DX News Letter 1318
November 21, 2002

DX-NL 1318 November 21, 2002
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


Afghanistan, YA: Hiro, JA1CQT, is active as YA1CQ since November 12th and will be mostly on SSB through November 23rd. He will return in December. QSL via JA1CQT.

Aland Islands, OH0: OH2MZ will be OH0Z in the CQWWDX-Contest. QSL via OH5DX (ex OH1EH).

Aruba, P4: Jose, CT1BOH, will use the station P40E in CQWW. QSL via W3HNK. Scott, K0DQ, will then be active as P40Q. QSL via K0DQ.

Aruba, P4: November 24th through 29th Mike, DF8AN, will hit the airwaves as P40N on short wave and 6m. He prefers CW. QSL via DF8AN.

Barbados, 8P: W2SC will be on as 8P5A in CQWW. QSL via W2SC.

Bermuda, VP9: Tom, VP9/W9AEB, is exspected on 40 through 10m, SSB and CW, November 21st through 30th. QSL via WF9V.

Brazil, PY: An international team with PP5JR, PY5EG, PP5WG, PP5UA, K1ZM, N7NG, OH2KI, N5ZO, W6NV, N7BG, N6CW, OH2MM, KH6ND and N6TJ will be using superstation ZX5J in Boa Vista in CQWWDX as PT5A. QSL via VE3HO.

Burkina Faso, XT: XT2DX will be the call used by G0MTN, G3PJT, G3SXW, G4BWP, G4PIQ, GM3YTS, K4UEE, K5VT, KC7V and KY7M in contest November 23rd/24th. QSL via G3SXW.

Cayman Islands, ZF: K6AM, K9LA, K9MK, KG5U, N4GI, N9XX and W5ASP will be on the air as ZF1A November 22nd through 24th. QSL via W5ASP, direct only.

Dodecanes, SV5: Goran, SM0CMH, will be QRV November 16th through 29th as J45KLN (in the contest) resp. SV5/SM8C (outside contest). QSL via SM0CMH.

East Malaysia, 9M6: In the contest JE1JKL will be 9M6NA on 15m only. QSL via JE1JKL, e-mail-requests for bureaucards are accepted.

East Malaysia, 9M6: Until November 25th OK2SG, OK2WH and OK2PBM are 9M6/.... on CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. QSL via homecalls.

Georgia, 4L: Vakhtang, 4L8A, will be in the CW contest on 10m only. QSL via OZ1HPS.

Guernsey, GU: Justin, G4TSH, will be QRV in the CQWW-Contest as MU5X at the club station of the Guernsey ARS. QSL via G3KKQ. Before the contest he will be using GU4TSH on the WARC bands mainly.

India, VU: Jig, AD6TF, will take part in the CQWW as VU3JDI and will be active on CW before and after.

Jersey, GJ: Rich, K2WR, is going to Jersey for an activity as GJ2A in the CQ WW DX. Before and after the contest he will be active as MJ0AWR. QSL for MJ0AWR via K2WR, GJ2A via GJ3DVC.

Laos, XW: Champ, E21EIC/XW1IC, will active beginning November 21st at XW1LLR in Vientiane. Outside of the contest he will be on 10 through 160m on CW, SSB, SSTV, PSK31 and RTTY until November 28th.

Madeira, CT3: Cornelius, DF4SA, will be in the WWDX contest as CT3EE and will send QSL automatically via bureau.

Madeira, CT3, AF-014: W8LU, PA0RCT, DJ2QV, DL3PS, DL1EKC, DL1QW and DJ6QT will be CT9L in the contest.

Mayotte, FH, AF-027: Dirk, FH/DL5CF, will be active mainly on CW with some RTTY November 18th through 30th on 160 through 10m incl Contest. QSL via Bureau.

Maldives, 8Q: Juergen, DL8LE, is announced on 80 through 10m mainly CW, with some SSB, RTTY and PSK31 also November 17th through December 3rd. The callsign is still unknown. QSL via DL8LE.

Marianas, KH0: Yoshi, KH0/JK2VOC, and Taka, KH0/JF2VAX, will be active November 22nd through 25th and as Single-OPs in CQWW. QSLs via homecalls.

Morrocco, CN: Jim, W7EJ, will be in the contest as CN2R. QSL via W7EJ.

Philippines, DU: David, DU1/N2NL, will be active November 23rd/24th.

Saudi Arabia, HZ: Thomas, SM0CXU, will be in the CQWW-CW contest at HZ1AB, probably on 15m. QSL via K8PYD.

Sept Iles, VE3: Yuri, VE3DZ, will be active from this island in the province Quebec November 20th through 25th as VE2IM.

