DX News Letter 1315
October 31, 2002

DX-NL 1315 October 31, 2002
DX News Letter

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DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


CAYO COHINO, HR, NA-160 Hiro, JA6WFM, is momentarily staying on Cayo Cohino and hopes to hit the airwaves as JA6WFM/HR3 these days. His stay is scheduled until Dec 12. QSL via JA6VU.

CONGO, TN ON7UR should be in the country by Oct 30. His call and length of stay are unknown. QSL via ON4ACA.

EGMONT KEY, W, NA-034 Some radio amateurs from Florida will activate an lighthouse as K4E from Nov 2-3, 1500-1500 UTC. Operation is planned in CW/SSB on 10-80m. QSL via KU4BT.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 3C Vitaly, VE6JO, received his licence with the callsign 3C2A. Now he hopes to get the visa in time to travel to Equatorial Guinea from Nov 2-24. He plans to operate on 40/80/160m with the permitted 100 watts output.

LIBERIA, EL Mario, ex EY8TM, is staying in Monrovia for three years starting in Nov. He hopes to get the callsign EL2TM. QSL via F6FNU.

MADAGASCAR, 5R, AF-013 Phil, G3SWH, will be on the air as 5R8HA from Nov 5-19. He will try to visit Nosy Komba (AF-057) for a few days.

MADEIRA, CT3 Lothar, DL1SBF, and Rudi, DK7PE, of the Lufthansa German Airlines Amateur Radio Club plan to hit the airwaves in SSB/CW/PSK31 operating as CT9DLH from Nov 7-11. QSL via DL4FP.

MALAWI, 7Q Joe, G3MRC, is active as 7Q7BP right now. It is most likely that he will stay there until next spring. QSL via G3MRC, Brian J. Poole, 18 Grosvenor Avenue, Kidderminster, Worcs., DY10 1SS, England.

PANAMA, HP During November the special event station HP100RCP will be active in all modes on all bands to celebrate the anniversary of the Radio Club de Panama. QSL via Radio Club de Panama, PO Box 10745, Panama 4,Panama.

REUNION, FR Fred, F5IRO, will be QRV from Reunion signing FR5KH for the next four months. He also plans to visit Juan de Nova (AF-012) and activate it as FR5KH/J several times. Fred is working mainly in CW. QSL via F6FNU.

SAN MARINO, T7 The IARU Region 1 Conference will take place in San Marino from Nov 7-17. Look for the special event station T77IARU during this time.

SIERRA LEONE, 9L Andy, G3AB (ex G4ZVJ), stays in Freetown for a few weeks starting on Nov 7. He intends to work as 9L1AB mainly in CW on 160-6m. QSL via G3AB, Andy Chadwick, 5 Thorpe Chase, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1UA, England. Bureau QSLs can be requested by sending him an e-mail to andy@g3ab.net. More details will be announced on his website: http://www.g3ab.net/9l1ab.htm.

TONGA, A3 After staying on Niue Michael, HB9DKX, is QRV from Apai Island (OC-169) from Nov 2-7. Michael is working split on 14015, 14280, 21015, 21280, 28015 and 28480 kHz. His next visit will be to Vavau Island (OC-064) from Nov 7-11.

WOODY WALLIS ISLAND, VK Johan, PA3EXX, will sign VK4WWI from an island in the Queensland State North Group from Aug 6-10. He will then travel to Turtle Head (OC-187) on Nov 11/12. QSL via PA3EXX.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3D2UM, 3DA0TM, 3XA8DX, 4J9NM, 5V7BR, 5V7XO, A25/V51AS (V51AS), A52DX, C56/G4IRN, CE8/R3CA (SA-091), CU2/HB9FMU/P,CX4SS,EW/NP3D, FO/JJ8DEN, GW7X, J3/F4TVY, J79TUY, J79TVY, JT1DA/4, KH0JZ,OD5PL, KH2/JA1HGY, KH9/N6XIV, LA/KD6WW,P4/W1XP,R3CA/0 (AS-163, AS-164), RI9K, RW1ZZ/p (EU-082), SV5/G4OBK, SV9/ON4RU, T88ZF, TJ1RA, V47FNH, V51AS, V63KZ, V63ZF, VQ9FW, WP3X (W3FG), YB4GDZ, YC1GEG, YB9NOF/p (OC-106), YC0KTS (LZ1YE), YC2DGR, YJ0AXC (OC-104), YJ0AHK (OC-035), YU8/9X0A, YV5OHW, Z31MM, ZA/Z35M, ZB0/DL7IO, ZB3A, ZD8Z, ZP6M, ZW5T (SA-026)

