DX News Letter 1251
July 9, 2001

DX-NL 1251 July 9, 2001
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


BANGLADESH, S2 John, KX7YT, is signing S21YV from Dhaka operating in SSB/PSK31 on 15m and 20m from 1400-1800 UTC between Jul 15 and Aug 5.

BERMUDA, VP9 G0KOM IS QRV on HF and 6m from Jul 14-22. He will listen especially for Europe on 50 MHz.

CANADA, VE VE2A is QRV from rare CQ zone 2 from Jul 21-24. Frequencies: CW: 3505, 7005, 14005, 21005, 28195 kHz, SSB: 3795, 7095, 14295, 21195,28495 kHz.

DANJO ARCHIPELAGO, JA, AS-056 Masa, JA6GXK, will be QRV on 14260 or 21260 MHz +/-10kHz during his spare time from July 13-24. QSL via bureau only.

ELEUTHERA ISLAND, C6, NA-001 Mike, KJ4Z, Dan, K2VOL, and Bret, K4TKE, are QRV from Jul 13-22. They plan to work in SSB/CW/RTTY on 80-10m. QSL via KJ4Z.

FALCON STATE ISLANDS, YV YW1F will be active from Cayo Sombrero, which was not activated before, during the Venezuelan Navy Day 2001 from Jul 20-24. Activity takes place on HF and 6m. QSL via YV bureau.

FAROE ISLANDS, OY Volkmar, DF2SS, will be QRV in SSB/CW/RTTY on all bands incl 2/6m from Jul 20 till Aug 8. They intend to participate also in the IOTA Contest.

FIRE, DRUMMOND and HARBOR ISLANDS, W KC8MHX will activate these three islands in Michigan on HF and 6m for the very first time from Jul 9-15.

HARADSSKAR ISLAND, SM5, EU-177 The Grantham Amateur Radio Club will activate this island signing SM5/G0GRC/p from July 21-25. QSL via G0RCI direct or bureau.

HONSHU ISLAND, JA4 DD0VR is on the air as 7N4OKY running 10 wtts in SSB/CW on 3537.5,3798, 7050, 21225, 24940, 28850 and 52000 kHz from Jul 1-26.

ICELAND, TF After visiting Faroer Fabian, DJ1YFK, is QRV in CW signing TF/DJ1YFK/p from different locations throughout Jul 12-19.

ISLE OF MAN, GD, EU-116 Dave, MD0BXX, is active as GT3FLH until Jul 14 and again on Aug 18/19.

OCRACOKE ISLAND, W, NA-067 Jon, WB8YJF, hits the airwaves in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-40m from Jul 22-29. QSL via bureau.

OUTER HEBRIDES, GM Ken, G3OCA, Les, G4CWD, and Peter, G7KUI, are QRV from different Scottish islands from Jul 12-18: Fuday (OH36), Fiaray (OH35), Fuiay (OH37), Barra (OH11) and Vatersay (OH7). They will use the calls GS3EEO, GS3ZBI and GS0NHR on 80-10m. QSL via G3OCA, bureau ok.

P'ENGHU ISLANDS, BV9A, AS-103 Doji, JH3JWW, and Takeshi, JI3DST, will be on the air in SSB on 2-40m signing BV9A/JH3JWW and BV9A/JI3DST from Jul 20-22. QSL via JH3JWW respectively JI3DST.

PASMAN ISLAND, 9A, EU-170 Zsolt, HA6PS, Tibor, HA6ZV, and Laci, HA6NL, are signing 9A/HA6... on the HF+2m+70cm bands from grid JN73. They plan to take part in the IOTA Contest as well. QSL via homecalls.

RUEGEN, DL, EU-057 Jan, DL1YC/p, is QRV in CW/SSB on 10-80m from Jul 10-23. QSL via bureau.

SAO SEBASTIAO ISLAND, PY, SA-028 The op's Anderson, PY2TNT, Adriano, PY2AXH, Alex, PY2RAZ, David, PY2DCE, Marco, PY2MTF, and Osvald, PY2MWS, are signing PX2I until Jul 31. QSL via PY2TNT, bureau ok.

SHIKOTAN ISLAND, UA0, AS-062 and MONERON ISLAND, UA0, AS-149 RA0FF, RA0FU and RA0FW plan to activate these two islands in July or August. They applied for the call RI0F.

SOMALIA, T5 Bruce, WD4NGB, got a license to operate as T5DX from July 1, 2001 until July 1, 2002. He is now planning a DXpedition for autumn. Please check http://www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/t5dx.htm for further information on this.

ST CHRISTOPHER AND NEVIS, V4 Larry, KJ4UY, will be on the air as V47UY opearting from the shack of V44NK on Nevis from Jul 20-31. He plans to work in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 6-160m. QSL via KJ4UY.

