), or one of the other DXNL e-mail addresses.


DATE              CALL            DXNL

Oct 8 -Oct 24     3B6RF           1195
NOW               3B8GO           1208
Aug 21-Aug  25    3DA0NL          1211 *
May   -Nov/2000   3W2LC           1198
NOW   -2001       4O8/9X0A        1201
Jul 27-Aug 27     4U1UN (DL4TT)   1207
NOW               4W6   (several) 1190-1192, 1196
NOW               UY0MF/5A        1209, 1211 *
NOW               5B4/G0DEZ       1209
Jul 1 -Nov 30     5B40            1205
Aug 29-Sep 26     5R8GQ           1211 *
Aug 18-Aug 27     5W0SF           1210, 1211 *
Oct/99-Sep/2001   5X1GS           1166
NOW   -Aug        7Q7HB           1207
Aug 13-Aug 23     8Q7SR           1209
NOW   -Aug 23     9G5AP           1210
Aug 22-Aug 29     9H   (SO5ASL)   1211 *

Sep/2000          A9 (K4SXT)      1206
NOW   -Nov 2      AX8AM           1207
Aug 13-Aug 25     BT0S            1209
Aug 25-Aug 27     BV9W            1211 *
NOW               DU1/DK3GI       1208
NOW   -2002       DU1/K7JOE       1207
NOW               E30MA, E30LA    1210
Mar/99-2001       E4/G3WQU        1140
NOW               EM1KY           1185
Aug 16-Aug 28     FH/TU5AX        1185, 1210
Aug   -Nov/2000   FM/F2JD         1207
Aug 5 -Aug 31     FO (F6DRO)      1208
NOW   -Sep/2000   FO0MCC          1206
Aug   -Sep        FO0MOT          1210
NOW   -End Aug    FS/NP2KO        1207

Aug 20-Sep 2      GU3VXJ          1211 *
Jun 20-Jun/2001   HC4WW           1203
Jun 10- ??        J28EW           1202
NOW   -mid Oct    J3/G3TBK        1209
Aug 14-Aug 23     J48HW           1210
NOW   -Aug 24     JT1FDC          1210
Apr 7 -Oct 7      JX7DFA          1192
NOW   -2002 ?     NH6D/KH4        1200
May 8 -Oct/2000   KH5, KH5K       1197-1211 *

NOW   -Sep/2000   OD5/F5SQM       1168, 1203
Aug 25-Aug 30     PS0S            1211 *
Jan 1-Dec 31      R1FJV           1179
Aug 22-Sep 5      S92SV           1210
Aug 14-Aug 30     SV/IK8VRH etc   1209
Aug 15-Aug 29     SV5/PA1KW       1209
Aug 14-Aug 30     SV8/DJ4PI,DF3IS 1211 *

NOW   -Summer2001 UA0QBA          1204
Aug 14-Aug 28     V2/G4DIY        1209
Aug 12-Aug 23     V26WP, EA etc   1210-1211 *
NOW   -Sep/2000   V29TBK          1204
Aug 16-Sep 1      VK9CQ           1210-1211 *
Aug 13-Aug 26     VK9XY           1209
NOW   -Dec/2000   VK0MM           1176-1191, 1197, 1198
Aug 14-Aug 28     VP5/I4ALU       1209
Aug   -Dec/2000   VQ9QM           1208
NOW   -Dec/2001   YI9OM           1186
POSTPONED->Aug    YW5LF           1206, 1211 *
NOW               ZK1NNP          1211 *

