DX News Letter 1275
January 3, 2002

DX-NL 1275 January 3, 2002
DX News Letter

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Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


BELIZE, V3 Gerd, DJ4KW, and Gisela, DK9GG, are travelling to Belize for four weeks starting on Jan 5. Gerd will sign V31YN in CW/RTTY/PSK31 and Gisela will be active as V31GW.

CHILE, CE The Southern Cross DX Group of Chile plans to activate the islands Lennox, Nueva and Picton Island in January. They all have the IOTA reference number SA-050. The activation dates will be published online at http://www.qsl.net/ce9c/.

DUCIE ISLAND, VP6, OC-182 Tom, VP6TC, announced to give it another try to activate this new DXCC entity for the very first time. The cash box is held by JA1BK. More information will be released prior to the DXpedition.

FIJI, 3D2 Tommy, VK2IR, plans to hit the airwaves as 3D2/VK2IR from Jan 18-26.

GUADELOUPE, FG, NA-102 Pierre, FG/F6FXS, will operate with 100 watts and wire antennas on all HF bands (also WARC) between Jan 16 and Feb 7. The DIFO reference number for Guadeloupe is FG001. QSL via F6FXS, bureau ok.

GUAM, KH2, OC-026 Testu, JF2UED, and Mack, JJ2QXI, are active in SSB/CW/RTTY on 160-6m.

INDIA, VU Deepak, VU2DPM, Sked, VU2SKD, Kitchu, VU2KFR, Horey, VU2HFR, Joy, VU2JSH, of the Calcutta VHF Amateur Radio Society will travel to the Ganga Sagar Melaannual Festival on Sagar Island (AS-153) from Jan 10-16. Their main task is to take care of an emergency radio network, amateur radio contacts can be made during their spare time. Their working QRGs will be in SSB on 14260, 21260 and 28460 kHz, in CW on 14040, 21040 and 28040 kHz. Perhaps they will also try PSK31 on 14070 kHz. QSL via IZ8CCW.

MADEIRA, CT3, AF-014 Hermann, HB9CRV, will operate as CT3FN between Jan 22 and Feb 14. He also intends to participate in the CQWW 160m CW Contest.

MALDIVES, 8Q7 Giovanni, I5JHW, plans to work as 8Q7CG for one week starting on Jan 6. QSL via I5JHW.

PALAU, T8, OC-009 Tony, K2NV, is travelling through the Pacific in January. His first activity will be from Palau signing T88ZZ from Jan 12-15. He will work mostly in CW but also some SSB or RTTY. His next stop will be Pohnpei. QSL via K2NV.

PENETA DEL MORO, EA5, EU-151 Pepe, EA5KB, will activate this island on the usual IOTA frequencies every (!) weekend in January. QSL via EA5KB.

PHILLIP ISLAND, VK, OC-136 Tony, VK3TZ, can be found on the usual IOTA QRGs on 10/15/20m until Jan 26. QSL direct ONLY!

PRASLIN ISLAND, S7, AF-024 Luca, I5IHE, is signing S79LC mostly in SSB/RTTY (only little CW/SSTV) until January 11. QSL via I5JZP.

SOUTH KOREA, HL To celebrate the 17th Soccer World Championships the special event station HL17FWC is on the air from January 1 until May 30. There will be ten different special event calls like DT0FWC to DT9FWC on the air during the games (May 31-June 30). QSL via HL0HQ (Korean Amateur Radio League, C.P.O. Box 162, Seoul, South Korea).


Sagar Island, also called Sagardwip, is situated in the Ganges estuary in the Bay of Bengal a little more than 100 km from Calcutta and 65 km from Diamond Harbor. At this place the Ganges is 24 km wide and the island is about 40 km long. A lighthouse was built in the southwest of Sagar in 1808.

On Sagar island there is the Kapila Muni Temple. The Hindu are believing that Kapila Muni is residing there together with Ganga-Mata (god of Ganges) at his right and King Sagara (great-great-grandfather of King Bhagiratha) at his left. The people say Kapila Muni himself is in a state of trance to pray for the liberation of his soul.

