DX News Letter 1323
January 9, 2003

DX-NL 1323 January 9, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


AFGHANISTAN, YA Sada, JA1PBV, is signing YA1BV from Kabul until mid January. QSL via JA1PBV.

ANTARCTICA, VP8/a Wally, RU1ZC, will stay on "Mirny" base for another season. He usually meets his friends as R1ANZ on 14160 kHz around 1530 UTC.

ARGENTINA, LU Robert, 3A2MY, intends to climb the highest mountain of South America (Aconcagua, 6959m high) from Jan 16-23. Robert uses only a self- constructed QRP transceiver and will show up in SSB with his 5 watts between 14280 and 14290 kHz. QSLs via homecall.

BAHAMAS, C6 Bill, KM1E, is hitting the airwaves on 6-160m between Jan 4 and March 4.

BELIZE, V3 Gerd, DJ4KW, and Gisela, DK9GG, are signing V31YN and V31GW in CW/SSB from Jan 9 until Feb 25. They will be joined by Frank, DL2SWW, and Gabi, DG2TM, (calls will be issued in Belize) on Feb 8. All four of them will make a trip to NA-073 on Feb 21-23. Emphasis will be put on the lowbands. QSLs via homecalls.

DIEGO GARCIA ISLAND, VQ9, AF-006 Larry, WD0HSP, is staying on the US base and will sign VQ9LA for about one year.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 3C Alan, G3XAQ, is visiting Malabo from Jan 9-21. He plans to work in CW from 10-160m. He asked for the call 3C5XA. QSL via G3XAQ, direct only!

IRAQ, YI Mike, OM2DX, replaced Peter, OM6TY, at the embassy and is now waiting for his callsign (YI9DX?).

IRELAND, EI Ingo, DH5ST, is staying in Ireland from Jan 5 until Apr 5. He will sign EI/DH5ST/p in CW/SSB on 10-80m also from some islands in the EU-121 group. He also applied for a 6m licence. QSL via DH5ST, bureau ok.

LABRADOR, VO2 VO2UE (Operator Gerald, VE2ACP, and Gervais, VE2UE) and Steve, VE2TKH/VO2, will be active in SSB/CW from Lac Julienne in CQ zone 2 from Jan 14-17. More information is available on the website: http://www.qsl.net/ve2tkh/

MALTA, 9H Chris, G0WKJ, hits the airwaves as 9H3CT in January.

MOCHA ISLAND, CE, SA-061 Gladys, CA6TBB, Carlos, CE6AMN, Marco, CE6TBN, Jaime, CE6AKH, Mario, CE6NE, and Fernando, XQ5SM, are will be on the air CE6M in SSB/CW on 160-10m from Jan 15-18. QSL via PO Box 591, Temuco, Chile.

MYANMAR, XY Hiroo, JA2EZD, will be active as XY1M mainly on 6m from Jan 14-29. QSL via XW2A.

NAMIBIA, V5 Following an invitation of the Namibian scouts Hubertus, DJ1HN, is staying in Namibia from Jan 7-28. He is signing V51/DJ1HN in SSB on 10/15/20m. QSL via DJ1HN.

SABA ISLAND, PJ6, NA-145 DJ4SO is travelling to this island of the Netherland Antilles from Jan 15 until Feb 5. He will operate as PJ6/DJ4SO in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160-6m. QSL via bureau.

SAN GABRIEL ISLAND, CX, SA-057 CV1F will be QRV from a lighthouse from Jan 10-13. QSL via EA5KB.

SOLOMON ISLANDS, H4 Bernhard, DL2GAC, plans to arrive on the Solomons on Jan 7. He will then show up as H44MS. His next stop will be P29. The exact dates of his trips are depending on the transportation possibilities. More information is not available.

SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS, VP8/ss, AN-010 Lee, DS4CNB, is signing D88S from the South Korean base "King Se-Jong" on King George Island (AN-010) until Nov 30. QSL via DS4CNB. --- Ric, CE9R, is returning to the Chilean reasearch base "Escudero Base" this month. His length of stay is not known. QSL via CE3HDI.

STEWART ISLAND, ZL, OC-203 Steve, ZL4/G4EDG, will be active from this rarely visited island mainly in CW from Jan 17-21. QSL via bureau.

WAIHEKE ISLAND, ZL1, OC-201 Bert, PA3GIO, is signing ZL1/PA3GIO/p ONLY on Jan 10. QSL via bureau.

