DX News Letter 1224
November 20, 2000

DX-NL 1224 - November 20, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


9M6 - EASTERN MALAYSIA Hide, JH8KYU, and Sei, JF1SQC, will be on the air from Kota Kinabalu signing 9M6HTT (9M6SMT in WWDX CW) from Nov 23-27. QSLs via JF1SQC.

JD1 - MINAMI TORISHIMA Katsumi, JD1BCK, is QRV between this September and August 2001. He is working only in SSB on 15m (21195, 21230, 21325) with a 3 element monobander and perhaps on 10m/6m by the end of this year. QSL direct only via JM1TUK.

KH0 - MARIANA ISLANDS JQ1UKK, JF2SKV, JG3VEI and JH5OXF announced to operate from OC-086 signing NH0V (via JG3VEI), KH0/KD6CJF (via JH5OXF) and KH0/JQ1UKK (via JQ1UKK) in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/FM on 6-160m from Nov 23-27. In the WWDX CW Contest they will sign NH0S (via JF2SKV, CBA or bureau).

KH5 - PALMYRA ISLAND Mike, KH6ND/KH5, left the island together with the island staff and returned to Honolulu with more than 25.000 QSOs on ten bands. Mike and the Kingman Reef/Palmyra DX Group (KRPDXG) hope that there will be also future amateur radio activities from Palmyra after the new owner took over the island. QSL via K4TSJ.

P2 - PAPUA NEW GUINEA Paul, K1XM, and Charlotte, KQ1F, shall be QRV as P29VPY and P29VCR from Loloata operating in SSB (perhaps RTTY) on the WARC bands from Nov 21/22 till Nov 27 or 28. Paul intends to participate in the WWDX CW Contest (if possible with a special call). QSLs via KQ1F.

YB - INDONESIA YC9ZVS wanted to become active from Sorong working in SSB on 10/15/ 40m from Nov 18-25. QSL via YC9BU. YC9WZJ/p appeared to be active from OC-239 (QSL via YC9BU). YC9BU/p announced an operation from an island off the coast of Timor between Nov 28 and Dec 1.

YJ - VANUATU YJ0PD is QRV since Nov 19 and will sign YJ0V during WWDX CW Contest. Log can be checked online at http://www.n9pd.com. QSLs via K9-buro to N9PD or direct to his CBA. PLEASE do NOT send QSLs via the YJ bureau!

ZK1 - SOUTH COOK Roger, W7VV, can be heard as ZK1VV also on the WARC bands between Nov 22 and Dec 3 (also in WWDX CW).

ZK2 - NIUE Bill, W7TVF, is QRV again as ZK2VF on 6-160m and listens especially for lowband grayline DX in Europe, Africa or South America between Nov 19 and Dec 10. QSL via W7TVF with return postage to Bill Dawson, PO Box 4049, Pahrump, NV 89061, USA.


3DA0 - SWAZILAND 3DA0NL is on the air again from Nov 20-27. This time also on 40m. QSL via ZS6ANL, PO Box 6282, Homestead, 1412 Republic South Africa.

5R - MADAGASCAR During his spare time Sigi, DJ4IJ is QRV as 5R8GT for at least three weeks since Nov 17. QSL via DK8ZD.

5T - MAURITANIA Yannick, F6FYD, holds a licence as 5T5YD for at least six months. Perhaps he will also kick off some IOTA activities. QSL via F6FYD.

5X - UGANDA Tapani, OH5BM, is QRV as 5X1Z in SSB/CW on 10/15m to decide whether he will work on 10m or on 15m during the WWDX CW Contest. QSL via SM6CAS.

CN - MOROCCO On Nov 19 the Bavarian Contest Club hit the airwaves again as 5C8M to prepare their WWDX CW Contest effort as CN8WW. QSLs via buro to DL6FBL or direct to DL6FBL, Bernd Och, Chr.-Wirth-Str. 18, D-36043 Fulda, Germany. Check their website: http://www.dl6fbl.de/cn8ww/

ZD8 - ASCENSION ISLAND Jim, N6TJ/ZD8Z, is QRV again from AF-003 between Nov 21 and Dec 9 and will work the 10m single band category in the WWDX CW Contest. QSL via VE3HO.


