DX News Letter 1292
May 9, 2002

DX-NL 1292 May 9, 2002
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AFGHANISTAN, YA Stig, LA7JO (EP3UN at the moment), will travel to Afghanistan during the next days. His callsign is not known yet. He will be back in Iran by the end of June. More information can be found on his website: http://www.qsl.net/la7jo/qslep3un.html.

ALGERIA, 7X, AF-new Habbibas Island (AF-new) will be activated for the first time from May 14-18. The operators are 7X2RO, 7X2YL, 7X2ZL, 7X2SA, DL7FER,OM2DX, OM3CGN and OM3JW. The call will be 7W4HI.

AUSTRIA, 4U1/vic 4U1VIC is on the air from May 10-12. Johannes, DF5AU, Oliver, DJ9AO, Michael, DL9NDV, and Jun, JH4RHF, will also participate in the CQ-MIR DX Contest. QSL via bureau.

BULGARIA, LZ The special event stations LZ02KM and LZ02JP are active from May 1-31 to celebrate the visit of the Pope. QSL via LZ1BFR, bureau ok.

CONGO, TN Josep, EA3BT, and Nuria, EA3WL, will be in Congo again from May 16-27. They will try to get their old calls TN3B and TN3W again. Operations are planned in SSB/RTTY and (some) CW from 6-80m.

DODECANESE, SV5, EU-001 Ermanno, SV5/IK2WZD, is QRV from Lipsi Island until the end of October. QSL via IK2WZD.

FRANCE, F For IOTA specialists: Yan ,F0DSJ, Dimitri, F0DSK, and Ronan, F5TJP, are activating some French islands:

      on May 9  from "Ile des Pins ou des Ongles" (DIFM MA-058),
      on May 10 from "Ile Yvinec ou Kergonet" (DIFM MA-057),
      on May 11 from "Ile Bruc" (DIFM MA-068) and
      on May 12 from "Ile du Renard" (DIFM MA-077).

FRENCH POLYNESIA, FO Alain, FO5RH/F2HE, received the special call TX5BTY to operate during the days of remembrance of the mutiny on the Bounty from May 2-14. QSL via F6CTL.

JAPAN, JA During the Soccer World Championship 2002 there are ten special event stations active from Japan between May 1 and June 30: 8J0C, 8J1C, 8J2C, 8J3C, 8J6C, 8J7C, 8J8C, 8M1C, 8N1C and 8N3C.

MINAMI TORISHIMA, JD1/mt JH1EFP/JD1 is on the air until the end of May. He is operating mostly on 18.120 MHz from 0800-1200 UTC and from 2000-2300.

NORTHERN MARIANAS, KH0 KH0/JM1YGG will be active on HF and 6m from May 16-19.

TUNISIA, 3V8 Terry, F5MSE, and Steve, F5NZY, are signing 3V8SM from Djerba operating in CW/SSB from May 8-15. QSL via F5MSE.

WESTERN SAMOA, 5W, OC-097 Atsu, JI3WLT, is staying in Apia and QRV as 5W1SA until mid 2003. QSL via JH7OHF.

YEMEN, 7O Pekka, OH2YY, is staying in Sanaa from May 7-11. He has a written permission to import an amateur radio station into Yemen! The callsign was still unknown at the deadline of this issue. Radio activities are planned on 3790, 7045, 14195, 18135, 21295, 24950 and 28495 kHz. QSL via OH2YY, direct!

YEU ISLAND, F, EU-064 15 French radio amateurs of the clubstation F6KOP are signing TM5Y on 6-160m from May 7-12.


Western Samoa is situated at 13 deg 45'South and 172 deg 20'West in the South Pacific about 4200 km southwest of Hawaii and 3000 km northeast of New Zealand. 130 km to the East there is American Samoa with its capital Pago Pago.

