DX News Letter 1334
March 27, 2003

DX-NL 1334 March 27, 2003
DX News Letter

a free weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting"

Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK
(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translation by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dl7voa@darc.de)


ANGUILLA, VP2E Sheila, N5HGB, Gordon, N5AU, and Ray, KC5EA, will sign VP2E during the CQ WPX Contest.

ARUBA, P4 John, KK9A, is QRV as P40A since Mar 22. He plans to stay until Apr 5. QSL via WD9DZV.

BARBADOS, 8P Richard, G3RWL, will be active as 8P6DR on 10-40m from Apr 5-20.

BRAZIL, PY To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the oldest Brazilian scout group the clubstation PY3ARD is signing ZW90S this year. QSL via PY3ARD, buro ok.

CAPE VERDE, D4 Al, 4L5A, is signing D4B in the CQ WPX SSB Contest.

CAT ISLAND, W, NA-052 The Magnolia DX Association will visit this island in the Mississippi (USI: MS-002S) from Apr 4-6. Their call will be K5C. QSL via K2FF.

CHILE, CE Ferdi, XQ5SM, will participate in the CQ WPX SSB Contest as CB5A. This is the first time the prefix CB5 has been issued. QSL via XQ5SM.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND, VK9/X Steve, VK3OT, will activate the station VK9XI from Apr 7-21. QSL via VK3OT, unfortunately direct only.

COSTA RICA, TI Phil, N0KE, William, N0ZA, William, TI2WGO, and Carlos, TI5KD, are signing TI5N in the WPX SSB Contest. QSL via W3HNK.

CUBA, CO Another station will be on the air to remember the Cuban national hero Jose Marti from Apr 11-13. All QSOs of CO0S will be confirmed automatically via the bureau (see also DXNL 1328). --- CL9C will be the call of the Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba in the WPX SSB Contest. See also their website http://frc.co.cu.

DOMINICA, J7 Jon, AA1K, and Jeanie, AB1P, will be QRV mainly in CW on 160-6m from Apr 5-12. Their calls are not known yet. QSLs via homecalls.

EL SALVADOR, YS Holger, DL7IO, Birgit, DL7IQ, and Cisco, YS1CF, are active from several mountains and lakes between Mar 24 and Apr 15. During the WPX SSB they will use the callsign HU1M. They also plan to visit the islands Meanguera (NA-190) and El Tigre (NA-060). QSL via DK7AO.

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, HC8 N5KO, XE1KK, NM5M, KI7WX, OH0XX, K5KA and LU8ADX are signing HC8N in the WPX SSB Contest. QSL via W5UE.

GRENADA, J3 J37K is the call of Harry, AC8G, from Mar 28-31. QSL via homecall.

GROIX ISLAND, F, EU-048 Jean Marc, F5SGI, will activate this island (DIFM AT012) in CW as TM6ILE from Apr 7-12. QSL via bureau.

GUERNSEY, GU SP5UAF, SP5LCC, SP5MBQ and SP5ULC (M0ULC) will hit the airwaves as MU/homecall from Apr 2-8. QSL via SP5ZCC, bureau ok.

HONDURAS, HR WQ7R is signing HQ9R in the WPX Contest. QSL via N6FF.

ISLE OF MAN, GD G0HSS, G3NKC, G4MJS, G4XUM and M0BEW will be on the air as MD4K in the CQ WPX SSB Contest. QSL via G3NKC.

ITALY, I Members of the DX Club (http://www.mdxc.org) will use special calls from Apr 1-6. Listen for: IR1MDC, IR2MDC, IR6MDC, IR8MDC, IU8MDC, IR8M, IO8MDC (Dino Island, EU-144), II8MDC and IR9MDC.

KALYMNOS, SV5, EU-001 Goran, SM0CMH, is QRV in CW on 10-80m signing SV5/SM8C between Mar 24 and Apr 4. QSL via bureau.

LUXEMBOURG, LX LX1TI, LX1KQ, LX1JH, LX1AQ, LX1RQ and DK2OY will hit the airwaves as LX4B during the WPX SSB Contest.

