DX News Letter 1262
September 25, 2001

DX-NL 1262 September 25, 2001
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ANAMBAS ISLAND, YB, OC-108 John, YB5NOF/p, is working in SSB on 21260 und 14260 kHz until Sep 26. QSL via YB5NOF.

ARUBA, P4, SA-036 Tyler, K3MM, is QRV in PSK31 signing P40M between Sep 25 and Oct 2. He will sign P40V during the CQWW RTTY Contest.

BELIZE, V3 Joe, K8JP, is hitting the airwaves signing V31JP from Belize from the end of this September until April 2002.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND, T32, OC-024 Takashi, JR7TEQ, Hiro, JA1PCY, and Hiro, JP1TRJ, will stay in Eastern Kiribati from Oct 1-7. They will be QRV in SSB/CW/RTTY on 160-6m.

CONWAY REEF, 3D2/c, OC-112 Hrane, YT1AD, is leading a team (K1LZ, RZ3AA, YT6A, YU7AV, YZ7AA, YU1AU, YU1DX and Z32ZM) which will be QRV with two radios in CW/SSB/RTTY on 160-6m from Oct 1-10. The calls for CW and SSB/RTTY are not known yet. Pilot stations are YU1AA and VE3EXY, more details can be found on their website http://www.kragujevac.co.yu/3d2/. QSL: CW QSOs via YT1AD, SSB and RTTY via Z32AU.

CYPRUS, 5B, AS-004 Rick, 5B4/AI5P, will be QRV from Cyprus from Oct 4-11. He will also try to operate from a clubstation on a British base on Cyprus (ZC4) for a few hours.

FEHMARN ISLAND, DL, EU-128 Martin, DL1ZU/p, is QRV in CW/PSK31 on 80-10m from Sep 29 until Oct 7.

GUATEMALA, TG Arno, TG/DL1CW, Andy, TG/DL3GA, and Thomas, TG/DB2TR, will work mostly in CW on the high bands but also RTTY and SSB from Oct 5-15. QSL: TG/DB2TR via DL1SBF, else via homecall (bureau ok).

MAURITIUS ISLAND, 3B8, AF-049 Jack, 3B8/PA3BAG, and Hans, 3B8/PA0VHA, will be QRV in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on all bands from Oct 1-16. QSL via PA0VHA.

NEPAL, 9N Hiro, JA0SC, is signing 9N7SC in RTTY/SSTV on 20/15m between Sep 30 and Oct 6. QSL via JA0SC.

NORTHERN MARIANAS, KH0, OC-086 JH7IMX is active from Saipan signing KH0/K7WD from Sep 28 until Oct 2. QSL via JH7IMX.

PAKISTAN, AP Peter, ON6TT, and Robert, S53R, have left Afghanistan are now staying in Islamabad. They are trying to hit the airwaves on 30-160m from there. Calls are not known yet.

PHILIPPINES, DU Gerard, F2JD, is staying there for one year and hopes to get a license.

POHNPEI ISLAND, V6, OC-010 Sho, JA7HMZ, and Hisa, 7L4IOU, are signing V63DX and V63XC in RTTY/SSTV/ PSK31 between Sep 28 and Oct 4. QSL via homecalls. They will sign V63XA during the CQWW RTTY Contest, QSL via JA7AO.

SANTA ROSA ISLAND, W6, NA-144 N6KZ, N6FH, W6VX, N6IC, KQ6MW, WB9AWX, KJ6Y and NN7A are QRV in CW/SSB on 10-40m looking especially for EU and JA between Sep 29 and Oct 1. QSL via homecalls.

SWAZILAND, 3DA Sigi, DL7DF, DL7KL, DL7UFR and DL4WK will be on the air as 3DA0DF and 3DA0FR from Sep 30 until Oct 13. They will work in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 in split mode on the usual DX frequencies on HF and 6m. QSL via DL7DF. Their online logbook will be published at: http://www.qsl.net/dl7df/.

TRINIDAD, 9Y, SA-011 Didi, DL2YY, is visiting 9Y/DL2RVS between Sep 19 and Oct 23. He wants to operate in CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 on 10-80m. During this time he intends to activate Chacachacare Island (SA-011) for five days and also Tobago (SA-009). QSL via DL2YY.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, VP5, NA-002 Bill, K5YG, will sign VP5YG from Providenciales Island (NA-002) during the CQWW RTTY Contest. QSL via K2FF.

VIETNAM, 3W Robert, N4CD, will be QRV on 10/15/20/40m from Oct 2-15. The callsign is not known yet. QSL via N4CD.

Due to the current air transport situation it might be possible that a few DXpeditions have to postpone or cancel their flights/activities.


The Kingdom of Nepal situated in the Himalaya is adjoining to Tibet in the North and to India in the South. The capital Kathmandu is situated at 27°42' North and 85°19' South. Its area comprises about 147.000 sq km and is about half the size of Germany. In 1998 they had 23 million inhabitants with about 590.000 of them living in Kathmandu. The head of state is King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

Nepal has three different kind of landscapes: The Himalaya in the North with eight of the fourteen >8000m peaks in Nepal including the Mount Everest (Nepalese: Sagarmatha [Throne of Gods]). In the heart of Nepal you can find the Tarai highland around Kathmandu about 1000m a.s.l. The people here experience a subtropical climate. In the south of Nepal there is the Mahabharat Range, lowlands with a wet and hot subtropical climate. The difference in altitude in Nepal lies between 70m and 8850m a.s.l.!

