DX News Letter 1244
May 14, 2001

DX-NL 1244 - May 14, 2001
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AGALEGA ISLANDS, 3B6, AF-001 Due to a hurricane warning the DXpedition had to close down their activities earlier than planned on May 14.

BARBADOS, 8P, NA-021 Conny, DL1DA, is QRV in CW on 10-160m signing 8P9BK since May 12. He will stay until May 17. QSL via DL1DA.

CRETE ISLAND, SV9, EU-015 During his holiday DJ9HQ plans to activate a few small islands which he can reach with small boats from May 19-27. Transportation possibilities are sufficient for an operation of Elafonissi, Kalidon, Spinalonga and Dia Islands. They all count for the Greek Islands Award. His batteries supply power for about 4 hours operation in SSB and CW on 14-28 MHz. QSL via bureau.

DACHANGSHAN CHANGSHAN ISLAND, BA2, AS-new This island in the Liaoning Province East Group is activated for the first time by David, BA4DW/2, from May 17-22. He is operating in CW/SSB on 15/20/30m with 100 watts and dipole. QSL via BA4DW.

EYSTUROY ISLAND, OY Chris, G3WOS, will stay on this Faroe island between May 28 and June 8. Already on his trip there he will operate as /mm. His call is OY9UR.

FERNANDO DE NORONHA, PY0 Dennis, K7BV, will go to Fernando de Noronha from May 24 until June 1 to participate in the CQ WPX CW Contest. After the contest he will work in CW on 160-6m and skeds can be arranged via his pilot Rod, WC7N. An online logbook will be available at: http://www.qth.com/k7bv/PY0F/. QSL via KU9C.

FORT BRESCOU ISLAND, F, EU-148 The "Castres DX Gang" members F5AUB, F5BJW, F5BKB, F5CLO, F5DBX, F5JBR, F5OSN, F5RVI, F5UOE, F5VV, F5XX will sign F5XX/p from May 24-28. They will work in CW/SSB on 80-10m (also WARC) and during the WPX CW Contest they will sign TM5B. This island counts for several awards e.g. DIFM: ME001, World Light Houses Award: 0500, International Light Houses Society: FRA 015, French Forts and Castles Award: DFCF 34001. QSL via bureau or direct to F5XX.

GUINEA BISSAU, J5 Unfortunately I received the announcement too late for this DXNL that Baldur, DJ6SI, and friends hit the airwaves as J5X! QSL via DL1QW.

HAWAII, KH6, OC-019 Oliver, DH5PK, from Kauai is signing KH6/DH5PK on 10-40m from May 18-27. QSL via DH5PK.

JAMAICA, 6Y K2KW, KE7X, N6BT and N6XG will sign 6Y1A during the WPX Contest on May 26/27. From May 20-29 the operators will append /6Y5 to their calls and mostly they will be QRV on 6m and the WARC bands then. QSL for 6Y1A and K2KW/6Y5 via WA4WTG, all others via homecall. Check out their internet site http://www.k2kw.com.

LIGHTHOUSE NIECHORZE, SP Peter, SP5PB, is signing SP5PB/1 in CW/SSB from May 18-20. This QTH counts as SPL-13 for the SP Lighthouse Award. QSL via bureau.

MONGOLIA, JT Nicola, I0SNY, and Gianni, I8KGZ, (perhaps others too) intend to hit the airwaves as JT1Y on May 29. More information is not available yet.

MOZAMBIQUE, C9 Right now Joe, G3MRC, is QRV as C91MR/3 mostly on 24901 and 21052 kHz. The length of his stay is undefined. QSL via G3MRC.

OCRACOKE ISLAND, W, NA-067 Wade, KU4OJ, will activate this island in North Carolina during the US morning and evening between May 27 and Jun 2. The island has the USI reference number NC-001S. Wade prefers "real paper QSLs" which he will all answer by 100%.

SANTO STEFANO ISLAND, IB0, EU-045 IB0S will be active during the 2nd Friendship and Island Meeting from May 23-27. IIA reference LT-10. QSL via I0YKN.

SHIANT ISLANDS, GM, EU-112 Peter, GM3OFT, will be on the air between May 28 and June 6. It is possible that he will activate also other islands of the Outer Hebrides during this time. He also has a 3 day permission to visit Eilean Garbh.

SVETI ANDRIJA ISLAND, 9A, EU-016 Alfred, 9A5KV, Matija, 9A3VM, and Tom, 9A2AA, are QRV from May 18-20. The islands reference numbers are LH-388 for the World Lighthouse Award and CLH-143 for the Croatian Lighthouse Award. QSL via 9A5KV.