MAURITIUS, 3B8 Mart, DL6UAA, is staying on Mauritius Island for several weeks starting on Mar 25. More information is not known. You can visit his homepage at http://www.hamradio-mauritius.com.

MEXICO, XE Several operators of the Radio Club Cancun are visiting several islands in April. Look for XF3RCC to be QRV from Cozumel (NA-090) on Apr 3-6, from Holbox (NA-045) on Apr 6-8, from Mujeres (NA-045) on Apr 8-11 and from Contoy (NA-045) on Apr 11-13. QSL via XE3RCC.

MICRONESIA, V6 Jeffrey, KI0RO, will sign V63JE from Kosrae (OC-059) on Apr 2-7. His next stop will be Pohnpei (OC-010) from Apr 9-14. QSL via KI0RO.

MONACO, 3A Max, 3A/IK2YSE, will work in CW/PSK31 on 40-10m from Mar 28-31. QSL via bureau.

MYANMAR, XY Frank, DL4KQ, will travel to Myanmar from Mar 31 until Apr 17. He got the approval that his call will be XY4KQ and plans to operate in SSB/CW on 80-10m. He also has the possibility to visit an island in the Mon Region Group for the first time.

PANAMA, HP Richard, W5AA/HP3, is on the air until Apr 12.

PARAGUAY, ZP Tom, ZP5AZL, and Jorge, CX6VM, are signing ZP40Z in the WPX SSB Contest. QSL via W3HNK.

ROATAN ISLAND, NA-057 Ray,WQ7R, is participating in the WPX SSB Contest as HQ9R. He will continue his activity as WQ7R/HR9 until Apr 4. QSL via N6FF.

ROBBEN ISLAND, ZS, AF-064 Phil, G3SWH, David, G3UNA, Vidi, ZS1EL, Kosie, ZS1SR, Malcolm, ZS1MC, Andrew, ZS1AN, and Hester, ZS1ESU, will hit the airwaves in SSB/CW on 40-10m signing ZS1RBN from Apr 4-7. QSL via G3SWH, bureau ok.

SVALBARD, JW Members of LA8G will use the call JW8G (QSL via LA9GY) in the WPX SSB. Before and after the contest they are QRV as JW3JJA (Martin), JW9IY (Bjorn) and JW9GY (Morten).

THAILAND, HS Members of the HSDXA will activate Chang Island (AS-125) from Apr 5-7. Listen for HS0GBI/p, HS1CKC/p or E20HHK/p on the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL via E21EIC.

TREMITI ISLANDS, IL7, EU-050 Andrea, IK7YTT, is QRV from San Domino between Mar 28 and Apr 1. He will also take part in the WPX Contest working as IL7T on 20m only.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, VP5 Bruce, W4OV, and Joe, W4SA, are on their way to Providenciales Island. They will use the call of VP5WW (QSL via KX4WW) in the WPX SSB Contest. Listen for VP5/homecalls to be active mainly in CW but also in RTTY and PSK31 before and after the contest.

USTICA ISLANDS, IE9, EU-051 Andrea, IK2XDE, Giovanni, IK2JYT, Antonio, IK2ZJR, Dario, IK4MED, and Angelo, I2ADN, of the Project DX Team are QRV in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK31/SSTV on 10-80m from Mar 26 until Apr 1. Their calls will be IE9/homecalls and they will be active mostly on the WARC bands. QSL via bureau.

VENDSYSSEL-THY, OZ, EU-171 Ela, OZ/DL3YMK, and Torsten, OZ/DH3YMG, will be QRV on 40/20/15m from Apr 5-17.