QSL bureau: 3A/DL2JRM, 3V8KO (AF-092), 3XA8DX, 4J9NM, 4L2M, 4X1IM, 4Z5LA, 5B4AGD, 5H2MN (DF8AN), 5R8HD (KD6WW), 5V7XO, 5Z4KE (DF8AN), 9A/DL5SD/p, 9M6CTT,AI5P (NA-058),CE0Y/IK5SQX (SA-001),EA8/DK2OC, CT3/SM3CVM/p (AF-014), DU1KT, DU1IMA (OC-128),ES0IC,ES3RM,EU7SA, EI/G6UW/p (EU-006,M0BLF),EM1KCC (AN-006,UT7UA),F5GHP/p (EU-032), F5NBX/p (EU-032), FJ/PA3GIO/m (NA-146), FM/F5GSI (NA-107), FM/IV3FHH, FM/IV3JVJ, FM/IV3TDM, FO0FLA (OC-055, AH6Y), HL0O, GM0BPU/p (EU-010), HB0CC, HB0/DM2AUJ, HB9/ON8DX,HL3IUA (JA5AQC), IA5/IK2DUV (EU-028), IA5/IK2XXX (EU-028), IA5/ON4DST/p (EU-028), IS0/DL5CF (EU-024), IS0/IK2WZM (EU-024), JA4LVZ/1 (AS-043), JN4MCL/4 (AS-041), JW4WJ (EU-026, LA4WJ), JW5HE (EU-026, LA5HE), JY9NX, K2KW/6Y5 (NA-097, WA4WTG), KE7X/6Y5 (NA-097, WA4WTG), MM0BCR/m (EU-123), N1OKL (NA-055), N6XIV/KH9, OA/ON4CD, P40B (SA-036, I2MQP), PA3GIO/HI9 (NA096), PJ2/AE9B SA-006),RF9C, RK1A/p (EU-133, RZ1AK), RZ1OA/p (EU-066), S79AN (AF-024, DF8AN), SV5/G4OBK, SV8/G0IXC (EU-072), SV8/IT9YRE/p (EU-174), TA1/DK9CG, SV9/DK7PE (EU-015), SW1SPA (EU-060, SV1ENI), T88ZF, TM3X, TU2KC (F5TLN), UA0FO (AS-102), UA1ANA/1 (EU-133), UN2O (IK2QPR), UA1CIO/p (EU-133, RZ1AK), V63ZF, VE1OTA/1, VE2/N1NK, VR2KF, VK9CXJ (OC-003, G3MXJ), VK9CXW (OC-003, G3SXW), VU2JRO (AS-161), VP8DEI (SA-002, PA3FQA), VU2PAI (AS-161), VU2RDQ (AS-161), VU2SBJ (AS-161), VU2SMN, VU3DMP (AS-161), XF1/DL1YMK (NA-078), XW3QBR (IN3ZNR), XW3ZNR (IN3ZNR), YB1FCC, YU8/DA1KY, YV5NWG, ZA/OK1JR, ZS3D, ZS6GMF

QSL addresses

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager

DXCC Manager Bill Moore,NC1L, announced that QSLs of the following stations will be accepted for DXCC credit: 5X1CW, 7O/OH2YY, 9U5A, 9U0X, A53ED, A52OM, K1B, ST0F, XY0TA, XY3C, XY3EZ, XY4KQ, XY5T, XY7V, YA/G0TQJ


DATE            CALL          DXNL

Nov 2 -Nov 24   3C2A          1315 *
Oct 30-Nov 13   3XY7C         1314
Nov 5 -Nov 19   5R8HA         1315 *
NOW   -Jun/2003 5W1SA         1292
NOW   -2004     5Z4DZ         1308
NOW   -Dec/2002 6F1LM         1307
NOW   -2003     7Q7BP         1315 *
Sep 15-Feb 1    8N1OGA        1309
NOW   -Dec/2002 9K/W4NU       1306
Nov 7 -???      9L1AB         1315 *

Nov 2 -Nov 11   A3/HB9DKX     1314, 1315 *
NOW   -Nov 1    A35XX         1314
NOW   -2004     CN2PM         1310
Nov 7 -Nov 11   CT9DLH        1315 *
Oct 26-Nov 3    CV5Y          1314
NOW   -2004     D2U           1282
NOW   -2005     EL2TM         1315 *
Sep 1 -2004     FO/F5AEP      1307
Oct 30-Nov 2    FO/JA2ZL      1314
Oct 27-Nov 28   FO5RK         1314
NOW   -Feb/2003 FR5KH         1315 *
Nov 1 -Nov 30   HR100RCP      1315 *
NOW   -Jun/2003 J28UN         1312
NOW   -Dec 12   JA6WFM/HR3    1315 *
Oct 21-Oct 31   JU840C        1313

Nov 2 -Nov 3    K4E           1315 *
Oct 28-Nov 8    K8T           1314
NOW             KC4USV        1314
NOW             KH2/KF2XN     1311
Oct 29-Nov 8    KH8/GW0ANA    1314
Oct 18-Nov 11   T48W          1313
Nov 7 -Nov 17   T77IARU       1315 *
Oct 24-Nov 1    TM2A          1314
NOW             TN/ON7UR      1315 *
NOW             TN3S          1311
NOW   -Nov/2002 TT8ZZ         1312

Oct 25-Oct 31   V63DX         1314
Oct 24-Nov 4    V63RE      .. 1314
Oct 21-Oct 31   VC2C          1313
Nov 6 -Nov 12   VK4WWI        1315 *
NOW   -Dec/2002 VK0MQI        1287, 1291, 1305
Oct 31-Nov 8    VP2MJD        1314
Oct 20-Nov 5    XY1M          1313
NOW             YA/F6EAY      1313
NOW             YA4F          1312
NOW   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS         1260
Oct 17-Oct 31   ZK1MA         1313

 * = new
.. = and other calls

TNX: DJ5AV, DK8JB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DX Group, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.