DX News Letter 1221
October 30, 2000

DX-NL 1221 - October 30, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


VP8A - ANTARCTICA Bert, KC4/WA1O, a scientist will participate in the International Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) operating with TS50 and wire antennas between Nov 1 and Jan 15, 2001. QSL via KA1CRP.


9M6 - EASTERN MALAYSIA Members of the Borneo ARC will activate 9M6C on 14195 and 21195 kHz ONLY from Nov 3-5.

KH5K - KINGMAN REEF The 15 op K5K activity from OC-096 ends on Oct 31, 1700Z. On this day they will stay on air with four stations on 15/20/40/80m. QSL via K4TSJ. More information and online logs can be found on the website http://www.qsl.net/krpdxg/

KH6 - HAWAII Ralph, N7KGA/KH6, and Debby, N7FL, are QRV from Oct 26 until Nov 6.

T8 - PALAU Koji, JK7TKE, is QRV as T88TU from Koror (OC-009) working on 80-6m from Dec 27-31. QSL via bureau to JK7TKE or direct to Koji Fukui, 1840-5 Izumi-cho, Tokorozawa 359-1112, Japan.

T2 - TUVALU Tusti, W4WET, appeared as T2DX during the WWDX. QSL via W4WET.

V6 - CAROLINES Shoji, V63DX/JA7HMZ, is on Pohnpei (OC-010) and planned to take part in the WWDX as V6A but was not heard on air. He is accompanied by Koh, V63DQ/JA7KAC, who wants to operate especially in CW and on the WARC bands. QSL for V6A via JA7AO; V63DX via JA7HMZ, Shoji Igawa, 17 Shirogane, Yokobori, Ogachi,019-0204 Japan. QSL V63DQ via JA7KAC.

VK - AUSTRALIA Ten members of the VK6 DX Chasers Clubs announced to operate as VK6DIR from Direction/Mackerel Islands (OC-140) working with four stations on 40-6m from Nov 5-13. QSL via VK6NE. Check also their homepage http://www.mackerelislands.com.au

VK9L - LORD HOWE ISLAND Ed, AA4EH, is on the air from OC-004 signing VK9KEH on 10-30m (most on 21020 kHz) between Oct 31 and Nov 6. QSL via AA4EH.

ZK1 - SOUTH COOK Silvano, KB5GL, and Nando, IT9YRE, both experienced IOTA DXpeditioners are QRV as ZK1AGL and ZK1YRE from Mangaia (OC-159) from Nov 1-8. They are operating with two stations, linear, verticals and loops in SSB on 10-20m. QSLs via homecalls, direct or via bureau.

ZK1 - NORTH COOK Yasu, JI1NJC, and Yu, JR2KDN, are on the air from Penrhyn (OC-082) signing ZK1NJC and ZK1NDK between Oct 28 and Nov 4. Operation takes place in SSB/CW/RTTY on all bands (6m->50.100 MHz, QSX 50.140+). QSL via JR2KDN (CBA or JA bureau). Bureau QSLs may be requested by sending an e-mail to: jr2kdn@pluto.dti.ne.jp

ZL8 - KERMADEC ISLAND Jacky, ZL3CW (F2CW), has left New Zealand on Oct 30 to operate as ZL8CW or ZM8CW from Raoul (OC-039) from Nov 2-12 or from Nov 23.


D4 - CAPE VERDE EA8BYG, EA8EE, SM0JHF and SM0JQX are hitting the airwaves as D44AC from Sao Vicente (AF-086; HK76MK) from Nov 1-7. They are working in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/HELL/MFSK16/32/MT63/SSTV/PACTOR on all bands. QSL via EA8URL. Daily logs on http://www.qsl.net/dxgrancanaria/


8R - GUYANA After being QRV from FY Arliss, 8R/W7XU, shall be QRV on 20m CW or 6m (50110 kHz) between Oct 30 and Nov 7. QSL via W7XU.

CE - CHILE Bruce, CE8/KD6WW, is QRV from Navarino (SA-050) from Nov 2-4. QSL via KD6WW, direct or via buro. Buro QSLs also via kd6ww@inreach.com

FG - GUADELOUPE Bob, KR4DA, William, N2WB, Bill, W4WX, and Clarence, W9AAZ, of the FDXPG were QRV from Oct 24-31. QSLs for FG5BG via KR4DA, FG/N2WB via N2OO, all others via homecall. See: http://www.geocities.com/n2wb23/ & http://members.xoom.com/FDXPG/

KG4 - GUANTANAMO BAY Vance, N5VL, is QRV as KG4VL from NA-015 from Oct 27 till Nov 3. QSL via N5VL (CBA).

KH2 - GUAM AA9WZ (QSL via JA1OZK), JA1OBY, JA1XHE, JH1FUD, JL1LOW and JR1XIM were active in CW/SSB/digital modes from OC-026 from Oct 26-30. QSLs via homecalls (bureau or CBA's).

