DX News Letter 1230
February 5, 2001

DX-NL 1230 - February 5, 2001
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Dear readers of the DX Newsletter,

From now on I will be the editor the DX Newsletter. I will try to achieve the quality of Michael, DJ5AV. This may take a few months, if it can be achieved at all! Mike did an excellent job and I'd like to thank him personally via this bulletin!

I am asking for your criticism, I think this is the only way to co-ordinate my visions with your expectations. I intend to give additional information on lately activated DXCC entities or islands in every issue. This shall help you to assess the situation of the DXpeditioners or of special geographic features of the entity. I will not publish novels but I hope to give you some background information beyond the 59/599, making the DX QSOs more interesting to you.

Vy 73, Karlfried, DL1EK


ASCENSION ISLAND, ZD8 Rich, GW4BVJ (CW), Doug, G0WMW (CW/SSB) and Glyn, GW0ANA (Data/SSB), suspended their stay on St. Helena for 8 days, to work from Ascension from March 19. They plan to work in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/SSTV/MFSK/Hell on 160-6m.

CONWAY REEF, 3D2 The large scale DXpedition to Conway has been postponed for a few days since they are still missing some documents. New start shall be Feb 22, 0800 UTC and they plan to stay until March 1. --- The DXpedition planned by Mats, SM7PKK, and Nils, SM6CAS, for Apr 5-24 has been cancelled.

CUMBERLAND ISLAND, VK4 Bill, VK4FW, is working on the island for four days starting Feb 6. He is working only during his spare time hours. QSL direct only!

DAUPHIN ISLAND, W4 - NA-213 The Magnolia DX Association is planning an activity for the end of Feb.

EASTERN KIRIBATI, T32 - OC-024 A group of OK hams will operate as T32RD (also 6m on 50105/50125) between Feb 11 and Mar 4. QSL via OK1RD.

EASTERN MALAYSIA, 9M6 Don, K6IPV, will arrive in the Hillview Garden Resort on Feb 11. He may hit the airwaves as 9M6IPT instantly since they already have a radio built up. On Feb 14 he will be joint by Dave, W6AQ, who will be active as 9M6AQT. QSL via W6ORD.

GAMBIA, C56 DL2OE and DL7CM will be operate from Gambia on all HF bands plus 6m between Feb 20 and Mar 4. Their calls will be C56/... QSL via homecall.

INDIA, VU The Indian radio amateurs built up an earthquake emergency radio network on 14.160 and 7.023 MHz. VU2LFA, VU2LIC, VU2MYH and VU3RBN are the most active amateurs. It should be no point of discussion to keep these frequencies as clear as possible, propagation can change anytime.

MALTA, 9H Karl, DL4FP, will be QRV as 9H3DLH from Feb 15-18. QSL via homecall.

MOCAMBIQUE, C9 C93AN, JA6SJN, JG6BKB, JJ6VOV and JR6XIW intend to operate from Mar 17 until Apr 25. They will be active as C93/homecalls (JA's) on all HF bands and on 6m. QSL via JG6BKB.

PALAU, T8, OC-009 Mike, JA6EGL, and Masaru, JM6VOV, shall be on the air with 100 watts signing T88SM (CW) and T88VO (SSB) on 10-160m from Feb 16-20. QSL via homecalls, direct or via bureau.

SAN AMBROSIO ISLAND, CE0Z - SA-013 CE0ZT hits the airwaves during the second week of February. On 6m he is working on 50105 kHz CW and 50120 kHz SSB and is running a 50 watts beacon on 50105 kHz (every 30-45 seconds). The exact procedure can be found on his homepage http://www.qsl.net/ce0zt/. QSL via CE6TBN.

ST PETER AND PAUL ROCKS, PW A big DXpedition was expected for Feb 7. They intended to operate as PW0S in CW/SSB/RTTY on 160-6m. QSL via KU9C.

