DX News Letter 1259
September 4, 2001

DX-NL 1259 September 4, 2001
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AUSTRAL ISLANDS, FO0 Dave, AH6HY, is planning a SSB activity (15/20m) signing FO0FLA from Rurutu (OC-050) from Sep 9-14. QSL via AH6HY.

BARBADOS, 8P9 Mario, K2ZD, is working as 8P9JM running 100 watts on 40-6m during the evening hours until Sep 9.

BOTSWANA, A2 Harry, W6DXO, will run his QRP equipment only in SSB on 20m signing A25/KG6GPA from Sep 19-29. QSL direct to W6DXO.

CHAUSEY ISLAND, F, EU-039 Jean Yves, F5LHW, Pascal, F5RZJ, Herve, F8BFB, and Eric, F0DIT, will be on the air in CW/SSB on 10-80m from Sep 10-14. QSL via bureau.

COCOS KEELING ISLANDS, VK9C, OC-003 Bert, PA3GIO, will sign VK9CQ in SSB on 80/40/20/17/15/12/10m running 100 watts into a double Zepp from Sep 14-20. QSL via bureau to PA3GIO.

CROATIA, 9A Mario, DJ2MX, signs 9A/N0MX from Brac Island (EU-016, CI-10) working in CW/SSB on 80-10m from Sep 2-15. During this time Mario will visit also other islands in this group: Hvar Island (CI-28); Vis Island (CI-142), Solta Island (CI-126) and Ciovo Island (CI-13). QSL via DJ2MX, buro ok.

EOLIE ISLANDS, ID9, EU-017 Dario, IT9SSI, is operating from Filicudi (IIA ME-003) on Sep 7-9. QSL direct via IZ8CCW.

FRENCH POLYNESIA, FO Marcel, ON4QM, travels through the South Pacific between mid September and early December. Look out for FO0DEH from Pukapuka Island (OC-062), Napuka (OC-094) and Hereheretue (OC-052). The exact dates will be published later.

FUTUNA ISLAND, FW, OC-118 Guy, FW5ZL, is working with 100 watts from Sep 6-21.

GIBRALTAR, ZB2 Martyn, G3RFX, will stay active in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK31 on 80-10m signing ZG2FX until Sep 10. The prefix ZG2 is used to celebrate the Gibraltar National Day.

GROIX ISLAND, F, EU-048 Didier, F5BJW, will be on the air as TM2A running 100 watts on the usual IOTA frequencies mainly in SSB on 80-10m from Sep 15-24. QSL via F5BJW.

GUATEMALA, TG Ramon, XE1KK, is signing TG/XE1KK on HF, 6m and via AO-27/UO-14 from Sep 6-9.

JOHNSTON ISLAND, KH3, OC-023 Dan, KH6UW, Mike, AL7KC, Bob, W7TSQ, and Tom, K7ZZ, will hit the airwaves as K3J in CW/SSB on 6-160m (also WARC bands) from Sep 11-18. If the conditions are suitable they will put their emphasis on the Europeans. QSL via AH6HN.

KYRGYZSTAN, EX EX10A is the special event station celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan's independence until Sep 10. QSL via bureau.

MALTA, 9H, EU-023 9H0VRZ will be active on 40-2m between Sep 14 and Oct 6. QSL via PA7DX. The operators are: Sietse, PA1XA/9H3AAG, Louis, PA0LRK/9H3LRK, Ton, PA1SL, Frits,PA0BEA/9H3IE, Rob, PA0RDY/9H3Q, Andre, PA3HGP/9H3S, Allart, PE1RVQ/9H3AAK, Peter,PA3GUU/9H3YT, Jaap,PE1NGF/9H3X, Bill,PA3BIZ/9H3ON, Berry,PA3FEO/9H3QF, Bert, PA3CLF/9H3QC, Peter, PE1NZA/9H3TE, and Sjirk, PE1OFJ/9H3YM. QSLs via their PA homecalls.

NARECHI ISLANDS, UA9, AS-109 Nikolai, UA9KM, Serge, UA9KL, Mike, UA9KO, Valery, UA9KJ, Edy, RA9KM, Mike, UA9KGH, and Boris, UA9LAC, are on the air as RI9K working in CW/SSB on 80-10m from Sep 5-12. QSL via UA4RC, Box 252, Almetyevsk, Tatarstan Republic, 423452, Russia.

NAURU, C2, OC-031 Gerard, PA3AXU, visited Western Kiribati earlier and is now active as C21XU from Sep 11-19. He will go to Fiji afterwards.

PANJANG ISLAND, YB, OC-237 Rivai, YC2MTA, is QRV on 15m SSB on Sep 7/8 (1100-1700 UTC). QSL direct an Jl. Sudirman 135 Cilacap, Indonesia 53213.

RHODES, SV5, EU-001 Bjoern, DK1EAW, is QRV from Rhodes in CW/SSB on 10-30m from Sep 6-19.

SAMSO ISLAND, OZ, EU-172 Axel, DL1EBR, is on the air for three weeks starting on Sep 8.

USTICA ISLAND, IE9, EU-051 Antonio, IK8SUT, and Maurizio, IK8YTN, are signing IE9/homecall on HF/6m from Sep 8-15.