8P - BARBADOS From Nov 22-29 John, K4BAI, is QRV again as 8P9HT from NA-021 and will sign 8P9Z during the WWDX CW Contest. QSLs via K4BAI.

C6 - BAHAMAS Dick, N4RP, announced to be QRV from South Bimini (NA-048) signing C6AKP from Nov 17-29 and during WWDX CW Contest. QSL via N4RP. ---- John, K3TEJ/C6A, from Treasure Cay (NA-080) signs C6AKW on 10-160m and during WWDX CW from Nov 21-28. QSLs via K3TEJ. ---- From Nov 21-28 Ed, C6A/WA3WSJ, is working from Abaco (NA-080) on 10- 160 QRP and in the CQ WWDX Contest. QSL direct to WA3WSJ.

HC - ECUADOR Rick, NE8Z, will be QRV as HC1MD working in CW/SSB on 80-10m (700 W) and 6m (150 W + 3 ele yagi) between Nov 25 and Dec 11. When he will travel within the country prepare to listen for him portable in HC2, HC3, HC6 and HC7. QSL via K8LJG, John Kroll, 3528 Craig Drive, Flint, MI 48506, USA.

HI - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Julio, AD4Z, announced to operate as HI3K in CW on all bands (also WARC and 160m) between Nov 22 and Dec 3. QSL via AD4Z.

J3 - GRENADA, V2 - ANTIGUA, VP2M - MONTSERRAT Dave is on a trip through the West Indies and should become QRV as J3/G3TBK, V29TBK, VP2MDC and perhaps also from other islands. He is working mostly in CW and on the WARC bands. Bureau QSLs via G3TBK, direct QSLs via G0IAS.

KP2 - AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS The OK DX Foundation (http://www.okdxf.cz) shall hit the airwaves from St. Thomas (NA-106) especially on 160/80/40/6m between Nov 20 and Dec 3. During the WWDX CW Contest they will sign KP2/OK5DX. QSLs via buro or OK DX Found., Box 73, 29306 Kosmonosy, Czech Rep. --- Joe Pater, KP2/W8GEX, wants to be QRV in SSB on 10-40m during his diving holidays on St. Croix from Nov 16-23. QSL via W8GEX.

TG - GUATEMALA, V3 - BELIZE, HR - HONDURAS Alan, F6BFH, F5TYY, F5JY, F6AOI and F5LGQ were QRV as TG4/homecalls. After that F6BFH, F5TYY and F5JY went to Belize to operate as V31FH, V31YW, V31DI until Nov 24 and F6AOI and F5LGQ went to Honduras.

TI - COSTA RICA Mike, TI5/K9NW (QSL via WW9DX), is QRV as TI5N (via TI5KD) during the WWDX CW Contest and from Nov 21-28.

VP5 - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS From Nov 20-28 Ranko, VP5/YT6A, is active from North Caicos signing also VP5/K3ZAX or VP5MM during WWDX CW Contest. QSLs via YU1FW.


9H - MALTA Con, DF4SA, will work from Malta (EU-023) during the WWDX CW Contest on Nov 25/26. QSL via DF4SA, automatically via bureau.


