DX News Letter 1309
September 12, 2002

DX-NL 1309 September 12, 2002
DX News Letter

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Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


BRAZIL, PY Dr. Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, ex PY1JKO, was born 100 years ago. He was one of he founding members of the capital Brasilia. To celebrate this event the special event station ZW100J is QRV on 6-80m from Sep 1-30. QSL via bureau.

CEZEMBRE ISLAND, F, EU-157 Joel, F5PAC/p, and Didier, F6ELE/p, are active on 40-10m on Sep 14/15. QSL via bureau.

CHAD, TT Since Sep 9 Chris, TT8DX, is staying in Bam (JJ88AA) in the south of the Chad. He is QRV especially for North America mainly on 40/80m until the end of the month. QSL via F5OGL.

CORSICA, TK, EU-014 Rainer, TK/DL2RVL, is working with QRP until Sep 14. QSL via DL2RVL. --- Vasek, TK/DL4FF, is staying on the island between Sep 8 and Oct 4. He plans to be QRV in CW/SSB on 160-10m. QSL via DL4FF.

CYPRUS, 5B, AS-004 Alan, G3PMR, and his XYL are on holidays and he is QRV as 5B/G3PMR in CW/SSB from Sep 12-18. QSL via G3PMR. --- RW3QC, RN3QO, RW3QNZ and RX3DCX are signing 5B4/R3CC from Sep 12-17. They will also participate in the Worked All Europe SSB DX Contest. QSL via RW3RN, Alex Kuznetsov, Box 57, Tambov-23, 392023 Russia.

DODECANESE, SV5, EU-001 Mort, G2JL (ex G3JZV), is staying on Lipsi Island from Sep 5-25.

FRANCE, F The Clipperton DX Club is signing TM8CDX on all bands during his annual meeting from Sep 14-30. QSL via F5CQ.

ITALY, I The special event station IO6ARI is QRV in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK/SSTV on 10/ 15/20/40/80m from Sep 5-15. More info is available on the website: http://www.qrz.com. QSL via IK6ZDE, bureau ok.

LORD HOWE ISLAND, VK9/l, OC-004 The YLs Elizabeth, VE7YL (CW), Gwen, VK3DYL, Mio, JR3MVF, and June, VK4SJ, will be on the air as VK9YL from Sep 15-29. They will continue their trip in the South Pacific after that.

MALAWI, 7Q 7Q7HB is the callsign of Harry, G0JMU, until the end of the month. QSL direct via G0IAS.

MALTA, 9H, EU-023 9H9PA (QSL via PA7DX) will be the call of Sietse, PA1XA (9H3AAG), Peter, PA7PTR (9H3TE), Ton, PA1SL (9H3AB), Louis, PA0LRK (9H3LRK), Rob, PE9PE (9H3PE), Frits, PA0BEA (9H3IE), Andre, PA3HGP (9H3S), Hans, PA3FYG (9H3AAL), Jaap, PE1NGF (9H3X), Bill, PA3BIZ (9H3ON), Ger, PA0OI (9H3OI), Sjirk, PE1OFJ (9H3YM), Barry, PA3FEO (9H3QF), and Ruben, PD3RUB (9H3ZR), between Sep 16 and Oct 6.

MAURITANIA, 5T After a few years off the air Nicolas, 5T5SN, is now active again. QSL via IZ1BZV.

MICRONESIA, V6, OC-063 Spike, W7AVA, will be on Pohnpei from Sep 14-23. His callsign will be V63VB. QSL via W7AVA.

NAURU, C2, OC-031 Rex, VK8RH, is on the air as C21RH mainly on 6m from Sep 9-27 and from Nov 4-22. His preferred QRGs are 14260, 18125, 28885 and 50110 kHz. Logs and more info can be found at: http://www.users.on.net/rpearson/. QSL via VK4AAR.

NORTHERN MARIANAS, KH0, OC-086 Shin, JI1CYX, will be QRV as KJ1C/KH0 from Saipan from Sep 15-18. He plans to become active in CW/SSB on 30-10m. QSL via JI1CYX.

OGASAWARA ISLAND, JD1, AS-031 Several Japanese radio amateurs will activate the special event call 8N1OGA betweeen Sep 15 and Feb 1, 2003. The Japanese Amateur Radio League (JARL) is celebrating its 75th anniversary. QSL via bureau.

