DX News Letter 1232
February 19, 2001

DX-NL 1232 - February 19, 2001
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Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
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translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ANGUILLA, VP2, NA-022 AC8G, N6JRL, N8JE, W8ILC, WD8MQJ and others will be on the air as VP2EK during ARRL SSB DX Contest and between Feb 28 and Mar 7. QSL for VP2EK via W8ILC.

ANTIGUA, V2, NA-100 Chuck, N2CY, is operating in CW/SSB signing V26CY on all HF bands (also WARC) between Feb 27 and Mar 4 (also ARRL SSB Contest). QSL via N2CY.

BATAN ISLAND, DU, OC-093 Frank, VE7DP, 4F1FZ, 4F3XX, 4F1OZ and other OMs will be QRV in as 4I1P/2 in CW and SSB from Feb 24-25. QSL via VE7DP. More information is available at: http://www.qsl.net/dx1cw/.

CONWAY REEF, 3D2, OC-112 The expedition will arrive on Conway and start building up the antennas today. Raymon,YS1RR, Hrane,YT1AD, Branko,YU1FW, Ratko,YU1NR, Rasa,YU1RL Gojko,YU6AO (YZ7AA), Vojislav,YU7AV, Dragan,Z32AU, and Mome,Z32ZM, are QRV from Conway from Feb 19-28 to leave for Fiji after that. Their call was not announced yet. Their operating frequencies are: CW: 1825, 3505, 7003, 10104, 14020, 18075, 21020, 24896, 28020, 50105 kHz; SSB: 1835, 3795, 7075, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24945, 28495, 50125 kHz; digital:1835, 3575, 7035, 14075, 21075, 28075 kHz and SSTV: 3723, 7035, 14230, 21340, 28680 kHz. Please listen carefully, the operators intend to listen 5-30 kHz above their QRGs! Pilot station for Europe,Africa and Asia is YU1AA and the one for America and Oceania is VE3EXY. More information is available at: http://www.kragujevac.co.yu/3d2/.

CURACAO, PJ2, SA-006 Larry, K6RO, and Charlie, W6KK, will stay on Curacao between Feb 27 and Mar 5. K6RO will sign PJ2R during ARRL SSB Contest, prior and after the contest they will work in CW/SSB on all bands as PJ2/K6RO and PJ2/W6KK. QSL via homecalls.

EASTER ISLAND, CE0, SA-001 Dick, DJ2EH, hit the airwaves as CE0YEH in CW/SSB on 10/12/15/20m. His length of stay is unknown. QSL via DJ2EH.

ECUADOR, HC Scott, AC3A, will operate an EME station as HC5/AC3A from Mar 2-16. This is a premiere within Ecuador! QSL via homecall. TNX NE8Z/HC1MD

HONDURAS, HR HR3/N7YW is QRV in RTTY on 14081 or 21081 kHz from Feb 24-27. He is a communications specialist of a medical doctor's team in Honduras.

JAMAICA, 6Y, NA-097 6Y8A will hit the airwaves in SSB/CW/PSK31 on all bands (also 6m) between Feb 26 and Mar 6. Operators are K0COP, K2KW, N6XG, W6NS, WA6O and WT6G. QSL for 6Y8A via WA4WTG. More information at: http://www.k2kw.com

LIUCHIU YU, BV9, AS-??? AA4NN, BV4FH, BV4AS, BV6DF, BV6HJ, BV4DC, JI6KVR, JA6IEF will operate as BV9L from this island within the Taiwan's Coastal Islands Group from March 2-4. Activities will take place in CW/SSB on the usual IOTA qrg's on 10/15/20m. The team will then visit Pratas Island. QSL via BV4YB.

NIGER, 5U I2YSB, I2UIY and IK2DIA intend to be active in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 6-160m between Feb 27 and Mar 12. Calls are not known yet. They will put also an online log onto the web at: http://digilander.iol.it/i2ysb/. QSL via bureau.

NIUE, ZK2, OC-040 After staying in Tonga Angelo, I6BQI will work from Niue signing ZK2BQI from Mar 2-9. QSL via homecall. His next destination will be Vanuatu.

PALAU, T8, OC-009 Yukio, JA6ENF, and family spend their holidays on Palau from Feb 21-26. He is QRV as T88NF mostly in CW on 10-80m. QSL via bureau.

SANTA CATARINA ISLAND (SA-026) Paul, PY3DX, plans to operate from this island in CW/SSB on all bands between Feb 23 and Mar 5. QSL via PY3DX.

SEYMOUR ISLAND, LU (Antarctica), AN-013 The GACW cancelled their DXpedition to the Vicecomodoro Marambio Base since their icebreaker is repaired until the mid of the Antarctic summer which is too late for this DXpedition.

SOUTH BIMINI, C6, NA-048 Dick, N4RP, is QRV as C6AKP mostly in CW until Feb 21. Dick and W4SAA will participate in the multi/multi class of ARRL SSB Contest. QSL via homecall.

ST MARTIN's ISLAND, S2, AS-127 Alessio, IZ0CKJ, Simon, IZ7ATN, Raffaele, IZ7BNH, und Paolo, IW0FT, are visiting this island from Feb 21-26. The calls will be issued in the country. QSL via IZ0CKJ (Alessio Roma, Box 22, 03023 Ceccano, Italy).

TONGA, A35, OC-049 Angelo, I6BQI, will be on the air as A35BQ between Feb 25 and Mar 2. He will then go to Niue. QSL via homecall.