"NEW": 1211 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   V26EA        1831  0355Z via PA5ET, bureau
   DU1/DK3GI    3502  2050Z via DL2MY, bureau
   OY/DL5LYM    3508  2125Z via bureau
   V26WP        3510  0342Z via PA5ET, bureau
   5H3RK        7006  0308Z via CBA
   DU1/DK3GI    7005  2054Z via DL2MBY, bureau
   E4/G3WQU     7002  1912Z via bureau
   FM5DN        7062  0412Z via KU9C, also bureau
   HK0VGJ       7007  0419Z via CBA
   J28EW        7004  0249Z via F5KEE
   JA1XHE/JD1   7065  1818Z via bureau
   JT1FDC       7013  2243Z via UA4WHX
   OY/DL8WAA    7008  0340Z via bureau
   PZ5RA        7063  0305Z via CBA
   V26FM        7094  0527Z via PA5ET, bureau
   VK9XY        7014  2211Z via DH1SGS, bureau
   JW/OK2PBM   10110  2305Z
   OY/DL5LYM   10104  0045Z via bureau
   V2/G4DIY    10107  2335Z via bureau
   V26ET       10103  2153Z via PA5ET, bureau
   VU2JOS      10110  2309Z
   HP3XBH      14013  0012Z via W4WX, bureau
   J69AZ       14215  0437Z direct ONLY
   JD1BKQ      14084  1758Z via bureau
   P29CC       14254  2128Z via K1WY, bureau
   HK6KKK      18075  0532Z via bureau
   OX/DK6XR    18140  1428Z via DK6XR
   PZ5JR       18126  1858Z via K3BYV, bureau
   YJ0AXC      18080  0831Z via JE1DXC, direct
   FO0YAM      21264  0844Z via JK1FNN, bureau
   T88JC       21327  1440Z via JF1KJC
   TI3TLS      21010  0812Z via bureau
   YN9HAU      21274  2124Z via HR1RMG, direct
   3B8CF       24905  1356Z via CBA
   3W7CW       24892  1417Z see DXNL 1202
   FH/TU5AX    24967  1402Z via F5OGL, bureau
   J3/G3TBK    24900  1111Z via G3TBK, bureau
   OY3QN       24910  1715Z via OZ1ACB, bureau
   PZ1AP       24907  1436Z via CBA
   TR8XX       24898  1048Z direct
   V26WP       24945  1401Z via PA5ET, bureau
   VK9XY       24905  1552Z via DH1SGS, bureau
   VP2V/IZ1DLV 24953  1934Z via IZ1DLV, bureau
   VP5/I4ALU   24894  2007Z via I4ALU, bureau
   ZK1NNP      24895  1051Z via DK6NP
   4W6MM       28006  1303Z see DXNL 1194
   D2BB        28483  1621Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   FG/JH7BZR/p 28026  1712Z
   FM5GU       28510  2040Z via KU9C, also bureau
   FO0PT       28022  1006Z via DJ0FX, bureau
   FW5ZL       28487  1217Z see DXNL 1191
   J28FH       28463  2228Z via WA2VUY, bureau
   KH6ND/KH5   28010  0905Z via K4TSJ
   TT8FC       28467  1542Z via EA4AHK, bureau
   VP8LGT      28440  1405Z via VP8ON
   XX9TEP      28435  0637Z via K8EP, bureau


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived bureau: 9V1RH, A35VR (WA2NHA), A4/G0BQV, AD7U/p, AH7C (OC-019), B1A (KU9C), BD7NQ/7 (W2AY), BQ9P (KU9C),C56EL (ON4CEL), CT3/F5LMJ, D2GG (CT1GG), D2YY (CT1GG),DU67RWW (DL4OCM), EJ4GK/p (EU-103, via EI4GK)

QSLs arrived direct: RM0M (AS-066 via UA0MF), S21YJ (SM4AIO, quick), V31JP (K8JP), V31OM (DJ6SI), V73CW (AC4G), V73UX, VK9WI (VK4APG), VP8DBN (SA-002 via G7BSP, quick)

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, AD6KA, ARRL DX News, DB0SDX, DF1ZN, DF3IS, DF6EX, DJ6RX, DK2JX, DL1GEH,OPDX, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL2GG, DL3IAC, DL5ME, DL5NAM, DL6YK, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, DL7PR, F6AJA, GOList, IK7JTF, Les Nouvelles DX,MAYER QSL CARDS,ON6DP,QRZ DX, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX and others.