DX News Letter 1239
April 9, 2001

DX-NL 1239 - April 9, 2001
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Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
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translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ENEWETAK ATOLL, V7, OC-087 Tom, K7ZZ (V73ZZ), Dave WW2AVG (V73UX), George AH8H (V73GT), and Jim, W7UG, are planning a trip to the Enewetak atoll in the Marshall Islands from Apr 19-26. Their callsign may be V73E. Operation is planned in CW/ SSB/RTTY on 6-80m on the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL via WF5T, buro ok.

ISCHIA ISLAND, IC8, EU-031 Berthold, DF5WA, will be on Ischia (IIA-Ref NA-001) from Apr 14-28. He will work mostly in CW at the lower band edges running an IC706 and wire antennas. QSL via DF5WA, bureau ok.

KORFU ISLAND, SV, EU-052 Matin, DL1IAQ, is now on the air from Korfu for the next 14 days. He is working mostly in CW on 10-30 (perhaps also 40/80m) signing SV8/DL1IAQ.

KUSTAVI ISLAND, OH, EU-096 Pekka, OH1LU, tries to visit this Finnish island from Apr 13-15. He may also visit Reposaari Island (EU-173) on Apr 15 or later.

KOH TARUTAO, AS-126 The IOTA DXpedition scheduled for April has been cancelled in the very last moment. Additional permissions are necessary and the team tries to get these in hand still bearing in mind to activate this island. A new date has not been announced yet.

MALDIVES, 8Q, AS-013 Armin, HB9JBN, is QRV on 10/15/20m signing 8Q7JB until Apr 19. QSL via HB9JBN.

MALPELO, HK0, SA-007 Jairo, HK5MQZ, and Hiro, HK5QGX, cancelled their DXpedition planned for this April. Since the ship had not enough passengers the trip didn't pay for the shipping company.

MANITOULIN ISLAND, VE3, ON-001 The Golden Horseshoe DX Association will hit the airwaves with several stations simultaneously from Apr 20-22. The callsign is not known yet.

MELLISH REEF, VK9M, OC-072 David, VK4ZEK, Alan, VK4BKM, Peter, VK4APG, and Harris, VK4CWT, will visit the reef from Apr 21-24. They will run a HF station and a 6m station signing VK9ML on these frequencies: CW: 3504, 7025, 14025, 21025,28025, 50105 kHz and SSB on 3799, 7085, 14195, 21295, 28480, 50145 kHz. Pilot station for Europe is Bill, G0VDE. Website: http://www.qsl.net/vk9ml/. QSL via VK4APG. This DXpedition shall serve as a preparation for a large scale activity planned for late 2k1/early 2k2.

MIDWAY ISLAND, KH4, OC-030 Hiro, JF1OCQ, intends to operate from Midway in CW (little RTTY) signing W1VX/KH4 from Apr 14-22. QSL via JF1OCQ, bureau or direct.

OLAND ISLANDS, SM7, EU-037 Frank, DL2SWW, and Ric, DL2VFR will visit this Swedish island after their Aland activity from Apr 21-28.

PAROS ISLAND, SV8, EU-067 Mike, HB9EBC, is active in CW/RTTY on 10-80m signing SV8/HB9EBC/p from Apr 12-23. QSL via HB9EBC.

SHOUWEN DUVILAND, PA, EU-146 Eric, F5SSM, is on the air again as PA/F5SSM from Apr 14-16.

SVALBARD, JW, EU-026 JW9XGA is QRV from Longyearbyen (JQ78TF) QRV from Apr 7-20. Find him on

TUBUAI, FO, OC-152 Alain, F2HE, is QRV as FO0CLA since Apr 7. He stays until Apr 27 and will then travel to Rurutu Island (OC-050).

WESTERN SAHARA, S0 Spanish radio amateurs flew to Western Sahara on Apr 11 to build up VHF stations for the local telecommunication. They will stay until Apr 16 and during their spare time they will to operate in SSB. Neither call nor QSL route are known yet.


The Enewetak-Atoll is located at 11° 30'N and 162° 20'E in the northwestern area of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. 40 small and sandy, only 6m high these islands make up a circle with a circumference of 80km around a lagoon with a diameter of 37km. Together with Bikini, Kwajalein and Rongelap Enewetak belongs to the Ralik chain, also known as the Sunset Islands.

In the 1944 US army captured this atoll from Japan, moved the inhabitants to Ujelang Island and built a naval base there. From 1948 to 1956 they made some nuclear tests there (like on Bikini) and in 1980 the inhabitants were allowed to return to their island after it has been "decontaminated".

The Marshall Islands became independent in 1986. Their official language is English besides the Micronesian tongues spoken also.

