DX News Letter 1226
December 4, 2000

DX-NL 1226 - December 4, 2000
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


3D2/cr - CONWAY REEF YT1AD, YU1RL, YU1NR, YU7AV, YS1RR, Z32AU and Z32ZM are planning a major operation in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK/SSTV on 160-6m from Feb 18-27. Donations are welcome to cover the costs of 45.000 US Dollar.

4W - EAST TIMOR Thor, 4W6MM, is now QRV from Oecussi with dipole and no amplifier since there are no good antenna conditions.

C2 - NAURU Jack, VK2GJH, announced to operate as C21JH on 80-6m from Dec 10-22. QSL via VK2GJH.

KH0 - MARIANAS W1VX/KH0 (QSL via JF1OCQ), KZ5C/KH0 (via JA0QBY) and KH0/JR1IBD (via JR1IBD) will be on the air in CW/SSB on 10-40m (perhaps 6m too) from Saipan (OC-086) from Dec 8-11.

T2 - TUVALU, 3D2 - FIJI Albert, HB9BCK (zaehner.a@bluewin.ch), intends to work as T20CK from Tuvalu on 40-10m in CW/SSB (perhaps RTTY/PSK31) running a IC706 into wire antennas between Dec 28 and Jan 8. Perhaps he will show up also from Fiji operating as 3D2BCK two days prior/after the T2 operation. QSL via bureau to HB9BCK or CBA (Europe: 1$/IRC, outside EU 2$/IRC).


3DA0 - SWAZILAND Dan, W5AHC, is building a communication network for religious groups in Swaziland but he didn't show up with his call 3DA0AA yet.

4S7 - SRI LANKA Phil, G3SWH, made only 584 QSOs as 4S7WHG/A (most on 12m) since air transport and customs kept most of his equipment out of Sri Lanka. QSL via G3SWH, bureau or CBA.

D2 - ANGOLA Hossam, SU1HM/D2, is back in Angola and QRV on 20m SSB until Feb/01.

D4 - CAPE VERDE Jean-Marc, F8IXZ, is on the air from Sao Vicente (AF-086) operating in CW on 10/15/20m from Dec 4-12. He applied for one of the calls D44X or D44SAO. QSL via F8IXZ.


KG4 - GUANTANAMO BAY Bill Gallier, W4WX, will be QRV again as KG4GC mostly in RTTY or on 6m from Dec 12-18. QSL via bureau to W4WX or to his CBA.

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Dave, KP2/AG8L (QSL via NN6C), is QRV from St. Croix (NA-106) from Dec 6-13.During the ARRL 10m Contest he'll sign WP2Z (QSL via KU9C). Perhaps he will show up also in PSK31 after the contest. --- Rod, KP2/WA0QII, is operating from St. John (NA-106) from Dec 4-11. He will also take part in the ARRL 10m Contest, but in SSB only. On Dec 7 he will be joined by Brian, ND3F, who will participate as KP2/N3IQ in QRP CW with good antennae. Outside of the contest he uses 10-80m, especially around 7008 kHz during the evening hours. QSLs via homecalls.

P4 - ARUBA Martin, VE3MR, hits the airwaves again as P40MR from SA-036 from Dec 2 until Apr 2001. QSL via VE3MR.

PY0/f - FERNANDO de NORONHA Bill, W9VA, is QRV as PY0ZFO from SA-003 from Dec 6-13 including the ARRL 10m Contest. QSL via W9VA.

V3 - BELIZE Gisela (DK9GG/V31GW new) and Gerd (DJ4KW/V31) will fly to Belize on Jan 9 (see DXNL 1222) and return home on Feb 20, 2001. They will be joined by Klaus, DJ4SO, from Jan 16 to Feb 20. Gisela and Gerd plan also to work on 80/160m and during contests. QSL via DJ4KW.

V4 - ST CHRISTOPHER AND NEVIS Larry, KJ4UY, is working as V47UY from St Christopher (NA-104) on 10-40m running a barefoot IC756 into R7, A3 (10-40m) and perhaps a dipole for 80m from Dec 10-18. QSL via KJ4UY. --- Volkmar, DF2SS, will hit the airwaves in CW/SSB/RTTY on 160-10m (6m?) signing V47SS between Dec 22 and Jan 6.

