DX News Letter 1281
February 14, 2002

DX-NL 1281 February 14, 2002
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ANTARCTICA, VP8/a Anton, ZS7/ZS4AGA, just arrived at the scientific base "Sanae IV" where he will spend the upcoming Antarctic winter. He intends to be on the air as often as possible during his spare time.

ANTIGUA, V2, NA-100 Ed, N2ED, is QRV as V26EW from Feb 12-18. During the ARRL CW DX Contest he will sign V26G. QSL via N2ED.

BELGIUM, ON The call OP1A will be on the air to promote all activities for "Brugge, cultural capital of Europe 2002" between Feb 20 and Dec 31. QSL via ON5TO.

CHAD, TT Guillaume, F8ARR, is expected to work from the Chad in digital modes and on 6m during his spare time. More details will follow.

CONGO, 9Q Jean-Philippe, 9Q1MM, Cyprien, 9Q1KS, Patrick, 9Q1A, and Nicole, 9Q1YL, are signing 9Q0AR/6 during their work in Goma after the eruption of the volcanoe Nyiragongo until Feb 24. QSL via F2YT.

COSTA RICA, TI TI5KC is the call of Bob, KE0UI. He intends to work mostly in CW on the WARC bands from Feb 18-27. He will sign TI5N (QSL via W3HNK) in the UBA Contest on Feb 23/24. QSL via KE0UI, bureau ok.

DJERBA ISLAND, 3V8, AF-083 Carsten, DL6LAU, is active as 3V8SM from Feb 11-18. He also plans to take part in the ARRL CW DX Contest.

EASTER ISLAND, CE0Y, SA-001 Hartmut, DM5TI,is planning a trip to Rapa Nui between Feb 23 and Mar 2. He will sign CE0Y/DM5TI in RTTY/SSTV/PSK31/Pactor and in CW/SSB. More details can be found on his website http://www.qsl.net/dm5ti/ce0y/.

GHANA, 9G PA3DEW and PA3FQV are showing as 9G1AA mostly on 14.140 kHz around 1730 UTC. They plan to stay until Feb 23. QSL via PA3ERA.

GRENADA, J3, NA-024 On Feb 22 Manfred, DJ7RJ, will fly to Grenada for three weeks to a spot directly at the Atlantic Ocean with a first class take-off to Europe. He plans to operate on 160-6m with a call to be announced later.

GUADELOUPE, FG Henri, F5DBC, plans to work from Les Saintes Island (NA-114) in CW/SSB on 20m during his evening hours from Feb 14-24. QSL via F5DBC.

GUANTANAMO BAY, KG4, NA-015 Don, W4ZYT/KG4ZK, O.B., W4SD/KG4SD, Chuck, N8CH/KG4NW, Gordon, KU4EC/KG4EC, and Chet, N6ZO/KG4ZO, are arriving on Feb 12 and plan to be QRV on 160- 10m during the same afternoon. They will sign KG4DZ in the ARRL CW DX Contest. They plan to stay until Feb 19. QSL via homecalls. KG4DZ via W4SD (new manager)!

HARBOUR ISLAND, C6, NA-001 Bill, K1CN/C6AMM, and his XYL Laurel, N1EBL/C6AWW, are on the air from Feb 14 until Mar 2. QSLs via homecalls, bureau ok.

JERSEY ISLAND, GJ, EU-013 GJ6UW is QRV only for a short period of time (Feb 15-17). Operators are Martin, G3ZAY, and Dominic, M0BLF. QSL via M0BLF, bureau ok.

MARTINIQUE, FM, NA-107 Jean Marc, FM5/F5SGI, is active mostly in CW between Feb 19 and Mar 1. QSL via F5SGI, bureau ok.

MONTSERRAT, VP2M, NA-103 Art, N2NB, is signing VP2MDY on 6-160m from Feb 14-26. QSL via N2NB.

PORTO SANTO, CT3, AF-014 CT3/OE1JIS is QRV in SSB on 10-20m between Feb 15 and Mar 7. QSL is preferred via bureau to his homecall OE1JIS.

SAMOA ISLANDS, 5W, OC-097 Michel, F6COW, and Dominique, F6EPY, are on the air from Upolu (OC-097) signing 5W0MP and 5W0DA from Feb 19-28. They are listening especially for Europe in CW on 3515,7015,10115,14015,18095,21015,24905,28015 and 50085 kHz and in SSB on 3780,7075,14215,18135,21215,24985,28465 and 50125 kHz. QSL via homecalls. Next stop will be Vanuatu.

TEMOTU, H40 Babs, DL7AFS, and Lot, DJ7ZG, are active as H40T until Mar 2. QSLs via DL7AFS. More information is available on their website http://www.qsl.net/dl7afs/.

THAILAND, HS John, W2YR, is QRV as HS0ZDJ from Thailand from Feb 15-19. He will also participate in the ARRL CW DX Contest. QSL via W2YR.