The country itself consists of the two main islands Savaii in the northwest and Upolu with the capital Apia in the southeast, the smaller islands Manono and Apolima and five more uninhabitated tiny islands. Visitors from Western countries may think they are in paradise. Luxuriant tropical forests, mountains up to 1859m high (Matavanu) and small inlets with white sandy beaches determine the countryside. Additionally you will find the special Samoan way of life "Fa'a Samoa" which is determined by the typical life within the families and villages. The Samoans live in "fales" which are traditional huts with no walls and a thatched roof. Only in the capital Apia life is a little different. Besides of that Samoa also seems to be home of the tattoos...

Samoa was populated by Polynesians about 1000 B.C. As time went by the typical Samoan form of government by tribal chiefs was established. A legendary chief was "Salamsina" she ruled in the 15th century for 60 years. In the 18th century Samoa was first sighted by Dutch and French sailors but not visited. Only in 1830 the English 'Messenger of Peace' with Reverent John Williams landed on the islands followed by some merchants. The German merchant Johann Godeffroy founded a business establishment in Apia in 1856 and very soon the city was the largest trading centre in the Pacific. The last German governor left the island on August 29, 1914 and New Zealand took over the administration. Western Samoa is an independent country since 1962 and a republic within the Commonwealth. The head of state is HM Malietoa Tanumafili II. Two other specific fatures of the islands are that they have no Army and only very little police. Furthermore Western Samoa is the only country under British influence with the traffic on the right side!

Amateur radio: own DXCC entity (ranking 69 on the Most Wanted DXCC list), prefix: 5W, CQ zone 32, ITU zone 62, IOTA reference: OC-097, time difference: UTC-11h



(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE            CALL          DXNL

May 8 -May 15   3V8SM         1292 *
May 10-May 12   4U1VIC        1292 *
NOW   -Jun/2003 5W1SA         1292 *
May 7 -May 11   7O/OH2YY      1292 *
May 14-May 18   7W4HI         1292 *
NOW   -Jun/2002 8J2C  ..      1291, 1292 *
May 10-May 15   8Q7JA ..      1291
NOW   -Sep/2002 9L1BTB        1268

NOW   -2004     D2U           1282
May 31-Jun 30   DT0FWC ..     1275
NOW   -Jun/2002 ET3PMW        1290
May 9 -May 12   F0DSJ  ..     1292 *
Apr 17-May 16   FG/F6FXS      1288
NOW   -2002     HF0POL        1271
Jan 1 -May 30   HL17FWC       1275
NOW             JH1EFP/JD1    1292 *
NOW   -May/2002 K7ASU/KH9     1289, 1291
May 6 -May 19   KH0/JM1YGG    1292 *
Apr 29-May 10   KH1/YT1AD     1289
May 1 -May 31   LZ02JP ..     1292 *

NOW   -Jun/2002 OD5/IW0GXY    1287
May 8 -May 9    OJ0VR         1291
NOW   -Jul/2002 S21/OK1FWC    1287
May 4 -May 12   SM0DTK/1      1291
NOW   -Oct/2002 SV5/IK2WZD    1292 *
May 11-May 16   T2DA          1291
NOW   -May/2002 T9/F5LPY      1287
May 1 -May 13   TM0AR         1291
May 16-May 27   TN3B ..       1292 *
NOW   -Dec/2002 TT8DX         1283
May 2 -May 14   TX5BTY        1292 *

May 14-May 24   V73BL         1291
NOW   -Dec/2002 VK0MQI        1287, 1291
NOW   -Jul 31   XW3QBR        1286
NOW   -Jun/2002 YA/LA7JO      1292 *
May 5 -May 11   YK1BA         1291
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1260
NOW   -May 13   ZF1VX         1291

*  = new
.. = and other calls

Following QSLs of Cambodian stations are now accepted for DXCC credit: XU7ABR, XU7ABU, XU7ABV and XU7ZBT.

Any questions concerning the DXCC can be sent via e-mail to dxcc@arrl.org.

E-QSL cards and other cards sent electronically are still NOT accepted for DXCC or IOTA awards.

TNX: DF4RD, DF5AU, DJ5AV, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL2VFR, DL7VOA, F0DSJ, F5NQL, F6AJA, IK1XDE, K2KW, LA9SN, LU8XW, OH1VR, WF1N, 425DXNews, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group,F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX),KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin),N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.