VP2M - MONTSERRAT Graham, M0AEP, shall be QRV as VP2MDD from Dec 6-20. QSL via M0AEP.

VP9 - BERMUDA Mark, AA1AC/VP9, is QRV from Hamilton Parish operating in CW/SSB on 10-80m from Dec 8-12 (including ARRL 10m Contest). QSL via AA1AC.


HS - THAILAND, XW - LAOS, XU - CAMBODIA Hiroo, JA2EZD, is in Bangkok on Dec 4 and will then operate as XW2A for 7 days and last not least as XU7ABF from Dec 13-16.

XV - VIETNAM YL Mio, JR3MVF, signing 3W2YL from Ho Chi Minh City on 21202, 14200 and in the YL net on 14222 kHz is QRV until Dec 13. QSL via JR3MVF.


HB0 - PRINCIPALITY OF LIECHTENSTEIN Wolf, HB0/DM2AUJ, announced to operate especially in CW on the low bands from Dec 19-23. QSL via bureau to DM2AUJ.


ARRL 10m Contest: Dec 9, 0000 UTC till Dec 10, 2400 UTC. Modes: CW and SSB. Exchange: RS(T)+QSO number, US/VE:state/province. Technician=/T, Novice /N. Work: Everybody.


DATE              CALL            DXNL

Feb 18-Feb 27     3D2C (YT1ADetc) 1226 *
Dec   -mid Jan    3D2BCK          1226 *
NOW               3DA0AA          1226 *
NOW   -Dec 13     3W2YL           1226 *
NOW               4W6MM           1194, 1226 *
Nov 19- ??        5R8GT           1223, 1224
NOW   -May/2001   5T5YD           1222, 1224

Dec 1 -Dec 12 ?   A52AP, A52UD    1225
Dec 10-Dec 22     C21JH           1226 *
NOW               SU1HM/D2        1226 *
NOW               D4A, D44BS      1219
Dec 4 -Dec 12     D44X, 44SAO     1226 *
NOW               EM1KY           1185
Oct 10-           EP4PTT          1219
Dec 1 -Dec 31     ER2000A etc     1225
NOW               ES/LA7IL        1225
NOW   -2001       FK8VHY          1160, 1168
Oct   -Mar/2001   FM/F2JD         1207-1208, 1220
Aug 11-2001       FM5JV           1108
Dec   -Jul/2001   FO0CLA          1225
Dec 5 -Dec 12     FS/W2JJ etc     1225
Jan 7 -           FW5ZL           1191

Dec 19-Dec 23     HB0/DM2AUJ      1226 *
Nov 25-Dec 11     HC1MD etc       1224
Jun 20-Jun/2001   HC4WW           1203
Apr/99-Mar/2002   HS/JR5XPG       1141
Dec 24-2000       HV0A            1178, 1223
NOW               J3/G3TBK        1224
Nov 16-Dec 12     J8/G0WHP        1223
Dec 3 -           J8/KQ6MW        1225
Dec 30-           JQ1SUO/JD1      1225
Sep   -Aug/2001   JD1BCK          1224
Nov 17-May/2001   JW3FL           1223
Dec 8 -Dec 11     W1VX/KH0 etc    1226 *
Dec 6 -Dec 13     KP2/AG8L        1226 *
Dec 4 -Dec 11     KP2/WA0QII etc  1226 *

Dec 2 -Apr/2001   P40MR           1226 *
Dec 6 -Dec 13     PY0ZFO          1226 *
NOW   -Mar/2001   R1ANF           1225
Dec 28-Jan 8      T20CK           1226 *
SOON              V29TBK          1224
Jan 9 -Feb 20     V31GW etc       1226 *
Dec 22-Jan 6      V47SS           1226 *
Dec 10-Dec 18     V47UY           1226 *
NOW   -Dec 17     VK0MM           1223
SOON              VP2MDC          1224
Dec 6 -Dec 20     VP2MDD          1226 *
Dec 8 -Dec 12     AA1AC/VP9       1226 *
Dec 8 -Dec 12     XU7AAP          1225
Dec 13-Dec 16     XU7ABF          1226 *
Dec 5 -Dec 12     XW2A            1226
Nov 19-Dec 10     ZK2VF           1224
Dec 3 -Dec 9      ZL/SM3TLG       1225