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Bill, NU0Q, is operating during the ARRL CW Sweepstakes as WP2Z from St. Croix (NA-106) from Nov 4-6. Outside of the contest he works as KP2/NU0Q. QSL for WP2Z via KU9C, QSL for KP2/NU0Q via NU0Q.

PJ2 - NETHERLAND ANTILLES Joeke, PJ2/PA0VDV, is on the air in CW only from Curacao (SA-006) between Oct 26 and Nov 15. QSL via buro to PA0VDV (QSL Regio R14) or to his CBA. Buro QSLs may be requested via e-mail: pa0vdv@planet.nl

V2 - ANTIGUA The Team Antigua was QRV from NA-100 signing V26B (QSL via WT3Q) in the contest or using their own calls from Oct 25 till Nov 1.

V3 - BELIZE The Kansas City DX Club was also QRV during the WWDX signing V31GC respectively V31KY, V31LF, V31GE and V31SE outside of the contest.

VP2E - ANGUILLA W8GEX (VP2EP), AC8G (VP2EH) and W8ILC (VP2EK) were active as VP2EK from NA-022 during the WWDX and in SSB/CW on all bands between Oct 26 and Nov 2. QSLs via homecalls.

VP2M - MONTSERRAT W6JKV, K6MYC and K5AND were announced from NA-103 from Nov 3-19.

VP5 - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS WA2VYA, WA3RHW, K2WB and N2VW of the Frankford Radio Club were QRV from VP5JM's QTH on Providenciales (NA-002) from Oct 24-31. During the WWDX they were VP5T, QSL via N2VW (buro QSLs via n2vw@arrl.net). All others via their homecalls.


9K - KUWAIT On Nov 4-6 the KARS activates the special callsign 9K2LOW to remember the extinguishing of the last oil well set on fire during the Gulf War. QSL via 9K2RA.

A5 - BHUTAN The Japanese got these calls: A52W (QSL via JH1NBN), A52DX (via JF1PJK), A52JA (via JK1AFI), A52B (via JR7TEQ) and A52XX (via JA1PCY).

S2 - BANGLADESH Carl, SM6CPY, intends to operate as S21YD on 10-20m during the first week of November. QSL via SM6CPY.


HB0 - PRINCIPALITY OF LIECHTENSTEIN Laci/HA6NL, Zsolt/HA6PS, Csaba/HA6PX and Tibor/HA6ZV shall be QRV as HB0/homecalls from Nov 1-7. QSLs via homecalls. During the HA QRP Contest they will use HB0/HA5RT/p (QSL via HA6NL) at +/-3511 kHz.

JW - SVALBARD Tor, LA9XGA, is on the air again from Longyearbyen (EU-026) signing JW9XGA in CW/RTTY/PSK31 from Nov 2-8. QSL via bureau to LA9XGA or direct via Tor-Atle Sandal, Hamnaflot 6, N-4200 Sauda, Norway.


DATE              CALL            DXNL

POSTPONED 05/2001 3B6RF           1195, 1215, 1217
Nov 3 -Nov 17     3B8 (DL7DF etc) 1216
NOW   -Feb/2001   4W6FK           1216
NOW   -2002       4S7RO/6Y5       1219
Oct 21-Oct 1      8A3B            1219
Oct 17-??         8Q7QQ           1219
Oct 30-Nov 7      8R/W7XU         1221 *
Oct 21-Nov 6      9E1C, 9E1S      1219
Nov 4 -Nov 6      9K2LOW          1221 *
Oct 21-Nov 2      9M6AAC          1219
Nov 3 -Nov 5      9M6C            1221 *

Oct 25-Nov 11     A35ZG, A35YL    1216
Oct 27-Nov 3      A52W, A52DX etc 1220, 1221 *
Oct 24-Nov 1      A61AJ           1220
Nov 2 -Nov 4      CE8/KD6WW       1221 *
Nov 1 -Nov 7      D44AC           1221 *
NOW               D4A, D44BS      1219
Oct 29-Nov 10     DU3/G4ZVJ       1218
Oct 18-Nov 1      E30TA   (BCC)   1218, 1220
Oct 10-           EP4PTT          1219

Oct 24-Oct 31     FG5BG etc       1221 *
Aug   -Nov/2000   FM/F2JD         1207-1208, 1220
May   -Nov 25     FO0DEH          1215
Oct 24-Nov 2      FO0FRA          1219
Oct 31-Nov 8      FO0SCH          1220
Oct 21-Nov 4      FO0WEG          1220

Oct 28-Nov 4      HB0/HA0HW etc   1220
Nov 1 -Nov 7      HB0/HA6NL       1221 *
NOW   -Summer2002 J28EX           1220
NOW   -Nov        J3/W6FC         1220
Nov 2 -Nov 8      JW9XGA          1221 *
Nov 1 -Jan 15     KC4/WA1O        1221 *
Oct 27-Nov 3      KG4VL           1221 *
Oct 26-Nov 6      N7KGA/KH6 etc   1221 *
NOW   -Dec        P29DX           1219
Oct 26-Nov 15     PJ2/PA0VDV      1221 *
Oct 30-Nov 5      R2/OZ5IPA       1220
Oct 1 -Dec 31     SY2A            1217
Oct 27-Oct 31     T88TU           1221 *
Aug   -mid Nov    T99ZZ           1214
NOW   -Dec/2001   TT8DX           1219
Oct 20-End of Nov TZ6JA           1220

