DX News Letter 1249
June 18, 2001

DX-NL 1249 - June 18, 2001
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AMBERGRIS CAYE, V31, NA-073 Rick, W7AV, and Darleen, K6JEN, will be in Belize from June 22-29. They will be QRV in CW/SSB/PSK31 on 10-80m with a callsign announced upon arrival. QSL direct to W7AV.

ANTIGUA, V2 After visiting Montserrat Bill, W4WX, is QRV as V2/W4WX in SSB/RTTY from June 23-26. QSL via W4WX.

CAMBODIA, XU Angelo, DC9KZ (SSB/RTTY/PSK31), Frank, DL4KQ (CW), Bernd, DL5OAB (CW), and Siegfried, DL8KBJ (SSB), will operate as XU7ABR in CW/SSB on all bands including 6m between July 15 and Aug 3. DL4KQ will emphasize the low bands. Find more detals on the webpage: http://www.dl4dq.de. QSL via DL4KQ.

CRETE ISLAND, SV9, EU-015 Laurent, F8BBL, is QRV as SV9/F8BBL in CW/SSB on 6-160m between June 25 and July 2. QSL via F8BBL.

GUADELOUPE, FG Jon, N0JK, intends to offer FG on 6m for Europeans between Jun 29 and Jul 2. Look for him on 50.108 or 50.118 MHz QRV.

IRELAND, EI Radio amateurs of the Cambridge University Wireless Society will activate several islands off the Irish west coast signing EI/G6UW/p from Jun 19-23. QSL via M0BLF.

KEFKEN ISLAND, TA, AS-new A group of the TA2KI clubstation got the special permission to visit this island administrated by the military from Jun 23-25. They will sign YM0KI in CW and SSB, SSTV is planned as well.

KOLOCEP ISLAND, 9A, EU-016 9A/S50IPA/p, 9A/S53IPA/p and 9A/S57AX/p are QRV in SSB/CW on 20-6m (perhaps also 40/80m) between Jun 25 and Jul 7.

KWAJALEIN ARCHIPELAGO, V7 Bruce, AC4G, is on the air again from the Marshalls again signing V73CW from Jun 26-30. He will mainly work on 6m/AO-10 and 40m SSB. QSL via AC4G.

MARTHA's VINEYARD, W1, NA-046 Brad, W1RQ, is active in SSB on 10-40m (also 12/17m) between Jun 23 and early July. QSL via W1RQ.

MOCAMBIQUE, C9 C93AN, C93DU (JR6XIW), C93EN (JJ6VOV) and C93ET (JG6BKB) are on the air between June 30 and July 9.

MONTSERRAT, VP2M Bill, W4WX, hits the airwaves signing VP2MHX in SSB/RTTY also on the WARC bands from June 19-22. QSL via W4WX. He will then go to Antigua.

SAN LORENZO ISLAND, OA, SA-052 Manuel, OA4AHW, Sergio, OA4DKC, and Pablo, OA4DJW, will use a special T4 callsign between June 29 and July 1. The date may be postponed a little bit because they still need a permission from the Peruvian Navy. QSL via OA4DJW.

SOMALIA, T5 As usual there was no notice in advance that Baldur, DJ6SI, and Tom, DL1QW, are signing T5X and T5W until June 21 (not confirmed). Baldur's usual frequencies are: 1828, 3508, 7002, 10102, 14025, 18085, 21025, 24902 and 28025 kHz. QSL: T5X via DJ6SI, T5W via DL1QW.

TINOS ISLAND, SV, EU-067 Nikos, SV1CEI, will operate from this island for ten days starting on Jun 25. Look for him on 14.260 and 14.020 MHz between 0300-0600 and 2000-2200 UTC every day. QSL via bureau.

UKRAINE, UR Celebrating the visit of the Pope the special event station EN1WJP hits the airwaves from June 22-27. QSL via UR4WG, bureau ok.

Kwajalein Archipelago

The Kwajalein Atoll is situated at 167°43'East and 8°43'North in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 3400km Southwest of Hawaii and 2250km East of Guam. Kwajalein geographically belongs to the Ralik Chain (aka Sunset Islands) and thus is part of the Marshall Islands. The Kwajalein Archipelago covers an area of about 1.300 sqkm and is the biggest archipelago in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 90 islands. The climate is tropical averaging at 26 Celsius.

The Marshall Islands were under German authority from 1884 till 1918. The headquarter was on Jaluit the main island. After World War II the Americans built up a large base on it. Nowadays there are several thousand American soldiers working at world's largest radar site or with the missile defense. Even the majority of the native inhabitants are working for US government.

Economically the Marshalls are not that important. They are fishing, selling kopra or stamps. The USA are supporting them tremendously with development aid and compensations for the nuclear testing site on the neighbouring archipelagos Bikini and Eniwetok. They have almost no tourism though the Kwajalein archipelago belongs to the most beautiful diving sites in the world.

Amateur radio: Prefix V7, DXCC Marshall Islands, UTC+12 hours, WAZ zone 31, ITU zone 65. Marshall Islands are on rank 73 of the German Most Wanted List.

HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen:

Falk, DK7YY, and Dave, NT1N, will check QSLs for the DXCC again. There is no maximum number or restrictions of QSLs to check. They can even check 160m QSLs there.

The Bavarian Contest Club intends to hand out QSLs of his DX activities. They will have their up-to-date database with them and will print the labels at their booth.

