DX News Letter 1231
February 12, 2001

DX-NL 1231 - February 12, 2001
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)

Unfortunately the two DXpeditions to Cumberland Island (by Bill, VK4FW) and San Ambrosio (CE0ZT) were cancelled because of transportation problems.


ABACO ISLAND - C6 (NA-080) K3TEJ is QRV mostly in CW signing C6AKW on 160-10m from Feb 14-21. Perhaps he will do also some SSB on 40m.

ANTIGUA - V2 Ed, N2ED arrived in Antigua on Feb 13 and will operate as V26G during ARRL CW DX Contest. During the other time he is using V26EW. QSLs for both calls via homecall.

ARUBA - P4 Bob, K4UEE, will appeas as P40R during ARRL CW Contest. He intends to sign up in the single op/allband/low power class. QSL via NK4U.

CEUTA - EA9 After staying in Gibraltar Jack will be QRV in SSB signing EA9/WX3P on 10-40m from Feb 22-28 (see also Gibraltar)

DANGO ARCHIPELAGO (AS-056) Masa, JA6GXK, is staying on Meshima Island during February and March. He works on 14260 and 21260 kHz during his spare time between Feb 6 and March 30. QSL via bureau only!

FLORES ISLAND - CU8 Baldur, DJ6SI, and Willi, DJ8CR, are QRV from this Azores island.

GIBRALTAR - ZB2 WX3P is visting Europe in February and intends to operate as ZB2/WX3P in SSB on 10-40m from Feb 17-22. He will then go to Ceuta (see above).

GRENADA - J3 Bill, K4LTA, is QRV as J3/K4LTA till the end of February. He will sign J38A during ARRL DX Contest. QSL via homecall.

GUADELOUPE - FG Starting on Feb 17 Ekki, FG/DF4OR, is working with 100 watts + vertical in Amtor, Pactor, RTTY, CW, SSB and SSTV.

KARSIBOR ISLAND - SP (EU-132) Uwe, DL3BQA, is working as SO0DIG from Karsibor Island (SZ003 for the Polish Island Award) from Feb 10-18. Since the SO prefix will not be issued to CEPT guest licenses anymore this prefix should become a rare one. Look for Uwe on or around the IOTA frequencies. QSL via DL3BQA.

KIRITIMATI ISLAND - T32 (OC-024) Jarda, OK1RD, Jirka, OK1RI, and Frank, OK1EK, are on the air as T32RD from Feb 11-25. QSL via OK1RD. See also: http://www.qsl.net/okdxf/

LEYTE ISLAND - DU5 (OC-129) DU5/LA7YX is QRV on 80-10m (mostly on 3790/7050/14190/21290/28490 kHz) until March 3. QSL via homecall.

MACAU - XX9 Ulf, SM0GNU, is working as XX9TDX mostly in CW/SSB (some RTTY) from Feb 12-20. QSL via homecall.

MALAGASY REPUBLIC - 5R Sigi, DJ4IJ, is on Madagascar again from Feb 10-19. Let's hope that he finds some time for QSOs during his spare time.

MALDIVE ISLANDS - 8Q7 (AS-013) Barbara, OE3YCB, and Mike, OE3MZC, are on the air as 8Q7BZ and 8Q7MZ from Feb 7-21. They are visiting Kuredu Island during the first week and Velavaru Island the second week. Both can be found on the usual SSB IOTA frequencies on the HF bands (6m/SSTV/PSK31 are also planned). More information can be found online at http://www.qsl.net/oe3mzc/.

NUKU HIVA - FO0 (OC-027) Wolfgang, DL1AWI, and Matthias, DL5XU, are active from Feb 11-28. QSL via bureau or direct.

PANAMA - HP From Feb 2-28 Joel, F5PAC, is visiting some islands belonging to Panama: Isla El Porvenir (NA-170), Isla Grande (NA-202) and Isla Iguana or Isla Villa (NA-203). QSL via F5PAC, direct or bureau.

ST CHRISTOPHER AND NEVIS - V4 V47CA will be the call of VE3BW from Apr 9-24. 50 MHz operation is planned too.

SVALBARD - JW JW3OHA is planning a 6m expedition between May 31 and June 6.

TASMANIA ISLAND - VK7 (OC-006) DF9MV is QRV as VK7/DF9MV from Feb 10-17. QSL via homecall.

UMMANZ ISLAND - DL (EU-057) Andreas, DL5CW, is working in CW and SSB from Feb 10-16. QSL via DL5CW.

US VIRGIN ISLANDS - KP2 John, W8LBY, and Norm, K8NI, are operating as KP2/homecall from the station of WP2Z on St. Croix since Feb 1. Operation takes place mostly in PSK31 and on the WARC bands till Feb 15.


This island group is situated at 0°55' North and 20°20' West in the Atlantic Ocean about 950 km off Natal on the Brasilian coast. The distance to Guinea- Bissau in Africa is approximately 1800 km. Within an area of 350m x 200m you can find 11 rocks, the biggest 23m high. This rock has a lighthouse on it, which was built in 1933 but has now only ruins left. The next island is 625 km away.