Oct 25-Nov 1      V26B etc        1221 *
Oct 25-???        V31GC etc       1221 *
Oct 27-Nov 2      V63DQ, V63DX    1221 *
Nov 5 -Nov 13     VK6DIR          1221 *
Oct 21-Nov 4      VK9CZ, VK9CK    1219
Oct 31-Nov 6      VK9KEH          1221 *
NOW   -Dec/2000   VK0MM           1176-1191, 1197, 1198
Oct 26-Nov 2      VP2EK,VP2EP,.EH 1221 *
Nov 3 -Nov 19     VP2M (W's)      1221 *
Oct 24-Oct 31     VP5T etc        1221 *
Oct 30-Mar/2001   VQ9PO           1220
Aug   -Dec/2000   VQ9QM           1208
Nov 4 -Nov 6      WP2Z etc        1221 *
Nov 1 -Nov 8      ZK1AGL, ZK1YRE  1221 *
NOW   -Nov 4      ZK1MHM          1218
Oct 28-Nov 6      ZK1NJC, ZK1NDK  1221 *
Nov 2 -Nov 12     ZL8CW           1221 *

"NEW": 1221 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   5C8M       1831  1955Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   D4A        1825  0233Z via I2MQP, bureau
   E30TA      1824  2112Z via DL5NAM, bureau
   FG5BG      1820  0515Z via KR4DA
   FP/N8KR    1840  0320Z via N8KR
   IG9A       1840  2122Z via I2MQP, bureau
   OY9JD      1821  0142Z via CBA
   PJ8/K7ZUM  1831  0413Z via K7ZUM, bureau
   V26B       1829  0516Z via WT3Q, bureau
   VO2CQ      1829  2256Z via VE3FU, bureau

   CN8WW      3777  1830Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   FP/AC8W    3797  0522Z via AC8W, bureau
   FS/K4ZA    3782  0521Z via K4ZA
   HC8A       3767  0726Z via WV7Y, bureau
   J80WW      3787  0634Z via W2EN
   K5K        3503  0506Z via K4TSJ
   P43P       3795  0346Z via I2MQP, bureau
   ZF2MC      3791  0713Z via N7MQ, bureau

   9E1S       7006  2257Z via IV3TRK
   9M8R       7035  2043Z via W7EJ, direct
   A52B       7056  2105Z via JR7TEQ
   A61AJ      7047  2008Z via W3UR, bureau
   PJ7/N4ZC   7005  0050Z via N4ZC
   PY0FF      7046  0454Z via W9VA, bureau
   TG9AKC     7016  0317Z via Box 2700, Guatemala City, Guatemala
   DL1DA/TI7  7002  0501Z via DL1DA, bureau
   ZF2AH      7018  0049Z via W6VNR, bureau

   DU1/DK3GI 10108  2104Z via DL2MY, bureau
   K5K       10106  0735Z via K4TSJ
   VP2EK     10104  0337Z via W8ILC
   VU2TS     10108  2004Z via I1YRL
   ZK1BQI    10105  0433Z via I6BQI

   FO0FRA    14260  0755Z via CT1EAT, bureau
   VK0MM     14185  0718Z see DXNL 1180, QRX
   ZK1NCJ    14018  1323Z via JI1NCJ

   A35YL     18160  0713Z via DL7AFS, bureau
   K5K       18145  0748Z via K4TSJ

   3D2RW     21022  0627Z via ZL1AMO, also bureau
   A35ZG     21295  0856Z via DL7AFS, bureau
   T88QG     21335  1513Z via JA1QGT

   9E1C      24940  1422Z via IV3OWC
   A35BQ     24900  2231Z via I6BQI
   C6A/KI6T  24895  1741Z via KI6T, bureau
   J8/WA2VUY 24955  1546Z via W2EN
   K5K       24945  1728Z via K4TSJ

   A52XX     28476  0904Z via JA1PCY
   D4A       28461  1200Z via I2MQP, bureau
   FG/N2WB   28473  1943Z via N2OO, bureau
   FO0WEG    28495  1555Z via SP9FIH
   J28NH     28756  1316Z via F5IPW, bureau
   T88WX     28615  1412Z via JA1WSX, bureau
   V26NM     28428  1849Z via NM5M
   V73CW     28020  0920Z via AC4G, also bureau
   XQ0Y      28806  1520Z via KD6WW, bureau
   XU7ABL    28510  1010Z via JA1ELY, bureau
   ZF2RV     28616  1435Z via WJ7R, bureau


QSL Routes

Pascual, EA5EYJ, collected the QSL routes for the CQ WWDX SSB Contest 2000 at http://www.arrakis.es/~ea5eyj/