QSL Info

QSLs arrived direct: SN0NHR/p (EU008), 3D2AG/p, 3D2CI, 3D2NV/R, 3DA5A, 3G0Y, 3XY2D, 5U2K, 5U3T, 5U5A, 8P6K (KU9C), 8P6SK (KU9C), 8Q7LA (OM3LA), 8Q7MZ, 8R1K, 9A/PA3EBT (1993!), 9N1FP, A25/KY4P, AN6AEQ, AT0VLH (OKDXF), BY6RC, C31LJ, CE0YEH, CE0Z/OH3JF (OH2BOZ), CN2R, CN8LI, CU3DJ, CV1Z (SA-030), CX3AL, CX5ABM, CX5X, D2BB, D4A, DS0NO, DU3NXE, EA8BVX, EK0I (AS-059), EW4MM, EZ0/UT3UV, F/ON4ON/p (EU-068), F/ON7PQ/p (EU-068), F6BFH/p (EU-065), FG/W8MV, FJ5DX, FM5BH, FO0DER/p, FO0POM, FO0PT (DJ0FX), FO0WEG,FP/W8MV, FS/AH8DX, FS/PA7FM (PA5ET), FY5KE, H44MS, HB0/DF5UL/P, HH2NH (KU9C), HK3JJH, HL0O, HO1A, HR5/F2JD (F6AJA), HR6/N4MO, HS0/VE3SFL, HS1NGR, J38X, J41LH (SV3AGQ), J6/OH1HX, J8/KQ6MW, JY4NE (KB6NAN), KG4VL, KH0A, KH8/N5OLS, KL7/DL1YMK, KP2/K9TM, LY5W,LZ2CJ/1 (EU-181), LZ3FN/1 (EU-181), MD0BPI (N6TQS), MJ/K3PLV, NO7F/KL7, OD5NH, OD5NJ, OH0/K7BV (KU9C)

QSLs arrived bureau: 3A/DJ7RJ, 3Z0I, 3Z1DXC, 5X1Z, 6K5SDI, 6O0X, 9H3R,9M2TO, C56EL, CT3AS, CV5A (SA-030),CW2000,CX3AL,E21EIC,ET3VSC, D44CF (SM0JHF), ES6MO, F3KT/p (EU-032),FO0CLA (OC-066), HV0A, IM0A (EU-165),IM/IK2AEQ (EU-041),JH6TYD (AS-040), JT1JA, JW/DL0MCM, LA/DL1EBR/p (EU-046), LX0RL,OX/DK8XT, P43E, PJ4/WN7T, PT7BZ/PY0F, PY0F/PY2ZDX (F6AJA), TA2BK, PY1NEW/P (SA-029), R0DAT (AS-042), SM/DL7VAF (EU-138), SV8/DL8MCA (EU-072), TF3IRA, TK/DL2SBY, V47KP (K2SB), VK1TX, VK9WI (VK4APG), VP2EK, VP2MGU, VP6BR (OH2BR), VQ9RM, VU3VLH (OKDXF), YK1AH, YL2GN, ZS1NF, ZS6Z


DATE             CALL            DXNL

NOW              4W6MM           1248
Jun 25-Jul 7     9A/S5..         1249 *
NOW   -Jun       9Q5BQ           1242

Jun 9 -Jun 30    AB7TL/6..       1247
Jun 23-Jun 24    AH2G            1248
Jun 30-Jul       C9/JA..         1249 *
Jun 20-Jun 26    CT3/K0JGH       1248
Jun 19-Jun 23    EI/G6UW/p       1249 *
Jun 17-Jun 21    EI/W2YL..       1248
Jun 22-Jun 27    EN1WJP          1249 *
Jun 29-Jul 2     FG/N0JK         1249 *
Jun   -Jul       FO/F6CTL        1248
Dec/00-Jul/2001  FO0CLA          1225, 1239
Jun 19-Jun 22    FR/PA3GIO/p     1248

Jun 19-Jun 22    G3HTA/p         1247
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228
Jun 20-Jun/2001  HC4WW           1203
Jun 16-Jun ???   HK5MQZ/0M..     1248
Jun 16-Jun 23    HR6/WA9YYY      1248
Apr 25-Aug 14    HS0ZCW          1241
Sep/00-Aug/2001  JD1BCK          1224

Jun 10-Jun 22    OH0JWL..        1247
May 18-Aug 22    P29IO           1243
Jun 25-Jul 5     SV1CEI          1249 *
Jun 16-Jun 30    SV5/GW0VSW      1248
Jun 20-Jun 3     SV5/NA9Q        1247
Jun 8 -Jun 20    SV8/OK0REH      1247
Jun 25-Jul 2     SV9/F8BBL       1249 *
Jun 15-Jun 25    SW1SPA          1248

Jun 29-Jul 1     T4/OA           1249 *
NOW              T5X, T5W        1249 *
May   -Sep       TT8JE           1243
Jun 23-Jun 26    V2/W4WX         1249 *
Jun 22-Jun 29    V31/W7AV..      1249 *
Jun 26-Jun 30    V73CW           1249 *
Jun 16-Jun 21    VE2MAM/p        1248
Jun 6 -Aug 31    VO2/K2FRD       1246
Jun 19-Jun 22    VP2MHX          1249 *
Apr 25-Aug 14    VU/K4VUD        1241
Jun 23-Jul       W1RQ            1249 *
Jun 21-Jun 22    XF3CI           1248
Jun 18-Jun 23    XF3/AB5EB..     1248
Jul 15-Aug 3     XU7ABR          1249 *
Jun 23-Jun 25    YM0KI           1249 *

 * = new
...= and other calls

TNX: DE1MGL, DF4FQ, DH2GZ, DH5PK, DJ2QV, DJ5AV, DL1SBF,DL2AWG,DL2BQV,DL3APO, DL7MAE, DL7VOA, DL8AAM, DL9GOA, IK7AFM, F6AJA, GM4SUC, N4SIA, UR5WCW, UT5RP, SV1CEI, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group,KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX),Islands On The Web.