DX News Letter 1263
October 2, 2001

DX-NL 1263 October 2, 2001
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


Cambodia, XU: Alan, F6BFH, will be XU7ABW October 22nd through November 10th on 6 through 80m in CW and SSB. There is a chance for a short trip to Koh Poa Island (AS-133). QSL via F6BFH, ok via bureau.

East Malaysia, 9M6: Mat, JA1JQJ, and Kuni, JA8VE, will be active October 10th through 14th as 9M6JQT and 9M6VET on CW 7 kHz from band edge and on SSB on 3798, 7080, 14170, 18130, 21270, 24940, 28470 and 50120 kHz QRV. QSLs via homecalls.

Eritrea, E3: Chris, DL5NAM (SSB,RTTY,6m); Dieter, DF4RD (SSB/CW), Falk, DK7YY (low bands, CW); and Wolf, OE2VEL (low bands, SSB/CW), will be active as E30NA October 17th through November 3rd. They will try to visit one of the AF-038 - Islands, too. They had to pay 500 US-$ for each of them! More informations are presented at http://www.qsl.net/e30na/

Hachijo Islands, JA1, AS-043: JF1NEH, JE1SQI, JO1CFV, and JA4LVZ will be QRV October 19th through 21st as .../1 on 15 and 40m. QSLs via homecalls.

Jersey Island, GJ, EU-013: Chris, G0WFH, will use GH4BJC/p October 17th through 31st mainly on 160m using SSB. Use chris.g0wfh@btinternet.com for skeds.

Lord-Howe, VK9L, OC-004: Bert, PA3GIO, is on tour again, October 9th through 15th as VK9LO on SSB, 10-80m, using the usual IOTA- or DX- frequencies. QSL preferred via bureau again. Website: http://www.pa3gio.nl/VK9LO/

Magdalena Island, XE1, NA-078: Michael, DL1YMK, will be active October 7th through 13th as XF1/DL1YMK on 10 through 80m on SSB. QSL via DL1YMK.

Malpelo, HK0, SA-007: Otto, UA5WAE, intends an RTTY activity in October. There were no details available.

Marquesas Islands, FO, OC-027: SP9FIH and SQ9LR will use the call FO/SP9FIH on 80 through 6m, SSB and RTTY, for 2 weeks in late October from Nuku Hiva. QSL via SP9FIH.

Mauretania, 5T: October 6th through 16th there will be an activity as 5T5U or 5T5/homecall mainly using CW on 10 MHz. No more informations available.

New Zealand, ZL: Nico, PA0MIR, will activate several islands beginning October 8th: OC-201, OC-036, OC-134 and maybe OC-203. November 8th he will leave for Australia. QSL via bureau.

Solomon Islands, H4: Luca, IZ6DSQ, and Ant, IZ8CCW, will hit the airwaves October 8th through 23rd from several islands, planned till now: New Georgia (OC-149) October 8th through 15th and Pigeon Island (OC-065) October 17th to 23rd. He will get his call on arrival.

South Georgia, VP8: GM0HCQ/mm will be QRV beginning October 10th onboard the Royal Research Ship Ernest Shackleton. As soon as they reach the Falklands he will change his call for VP8CMH/mm. Later on he will approach South Georgia. Get more actual informations from http://www.qsl.net/gm0hcq/ and http://www.hfdx.co.uk

St. Mary's Island, G, EU-011: Bill, G3WNI; Tom, G0PSE; and Doug, G0WMW, are active as GB0SM from this part of Isle of Scilly October 6th through 13th 160 through 10m mainly on CW and SSB, but also with some RTTY and PSK31. QSL via G3WNI, bureau ok.

Trinidade Island, PY0T, SA-010: ZW0TB on SSB and ZW0TW on CW will be active by operators Claudio, PY2NW; Erwin, PY2QI; and Ben, PY2KQ, two or three days in October. Exact dates depend on the timing by the navy. Find more infos from internet on http://www.radiohaus.com.br/trindade.htm

Troughton Island, VK6, OC-154: Dan, VK8AN, will be on 10, 15 and 20, CW and SSB, October 7th through 20th as VK8AN/6 again. QSL via VK4AAR, direct only!

Lord Howe

Lord Howe is situated on 31 Degrees 33 Minutes South and 159 Degrees 5 Minutes East ca 600 km east of Australia in the Tasman Sea with Mt Gower (875m) and Mt Lidgebird (777m) at the two ends. The highlands are covered with rain forests. Close to this volcanic island are Balls Pyramid and the uninhabited Admiralty Islands. In front of the 11 km wide arched island the most southern coral reef of the world and one of the most picturesque ones is situated.