These islands are uninhabitated, there is no vegetation and drinking water. The rocks are of volcanic origin and belong to Brasil.

Today one cannot say exactly who discovered these rocks. It could have been Juan da Nova de Castello who saw them first in 1513, other sources say it was Capitán Manuel de Castro Alcoforado who arrived there already in 1511. Even the origin of the name is unknown. When the French adventurer Laperouse visited these rocks in 1738 the name "Penedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo" was already in use. The first scientific expedition was conducted by Charles Darwin in 1832.

Amateur radio: own DXCC entity, prefix PY0S, locator HJ50HW, IOTA SA-014, DIB 03, DFB OC-01. Several DXpeditions are operating from here irregularly. PY0S is on rank 42 on the German List of Most Wanted DXCC Entities.


DATE             CALL            DXNL

Feb 1 -Feb 15    KP2/K8NI..      1231 *
Feb 10-Feb 17    VK7/DF9MV       1231 *
Feb 10-Feb 16    DL5CW/p         1231 *
Feb 15-Feb 18    9H3DLH          1230 
Feb 10-Feb 19    5R(DJ4IJ        1231 *
Jan  9-Feb 20    V31GW..         1226, 1227
Feb 12-Feb 20    XX9TDX          1231 *
Feb 16-Feb 20    T88S            1230 
Feb 7 -Feb 21    8Q7BZ..         1231 *
Feb 14-Feb 21    C6AKW           1231 *
Feb 17-Feb 22    ZB2/WX3P        1231 *
Feb  9-Feb 24    V47CA           1231 *
Feb 11-Feb 25    T32RD           1231 *
Feb  2-Feb 28    HP/F5PAC        1231 *
Feb  8-Feb 28    D68C            1228 
Feb 11-Feb 28    FO0/DL1AWI      1231 *
Feb 22-Feb 28    EA9/WX3P        1231 *
Feb 11-Feb ?     9M6IPT..        1230 
Feb 13-Feb ?     V26EW           1231 *
Feb 17-Feb ?     FG/DF4OR        1231 *
NOW   -Feb ?     J38A            1231 *
Feb 22-Mar 1     3D2c......      1226 
NOW   -Mar 2     3Y C            1228 
Jan 27-Mar 3     DU5/LA7YX       1231 *
Feb 11-Mar 4     T32RD           1230 
Feb 20-Mar 4     C56/DL2OE.      1228 
Feb  6-Mar 30    JA6GXK          1231 *
Oct   -Mar       FM/F2JD         1207-08, 1220
Dec  2-Apr       P4 MR           1226 
Mar 17-Apr 25    C93AN..         1230 
Nov 17-May       JW3FL           1223 
May  5-May 21    3B6RF           1226, 1227
NOW   -May       5T5YD           1222, 1224
May 31-Jun 10    JW3OHA          1231 *
Dec   -Jul       FO CLA          1225 
Jun 20-Jun       HC4WW           1203 
Sep   -Aug/01    JD1BCK          1224 
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228 
NOW   -2002      FO5R            1230 
 * = new
...= and other calls


QSLs arrived directly: 1A0KM, 4W/K7BV, 4W/N6FF, 4W/OH2BF, 5I3A, 5V7VJ,7P8AA, 7Q7LZ, 7X4AN, 8P9HAT, 8P9Z, 9A10C (EU-090), A35ZG, AB5EB (NA-143),CE0Y/WA6O, C56T, CQ9T, CU8/DJ6SI, D2EB, E30TA, EU1UN, EW5HQ, FO0DEH, FO0SHA (OC-046), FR/F6KDF/T, FS/K8HTP, HC8N, HR3/HR1RMB (NA-160), J28EW, J8/WA2VUY,KH5/DF6FK, J5X, OG2R, OH0RB, PY7ZY/7 (SA-046), PZ5JR, PZ5RA, SY2A, T32Z, TI2DLL, TX0DX, V63KP, V8GTW, VP2EK, XT2OW, XU7AAV, XW2A, YJ0AYL, YJ0AZG, YL3CW, ZD7JC, ZK1NDK, ZK1WAL (OC-013)

QSLs arrived bureau: CU1/DH3NB, EM1LV, KH5/DF6FK, OZ/DL8UD/P, RN3QQ, RN6BYO

QSL managers:

TNX: DE1MGL, DF7KHK, DJ3CP, DL1SBF, DL3BQA, 425 DX News, Daily DX, ARRL- und OPDX-Bulletin

Dear DXNL subscribers,

sorry for taking so long with translating this number. I had some real important exams to finish and hope that I did it alright (didn't want to say: better than last year ;-). Now I found my way back to real life to notice that the next exam will be in about four weeks, so the translation should speed again. The webpages will be updated more frequently and I promise: You will not have to wait long for DXNL 1232.

Once again: Thank you for your patience!
Robert Busch - DL7VOA