VANUATU, YJ, OC-035 After activating Tonga and Niue Angelo, I6BQI, will stay on Vanuatu from March 10-25. His call is not known yet. QSL via homecall. His next stop will be Western Samoa then.

VIETNAM, 3W Hans, WA1LWS, is QRV as 3W2LWS from Feb 17 until Mar 6 (including ARRL DX Contest). QSL via homecall.

Conway Reef

Conway Reef is associated politically and geographically to the Fijis. It's name in their mother tongue is Ceva-i-Ra or Theva-i-Ra. The uninhabitated coral reef is situated at 2144' South and 17438' East about 225 km south- west of the main Fiji island group. The reef is about 3 km long and consists of a sand bank some 300m long and 2m above sea level within the main lagoon. Vegetation is very spare and consisting of only a few small cocos and bushes which are the only plants who can survive on this kind of sandy soil and tropical climate. A few visitors report of no vegetation at all, it seems that tropical storms are doing some damage.

The reef was first sighted in 1838 by the English Captain Drinkwater Bethune who named it after his ship HMS Conway. In 1856 while returning from the Coral Sea the British Captain Denham visited this reef on HMS Herald and was the first man to draw some maps. A Taiwanese ship stranded at the east bank of the reef in 1979 and a cargo vessel from Fiji stranded on the south bank in 1981, too. Both ships shall be not visible anymore due to the heavy storms at Conway.

Amateur radio: own DXCC entity, prefix 3D2, locator grid RG78, IOTA OC-112, WAZ zone 32, ITU zone 56, time: UTC+12 hours. Conway is part of the MOST WANTED DXCC ENTITY list since 1990, was on rank 21 in 1999 and even on rank 18 in Germany!


DATE             CALL            DXNL

Jan  9-Feb 20    V31GW..         1226, 1227
Feb 12-Feb 20    XX9TDX          1231
Feb 16-Feb 20    T88S            1230 
Feb 7 -Feb 21    8Q7BZ..         1231
NOW   -Feb 21    C6AKP           1232 *
Feb 14-Feb 21    C6AKW           1231
Feb 17-Feb 22    ZB2/WX3P        1231
Feb  9-Feb 24    V47CA           1231
Feb 24-Feb 25    4I2P/2          1232 *
Feb 11-Feb 25    FO0/DL1AWI      1231
Feb 21-Feb 26    T88NF           1232 *
Feb 21-Feb 26    S2 ??           1232 *
Jan 26-Feb 26    KH9/K7ASU       1229
Feb 24-Feb 27    HR3/N7YW        1232 *
Feb  2-Feb 28    HP/F5PAC        1231
Feb  8-Feb 28    D68C            1228 
Feb 19-Feb 28    3D2 (cr)        1232 *
Feb 22-Feb 28    EA9/WX3P        1231
Feb 11-Feb ?     9M6IPT..        1230 
Feb 13-Feb ?     V26EW           1231
Feb 17-Feb ?     FG/DF4OR        1231
NOW   -Feb ?     J38A            1231
NOW   -Feb ?     CE0YEH          1232 *
Feb 22-Mar 1     3D2c......      1226 
NOW   -Mar 2     3Y C            1228 
Feb 25-Mar 2     A35BQ           1232
Jan 27-Mar 3     DU5/LA7YX       1231
Feb 11-Mar 4     T32RD           1230 
Feb 20-Mar 4     C56/DL2OE.      1228 
Feb 27-Mar 4     V26CY           1232 *
Mar 2 -Mar 4     BV9L            1232 *
Feb 23-Mar 5     PY3DX           1232 *
Feb 27-Mar 5     PJ2R            1232 *
Feb 17-Mar 6     3W2LWS          1232 *
Feb 26-Mar 6     6Y8A            1232 *
Feb 28-Mar 7     VP2EK           1232 *
Mar 2 -Mar 9     ZK2BQI          1232 *
Feb 27-Mar 12    5U???           1232 *
Mar 2 -Mar 16    HC5/AC3A        1232 *
Feb  6-Mar 30    JA6GXK          1231
Oct   -Mar       FM/F2JD         1207-08, 1220
Dec  2-Apr       P40MR           1226 
Mar 17-Apr 25    C93AN..         1230 
Nov 17-May       JW3FL           1223 
May  5-May 21    3B6RF           1226, 1227
NOW   -May       5T5YD           1222, 1224
Dec   -Jul       FO0CLA          1225 
May 31-Jun 10    JW3OHA          1231
Jun 20-Jun       HC4WW           1203 
Sep   -Aug/01    JD1BCK          1224 
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228 
NOW   -2002      FO5R            1230 
 * = new
...= and other calls


Following QSLS of actual DXpeditions are underway or being processing now:

A22DX            (ZS1FJ)
BT4ARDF          (LZ1ZF)
K5K              (N4XP)

Bob Schenck, N2OO, offers a new service. He wants to continue the QSL processing of managers or DX stations who want to close their logs! He asks all radio amateurs to contact him if one gets knowledge of a log to be closed. If needed he will even reprint the original QSLs. However all details have to be figured out with him and please do not impose his good nature! Bob's e-mail is: n2oo@arrl.net

Rolf, DL7VEE, published the Most Wanted DXCC entities in DL/OE/HB:

  1. P5 North Korea
  2. BS7H Scarborough Reef
  3. KH1 Baker & Howland
  4. VU4 Andaman Islands
  5. KH7K Kure Island
  6. VK0M Macquarie Island
  7. 3Y/P Peter I Island

You want to know more? Check: http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/fedxlw.htm

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