QSL Info

QSL direct: 3C2JJ (AF-082), 3D2IR, 3E500CWB, 3XY7C (DL7UFR), 3XY6A, 3XY7C, 5H1HS, 5K0Z (NA-033), 6W1RT (VE2XO), 6Y5/VK2IR,9A/OE1EMS,9A9R/p, 9K2/KM5FY, 9M6NA (OC-133), A22BP, CT3/W8LU (W8LU), DS5RNM,EA8CF, ED5TII (EU-093), EI3HB, EI4IS, EK1700A (DK6CW), EZ8YL, FH/G3SXW, FO/I2YSB, FO0MOT/p (OC-114, OM2SA), FO5RK (OC-051), IS0/IK5EKB, FT5WE (AF-008, F5GTW), GM4WJA, HI9/T93M, J3/N2GA, J37K,J6/VK2IR, J79LR, JX7DFA, KE7X/6Y5 (WA4WTG), KH8/VK2IR, KL7J, KP2/K3TEJ, M0C, M5X, MJ0DET, MU/DL1RNN, N2OML/5 (NA-092), N6MZ/KH9, NP4Z, OH0/W6YA, P40E, P40RM, PJ2/PA0VDV, PJ2/K8NZ, S07L, SV1/W7SX, TI2KAC, TI5/VE3RZ, TY4DX, TY9F, TZ6VV (KB0VV), UX0FF/p (EU-182), UA2FCB,V26K,V51WM (DJ7KP),V63WN (OC-253, OC-254),VK9YL (VK3DYL), VP2EFM, VP2MKS, VU2TRI, W6FOG/6Y5, XU7AUR (AS-133), YA/DL5NAV, YT1AD, Z37M, ZB2/G3SQX, ZF2RR, ZK1MA, ZK1XYL, ZK2MO

QSL bureau: 3A/HB9APJ, 3C5/SP1NY (AF-0100), 3W7TK (OK1HWB), 4U1ET, 6K5REL/4, 9G5AN (K5AND), 9G5KW (W0SD), 9G5KW (W7XU), BN0W (BV2KI), DS01BN, DS17QIQ/2 (DS2QIQ), DS2GOO/4 (AS-093),DS5XEH/4 (AS-085, AS-148), FM/OH2RF, HI3/OK2ZU (OKDXC),HL17FWC (HL0HQ),IE9/IK8WCQ (EU-051), JH1OLF/1 (AS-043), KB5VRF/6Y5 (JR4PMX),OD5NH,OZ/DL4LVB (EU-029), PJ2/G4FKA, PJ7/DL1DA, T70A (I4ZQS), TA3/DF3EC, TA4/DL5FJW/p, TI5N, V26FM (NA-100, PA5ET), VK9LT, W5AA/TI8, YC2DGR (OC-021), ZF2AM (NA-016, K6AM), ZX5T/1 (SA-029, IV3NVN)

QSL managers

(d) = direct only
(B) = bureau ok
* = new manager


DATE            CALL        DXNL

Jan 9 -Jan 21   3C5XA       1323 *
NOW   -2003     7Q7BP       1315
Sep 15-Feb 1    8N1OGA      1309
January         9H3CT       1322
NOW   -Feb/2003 9N7YJ       1321

Jan 4 -Mar 4    C6/KM1E     1323 *
Jan 15-Jan 18   CE6M        1323 *
NOW             CE9R        1323 *
NOW   -2004     CN2PM       1310
Jan 10-Jan 13   CV1F        1323 *
NOW   -Nov 30   D88S        1323 *
Jan 5 -Apr 5    EI/DH5ST    1323 *
NOW   -2005     EL2TM       1315
Sep 1 -2004     FO/F5AEP    1307
NOW   -Feb/2003 FR/F5IRO    1322
NOW   -Feb/2003 FR5KH       1315

Jan 7 - ???     H44MS       1323 *
Dec 15-Mar 15   HF70A       1322
Dec 20-Jan 12   HG03HNY     1322
Dec 10-Mar 3    HR5/F2JD    1320
NOW   -Jun/2003 J28UN       1312
NOW   -Jan/2003 KC4/NK3T    1319
Jan 16-Jan 23   LU/3A2MY    1323 *
Jan 4 -Jan 18   P40AV       1322
Jan 2 -Jan 18   PJ4/DL5NAM  1322
NOW   - ???     R1ANZ       1323 *
Jan 1 -Jan 7    S2/VA7DZ    1322
Dec 16-Jan 14   TO2FG       1321

Nov 20-Apr/2003 V3/K8JP     1317
Jan 9 -Jan 25   V31YN  ..   1323 *
Jan 7 -Jan 28   V51/DJ1HN   1323 *
NOW   -Mar/2003 VK0MQI      1305, 1319
Jan 14-Jan 17   VO2UE  ..   1323 *
NOW   -2004     VQ9LA       1323 *
Jan 14-Jan 29   XY1M        1323 *
NOW   -Jan 15   YA1BV       1323 *
NOW   -??       YI9DX       1323 *
NOW   -Mar/2003 YJ8MN       1321
Jan 10          ZL1/PA3GIO  1323 *
Jan 17-Jan 21   ZL4/G4EDG   1323 *

 * = new
.. = and other calls

Unfortunately I am not able to receive messages via the packet radio network anymore. My home mailbox shut down its service and even my local digipeater has been closed lately. Since there is no other 1k2 digipeater in my area it is useless to send me DX information via packet radio. There was a total of only three messages for the DXNL which were sent to me via packet radio in 2002 so I assume it is useless to keep up a packet radio access. Please keep sending your DX information via e-mail or other means!

TNX: C6ANK, DH5ST, DJ0LZ, DJ1HN, DJ5AV, DJ5IH, DK8JB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV,DL2VFR, DL3GA, DL5YYM, DL6KAC, DL7VOA, F5VHQ, NN7A, PA3GIO, W2GR, W9AU, ZL4HU,ZS4BS, 425 DX News, ARRL DX Bulletin, Crazy DXGroup, F6AJA (Les Nouvelles DX), KB8NW (OPDX Bulletin), N4AA (QRZ DX), W3UR (Daily DX), Islands On The Web.