CQ WWDX Contest CW: Nov 25, 0000 UTC till Nov 26, 2400 UTC. Bands: 10-160m. Work: Everybody, own DXCC counts only as a multiplier. Exchange: RST+CQ zone


DATE            CALL            DXNL

Nov 20-Nov 27   3DA0NL          1224 *
Nov 19-Nov 27   5C8M, CN8WW     1224 *
Nov 19- ??      5R8GT           1223, 1224 *
NOW   -May/2001 5T5YD           1222, 1224 *
Nov 20-Nov 26   5X1Z            1224 *
Nov 22-Nov 29   8P9HT, 8P9Z     1224 *
      -Nov      9G5AA etc       1222
NOW             9G5EE etc       1223
NOW             9H3.. (DF4SA)   1224 *
Nov 23-Nov 17   9M6HTT, 9M6SMT  1224 *

NOW             A35MO, A35TO    1223
Nov 21-Nov 28   K3TEJ/C6A       1224 *
Nov 21-Nov 28   C6A/WA3WSJ      1224 *
Nov 17-Nov 29   C6AKP           1224 *
Oct   -Mar/2001 FM/F2JD         1207-1208, 1220
Nov 20-Nov 27   FO/TK5PB        1223
May   -Nov 25   FO0DEH          1215
Nov 25-Dec 11   HC1MD etc       1224 *
Nov 22-Dec 3    HI3K            1224 *
Nov 18-Nov 30   DL2DXA/HI9      1223
NOW   -Nov 24   HR   (Fs)       1224 *
NOW   -Nov 26   HS0/G4UZN       1223
Dec 24-2000     HV0A            1178, 1223

NOW             J3/G3TBK        1224 *
Nov 18-Nov 27   J75KG           1223
Nov 10-Nov 28   J79GU           1222
Nov 16-Dec 12   J8/G0WHP        1223
Sep   -Aug/2001 JD1BCK          1224 *
Nov 17-May/2001 JW3FL           1223
NOW QRT         KH6ND/KH5       1222, 1224 *
End of Nov      KH6/W6QY        1223
Nov 20-Dec 3    KP2/OK5DX       1224 *
Nov 16-Nov 23   KP2/W8GEX       1224 *
Nov 23-Nov 27   NH0S etc        1224 *
Nov 21-Nov 28   P29VPY, VCR     1224 *
Nov 10-Nov 26   PJ2T  etc       1223
Nov 18-Dec 3    S92DX           1223

Nov 21-Nov 28   TI5/K9NW etc    1224 *
Nov 14-Nov 28   TS7N            1223
SOON            V29TBK          1224 *
NOW   -Nov 24   V31FH,V31DI,V31YW  1224 *
Nov 22-Nov 27   VE2IM           1223
NOW   -Dec 17   VK0MM           1223
SOON            VP2MDC          1224 *
Nov 20-Nov 28   VP5/YT6A etc    1224 *
Nov 18-Nov 25   YC9ZVS          1224 *
Nov 28-Dec 1    YC9BU/p         1224 *
Nov 19-Nov 29   YJ0PD, YJ0V     1223, 1224*
Nov 21-Dec 9    ZD8Z            1224 *
Nov 21-Nov 28   ZF2AM  etc      1223
Nov 16-Nov 23   ZF2MU           1223
Nov 22-Dec 3    ZK1VV           1224 *
Nov 19-Dec 10   ZK2VF           1224 *

"NEW": 1224 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   4X6DK       1824  2101Z via bureau
   5T5U        1824  2147Z via JA1UT, bureau
   A92ZE       1824  2139Z via K4SXT
   HL3IUA      1824  2052Z via JA5AQC, bureau
   JX7DFA      1822  0549Z via LA7DFA, bureau
   TS7N        1832  0022Z via DL6BCF, bureau

   DU1/DK3GI   3504  2108Z via DL2MY, bureau
   J79GU       3507  0312Z via DL7VOG, bureau
   PJ2/DF8AN   3509  0133Z via DF8AN, bureau
   PZ1DV       3503  0604Z via W9GW, bureau
   VU2PAI      3796  2005Z via CBA or bureau

