DX News Letter 1256
August 14, 2001

DX-NL 1256 August 14, 2001
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ANTARCTICA, VP8, AN-016 During his spare time Mark, VK4KMT, signs VK0KMT from the Australian Antarctic Davis Base mostly on 14180 or 18120 kHz from 0400-1000 UTC. QSL via VK4KMT.

AUSTRALIA, VK8, OC-001 Stuie, VK8NSB, Alan, VK8ZAB, Mark, VK8MS, and Geoff, VK8KGP, are QRV from Emery Point Lighthouse (AUS-071) near Darwin/Northern Territory signing AX8LH on Aug 18/19. They are still looking for a QSL manager, if interested send an e-mail to vk8nsb@octa4.n35.au.

CAPE VERDE, D4, AF-005 Xara, CT1EKF, will be on the air signing D44TD for 40 days starting Aug 25. He will put his emphasis on the activation of 6m.

CHAD, TT After spending his holiday in France Chris, TT8DX, will be QRV again from Moudoun starting on Aug 28. He will stay about one more year. He intends to activate grid locator JJ88AA with a 6m HB9CV antenna. QSL via F5OGL, bureau ok.

CORDOUAN LIGHTHOUSE, F, EU-159 During the International Lighthouse Weekend on Aug 18/19 Francis, F6HKS, and Jean Claude, F6HDH, will activate this lighthouse signing homecall/p in SSB/CW on 7 and 14 MHz.

CRETE, SV9, EU-015 David, SV9/G4DHF, is momentarily QRV in CW on 10/15/17/20m.

CYPRUS, 5B, AS-004 5B/IZ8CCW and 5B/IT9SSI will be active in SSB/CW on 10/15/20/40m from Aug 23-30. A side trip to AS-120 is also possible. QSL via IZ8CCW.

DO-AO ISLAND, BY7, AS-131 BI7D will be on the air from here with three HF and one VHF/UHF radios in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on the usual IOTA frequencies from Aug 17-19. QSL via BD7NI.

FLAT HOLM ISLAND, GW, EU-124 The Barry Amateur Radio Society will be GB5FI in CW/SSB/PSK31/RTTY/SSTV on all bands from Aug 24-29. QSL via GW0ANA.

GIGLIO ISLAND, IA5, EU-028 Riccardo, IA5/IK0YUJ, will be on the air mostly in CW on HF/6m between Aug 26 and Sep 4 (SSB/PSK31 possible on request). QSL direct to IK0YUJ.

GRAEMSAY ISLAND, GM, EU-009 The Orkney Amateur Radio Club will sign GB5RO from Hoy High lighthouse from Aug 17-19. QSL via GM4DZX.

KIY ISLAND, R1A, EU-153 RA1OZ/A and UE4NMM/1 will be the calls of Pavel, RA1OZ, and Andy, RA4NF, from Aug 20-27. QSL for RA1OZ/A via RA1OZ and for UE4NMM/1 via RA4NF.

MARSHALL ISLANDS, V7, OC-059 Bruce, AC4G, will be QRV especially for Europeans in CW on 17/12m signing V73CW from Aug 21-30. QSL via AC4G.

PANTELLERIA ISLAND, IH9, AF-018 IH9/IT9JOF is mainly QRV on the WARC bands until Aug 16. QSL via IT9JOF, bureau preferred! --- Frank, I5RFD, will be QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY on 40/20/15m from Aug 25-31. A QSL can be requested via http://www.i5rfd.bbk.org. He intends to go to Favignana, EU-054, in September.

POHNPEI ISLAND, V6, OC-010 Katsu, JH8BKL, his XYL Michiko, JF8IYR, and Susumu, JH8MYB, will hit the airwaves as V63KA, V63MC and V63YB in SSB/CW on 6-80m from Aug 31 until Sep 6. QSL for V63KA and V63MC via JH8BKL, V63YB via JH8MYB.

SHEFFIELD ISLAND, W1, NA-136 Skip, N1IBM, Bob, N2OO, and Beth, KF2BQ, will sign N1IBM/p from this island off Connecticut on Aug 25/26. Preferred frequencies are in SSB: 7165, 14265, 21265 kHz and in CW: 7030, 14030, 21030 kHz. QSL via N1IBM, bureau ok.

THAILAND, HS Once again Bruce, AA4XR, is signing HS0ZCY mainly in CW on 10/15/20/40m between Aug 14 and Sep 6. QSL via WB4FNH. --- Mike, WB7QXU, will be QRV in CW/SSB on the HF bands from Aug 20-25.

TUNISIA, 3V8 IK8VRH is QRV from the clubstation 3V8SQ in Monastir from Aug 15-30.

TURKEY, TA, AS-098/AS-115 Vito, I3BQC, will be on the air as TA0/I3BQC/p from AS-098 and AS-115 betwen Aug 21 and Sep 6.

TUVALU, T2, OC-062 Hiro, JA0SC, will hit the airwaves in SSTV and RTTY signing T22SC from Funafuti from Aug 23-30. QSL via JA0SC, bureau ok.

YAP ISLAND, V6, OC-012 Hide, JM1LJS, signs V63LJ on 2/6/12/17/30m until Aug 15. He will then go to Guam. QSL for V63LJ via JH8DEH.