VIETNAM, 3W Hans, WA1LWS, will be QRV again as 3W2LWS between Jul 13 and Aug 2.

Nevis Island

Nevis is situated at 17°10'North and 62@deg34'West North of the Antilles.

Columbus discovered this island in 1493 and saw the highest mountain Nevis Peak in clouds. Since he thought he saw a snow covered peak he named the island "Nuestro Senora de las Nieves". Its neighboring island St. Kitts was the first island of the Antilles settled by the English in 1623, Nevis was settled in 1628. After belonging to France and England again and again the Republic of St. Christopher and Nevis became independent in 1983. Since the name is very long it's mainly called St. Kitts and Nevis.

Amateur radio: Prefix V4, DXCC entity St.Christopher and Nevis, WAZ zone 8, ITU zone 11, UTC -4 hours. This DXCC is being visited by Hams frequently.


QSLs arrived direct: V31GI (NA-160), V47UY (KJ4UY), V51AS, V63YT, V73AX, V73CW, VG7DKS VI2TAS (VK2PS), VK9CXF, VK9CXW, VK9KCP, VK9ML (OC-072), VK9XT, VP5/AJ6V, VP6BK, VP6BR (OH2BR), VP8CMT, VP9/DL3OCH, VU2PAI/P (AS-096), VU3VLH (OKDXF), W3EP/C6A, W5DDX/p (NA-082), WH2Z

QSLs arrived bureau: 4S7BRG (HB9BRM), 4W6SP (9A2AA), 5N0/OK1AUT, 7Q7DX, 8Q7TX (DL5XAT),8Q7WW (DL5XAT),9A/OK1FUA (EU-170 OK1FLM) 9A0DX (EU-016 9A3ZA), 9K2/SP5UAM, 9M0F (JA1HGY), 9V1JA, 9M6AAC (N2OO), A41LZ, A92GJ (N1SHM), AC8W/C6A, AX9YL


DATE             CALL            DXNL

Jul 5 -Jul 12    3V2GI?          1250
Jul 13-Aug 2     3W2LWS          1251 *
Jul 1 -Jul 26    7N4OKY          1251 *
Jul 21-Jul 30    9A/HA6..        1251 *
Jun 30-Jul 21    9A/IN3..        1250
Jun 30-Jul 19    9A/ON5JE        1250

Jul 20-Jul 22    BV9A/JH..       1251 *
Jul 13-Jul 22    C6/KJ4Z..       1251 *
Jul 10-Jul 23    DL1YC/p         1251 *
July/2001        EY1ARP          1250
Jun   -Jul       FO/F6CTL        1248
Dec/00-Jul/2001  FO0CLA          1225, 1239
Jul 12-Jul 18    GS3EEO..        1251 *
NOW   -Jul 15    GT3FLH          1251 *
Jul 5            GT3FLH          1250
NOW   -2001      HC2BEV..        1228
Apr 25-Aug 14    HS0ZCW          1241

Jul 1 -Jul 14    IA5/I2ZGA       1250
Jul 13-Jul 24    JA6GXK/p        1251 *
Sep/00-Aug/2001  JD1BCK          1224
Jul 6 -Jul 23    JW4LN           1250
Jul 9 -Jul 15    KC8MHX          1251 *
Jul 20-Aug 8     OY/DF2SS        1251 *
Jul 7 -Jul 11    OY/DL1YFK       1250
May 18-Aug 22    P29IO           1243
NOW   -Jul 31    PX2I            1251 *

Jul   -Aug       RI0F            1251 *
Jul 15-Aug 5     S21YV           1251 *
Jul 21-Jul 25    SM/G0GRC/p      1251 *
Jun 29-Aug 12    SV9/WB2GAI      1250
Fall season      T5DX            1251 *
Jul 12-Jul 19    TF/DJ1YFK       1251 *
Jul 4 -Aug 8     TF/LA6HL        1250
May   -Sep       TT8JE           1243

Jul 20-Jul 31    V47UY           1251 *
Jul 21-Jul 24    VE2A            1251 *
Jun 6 -Aug 31    VO2/K2FRD       1246
Jul 15-Jul 22    VP9/G0KOM       1251 *
Apr 25-Aug 14    VU/K4VUD        1241
Jul 22-Jul 29    WB8YJF          1251 *
Jul 15-Aug 3     XU7ABR          1249
Jul 20-Jul 24    YW1F            1251 *

 * = new
...= and other calls

TNX: 9A6AA, DD0VR, DE1MGL, DJ1AA, DJ5AV, DL1SBF, DL2BQV,DL7VOA,EZ8CQ,IK7JWX, JA3MZB, PY2MTF, UR5EAW, VA3RJ, WF1N, YV5EED, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.