The island was discovered in 1788 by Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball on a voyage from Sydney to the Norfolk Islands. During the following years there were a few visits by some whalers. 1833 the first colonization took place. 1893 it was included to a steamer service, in 1947 this was substituted by a flying boat. Sincesome years there is an airfield for modern aircraft. The island has 280 inhabitants, the number of tourists is limited to 393 beschraenkt, a maximum of 25 sailing boats are allowed as visitors. There are all sorts of aquatics and nice travelling tours. The few cars are limited to 25 km/h.

Since 1982 Lord Howe is included to UNESCO World Heritage! Many traveller's guides describe it as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Amateur radio: Prefix VK9L, own DXCC-entity, time-zone: UTC + 10:30 hrs, CQ zone 30, ITU zone 60. Last time Lord Howe Island was listed 1979 for the 100 Most wanted DXCC ranking as No 89.


(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager

Arno, DL1CW, is not QSL manager of 7O7A!

Alois, DL3IAC, is not QSL manager of CP5HX!

The brand new September update of QSL informations by Paul, ON6DP, is freeware and can be downloaded at: http://www.dd3kf.de

It is forbidden to include foreign currency to letters for India. Use IRC for return postage.

One US-Dollar does not cover the return postage from Japan. 1 IRC is enough.

QSL direct: 3B8FR, 3C0R, 3Y0C, 4J3M, 4L5T, 4M5LR (SA-035), 5R8GY (AF-090), 6H3KK (NA-090), 7Q7RM (G0IAS), 7Z1ZZ, 8A0ITU, 8Q7KK, 8R1Z, 9A10HRM (EU-110), 9A2AA, 9Q0AR, 9Q5BQ, CT3/DL3DXX, CT3BX, CT3FN, D4A, EK6TA, EU5F, EU6TT, FK8HZ, HB0/IK2IQD, HC1HC, HC2FN, HK5QGX/HK0M (SA-007), HL1OYF/2 (AS-090), HS0ZAK, IS0IGV, PJ7/W3HNK, TI5/N0KE, TI5N, UA0FO, V26KT, VK7TS/4 (OC-171), XF3IC (NA-045), YW5LO (SA-054), YW5LT (SA-059), Z36W.

QSL arrived buro: 9A4A (EU-136), 9A7W/p (EU-170), 9M6V, CE0/JA7KXD, EA8BH, ED7SPI (EU-143), FK/OH2BH, FO0SOU (OC-067), FS/W2JJ (NA-105), KJ6Y/p (NA-066), LX9DX, PA5RA/p (EU-146), S52000, SW1OF, T40VPG, T22KJ.


DATE         CALL       DXNL

01Oct-16Oct  3B8/PA..   1262
01Oct-10Oct  3D2CI...   1262
30Sep-13Oct  3DA0DF..   1222
02Oct 15Oct  3W/N4CD    1262
04Oct-11Oct  5B4/AI5P   1262
06Oct-16Oct  5T5U       1263 *
22Aug-2003   5W1SA      1257
14Sep-06Oct  9H0VRZ     1259
now  -2004   9L1DX      1260
10Oct-14Oct  9M6JQT..   1263 *
19Sep-23Oct  9Y/DL2YY   1262
28Sep-13Oct  C98DC      1261
17Oct-03Nov  E30NA      1263 *
24Sep-08Oct  EA6/DL8LAS 1261
15Oct-30Oct  FO/SP9FIH  1263 *
15Sep-15Dec  FO0DEH     1259
06Oct-13Oct  GB0SM      1263 *
17Oct-31Oct  GH4BJC/p   1263 *
10Oct-??     GM0HCO/mm  1263 *
08Oct-23Oct  H4/IZ6DSQ..1263 *
now  -2001   HC2BEV..   1228
??Oct        HK0/UA5WAE 1263 *
21Sep-08Oct  HP1/DL7CM  1261
19Oct-21Oct  JF1NEH/1.. 1263 *
15Sep-12Oct  PJ2/PA0VDV 1260
01Oct-07Oct  T32/JR7TEQ 1262
05Oct-15Oct  TG/DL1CW   1262
25Sep-09Oct  TI2/AK0A   1261
28Aug-Jul02  TT8DX      1256
now  -Apr02  V31JP      1262
now  -2004   V73GJ      1257
22Sep-08Oct  VK6GIO     1261
07Oct-20Oct  VK8AN/6    1263 *
09Oct-15Oct  VK9LO      1263 *
??Oct-??     VP8CMH/mm  1263 *
07Oct-13Oct  XF1/DL1YMK 1263 *
10Oct-10Nov  XU7ABW     1263 *
16Sep-06Oct  YM3CC      1260
now  -Sep02  ZC4BS      1260
08Oct-08Nov  ZL1/PA0MIR 1263 *
??Oct        ZW0TB..    1263 *

*  = new
.. = and other calls

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