"NEW": 1226 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   A61AJ       1831  0021Z via W3UR, bureau
   EX8NP       1847  2237Z via IK2QPR, bureau
   JY9NX       1823  2116Z via JH7FQK, bureau
   VP5K        1835  2214Z

   8Q7TX       3503  1911Z via DL5XAT, bureau
   A45XR       3503  1936Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   A61AJ       3796  1849Z via W3UR, bureau
   DS4CNB      3503  1839Z via bureau
   EK6TA       3799  2151Z via DJ0MCZ

   A52UD       7048  0115Z via K4VUD, bureau
   C56VB       7017  0519Z via OH2VB
   FM5GU       7049  2332Z via KU9C, bureau
   HI3K        7002  0654Z via AD4Z, direct
   HL1DH       7004  1952Z via bureau
   JT1CO       7057  2348Z via CBA
   KP2/OK5DX   7007  2216Z via OK1TN, bureau

   4S7NE      10104  1933Z
   5C8M       10104  1831Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   8Q7TX      10114  1933Z via DL5XAT, bureau
   JW9GY      10103  1546Z via LA9GY, direct
   KP4RP      10103  0046Z
   R1ANZ      10102  1812Z via RU1ZC, bureau
   VP2EST     10103  0810Z via KT8Y, bureau
   VU2TS      10103  2201Z via I1YRL, bureau
   YK1AO      10106  1555Z via CBA
   ZF2AM      10105  0743Z via K6AM
   ZK2VF      10107  0600Z via W7TVF
   ZL2AGY     10104  1547Z via bureau

   FW5ZL      14019  0845Z see DXNL 1191
   VK0MM      14003  1038Z see DXNL 1180, QRX !

   FM/F2JD    18073  1557Z via F6AJA, bureau
   FR5FD      18078  1551Z see DXNL 1222

   VQ9PH      21030  1237Z via W2JDK
   ZK2VF      21017  0804Z via W7TVF

   8Q7WW      24900  1102Z via DL5XAT
   C56VB      24904  1239Z via OH2VB
   ET3VSC     24956  1356Z via DARC-bureau
   FM/F6AUS   24891  1344Z via F6AUS, bureau
   VE3EJ/HC8  24905  1221Z via bureau
   DL2DXA/HI9 24897  1548Z via DL2DXA
   J3/G3TBK   24894  1159Z via G3TBK, bureau
   KP2/OK5DX  24901  1320Z via OK1TN, bureau
   TI5/K9NW   24898  1659Z via WW9DX, bureau
   ZL/DL7IO   24903  0905Z via DL7VRO,bureau

   3E1DX      28486  1729Z via N0JT, bureau
   A52AP      28495  1036Z via N2OO, bureau
   K3TEJ/C6A  28012  1703Z via K3TEJ, bureau
   FO0DEH     28560  1710Z via ON4QM, bureau
   HC1MD      28010  1528Z via K8LJG, bureau
   J8/F6AUS   28014  1050Z via bureau
   JT1BV      28470  0938Z via CBA
   PJ5/UA1ACX 28455  1623Z
   PZ5JR      28021  1458Z via K3BYV, bureau
   TA3DD      28009  0811Z via KB2MS, bureau
   VP5/YT6A   28010  1432Z via YU1FW, bureau
   VQ9NL      28520  1040Z via W4NML


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived bureau: 1A0KM (IK0FVC), 3W6DXI (DL4DBR), 4S7OF (K0JN), 5A22PA (IK3ZWA), 5R8FU (SM0DJZ), 8J1RL (JA9BOH), 8P6SH (KU9C), 9Y4/DL2RVS, (PA3AXU), CO6XN (HK6DOS), CO8HF (W0DM), CV9WI (VE2CWI), DU1/DL4OCM

QSLs arrived direct: 3W7CW (SP5JTF), 9K2UB, 9M6CT (VR2CT), C6AKQ (N4PB), CO8ZZ (DK1WI), CP6XE (IK6SNR), T72EB, TU2WK.

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