Flat Holm Island is situated at 51°11'North and 3°7'West in the Bristol Channel, about 10km South of Cardiff/Wales. On this rather small island there are only a few small buildings beside the lighthouse and a modernized farm.

This island has a rich history. As time went by the Vikings rested here, the Anglo Saxons mined silver, three cholera patients were taken here for iso- lation and it was being used extensively for smuggling. A number of British fortresses along the coast were established since 1850 and are signs of old wars. Nowadays Flat Holm is a nature reserve, depending on the weather situation a small ferry transports up to 45 persons on excursions to the island between April and October. The small farm has place for 24 persons but it is mainly used as a schools field centre.

For us radio amateurs Flat Holm has also another more historical importance. Marconi erected a "Wireless Telegraph Station" there and on May 10, 1897 the first radio transmission over water was written down to history. Only a few days later the first "QSO" between two countries (England and Wales) was made on May 18, 1897. Therefore you can say this was also the very first DXpedition and the very first IOTA activity as well.

Amateur radio: Prefix GW, DXCC entity Wales, IOTA EU-124. This island is been activated regularly.


(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new QSL manager

QSL via bureau: 3DA0CF (K5LBU), 4K9W (DL6KVA),4L1BR (KE1HZ),4W/N5KO (OH2BN), 4W/W3UR (OH2BN), 4W6MM (TF1MM),5B4YY,5R8GJ,7P8/ZS5GMW,7P8AA, 8Q7LA (AS-013), 8Q7LH (DL1LH), 9G5MD (G3OCA), 9G5ZM (G3ZEM), 9K2HS, 9K2OD, 9K2TO, 9V1GA (JA4BJO),9X5/G3SEM,A41KJ (N5FTR), AI5P/CY9, AX3OLY, BI3A (AF-087), C56TTY


DATE            CALL          DXNL

Aug 15-Aug 30   3V8SQ         1256 *
Jul 29-Aug 16   3W2B          1253
Aug 7 -Aug 21   5B/HA0HW      1255
Aug 23-Aug 30   5B/IZ8CCW..   1256 *
NOW   -Aug 31   5K3CA         1254
Aug 17-Aug 19   6N0YO/4       1255
Aug 12-Aug 17   9A/DF9MV..    1254
Aug 4 -Sep 16   9M6CT         1255

Aug 15-Aug 28   A52UL         1255
Aug 13-Sep 27   C6TKJ         1255
Aug 13-Aug 23   C6/DJ9HX      1255
Jul 27-Aug 18   CN2DX         1252
Aug 25-Oct 3    D44TD         1256 *
NOW   -Aug 15   D6/WB4MBU     1253
Aug 17-Aug 19   DL0RUG        1255
Aug 18-Aug 19   F6HKS/p..     1256 *
Aug 15-Aug 28   FR/I4ALU      1255
Aug 18-Aug 19   GB2ELH        1255
Aug 24-Aug 29   GB5FI         1256 *
Aug 17-Aug 19   GB5RO         1256 *

NOW   -2001     HC2BEV..      1228
Aug 14-Sep 6    HS0ZCY        1256 *
Aug 26-Sep 4    IA5/IK0YUJ    1256 *
Aug 13-Aug 27   ID9/I1SNW     1254
NOW   -Aug 16   IH9/IT9JOF    1256 *
Aug 25-Aug 31   IH9/I5RFD     1256 *
Aug 2 -Aug 15   J3PA..        1253
Aug 16-Aug 27   J8/PA5RT..    1255
Aug 14-Aug 24   JA6GXK        1254
NOW   -Aug 20   JL2LRO/8      1253
Aug 14-Aug 18   JR8KJR/8      1254
Aug 17-Aug 20   KL7/KD6WW     1255
Aug 11-Aug 18   LZ1NG         1255

Aug 15-Aug 20   MM/W5ZE/p     1255
Aug 25-Aug 26   N1IBM/p       1256 *
Aug 18-Aug 19   OS4LHN        1255
Aug 5 -Aug 18   OZ/DL7UXG     1254
May 18-Aug 22   P29IO         1243
Aug 13-Aug 18   PJ/KO4JY      1254
Aug 20-Aug 27   RA1OZ/A       1256 *
NOW             SV9/G4DHF     1256 *
Aug 23-Aug 30   T22SC         1256 *
Aug 21-Sep 6    TA0/I3BQC     1256 *
Aug 18-Sep 2    TK8T          1255
May   -Sep      TT8JE         1243
Aug 28-Jul/2002 TT8DX         1256 *
Aug 11-Aug 29   TY/F5CWU..    1254

Aug 31-Sep 6    V63KA..       1256 *
NOW             V63LJ         1256 *
Aug 21-Aug 30   V73CW         1256 *
Aug 18-Sep 7    VE1/DH8IAT    1255
NOW             VK0KMT        1256 *
Aug 18-Aug 19   VK8NSB..      1256 *
Jun 6 -Aug 31   VO2/K2FRD     1246
NOW             XU7ABN        1255
Aug 6 -Aug 20   ZA/IZ7DOO     1254
Aug 7 -Aug 17   ZK1AHB        1254

*  = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: AC4G, DE1MGL, DE2WAF, DJ5AV, DJ6OV, DK3FB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV,DL6ZFG,F5NQL, UA9ZZ, VA3RJ 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, W3UR (Daily DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), N4AA (QRZ DX), Islands On The Web.