During three days in mid January, when the sun is turning from Saggitarius to Capricorn, the people are celebrating one of the largest religious festivals of the world there. On Makara Sankranti Day thousands of pilgrims from all over India are taking a bath in the Ganges hoping to be released from the burden of rebirth.

Amateur radio: Sagar Island belongs to main India, prefix VU


(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager

QSL direct: 4K9W, 4X4FR, 4X4WN, 5A24PA, 5H3US, 5U5K, 5V7A, 5W0VF, 5Z4TT, 7X2DG, 9K2HN, 9L1BTB, 9N7BY, A92GE, A92ZE, BD7NQ, C56NY, CE0ZY, CO8CY, CP4BT, CU2CE, DS5USH, EA9EU,EK3GM,ER4DX,FG/T97M (NA-102), FH/JJ1LIB/p, GB0HI (EU-120), HL4SF (AS-026), J3/PA3EWP,J3/PA5ET, J8/PA5ET, JT1DA, JW5UF, KG4AS,KP2AD (OK1AYJ),MI/EI7NET (EU-122), NL7Z, OD5PN, OH0YLS, OJOJ, OX3OX, PW0S, S59A, S79YL (AF-024), SU1ER, SV2ASP/A, T88LJ (OC-009), V63LJ (OC-012),VP8SDX (SA-002), VE1/DH8IAT/p (NA-081), VK6EWI, VP9LR,VQ9QM,XE2MX,XF4CA (NA-115), XU7ABN, YB0DPO, YL2GN, ZY5YZ



DATE            CALL          DXNL

Jan 18-Jan 26   3D2/VK2IR     1275 *
NOW   -Apr 9    3W2XK         1273
Dec 26-Jan 5    3XY6A..       1273
Jan 3 -Jan 13   4T4I..        1272
Aug 22-2003     5W1SA         1257
Jan 6 -Jan 13   8Q7CG         1275 *
NOW   -Sep/2002 9L1BTB        1268
Nov 15-Mar/2002 9U5D          1268

Jan 5 -Jan 7    AA4LL/4..     1274
Jan 12-Jan 14   AA8LL/C6A..   1274
Jan 1 -Jan 10   C6AIE         1273
Dec 17-Dec 22   CE7HJO/8..    1272
Jan 22-Feb 14   CT3FN         1275 *
Dec 22-Jan 15   DH3ZK         1274
May 31-Jun 30   DT0FWC..      1275 *
Dec 21-Dec 22   E4/OE1GZA     1273
January 2002    EA5KB/p       1275 *
Dec 21-Jan 6    EA6/DL6KAC    1273
Dec 12-Dec 28   EM75W         1274

Jan 16-Feb 7    FG/F6FXS      1275 *
Jan 12-Jan 13   FY5KE         1274
NOW   -2002     HF0POL        1271
Jan 1 -May 30   HL17FWC       1275 *
NOW   -Apr/2002 JX7DFA        1266
NOW   -Mar/2002 KC4/N3SIG     1267
NOW             KH2/JF2UED..  1275 *
NOW   -Apr/2002 P43MR         1274
NOW   -2002     P5/4L4FN      1270, 1271
Jan 2 -Jan 8    PJ2/NW0L      1273
NOW   -Jan 11   S79LC         1275 *
NOW   -Jan/2002 R1ANC         1268

Jan 12-Jan 15   T88ZZ         1275 *
Feb 4 -Feb 16   TI9M          1272
Jan 5 -Feb 5    V31YN         1275 *
Nov 8 -Mar/2002 VK3FEI/p      1267
NOW   -Jan 26   VK3TZ         1275 *
NOW   -Jan 22   VU2BMS        1274
Jan 10-Jan 16   VU2HFR        1274, 1275 *
NOW   -Dec 17   XU7ACB        1273
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1260

 * = new
.. = and other calls

The annual Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) Meeting 2002 takes place once again in Hotel Linden in Linden near Landshut/Bavaria starting on Saturday, Jan 12 around 1300 local time.

Since January 1st there is not only the new European currency Euro but also a new type of IRCs. The new IRCs issued are printed on a thicker paper, are bigger, machine readable and valid only five years from the date of issue. Old IRCs are now accepted until further notice.

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