FRENCH POLYNESIA, FO F5DYD will be active as FO5RA for the next two years. He is running a FT847 and a 2 ele Quad and listens for European signals on 6m daily at 0700 and 1700 UTC. He is QRV on 28470 kHz around 1630 UTC.

VANUATU, YJ Sigi, DK9FN (CW), and Bernhard, DL2GAC (SSB), are QRV as YJ0AFN and YJ0ABS until Feb 10. Depending on their transportation possibilities they want to activate more rare IOTA islands. QSL: YJ0AFN via HA8FW, YJ0ABS via DL2GAC.

San Ambrosio

Besides San Felix and Gonzalez, the 'Isla San Ambrosio' belongs to the island group Islas Desventuradas ("Dry Islands"). They are situated some 1100 km west of the Chilenian northern coast at 2620'S, 8010'W. The whole archipelago is only about 3,3 sq km big. West of San Ambrosio one can find the rock Roca Conica, in the East Roca Bass and the four Rocas Mas Afuerra.

Like said by the Spanish name there is no water there. The only plants growing on the island are bushes and cacti. The only animals living there are sea birds, lizards and turtles. The climate is hot and dry and except from some fishermen coming only for a few days these islands are uninhabited at all.

Some sources state that this island group has been discovered by Ferdinand Magellan after he passed the Magellan Strait on Noc 27, 1521 and sailing to the northwest for three months and 20 days. The first land he saw within the Pacific were only two uninhabited rocks! So he named them Desventuradas.

The island group is situated within CQ zone 12, ITU zone 14, IOTA number is SA-013. The time difference to UTC is minus 4 hours.

Bandspots of the last 7 days

The bandspots column samples out this week, since I have to do some work on this collection.


DATE             CALL            DXNL

May 5 -May 21    3B6RF           1226, 1227
Feb 22-Mar 1     3D2c            1226
NOW   -Mar 2     3Y/C            1228
NOW   -May       5T5YD           1222, 1224
Feb 15-Feb 18    9H3DLH          1230 *
Feb 11-Feb ??    9M6IPT...       1230 *
Feb 20-Mar 4     C56/DL2OE       1228
Mar 17-Apr 25    C93AN...        1230 *
Mid February     CE0XT           1228
Feb 8 -Feb 28    D68C            1228
Oct/00-Mar/2001  FM/F2JD         1207-08, 1220
Dec/00-Jul/2001  FO0CLA          1225
NOW   -2002      FO5R            1230 *
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV...       1228
Jun 20-Jun/2001  HC4WW           1203
NOW              J3/G3TBK        1224
Sep/00-Aug/2001  JD1BCK          1224
Nov 17-May/2001  JW3FL           1223
Dec 2 -Apr/2001  P40MR           1226
Feb 11-Mar 4     T32RD           1230 *
Feb 16-Feb 20    T88S            1230 *
Jan 9 -Feb 20    V31GW...        1226, 1227
Feb 6 -Feb 10    VK4F            1230 *
NOW   -Feb 10    YJ0AFN          1230 *

 * = new
...= and other calls


Direct: 3D2AA (VE6VK), 8R1AK, 9E1C (IK3GBCFES), A35IQ (G4PIQ), C56RF, J79GU (DL7VOG), TS7N (DL6BCF)

Bureau: 8Q7LE, 9E1C (IK3GES), 9V1GA (JA4BJO), 9X0A (DL5WM), BV9A/JH3GCN, AH7A, CE0Z/OH3JF, CE0ZR, E4/G3WQU, FG/JA1WPX/p, J3A (WA1S), R1ANF, R1ANF/A, P49MR (VE3MR), S79JDC (G3TBK), V25WX, V31JZ (NN7A), VP2E (PA5ET), VP5GN (K5GN), XX9TUH (7N2KUH)

Henryk, SM0JHF, collects no QSL cards for his DXpeditions. He asks for an e-mail request to sm0jhf@qsl.net and he will then send his QSL card for C56JHF, D44CF, K6JHF and SO5JHF via bureau...

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