QSL Info

QSL bureau: 3A/OH4MDY, 3D2KY, 6W1/F5JJW (F5JJW), 9A30Y (9A1CCY),9A4KF,9A4PA, 9A7A (9A8A), C6ARS (NA-080, K8EP), CT1/CT3FN/p (EU-145, HB9CRV), CX7OV, DS17CCU/1, DS17GTP/3, DS5RYB, EA8/DL8UUF/p (AF-004), EA8LE/p (EA4AAA), EU6TV, GS2MP (N3SL), H44AT, H44RD, HB0/DL7NS, HG9B/FO, IK2JYT/FG, J68GS (NA-108, KI6T), JA9XBW/JD1 (AS-031), KJ1C/KH2 (OC-026, JI1CYX), KL7Y (W8LU), MM/DH5JBR/p (EU-123 and EU-008), OH9A (EU-173), PJ2/W0NB (SA-006), SM7/DL5CX (EU-037), SV8/DL6NBR (EU-049), TK/DL1DSN (EU-014), TO4T (NA-102, F6HMQ), T32EQ, TO5T, V73BL (W4CK), VY2/HB9BCK (NA-029), XE1RAB, XX9TEP (K8EP), YC8VIP (OC-070), YC9WZJ (OC-034, W2FB), ZX5J


DATE            CALL        DXNL

Mar 26-Apr 6    3D2IZ       1333
Mar 12-Mar 27   3D2MN       1332
NOW   -Apr/2003 7Q7HB       1324
Jan 14-Apr 14   7Q7LA       1325
Apr 5 -Apr 20   8P6DR       1334 *
Mar 23-Apr 10   9Y4/DL7DF   1333

Mar 17-Apr 5    A35/DL8DYL  1332
Mar 19-Mar 14   A35/SP9FIH  1332
NOW   -Apr/2003 A4/IV3NCC   1328
NOW   -May/2003 A71ROG      1331
Mar 5 -Apr 15   BX3/DJ3KR   1330
NOW   -2004     CN2PM       1310
Apr 11-Apr 13   CO0S        1334 *
NOW   -Feb/2004 D2U         1332
NOW   -Nov 30   D88S        1323
NOW   -Mar/2004 DS4BHW      1333
Mar 11-Apr 10   EA6/DL6KAC  1331
Jan 5 -Apr 5    EI/DH5ST    1323
NOW   -2005     EL2TM       1315

NOW   -Apr/2003 H44MS       1330
Feb 25-Mar 31   HF2VL       1330
NOW             J20LA       1333
NOW   -Jun/2003 J28UN       1312
Mar 28-Mar 31   J37K        1344 *
Jan 31-Apr 2    J37LR       1325
Apr 5 -Apr 12   J7/AA1K     1334 *
NOW   -Dec/2003 JM6DZB/JD1  1324
Apr 4 -Apr 6    K5C         1334 *
Mar 1 -Mar 31   LZ125O      1330
Mar 4 -Apr 3    MM0LEO      1331
Apr 2 -Apr 8    MU/SP5UAF.. 1334 *

Mar 24-Apr 3    OY8PA    .. 1333
Mar 22-Apr 5    P40A        1334 *
Mar 22-Mar 30   P40Y        1333
Mar 25-Mar 30   PJ2T     .. 1333
Feb 28-Jun/2003 ST1MN       1329
Mar 16-Mar 31   ST2CF       1332
Mar 17-Apr 2    ST0RY       1332
NOW   -Aug/2003 ZS5WC/ST0F  1324
Mar 24-Apr 4    S5/SM8C     1334 *
Mar 14-Mar 28   SV9/DF7KHK  1332
Mar/2003        TK8DJ       1333
Apr 7 -Apr 12   TM6ILE      1334 *
Mar 23-Jul 1    TU5CD       1333

Nov 20-Apr/2003 V3/K8JP     1317
Mar 23-Apr 5    V5/ZS4NS    1333
Apr 2 -Apr 14   V63JE       1334 *
Mar 23-Mar 28   V73/KI0RO   1333
Apr 7 -Apr 21   VK9XI       1334 *
NOW   -2004     VQ9LA       1323
Mar 20-Mar 27   XF2ICH      1332
Apr 3 -Apr 13   XF3RCC      1334 *
Mar 31-Apr 17   XF4KQ       1334 *
Mar 26-Mar 31   YE8A        1333
NOW   -Mar 31   YU8/K6MD    1331
NOW   -Mar 28   ZF2HW       1331
NOW             ZW90S       1334 *
Mar 27-Apr 3    ZY8C        1333

 * = new
... = and other calls


There will be no DX Newsletter next week. I plan to participate in the CQ WPX Contest as well and will be a member of a multi/multi team. -Karlfried, DL1EK

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