TRINDADE, PY0T, SA-010 PW0T will be the call of the upcoming DXpedition with the operators Andre, PY0FF, Rolf, PY1RO, Peter, PY5CC, Herminio, PY5HSD, Eliso, PT7BZ, Jim, PY7XC, Ciro, PY7ZY, Fred, PY7ZZ, Dick, N6FF, and Bill, W9VA. Latest information will be published on http://www.trindade2002.com. Their departure from Rio de Janeiro was planned for Feb 14.


QSL direct: 5A32, 5H/ZS6GH, 9H1ZA, CE7AOY (SA-064),CE7AOY/8 (SA-091),GU3MBS, H6C, KC4/N3SIG (AN-011), OE6MBG, OY1CT, OZ2ZZZ, T92D,T94M,TG9ADV

QSL bureau: 3D2NV, 3W3SK, CT3FT, FO0MCA, GI0KOW, GT3FLH, JI1PLF (AS-043), LA9VDA/P, OE2S, OE75BJN, P49V, S5V, S50ZRS, S539D, S548X, S573O, T88DX, ZK1FGV

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE            CALL          DXNL

Feb 11-Feb 18   3V8SM         1281 *
NOW   -Apr 9    3W2XK         1273
Feb 5 -Feb 27   5H/IK2GZU     1279
Feb 3 -Feb 18   5U            1278
Feb 19-Feb 28   5W0MP ..      1281 *
Feb 17-???      7Q7HB         1280
Feb 10-Mar      9A/ZS6IL      1280
NOW   -Feb 23   9G1AA         1281 *
NOW   -Sep/2002 9L1BTB        1268
NOW   -Feb 24   9Q0AR/6       1281 *
Nov 15-Mar/2002 9U5D          1268

Feb 12-Feb 17   C6AGS         1280
Feb 15-Mar 1    C6AWW         1280
Feb 23-Mar 2    CE0Y/DM5TI    1281 *
Feb 15-Mar 7    CT3/OE1JIS    1281 *
May 31-Jun 30   DT0FWC ..     1275
NOW   -Mar/2002 EP3PTT        1278
Feb 14-Feb 24   FG/F5DBC      1281 *
Feb 13-Feb 20   FG/YL2KL      1280
Feb 19-Mar 1    FM/F5SGI      1281 *
Feb 15-Feb 17   GJ6UW         1281 *
NOW   -Mar 2    H40T          1281 *
Feb 1 -Feb 16   HC1MD         1278
NOW   -2002     HF0POL        1271
NOW   -Feb 28   HG80ST        1277
Jan 1 -May 30   HL17FWC       1275
Feb 15-Feb 19   HS0ZDJ        1281 *

Feb 22-Mar 15   J3/DJ7RJ      1281 *
Jan 31-Feb 25   J37BO         1279
Feb 1 -Feb 17   J7/DL6FBR ..  1279
Feb 2 -Mar 4    J73CCM        1278
NOW   -Apr/2002 JX7DFA        1266
NOW   -Mar/2002 KC4/N3SIG     1267
Feb 12-Feb 19   KG4DZ ..      1281 *
Feb 14-Feb 18   KH0/JM1LRQ    1280
Feb 11-Feb 18   MD/DL4WG  ..  1280
Feb 20-Dec 31   OP1A          1281 *
NOW   -Apr/2002 P43MR         1274
NOW   -2002     P5/4L4FN      1270, 1271, 1280
Mar 5 -???      P5/YT1AD  ..  1276
Feb 14-???      PW0T          1281 *
Feb 16-Feb 22   PY0AI         1280
Feb 11-Feb 17   S07CRS        1280
NOW   -Feb 18   S79EU         1280

Feb 3 -Feb 17   T32IR         1280
Feb 6 -Feb 20   T88DC         1280
Feb 11-Feb 15   TI8/K8OCL     1280
Feb 18-Feb 27   TI5KC ..      1281 *
Feb 4 -Feb 16   TI9M          1272
NOW             TT/F8ARR      1281 *
Feb 12-Feb 18   V26EW..       1281 *
Feb 2 -Feb 16   V31HA         1279
Feb 14-Mar 8    V51/DL2SL     1280
Feb 9 -Feb 17   V73UG         1280
Nov 8 -Mar/2002 VK3FEI/p      1267
Feb 14-Feb 26   VP2MDY        1281 *

Feb/2002        XR5SM         1279
NOW   -Mar 9    XW0X          1278
Feb/2002        XW/IN3QBR     1279
NOW             YA/G4KUX      1278
NOW   -Mar/2002 YA/ON4TT      1278
NOW             YA0USA        1279
Feb 15-Mar 5    YN/DL7CM ..   1280
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1260
NOW             ZL5CP         1280
NOW             ZS7/ZS4AGA    1281 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: CE6TBN, DJ5AV, DL1SBF, DL2FAG, DL2VFR, DL5EBE, DL6KAC, DL7VOA, DM3ML, I1JQJ, IV3SKB, K3ZO, SV1EDY, W4PJI, VA3RJ,WA4WTG,425 DX News,Crazy DX Group, ARRL DX Bulletin, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.