PANTELLERIA ISLAND, IH9, AF-014 Roby, IH9/IZ1CYN, will be on the air from Sep 17-23. QSL via IZ1CYN.

SABAH, 9M6 9M6/GM4DMA intends to operate mainly on 6m. His stay is planned from Sep 12-30.

TURKEY, TA YM3LZ is QRV from the Asiatic part of Turkey from Sep 12-15 (including WAE SSB Contest). The operators are TA3D, LZ1ZD, LZ2CJ, LZ2HM and LZ2UU. Outside of the contest they will be active as TA3/homecalls. QSL via bureau to LZ1BJ, direct to LZ2CJ.


QSL direct: 3A/DJ7RJ, 3V8KO, 9M2/GM4YXI (AS-072), A35VP, AL7W, AL8/WA6FGV, D2U, EI9FN, FP5BU, HC8L, HL1/WX8C, HL17AMO, MD4K, MJ/DF4OR, N6XIV/KH9, P40C, PZ5RA, T95A, XR2D, XV3C, YB0AI


QSL Managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE            CALL          DXNL
Sep 10-Sep 20   3B8/IZ4DPV    1308
Sep 12-Sep 18   5B/G3PMR      1309 *
Sep 12-Sep 17   5B4/R1CC      1309 *
NOW             5T5SN         1309 *
NOW   -Jun/2003 5W1SA         1292
NOW   -2004     5Z4DZ         1308
NOW   -Dec/2002 6F1LM         1307
Sep 15-Feb 1    8N1OGA        1309 *
NOW   -Sep 30   7Q7HB         1309 *
Sep 16-Oct 6    9H9PA         1309 *
NOW   -Dec/2002 9K/W4NU       1306
NOW   -Sep/2002 9L1BTB        1268
Sep 12-Sep 30   9M6/GM4DMA    1309 *

Sep 11-Sep 18   A52DX         1308
Sep 9 -Sep 27   C21RH         1309 *
Sep 6 -Sep 13   C56/G4IRN     1307
Aug 14-Sep 18   C6ALW         1305
NOW   -Sep/02   CE9R          1304
NOW   -2004     D2U           1282
NOW   -Oct 23   DT14AG        1306
Sep/2002        DU/G3OCA      1307
Sep 5 -Sep 30   EA6/DL6KAC    1308
Sep 14-Sep 15   F5PAC/p    .. 1309 *
Sep 1 -2004     FO/F5AEP      1307
NOW   -2002     HF0POL        1271
Sep 6 -Sep 12   HK3JJH/1      1308
Jul 15-Sep 15   ID9/I2IA      1301
Sep 17-Sep 23   IH9/IZ1CYN    1309 *
Sep 9 -Sep 15   IJ/...        1308
Sep 5 -Sep 15   IO6ARI        1309 *
Sep 4 -Sep 13   IS0/DL2RMC    1307

Sep 4 -Oct 16   J45DIG        1307
Sep 9 -Sep 15   JT1/K4ZW   .. 1308
NOW   -Sep 29   JT1FDJ        1305
Sep 15-Sep 18   KJ1C/KH0      1308
NOW   -Oct/2002 N6XIV/KH9     1307
Sep 5 -Sep 21   OZ/DL3YMK     1307
Sep 7 -Sep 16   S79TH         1308
Sep 2 -Sep 13   SM1/DL3KWF .. 1307
NOW   -Sep 15   SV1BRL/8      1300
Sep 5 -Sep 25   SV5/G2JL      1309 *
NOW   -Oct/2002 SV5/IK2WZD    1292

NOW   -Sep 14   TK/DL2RVL     1309 *
Sep 8 -Oct 4    TK/DL4FF      1309 *
Sep 14-Sep 30   TM8CDX        1309 *
NOW   -Dec/2002 TT8DX         1283
Sep 9 -Sep 15   V63KZ      .. 1308
Sep 14-Sep 23   V63VB         1309 *
Sep 15-Sep 29   VK9YL         1309 *
NOW   -Dec/2002 VK0MQI        1287, 1291, 1305
Sep 12-Sep 23   XU7ACN     .. 1308
Sep 12-Sep 15   YM3LZ         1309 *
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1260
Sep 1 -Sep 30   ZW100J        1309 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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