DX News Letter 1242
April 30, 2001

DX-NL 1242 - April 30, 2001
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ASCENSION ISLAND, ZD8, AF-003 Jim, N6TJ, is on the air again from May 7-17. QSL via VE3HO.

ASSATEAGUE ISLAND, W, NA-139 Rich, K4BMS, is QRV with 100 watts and G5RV on 10/12/15/20m on May 5/6.

CONGO, 9Q Pierre, HB9AMO, is working in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the next three months and hopes to become QRV again with his old call 9Q5BQ from 1997. If this works out he will be QRV in CW on 10-40m during his spare time. QSL via HB9AMO.

CORSICA, TK, EU-014 Pierre, F5MOG, is QRV as TK/F5MOG in CW/SSB mainly from 1500-1900 UTC since April 28. He plans to stay until May 7. From 0900-1100 UTC he wants to try out his new K2 QRP tranceiver.

CRETE, SV9, EU-015 Jan, PA9JJ, is QRV as SV9/PA9JJ from May 7-22. QSL via bureau. For more information check: http://www.qsl.net/pa9jj/.

DANJO ISLAND, JA6, AS-056 Joe, JA6PXE, is QRV on 20/15/6m from May 4-6.

FIJI, 3D2, OC-016 After his stay on Rotuma Kit, JA1NVF, operates as 3D2NV from Fiji from May 4-7. SSB operation possible on 6-40m. QSL via JA1NVF, bureau ok.

FORT BOYARD, F, EU-032 Leon, ON4ZD is QRV as F/ON4ZD/p in SSB/CW from May 5-7. For specialists Fort Boyard counts as AT-026 for the French Island Award DFIM and as DCFC 17 for the French Castle Award. QSL via bureau or direct.

KANGWON-DO PROVINCE, HL, AS-new Members of the Korea DX Club will make a first time operation from the last unnumbered Korean IOTA island group signing DS0DX/2 on May 5/6. QSL via HL1XP.

LAESO ISLAND, OZ, EU-088 Paul, OZ/DF4ZL, and Mike, OZ/DK3WN, intend to work in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/ SSTV on 160m-70cm from May 4-7. They plan also to participate in the ARI International DX Contest. QSL via homecalls.

MAJIMA ISLAND, JA6, AS-056 Joe, JA4PXE, is QRV from here signing JA4PXE/6 on 10/15/20/40m from May 3-6. QSL via homecall.

MARTIGNANO ISLAND, I, EU-130 IV3SKB and IV3HAX are QRV in SSB and CW on 10-40m from May 1-8. IIA reference is UD-005. QSL via IV3HAX.

MOLENE ISLAND, F, EU-065 F6BFH, F6EGG And F9IE are on the air as F9IE/p and F6BFH/p in SSB/CW on the IOTA frequencies from May 2-8. QSL via bureau.

NEVIS ISLAND, V4, NA-104 Larry, KJ4UY, will be QRV as V47UY from May 10-16.

OKI ISLAND, JA4, AS-041 Aki, JA4FHE, is on Nakanoshima from May 3-6. QSL via JA4FHE.

SAN ANDRES, HK0, NA-033 Otto, UA4WAE, is QRV in RTTY signing HC2/UA4WAE from May 1-12 (perhaps longer). No more details known.

SELVAGENS ISLAND, CT3, AF-047 Though a landing permission for this island off Madeira is issued only very rarely CQ3E may activate it in SSB on 10/20/40m until May 15. QSL via CT3HV.

ST MARY'S ISLAND GROUP, VU, AS-096 Pai, VU2PAI, and friends are on the air from May 5-7.

TREASURE CAY, C6, NA-001 Bill, W4WX, will be QRV in RTTY and little SSB on the WARC bands signing W4WX/C6A from May 7-14. QSL via W4WX.

UJI ISLAND, JA6, AS-067 Yuki, JI6KVR, Shu, JA6IEF, and friends are QRV as .../6 from May 4-6. QSL via EA5KB.

UKRAINE, EM The Ukrainian QRP Club realizes its 1st DXpedition to Ai-Petri mountain from May 4-11. EM5QRP is working with only 5 watts in CW and 10 watts in SSB on the usual QRP frequencies. QSL via bureau.

YASHIRO ISLAND, JA4, AS-117 Kenji, JA4GXS, is on the air as JA4GXS/4 in SSB/CW on 10-40m on May 5 from 0700-2300 UTC. QSL via JA4GXS direct.

Selvagens Island

The Ilhas Selvagens are situated at 30° 8'North and 15° 52'West, about 290km southeast of Madeira. The island is closer to the Canary Islands than to Madeira. The archipelago consists of Selvagem Grande, Selvagem Pequena and Ilheu de Fora and covers an area of about 2.7 sqkm. The main island is flat and about 100m a.s.l.

The islands were officially discovered by Infante Henrique in 1438 although there are signs that it was known already in the ancient times. Until 1971 Selvagens was privately owned by the "Rocha Machado" family then it was declared a nature sanctuary. Today it is manned by a few sentries that are relieved every two weeks.

Amateur radio: prefix CT3, belongs to Madeira. WAZ zone 33, ITU zone 36, Locator: IM20BD, IOTA reference AF-047, DIP reference, MA-004. This island is activated only very seldom e.g. CQ9S in July 2000.