VANUATU, YJ Masa, JE1DXC (YJ0AXC), stays on Loh (Linau) Island (OC-110) on Sep 8/9. More information will be available during the next days in the internet at http://members.tripod.co.jp/mihara/.


Nauru is situated at 0°32' South and 166°55' East near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. The temperatures are moving around 28 deg centigrade through- out the year. The land area totals 21 sqkm with about 10.000 inhabitants living there.

The Englishman John Fearn (called also John Hunter) discovered this island in the year 1798. From 1888 Nauru was a colony of the German emperor, it was occupied by Australia in 1914 and administered by the League of Nations since 1920. Nauru became independent in 1968 and is the smallest island country in the world since then.

Most of the island is covered with guano. The phosphates are mined and there is a big demand for it worldwide. By its phosphates Nauru has one of the biggest per capita incomes in the world. To make sure that its land can be used in another agricultural way later every ship which comes to take phos- phates has to bring fresh topsoil to Nauru. The miners are mostly from other island republics and the Nauru people are living pretty good from their millions of dolars and are one of the biggest investors from the Pacific.

Amateur radio: prefix C2, DXCC entity: Nauru, IOTA reference: OC-031, Time difference: UTC + 11:30 hours.

QSL Info

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager

QSL direct: 3B6RF (AF-001), 3V8GI (AF-091), 3D2RW (OC-095), 3R1Z, 3V8CB, 3V8DJ (AF-083), 3V8GI (AF-091), 3V8SF, 3V8SM, 3V8SZ, 3W2LC, 3XY6A, 3Y0C, 4H2B (OC-093), 4I1P (OC-126, OC-244), 4S7NB, 5T5U, 5V7TD, 7Q7KZ, 8S5T (EU-177), 9H1PF, 9M6BAA, 9M2/JA4DPL, 9Y4SF, A35TO, A71MA

Travelling DXers and DXpeditioners may find the website of VE9DX of interest Andy made a list of more than 100 DXclusters which can be accessed also via telnet. His url is: http://www.ve9dx.com/telnet/sites.html


DATE            CALL          DXNL

Aug 31-Sep 8    3D2AW         1257
Sep 2 -Sep 27   5R/F6BUM      1257
Sep 6 -Sep 20   5R8HA         1258
Aug 22-2003     5W1SA         1257
NOW   -Sep 9    8PJM          1259 *
Sep 2 -Sep 15   9A/N0MX       1259 *
Sep 14-Oct 6    9H0VRZ        1259 *
Aug 4 -Sep 16   9M6CT         1255
Sep 7 -Sep 9    9N7IG         1258

Sep 19-Sep 29   A25/KG6GPA    1259 *
NOW             AP2ARS        1258
Sep 11-Sep 19   C21XU         1259 *
Aug 13-Sep 27   C6TKJ         1255
Aug 25-Oct 3    D44TD         1256
Sep 5 -Sep 27   EA6/DL6KAC    1258
Aug 29-Sep 10   EA8/DH5JG     1258
NOW   -Sep 10   EX10A         1259 *
Sep 10-Sep 14   F5LHW..       1259 *
Sep 15-Dec 15   FO0DEH        1259 *
Sep 9 -Sep 14   FO0FLA        1259 *
Sep 6 -Oct 5    FR5ZU/T       1258
Sep 6 -Sep 21   FW5ZL         1259 *

NOW   -2001     HC2BEV..      1228
Sep 7 -Sep 9    ID9/IT9SSI    1259 *
Sep 8 -Sep 15   IE9/IK8SUT..  1259 *
Sep 3 -Sep 8    IM0/IK0BZY    1258
Sep 11-Sep 18   K3J           1259 *
Sep 7 -Sep 14   KG4DX         1258
Sep 8 -Sep 30   OZ/DL1EBR     1259 *
Sep 7 -Sep 16   P29AM..       1258
Sep 9 -Sep 9    PJ2T          1258
Sep 8 -Sep 14   PJ7/W6JHB     1258
Sep 5 -Sep 12   RI9K          1259 *
Sep 6 -Sep 19   SV5/DK1EAW    1259 *

Aug 23-Aug 30   T22SC         1256
Sep 1 -         T30ES         1257
Sep 4 -Sep 10   T30XU         1258
Sep 6 -Sep 9    TG/XE1KK      1259 *
Sep 15-Sep 24   TM2A          1259 *
May   -Sep      TT8JE         1243
Aug 28-Jul/2002 TT8DX         1256
NOW   -2004     V73GJ         1257
Aug 18-Sep 7    VE1/DH8IAT    1255
Sep 3 -Sep 7    VK7TS         1258
Sep 14-Sep 20   VK9CQ         1259 *
Sep 6 -Sep 13   VK9XV         1258
Jun 6 -Aug 31   VO2/K2FRD     1246
Sep 7 -Sep 8    YC2MTA        1259 *
Sep 8 -  ??     YJ0AXC        1259 *
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1257
NOW   -Sep 10   ZG2FX         1259 *

*  = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: AL7KC, DE1MGL, DJ2RB, DJ5AV, DK1EAW, DL1SBF, DL2BQV,DJ7ZG,F5NQL,HB9CRV, I4UFH, JF2SKV, LU3XPS, PA3ARM, RA0FF, TI2JJP, UA9KM, VA3RJ,WF1N,YB0AZ,ZS4BS, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.