Amateur radio: prefix V7, DXCC: Marshall Islands (rank 73 on Germany's Most Wanted), IOTA: OC-087, UTC +12h, WAZ zone 31, ITU zone 65.


DATE             CALL            DXNL

May 5 -May 21    3B6RF           1226, 1227
Apr 3 -Apr ??    3V8DJ           1237
NOW   -May       5T5YD           1222, 1224
NOW   -Apr 19    8Q7JB           1239 *

Jun 9 -Jun 20    C9/JA..         1230/1233
Apr 2 -Apr 16    CT3AS           1237
Apr 6 -Apr 15    CW1D            1238
Apr 6 -Apr 15    E29AL           1237
Apr 9 -Apr 12    EK8ZZ           1238
Apr 14-Apr 21    F5SGI           1238
Dec/00-Jul/2001  FO0CLA          1225, 1239 *
NOW   -Apr ??    FO/DL7FT        1238

Mar 21-Apr ??    H40RW           1235
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228
Jun 20-Jun/2001  HC4WW           1203
Apr 13-Apr 16    J28CDX          1238
Apr 10-Apr 20    JA6GXK          1238
May 1 -May 10    JA6GXK          1238
Jun 1 -Jun 12    JA6GXK          1238
Sep/00-Aug/2001  JD1BCK          1224
Apr 4 -Apr 16    JM1TUK/1        1238
Nov 17-May/2001  JW3FL           1223
May 31-Jun 10    JW3OHA          1231
Apr 7 -Apr 20    JW9XGA          1239 *

Apr 13-Apr 17    KH0/JA3AOP      1238
Apr 14-Apr 22    W1VX/KH4        1239 *
Apr 14-Apr 20    OH/DL..         1238
Apr 13-Apr 15    OH1LU           1239 *
Dec 2 -Apr       P40MR           1226
Apr 14-Apr 16    PA/F5SSM        1239 *
Apr 6 -Apr 19    S7 ??           1237
Apr 1 -Apr 15    S79RN           1238
Apr 12-Apr 16    SM0DTK/1        1238
Apr 21-Apr 28    SM7/DL2..       1239 *
NOW   -Apr       SV8/DL1IAQ      1239 *
Apr 12-Apr 23    SV8/HB9EBC      1239 *

Apr 9 -Apr 24    V47CA           1237
Apr 10-Apr 20    V51/ZS4NS       1238
Apr 19-Apr 26    V73E            1239 *
Apr 21-Apr 24    VK9ML           1339 *
NOW   -Apr       VP8ROT          1236
Mar 30-Apr 12    ZD7K            1238
Apr 1 -Apr 15    ZY0SAT          1237

 * = new
...= and other calls

QSL Info

QSL direct: SV8/IZ7ATN/p (EU-174), SV9/IW0FQZ/p (EU-187), SW1OF,TE8CI,TZ6DX, UA0FB, UA0ZY/p (AS-142), UE0XZZ (AS-064), UE6AAA (EU-185),UK8IZ, UK8OM, V51GB, V73ZZ, VB2R, VE8YEV/VY1 (NA-193), VU2HFR (AS-153), V8A, XW3ZNR, YN6HM, ZK1FGV (OC-013), ZK1LPN, ZK1NJC, ZK1SCQ, ZK1SHJ, ZK1VVV, ZK1XXC (OC-082), ZK1YRE (OC-159), ZK2VF, ZL3CW, ZL4IR/7, ZM1A, ZM8CW, ZS6AVP, ZV3F

QSL bureau: CU8/DL8AAV/p (EU-089),E21LLR,E4/OK1FHI,E41/OK1DTP,ER4DX (UT7ND), F5PAC (EU-032), F9IE/p (EU-068), FG/DL9YBY, FK8GJ (F6CXJ), FK8VHY (F8CMT), FM/F5LGQ (F5JOT), HI9/DK8YY, HL0C, J5Z (DJ9ZB), J6DX, J79SH, JD1BIA, JW/DJ3KR,KG4KO,KH0/JK3HLP,KH2/K4ANA (W2PS), KH2K/AH0 (JA1RJU), KH4/NZ7Q, M2000A, OH0/N4GN, OH0PA (OH1PA), OJ0/N4GN, OJ0/SM0NJO (EU-053), OD5RAL (AS-108), OX3LX (OZ1PIF), P29VR (W7LFA), P43P (I2MQP), PJ9B, PP1/PY1NEZ, PY0FZM, PZ5JR, RM0F (AS-018), S79MX

QSL routes of stations active during CQ WPX SSB Contest were collected by EA5EYJ and put online at: http://www.arrakis.es/~ea5eyj/wpxssb01.htm.

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