DATE             CALL            DXNL

May 5 -May 19    3B6RF           1226, 1227, 1241
May 4 -May 7     3D2NV           1242
NOW   -May       5T5YD           1222, 1224
Apr 28-May 27    8J3EAG          1241
Apr 14-May 4     8Q7KK           1240
NOW   -Jun       9Q5BQ           1242 *
Apr 26-May 4     9Y4/N2IM        1240

Jun 9 -Jun 20    C9/JA..         1230/1233
NOW   -May 15    CQ3E            1242 *
NOW   -May 27    D70IAF          1241
May 5 -May 6     DS0DX/2         1242 *
May 4 -May 11    EM5QRP          1242 *
May 5 -May 7     F/ON4ZD/p       1242 *
Apr 30-May 6     F2GL            1241
May 2 -May 8     F9IE/p..        1242 *
Apr 29-May 4     FH/JJ1LIB       1241
Dec/00-Jul/2001  FO0CLA          1225, 1239
May 1 -May 12    HC2/UA4WAE      1242 *
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228
Jun 20-Jun/2001  HC4WW           1203
Apr 25-Aug 14    HS0ZCW          1241

May 1 -May 8     IV3..           1242 *
Apr 21-May 4     J79CGA          1240
May 3 -May 6     JA4FHE/4        1242 *
May 5 -May 5     JA4GXS/4        1242 *
May 3 -May 6     JA4PXE/6        1242 *
Jun 1 -Jun 12    JA6GXK          1238
May 4 -May 6     JA6PXE/6        1242 *
Sep/00-Aug/2001  JD1BCK          1224
May 3 -May 5     JH0BLI/6        1241
Apr 28-May 6     JI3DST/6        1241
May 4 -May 6     JI6KVR/6..      1242 *
Nov 17-May/2001  JW3FL           1223
May 31-Jun 10    JW3OHA          1231
May 5 -May 6     K4BMS           1242 *
NOW              KH3/V73GOD      1241

May 4 -May 7     OZ/DF4ZL..      1242 *
May 7 -May 22    SV9/PA9JJ       1242 *
Apr 28-May 7     TK/F5MOG        1241
May 10-May 16    V47UY           1242 *
Apr 23-May 8     VP8SDX          1240
Apr 29-May 9     VP9/AI5P        1240
Apr 25-Aug 14    VU/K4VUD        1241
May 5 -May 7     VU2PAI          1242 *
May 7 -May 14    W4WX/C6A        1242 *
NOW   -Jun       ZA1/IK7VJP      1240
Apr 28-May 18    ZK1NDS..        1241
NOW   -May?      ZL7IR           1241

 * = new
...= and other calls

QSL Info

PA3EPG is NOT the QSL manager of 4K5CW, 4K9C and 4J4K anymore. 4K5CW wrote him an e-mail last week stating that someone else took over this job. It was not said who handles now the cards. Ben, many thanks for your work!

The new manager of YV5/DL2GG is now DL3AMA.

QSL direct: F5PSI/p (EU-157), FG/F6HMJ, FG5BG, FK8GJ, FK8HC (VK4FW), FO0JAN, FO0/F5JJW (OC-063), FO0AAA, FO0EEN (OC-152), FO0KUN (OC-067), FO0MOT (OC-063), FP/AI5P, FP/KT1J (NA-032), FR5FD, FR5ZQ/G, FY/F5KEE, FY/W7XU, GI0PGC (EU-122), GM3VLB/P (EU-108), H76C (NA-212), HB0/HB9AON, HC8Z (SA-004), HK0VGJ, HP3XBH, HQ0R, HV0A, HZ1AB, IK7JWX/7, II7LE, IU0FM, J28CDX (AF-053), J28NH, J3/W1MD, J38A, JD1BIA, JI1PLF/1 (AS-043), JT1BG,JW5RIA (EU-063), JX3EX, JX7DFA, JY8FX, JY9NX, K5K, KH0/JA4GXS, KH2/W7LP, KH6CC, KL7AK (NA-041), KT1J/CY9, LZ5QZ/1 (EU-181), MD/DL5AXX,OD5/OK1MU, OH1LU/p (EU-096), OH9AR/p (EU-126), OY/DL2VFR, OZ1ITT (EU-171), OX2K, P29BW, PJ7/K8RLM, PV5IOTA (SA-088), PY0FF, PY6JJ (SA-023), R0L (AS-066), R1AND, R1ANP, SU/WA0VOM, SV2FPU/8 (EU-060)

QSL bureau: 4X6RT, 4Z5FW, 4Z4UR, 5B4/G3VNW, 5B4AGC, 5V7ZM, 5Z4IC, 8Q7BV, A51AA (F2VX), C21SX, C35PR, C56SW, CE0Y/LX1NO, CE0Y/LX2LX,CN8WW, CU8F (EU-089 CT1EFL), DS1CCU,EA8/DJ9HD,EJ5J (EU-121, via EI3IG), EJ9HQ/p (EU-006), FG/JA1WPX/p, H40FN, JT1FBX (JG5PJJ),OY/DL5LYM, PT7BZ, R0/UR8LV (EU-152), R1ASP (EU-133)

TNX: DE1MGL, DF4OR, DJ5AV, DL1EFD, DL1SBF, DL2GG, F5NQL,I1JQJ,IK2XDE,IK7JWX, IV3SKB, PA3EPG, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group,N4AA (QRZ DX), F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.