St. Eustatius, PJ5: Jim, PJ5/K1NA, will be active in the CQ contest.

Tajikistan, EY: Nodir, EY8MM, will be in CQWW 10m only. QSL via K1BV.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3B9FR, 5X2A, EA8AF, FP/DL1DA (DL1DA), HB0/DL2HYN, HI9X, HR8/YN4SU, K1B (RZ3AA), PJ4/W9NJY, PW6A (SA-019), SJ9WL, TI2OHL, TK/DL1DSN, TK/DL4FF, V44KCB, YE8XM/p (OC-249).

QSL via bureau: 3E500AC, 3E500BYS, 8Q7DV, 9M6AT, AN6IB, C4A, CU3/OH2BH, DU1UGZ, GB0HI (EU-120), HI8RV, J49HW/p (EU-187), J49HW (EU-015), J49WI, J79XM, LA/SM3TLG (EU-076), OH5AD (EU-140), OX/W5FKX, R9KM (AS-083), SV8/I2YYO (EU-113), TJ2RSF, UA1OLM (EU-066), XF4MX, XU7ACE, ZF2MM, ZY3WSF.


(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager



DATE            CALL       DXNL
Nov 2 -Nov 24   3C2MV      1315, 1316
Nov 23-Nov 24   4L8A       1318 *
Nov 18-Dec 09   5W0VF      1317
now   -Dec/2002 6F1LM      1307
Nov 16-Nov 26   6Y0A..     1317
now   -2003     7Q7BP      1315
Sep 15-Feb 1    8N1OGA     1309
Nov 23-Nov 24   8P5A       1318 *
Nov 17-Dec 03   8Q/DL8LE   1318 *
now   -Dec/2002 9K/W4NU    1306
now   -Nov 25   9M6/OK2SG..1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   9M6NA      1318 *
Nov 20-Dec 2    C56R..     1317
Nov 17-Nov 25   C6AJX      1317
Nov 24-Nov 28   C9.CF..    1317
now   -2004     CN2PM      1310
Nov 23-Nov 24   CN2R       1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   CT3EE      1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   CT9L       1318 *
Nov 15-Nov 25   CY0MM      1317
Nov 23-Nov 24   DU1/N2NL   1318 *
Nov 17-Nov 29   EA8/DH5JG  1317
now   -2005     EL2TM      1315
Nov 23-Nov 24   EY8MM      1318 *
Nov 18-Nov 30   FH/DL5CF   1318 *
Nov 8 -Nov 28   FM/DL2GAN  1316
Sep 1 -2004     FO/F5AEP   1307
Oct 27-Nov 28   FO5RK      1314
now   -Feb/2003 FR5KH      1315
Nov 19-Nov 25   HC8N       1317
Nov 1 -Nov 30   HR100RCP   1315
Nov 23-Nov 24   HZ1AB      1318 *
now   -Jun/2003 J28UN      1312
Nov 12-Nov 22   J38AA      1317
Nov 23-Nov 24   J45KLN     1318 *
Nov 16-Nov 26   J75KG..    1317
now   -Dec 12   JA6WFM/HR3 1315
Nov 18-Nov 21   JI3DST     1317
Nov 22-Nov 26   K2G        1317
Nov 23-Nov 24  KH0/JK2VOC..1318 *
now             LU1ZV      1316
Nov 23-Nov 24   MU5X       1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   OH0Z       1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   P40E       1318 *
Nov 24-Nov 29   P40N       1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   P40Q       1318 *
Nov 09-Dec 01   PJ/PA0VDV  1316
Nov 23-Nov 24   PJ5/K1NA   1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   PT5A       1318 *
Nov 8 -Dec 4    S21YV      1316
Nov 19-Nov 27   S9MX       1317
now   -Dec 25   ST0F       1317
Nov 16-Nov 29   SV5/SM8C   1318 *
Nov 19-Nov 27   T88JA..    1317
Nov 20-Nov 25   T88SP      1317
now   -Nov/2002 TT8ZZ      1312
Nov 21-Nov 24   V26K       1317
Nov 20-Apr/2003 V3/K8JP    1317
Nov 20-Nov 25   VE2IM      1318 *
now   -Dec/2002 VK0MQI     1291, 1305
Nov 21-Nov 30   VP9/W9AEB  1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   VU3JDI     1318 *
Nov 23-Nov 24   XT2DX      1318 *
Nov 21-Nov 28   XW1LLR     1318 *
Nov 12-Nov 23   YA1CQ      1318 *
now   -Sep/2002 ZC4BS      1260
Nov 22-Nov 24   ZF1A       1318 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

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