   3W2LWS      7012  2118Z via WA1LWS
   8P9FX       7016  0604Z via G3RFX, bureau
   C6ANI       7076  2215Z via CBA
   CX7OV       7047  2210Z
   EP4PTT      7095  2142Z via RZ6LS
   FM/G3TXF    7014  0057Z via bureau
   FO0DER/p    7007  0730Z via 3D2AG, direct
   HC2/UA4WAE  7011  0005Z see DXNL 1222
   HK1RRL      7018  0359Z
   HI8An       7003  0651Z via WA6KF ?
   J3/G3TBK    7013  0001Z via bureau
   P43JB       7014  0013Z via OH6ZS
   TS7N        7001  2318Z via DL6BCF, bureau
   V31YN       7007  0241Z via DJ4KW, bureau
   XE1IDJ      7003  0456Z via bureau

   3B8/DL7DF  10104  1752Z via bureau
   A35MO      10103  1508Z via OM2SA, bureau
   D44CF      10107  0820Z via SM0JHF, bureau
   HK6KKK     10107  2335Z via bureau
   J79GU      10104  2025Z via DL7VOG, bureau
   PJ2/PA0VDV 10101  0046Z via PA0VDV, bureau
   R1ANZ      10107  1927Z via RU1ZC, bureau
   V8APN      10104  2025Z via N4PN, direct
   VU2TS      10102  2245Z via I1YRL, bureau
   XE2NJ      10103  0607Z via F6FNU, direct

   VK0MM      14195  0635Z see DXNL 1180, QRX !
   ZK1JD      14243  0704Z via Jim, Box 491, Rarotonga

   5C8M       18072  2009Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   JK7TKE/JD1 18130  0651Z via JK7TKE, bureau
   OY4TN      18159  1747Z direct or OY6FRA
   V31DI      18073  2102Z via F5JY
   VP8DCD     18140  1907Z via G0JLE

   KH0/WH7C   21238  0826Z via JG1OUT, also bureau
   YJ0PD      21295  0851Z via N9PD, bureau

   5R8GT      24891  1124Z via DK8ZD, bureau
   FM/G3TXF   24907  1605Z via bureau
   FO0DEH     24950  1814Z via ON4QM, bureau
   TS7N       24893  1241Z via DL6BCF, bureau
   XT2AW      24910  1053Z via DF2WO, bureau

   3W2LWS     28038  0735Z via WA1LWS
   D2BB       28007  1232Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   J79GU      28023  1336Z via DL7VOG, bureau
   JT1CJ      28443  0753Z via bureau
   OY3QN      28025  1422Z via OZ1ACB, bureau
   V31YW      28459  1609Z via F5TYY, bureau

More stations announced to take part in the WWDX CW Contest:

4M5X   via W4SO
4X3A   (OP 4X4NJ) via WA4WTG
6Y7A   via KN5H
7S2E   via SM2DMU
8Q7WW  via DL5XAT
9A2L   via 9A3AG
9M6NA  via JE1JKL
A35RK  via W7TSQ
AH2R   via JH7QXJ (bureau or CBA)
AT0JH, CO8LY  via EA7ADH (direct ONLY)
BA4EG  via BA4EG
CQ9K   via DL2CC
CX5X   (10m) via W3HNK
DX1S   via KU9C
GJ2A   via MJ0BJU
HC8N   via AA5BT
HI3K   via AD4Z
MU2K   via OH3LQK
OH0V   (10m) via OH6LI
OH0Z   via OH1EH (Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank. 9, 29200 Harjavalta, Finland)
P29VPY via KQ1F SV1NA  (160m) via SV bureau V26K   via AA3B (bureau or
V8A    via JH7FQK VP9/NC8V  via NC8V

More CQ WWDX CW Contest participants can be found online at: http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2000.html. You can sort them after DXCC entity or CQ zone. See also DXNL 1212. If you like to have your call listed there e-mail to: Bill@ng3k.com

QSLs arrived bureau: 5A1IC (IK3ZAW), 7O1YGF (DJ3XD), A61AC, FY/DJ6SI, BY1SK (op DL5MCC, schnell), JT1A (OH1RX), V31SV

QSLs arrived direct: J69MV, TI2CCC, V85AA, VK9NM (JQ3DUE)