THASSOS, SV8, EU-174 Eddy, ON6HE, Dirk, ON5CT, and Frank, ON4AAC, will activate this island between May 27 and June 3. They will try to get a special callsign. QSL via bureau or direct to ON4AAC.

TIDORE ISLAND, YC8, OC-145 Joni, YC9WZJ, will be on the air as YC9WZJ/9 from May 22-25. More info is not available.

UMMANZ ISLAND, DL, EU-057 Rolf, DL6ZFG, is QRV on 10/15/20m from May 14-18/19. QSL via DL6ZFG.


Eysturoy is the second biggest island of the Faroe group. Its name means "East Island". It is 286 sqkm large and has about 10.000 inhabitants. Half of them lives in small but very beautiful cottages at the Skalafjord. The highest mountain is the Slaettaratindur (882m a.s.l.).

For tourists this island offers a lonesome landscape preserving the original nature with many trekking possibilities and several curiosities from the past. The man who is said to have settled on the island first was Grimur Kamban in 825. He founded the town Funningur which has one of those curiosities. About 3m off the coast there are a few big rocks which move with every little wave. It is said that these are pirate vessels which were transformed to rocks by witchcraft.

Amateur radio: This island belongs to Faroes, prefix OY.

Online logbooks of current DXpeditions

3B6RF             http://www.Agalega2000.ch
3D2/Conway        http://www.kragujevac.co.yu/3d2/
3Y0C              http://www.qsl.net/3y0c/
5U2K, 5U3T, 5U5A  http://digilander.iol.it/i2ysb/
9M0M              http://www.xcvr. com/9M0M/
A22DX             http://www.qsl.net/zr1dq/
D68BT/D68WL       http://www.qsl.net/ea3bt/
PW0S              http://www.soutomaior.eti.br/mario/
T32RD             http://www.qsl.net/okdxf/
VK0MM             http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html
YK9A              http://www.qsl.net/k7ar/

QSL Info


DATE             CALL            DXNL

NOW   -May       5T5YD           1222, 1224
May 20-May 29    6Y1A..          1244 *
Apr 28-May 27    8J3EAG          1241
May 12-May 17    8P9BK           1244 *
May 18-May 20    9A5KV/p..       1244 *
NOW   -Jun       9Q5BQ           1242

May 17-May 22    BA4DW/2         1244 *
Jun 9 -Jun 20    C9/JA..         1230/1233
NOW              C91MR/3         1244 *
NOW   -May 27    D70IAF          1241
May 4 -May 11    EM5QRP          1242
May 14-May 19    DL6ZFG/p        1244 *
May 24-May 28    F5XX/p..        1244 *
Dec/00-Jul/2001  FO0CLA          1225, 1239
May 28-Jun 6     GM3OFT          1244 *
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228
Jun 20-Jun/2001  HC4WW           1203
May              HC8N            1243
Apr 25-Aug 14    HS0ZCW          1241

May 19-May 20    I3..            1243
May 23-May 27    IB0S            1244 *
Jun 1 -Jun 12    JA6GXK          1238
Sep/00-Aug/2001  JD1BCK          1224
May 29-Jun       JT1Y            1244 *
Nov 17-May/2001  JW3FL           1223
May 31-Jun 10    JW3OHA          1231
May 18-May 27    KH6/DH5PK       1244 *
May 27-Jun 2     KU4OJ           1244 *
May 19           KW4JS           1243

May 28-Jun 8     OY9UR           1244 *
May 19-May 26    OZ/DL..         1243
May 18-Aug 22    P29IO           1243
May 24-Jun 1     PY0F            1244 *
May 18-May 20    SP5PB/1         1244 *
May 27-Jun 3     SV8/ON..        1244 *
May 19-May 27    SV9/DJ9HQ       1244 *
May 7 -May 22    SV9/PA9JJ       1242
May              T48K            1243
May 15-May 27    TM0AR           1243
May   -Sep       TT8JE           1243

May 10-May 16    V47UY           1242
May 8 -May 22    VK8AN           1243
Apr 25-Aug 14    VU/K4VUD        1241
May 22-May 25    YC9WZJ/9        1244 *
NOW   -Jun       ZA1/IK7VJP      1240
May 16-May 29    ZK1EFD          1243
Apr 28-May 18    ZK1NDS..        1241
NOW   -May?      ZL7IR           1241

 * = new
...= and other calls

Editor's note: I need the announcements for an DXpedition at least 10 days before the expedition goes on air. The DX Newsletter has to be prepared, printed and mailed via different medias which takes some time. Thank you!

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