Nepal has opened itself to the tourists in 1950. While there were mostly mountaineers and trekkers in the beginning there are more cultural tourists nowadays (almost 400.000 throughout a year). Surprisingly Nepal is said to be the country with the highest density of internet cafés in the world! Their national meal is called Dalbath which is a pilaff with a thick and spicy lentil sauce.

Amateur radio: prefix 9N, own DXCC entity, time zone: UTC + 5:30h, CQ zone 22, ITU zone 42. Rank 78 in the Most Wanted DXCC Entity List.


(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager

QSL direct: J49HW/p (EU-187), J49NG/p (EU-187), J88DR, K6KO/HC8, K6TA/HC8, KA1I/NH2, KG4IZ, LR0N, LZ1ND, MJ0AWR, MW/N4XP (EU-005), OA4DKC, OX3LG (NA-220), OY9UR (ON4CJI), OZ5MJ (EU-172), PJ4B (SA-006), P40B, SM3LF (EU-087), SV3/IZ0CKJ/p (EU-158), T30ED, TI4G, UA2FJ, TT8JE (F6FNU), UK8LA, V85QQ, VE2A, VK0LD, VK4AWX, VK8DK, VK8TM, VP2EM, VU2WAP, XA5T, XF3/AB5EB (NA-045), XV9TH, XX9AU, YL2SM, YL4HQ, YV5/NE8Z, YW5FC (SA-058), ZA1E, ZC4DW, ZD8K, ZK1AHB,ZK3CW


DATE            CALL          DXNL
Oct 1 -Oct 16   3B8/PA..      1262 *
Sep 20-Sep 28   3D2XU         1260
Oct 1 -Oct 10   3D2/YT1AD     1262 *
Sep 30-Oct 13   3DA0DF..      1262 *
Oct 2 -Oct 15   3W/N4CD       1262 *
Oct 4 -Oct 11   5B4/AI5P      1262 *
Sep 2 -Sep 27   5R/F6BUM      1257
Aug 22-2003     5W1SA         1257
Sep 14-Oct 6    9H0VRZ        1259
NOW   -Sep 30   9K2USA        1261
NOW   -2004     9L1DX         1260
Sep 24-Oct 2    9N7BY ..      1261
Sep 30-Oct 6    9N7SC         1262 *
Sep 19-Oct 23   9Y/DL2YY      1262 *

Sep 19-Sep 29   A25/KG6GPA    1259
Aug 13-Sep 27   C6TKJ         1255
Sep 28-Oct 13   C98DC         1261
Aug 25-Oct 3    D44TD         1256
NOW   -Sep 29   DL1ZU/p       1262 *
Sep 5 -Sep 27   EA6/DL6KAC    1258
Sep 24-Oct 8    EA6/DL8LAS    1261
Sep 15-Dec 15   FO0DEH        1259
Sep 6 -Oct 5    FR5ZU/T       1258
NOW   -2001     HC2BEV ..     1228
Sep 21-Oct 8    HP1/DL7CM     1261
Sep 19-Sep 27   JT1FZW ..     1260

Sep 28-Oct 2    KH0/K7WD      1262 *
Sep 20-Sep 29   KH4/DL7VFR .. 1260
Sep 23-Sep 29   KH4/WH2M ..   1260
Sep 29-Oct 1    N6KZ/6 ..     1262 *
Sep 24-Oct 1    OH0/OH3TY     1261
Sep 8 -Sep 30   OZ/DL1EBR     1259
Sep 25-Oct 2    P40M          1262 *
Sep 29-Sep 30   P40V          1262 *
Sep 15-Oct 12   PJ2/PA0VDV    1260
Sep 1 -         T30ES         1257
Oct 1 -Oct 7    T32/JR7TEQ    1262 *
Oct 5 -Oct 15   TG/DL1CW      1262 *
Sep 25-Oct 9    TI2/AK0A      1261
Sep 27-Oct 2    TI5U          1261
May   -Sep      TT8JE         1243
Aug 28-Jul/2002 TT8DX         1256

NOW   -Apr/2002 V31JP         1262 *
Sep 28-Oct 4    V63DX ..      1262 *
NOW   -2004     V73GJ         1257
Sep 26-Sep 30   VK3DK/p       1261
Sep 22-Oct 8    VK6GIO        1261
Sep 29-Sep 30   VP5YG         1262 *
Sep 21-Sep 28   XV3Z ?        1260
NOW             YB5NOF/p      1262 *
Sep 8 -  ??     YJ0AXC        1259
Sep 16-Oct 6    YM3CC         1260
Sep 27-Oct 5    Z2/W6DXO      1261
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1260

*  = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: AK0A, DE1MGL, DH2GZ, DJ5AV, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL2OBF, DL2RUM, DL2RVS, DL3APO, DL7CM, DL8LAS, EY8MM, F6AJA, FM5GU, I2UIY, IK8UND, JP1TRJ, KH6UW, OE1GZA, PA0MIR, PA0VDV, PA3ARM, PA3HEP, RW4HW, VA3RJ, ARRL DX Bulletin, 425 DX News, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX),KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.